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Al-Halaqi highlights role of national media in conveying facts in Syria

Damascus - Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi said that services in Syria are not in their best shape, yet the government is seeking to secure as best as it can under the current conditions.

During a meeting with representatives of national media, al-Halaqi said that there is a decline in resources and potential compared to what Syria had before the war waged against it which led to a decrease in service and economic Indicators, pointing out that the rise in prices from which the citizens are suffering is a result of the unjust economic blockade, lack of planted areas and production requirements and terrorist attacks against factories, SANA reported.

Anti-Syrians Work as to fail Geneva 3

The Syrians do consider the Syrian Arab Army through its fight against terrorism as their representative, underscored Information Minister  Mr. Omran Al-Zou'bi.

In a live broadcast, Minister Al-Zou'bi pointed out that the sliding majority of Syrians do believe that opposition abroad do not neither represent them nor their legitimate aspirations.

Minister Al-Zou'bi added that the  Saudi and Turkish regimes are losing their cards in the region, which made them commit political follies as to talk bigger for achieving a political victory in Syria and as only to cover their domestic failures !

The Minister added that there are some anti-Syrians who are also working at the failing of Geneva 3 .

Minister Al-Zou'bi reiterated that progress in the political track necessitates agreement on the list of  terrorist organizations.

"there is no solution for the crisis in Syria but only the Syrian-Syrian solution through national dialogue and not through imposed by foreign sides solutions," Minister Al-Zou'bi asserted.

Minister Al-Zou'bi spoke about the assistance provided by the Syrian Government to the regions stricken and besieged by the foreign-backed terrorists, who did robe and confiscate many quantities of the assistance to be sold by them in heavy prices!


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Two villages in Hama under the army’s control

Provinces - More areas in different Syrian cities have come in the army’s hands on Saturday as its units intensified operations against terrorist organizations, leaving many of their members dead and their vehicles and equipment destroyed, SANA reported.


Army restores security and stability to two villages in Hama countryside

Al-Jaafari: The Syrian government is serious about dialogue and finding a political solution for the crisis

Geneva – The Syrian Arab Republic delegation for the Syrian-Syrian dialogue in Geneva, headed by Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari, held a meeting on Friday with UN Special Envoy on Syria Staffan De Mistura.

According to UN sources, al-Jaafari affirmed during the meeting that Syrians are committed to preserving Syria’s unity, independence, sovereignty, and the unity of its people, and that he pointed out that certain sides are sponsoring terrorist entities and refusing to classify them as international terrorist organizations, SANA reported.

Three children martyred in a terrorist rocket attack in Deir Ezzor

Deir Ezzor -Three children were martyred and three persons were injured in a terrorist rocket attack on al-Qossour neighborhood in Deir Ezzor city on Friday afternoon.

ISIS’ terrorists targeted al-Qossour neighborhood with two rocket shells which fell on residential buildings in the area surrounding Hassan Attra School, claiming the lives of three children, injuring three persons and causing material damage to citizens’ properties, SANA reported.

Syria’s delegation arrives in Geneva

Geneva -The delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic arrived in Geneva on Friday to participate in the Syrian-Syrian talks under the auspices of the United Nations.

The delegation is scheduled to meet the UN special envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura at 6:00 pm Damascus time.

The delegation which is headed by Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari includes: Syria’s permanent representative at the UN in Geneva Hussameddin Ala, Syrian Adviser to Foreign and Expatriates Minister Ahmad Arnous, Ahmad Kizbari, Mohamed Khair al-Akkam, Amal Yazigi, Hasan al-Bahri, Omar Ossi, Amjad Issa, Ammar Ersan, Jamila Shurbaji, Rafah Breidi, Elias Shahin, Samir Breidi, Osama Ali and Rouaa Shurbaji.

Many positions for Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS destroyed in continued operations

Provinces – More positions for terrorist organizations were destroyed in continued operations carried out by the army units, backed by the Air Force. Many terrorists are being killed and their equipment destroyed as a result of the operations, SANA reported.


The army’s air force carried out sorties targeting hideouts for Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations in al-Rastan, Um Sharshouh, Ezz Eddin, al-Ghanto, Talbiseh, al-Ghagar and Teir Maala in the northern countryside of Homs province.