Five Syrian Films at Carthage Festival


Carthage Film Festival recently held its 24th session in Tunisia with the participation of 5 Syrian films. The five films were: “The Early Wind Of December” by the director, Ahmad al-Khider, the film was listed in the official competition for short films.

 The film“ Ideal” directed by Zeyad Calthoum was also listed in the official competition for documentaries.

 “Outside the Alphabet” is a short film by the director, Roula Kayal, “Second Sense” a feature film to the director, Ahmad Darwish, and “February 29 “ a short film to the director, Al-Muhannad Calthoum.

 The General Board of Radio and TV Production said in a statement that the level of film participation was very good in comparison to other countries according to the intellectual and dramatic diversification which were successfully and widely received by the Tunisian audience.


Nada Haj Khider


Syrian- Iranian Cooperation Bolstered




DAMASCUS, (ST)- Minister of Agriculture Soubhi al-Abdallah stressed that his talks with Iranian officials are "fruitful" and "constructive."

He highlighted the importance of cooperation with Iran in all fields, particularly agriculture one.

   He asserted that every possible effort is to be exerted as to bolster co-operation and commercial exchange between the two friendly countries in the domain of scientific research and exchanging expertise .

 Mr. Sa'ed lou, Iranian Assistant President for International Affairs underscored his country's readiness to offer all types of support to Syrian People as to overcome the hard situation they face.

 He also condemned the terrorist attacks being carried out by armed groups, adding that destroying infrastructure is targeting the Syrian people.






Al-Zou'bi: Saqr's support to terrorists violates Agreements Signed with Lebanon

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Information Minister Omran al-Zou'bi has stressed that the crime committed by Lebanese MP Oqab Saqr and his group against Syria aimed to assassinate a whole people and a sovereign state, pointing out that Saqr had admitted that he committed a crime against the Syrian people by his involvement in funding and arming terrorist groups in Syria.

In his presentation at a people's Assembly (PA) session held on Wednesday to answer MPs inquiries about issues connected to the work of the ministries of Information, Higher Education and Justice, Al-Zou'bi stressed that Syria is greatly interested in the security of Lebanon being part of national and regional security.

"The Syrians won't change their stances towards Lebanon though some of the Lebanese had attempted to harm Syria," al-Zou'bi said.

 "The security of the Lebanese people is sacred to all the Syrians and bringing Saqr to trail is the responsibility of the Lebanese judiciary and a right to both peoples of Syria and Lebanon,' he added.

Regarding the Information Ministry's work, al-Zou'bi said the ministry is keen to benefit from the expertise of national media retired journalists, pointing out that in the post-crisis era, work will focus on transmitting the programs of all national TV channels on the internet to be available to all.

The Minister referred to the notable progress achieved in the performance of political programs' presenters on national screens, stressing that the open dialogue sessions they usually hold have had essential effect in the domestic and Arab scene.

The minister also outlined the development of the e-media and the support accorded to Syrian drama under the instructions of President Bashar al-Assad.

H. Moustafa  

Stability Restored to Rural Damascus Towns, Terrorists Attack Aleppo Gas Station




GOVERNORATES,(ST) – Army units on Wednesday chased terrorists of al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra Front in several towns and villages in rural Damascus during which heavy losses were inflicted on terrorists, according to  an official source.

The source added  that the clashes resulted in exterminating several terrorists including  Abdullah al-Naqib, Mahmoud Khoulani, Muhammad Ibrahim Matouq and Anas Abdul Razzaq al-Naqab.

In Shabaa town, the armed forces  killed more terrorists, among them were: Ahmad Abboud Mashhadani, Khaled Eido Shammout, Abdullah Ammouri, Zaher Abdul Qader Diab and Yahya al-Zein, while terrorists Adel al-Asali, Samer al-Sukkari and Bassam al-Barbari were killed in Beit Sohom.

Meantime, the armed forces restored security to the entire town of Aqraba and its surroundings  following  knockout strikes against terrorist concentrations in the said area, the source noted.

In Hujeira town  of  Sayeda Zeinab  area , the armed forces exterminated terrorists in al-Akshak street in the town, including  Muhammad Mustafa, and Abu Huzeifa, both of Libyan nationality, besides terrorists Mahmoud Khalili, Naser Khaleifa and Khaled al-Majrimi, leader of the so called the Golan Brigade. All the mentioned  terrorists  are members of  al-Nusra Front.

Several terrorists were also killed or wounded in al-Tadamun area in Damascus during clashes with the armed forces.

In al-Oteiba town, the armed forces destroyed a vehicle equipped with a  gun of 23 mm caliber , three motorcycles and a van , and  killed the terrorists inside them, including  Hassan Bakeer and Meilad Khallaq.

In Zamalka, army units exterminated terrorists  who were engaged in killing, looting and sabotage. Among them were Muhammad Maghmouma, Khaled Abdul Aziz and Yahya al-Essa.

In Hasaka , citizen Abdul Ahad Bachoura was killed by a shot in the head while his son was admitted to hospital in a very critical condition, when terrorists  opened fire at them while returning back home, before fleeing 

Meanwhile, terrorists attacked  Aleppo gas station which supplies the turbines of the electricity generation plant, resulted in getting 1050 megawatts out of service.

 In a statement to SANA, Minister of Electricity Imad Khamis explained  that the terrorist attack has led to power cut  in  a number of areas in Aleppo city , especially as the station  produces  daily some  1050 megawatt  of electricity, which supplies Aleppo.

The Minister explained  that the  terrorists fired mortar  shelling  at the thermal plant's fuel station , and thereby , several areas in Aleppo city will suffer continued power supply cut.


Syria Times





Syria Defends its People against Armed Terrorist Attacks,says al-Moallem

DAMASCUS, (ST) –"Syria is defending its people against the armed terrorist attacks and the terrorists who come from several countries, "said Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Walid al-Moallem.

Al-Moallem  remarks came during a meeting with Commissioner-General of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) Filippo Grandi on Wednesday.

Both  sides reviewed cooperation between Syria and the organization in light of the attack launched against Syria.

"Syria will spare no effort to provide the UNRWA with all facilities, "stressed al- Moallem.

Al-Moallem briefed Grandi on the conspiracy hatched against Syria, indicating that the armed terrorist groups are destroying the infrastructure of the Syrian economy, terrifying civilians, killing them and committing crimes against them in line with the war they waged against the Syrian Arab Army.

In this respect, al-Moallem  referred to the terrorist attack against al-Bteiha School in al-Wafideen Camp in Damascus Countryside on Tuesday which led to the martyrdom of nine students and a teacher.

For his part, Grandi expressed appreciation for the aid provided by the Syrian government to the Palestinian refugees.

" UNRWA is still working in Syria, rejecting all attempts to get the Palestinian refugees involved in the crisis in Syria", underscored Grandi, adding" the Palestinians' main cause is their adherence to the Palestinian people's legitimate rights.


Dr. Halki: efforts exerted by the government to ensure the citizen's needs

 DAMASCUS, (ST) - Chaired by Premier Dr. Wael al-Halki, the Cabinet continued its weekly sessions and discussed the current situation.

 Dr. Halki asserted that  the efforts are being exerted by the government to ensure the citizen's needs regardless of  the sabotage operations by terrorists groups aiming at hindering the progressive reforms in the country.

 The Prime Minister  highly appreciated the sacrifices of the Syrian Army in defending homeland.

 For his part, Minister of  Foreign Affairs  and  Expatriates Walid al-Mou'alem,  talked about political developments in the recent crisis in Syria.

 Minister of Local Administration, Eng. Omar Ghalawenji, briefed the Cabinet  about the affected displaced  families  and the necessary measures adopted to ensure safe shelter.

 Dr. Kadri Gamil, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, briefed the Cabinet on the economic reality and procedures tackled by the ministry to ensure petrol  derivatives and other materials as flour for bakeries.

 Minister of State for National Reconciliation, Dr. Ali Haidar underlined  the importance of dialogue between all spectrums of society and National opposition forces to achieve peace in the country.

 The Cabinet passed a law concerning the tourist register in Tourism Ministry and its branches in other governorates. The tourist register includes: register on tourist institutions and agencies, shops of traditional industries, tourist facilities, training centers and tourist hotel and on companies.

 The Cabinet also discussed the monetary situation and the Central Bank's Plan to interfere with hard currency and purchase the Syrian pound.

 The Cabinet also discussed the memorandum presented by Electricity Ministry to settle the repayment of the debt to the public sector for the benefit of electricity companies in the governorates.

 According to the current hard circumstances the country witnesses, the cabinet agrees upon granting citizens subsidized supply cards instead of missing ones.


H. Shamout


Syrian Family Forum: National Dialogue Best Way to Solve Crisis, Enhance Unified Syria




QUNEITRA, (ST)- Syria is being exposed to the most heinous conspiracy in history hatched by West-backed forces of evil and aggression. The need to enhance the Syrian people's unity as one great family has become very important to protect the homeland.

In this context, the 21st Syrian Family Forum, held yesterday in the city of Quneitra under the slogan "Golan in the Memory and Conscience", affirmed that Syria will keep unified and adherent to its sovereignty and independence. It stressed its rejection of violence, terrorism and all forms of foreign intervention in the Syrian internal affairs.

The Forum, in which popular, official and religious parties took part, called for enhancing national unity and adopting dialogue to solve the Syrian crisis and build future Syria.

Participants reiterated the unity of the Syrian territory and condemned the anti-Syria vicious campaign which aims at undermining Syria's historical role in the region and principled stances towards resistance.

"The aggression and conspiracy will end with Syria's victory," the participants stressed, referring to the heroic role of the Syrian Arab Army in fighting terrorism. They also thanked all countries which have been supporting Syria in confrontation of conspiracy.

The conferees slammed warmonger's attempts to prolong the crisis for personal interests, stressing the Syrian people's steadfastness in the face of foreign schemes and all attempts aiming at destabilizing Syria.

"The occupied Syrian Golan will continue to be the top priority of the Syrian people until it is liberated," the participants stressed, pointing out that the Syrians has an unshakable determination to restore all the occupied Syrian land including the Golan and Iskenderun. 

The participants expressed their pride in the steadfastness of the people of occupied Golan and the Syrian captives who have been challenging Zionist violations against them in the Israeli jails.


H. Moustafa