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Syrian Arab army eliminates Pakistani and Kuwaiti terrorists outside Idleb, wards off attack on garrison outside Palmyra

PROVINCES,(ST)_Army units have eliminated two Pakistani terrorist ringleaders in northwestern Idleb province, warded off attack on a garrison outside Palmyra and targeted a terrorist group outside Sweida province.

According to a military source, the two terrorist ringleaders of Pakistani nationalities were among 15 terrorists killed when the army units had targeted terrorist groupings on the outskirts of Jesr al-Shogour outside Idleb.

Syria, PLO Work Keenly to Implement Agreement on Making Al-Yarmouk Camp Free of Gunmen, Weapons

 DAMASCUS, (ST)-The Syrian government and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) are determined to implement the agreement signed on June 21st between the armed groups and Palestinian factions to make al-Yarmouk Camp free of gunmen and weapons, to end the suffering of the Palestinians trapped in the camp and to ensure safe return to the displaced people, Ambassador Anwar Abdul Hadi, Director of the PLO Political Department in Damascus.

Abdul Hadi said the people of the camp, those inside and outside it, are calling for implementing the agreement as soon as possible to put an end to the suffering the Palestinians have experiencing since the armed groups attacked and entered the camp.

Syrian Arab army thwarts terrorist groups' infiltration bid from Lebanese Arsal town into Qalamounarea outside Damascus

PROVINCES,(ST)_An infiltration bid by armed terrorist groups from the Lebanese border into Qalamoun area outside Damascus has been foiled, as the army units have destroyed a boat carrying terrorists in al-RastanLake in Homs province.

According to a military source, the army units in cooperation with popular defense groups foiled today armed terrorist groups' infiltration bid from the Lebanese town of Arsal into al-Jebbeh town in Qalamoun area outside Damascus and killed many terrorists.

Syrian Arab Army Mows down 20 Terrorists in Idleb, Wipes out Terrorist Groupings in Aleppo and Daraa

PROVINCES,(ST)_At least 20 terrorists have been killed and dozens wounded in two towns in northwestern Idleb province amid continuity of military operations in many areas in five provinces.

The official news agency (SANA) quoted a military source as saying that an army unit obliterated two hideouts for the armed terrorist groups near al-Shegr and Hloz towns in Jesr al-Shogour outside Idleb province and killed 20 terrorists and wounded dozens.

President Assad: Our Battle with Terrorism is Matter of Fate, Existence

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ President Bashar al-Assad, the army and armed forces commander in chief  extended a message through al-Shaab (people’s) magazine to the brave men of the armed forces on the occasion of the army 69th founding anniversary.

The message conveyed greetings of pride, love and appreciation to the brave men of our armed forces as they continue sacrificing themselves in defense of our dear country, Syria.

Terrorists Kill Child in Hassaka City by Mortar Attack

HASSAKA,(ST)_Terrorists have launched several mortar shells on an urban area in the northeastern province of Hassaka , killing a child and wounding eight civilians, according to the official news agency (SANA).

The agency clarified that the shells hit al-Nashweh al-Gharbeyeh quarter in Hassaka city and most of the wounded civilians were in critical conditions.

Syrian Arab Army Targets Terrorist Ringleaders' Hideout outside Hama, Strikes Terrorist groupings in many Areas

PROVINCES,(ST)_Army units have targeted a hideout for terrorist ringleaders in Hama countryside and pressed ahead with cracking down on terrorist groups  in and outside Aleppo provinces and outside Daraa, Idleb, Der Ezzour, Damascus and Homs provinces.

According to the official news agency (SANA), the army units targeted today a hideout for terrorist ringleaders in Kafr Zeta town outside Hama province where many ringleaders were killed and injured.