Enemy's Spy Devices Discovered at Syrian Coastline Point

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Competent Syrian authorities, following keen observation and monitoring, have recently discovered Israeli spy devices off the Syrian coastline.

According to SANA, the devices were examined by experts, and it was proved that among their functions were wiretapping, photographing, recording and transmitting information.  

An official source affirmed today that the Israeli espionage system, which was discovered at the Syrian coastline, was directed towards a sensitive target to transmit immediate images to the Zionist entity through cameras connected to satellites aerials.

In a statement to journalists, the source said spying devices were placed in a hidden way so as to completely match the nature of the rocks of the area. The spying system contains cameras, aerials, six batteries, electricity regulator and a set of wires connecting the main devices together, the source added.

"Seizing the spying system now, indicates the Zionist enemy's involvement in the ongoing events in Syria, because the information transmitted by these devices benefit the Zionists and the armed terrorist groups in the country," The source stressed.


H. Mustafa  

FM: AL adopts Qatar-Saudi attitude towards Syria

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Syria has rejected any role to be played by the Arab League, which practices biased policy, in any plan seeking to resolve the crisis in Syria peacefully.

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry stressed in a statement issued on Wednesday that the decision adopted today by the AL at ministerial level as regards giving Syria's seat in the AL to  a specific part breaches the AL charter and principles.

This specific part, as the statement says, has called for military intervention (at any price) in Syria since the beginning of the crisis 

It said: "the Syrian Arab Republic stresses its adherence to the basic principles in dealing with any international effort to solve the ongoing crisis in the country."

The statement asserted that the AL has chosen, since its meddling in the crisis in Syria, to be biased towards Arab, regional and international sides that call for foreign military intervention in the crisis, obstacle any political solution based on national dialogue, and fund extremist terrorist groups to fuel the crisis through killing innocent citizens and destroying infrastructure as well as targeting the Syrian Arab Army and security.

"The Arab League is adopting the biased political attitude of the two Gulf States - Qatar and Saudi Arabia-so it can not be a part in bringing about a real political solution to the crisis in Syria," the statement said.

It sees that the AL today-decision proves that the sheikhdoms of petrol and gas (Qatar and Saudi Arabia) are controlling the Arab joint action and national security to divert attention from the real enemy (Israel).

The FM affirmed that the AL stances would not dissuade the Syrian government from going ahead with positive cooperation with constructive international efforts and doing its national duty related to impose stability and security all over the country.

The statement said that the Syrian government would continue confronting the extremists and armed terrorist groups, which perpetrate crimes against citizens in Syria, adding that that Arab and regional parties are still funding and arming these groups.

Basma Qaddour

President al-Assad offers condolences to Venezuela on Chavez's death


DAMASCUS,(ST)_President Bashar al-Assad has sent  a condolence cable to Venezuela's Vice-President and people on the death of President Hugo Chavez.

In the cable, the President said:" The demise of our brother and friend, President Hugo Chavez, is a big loss for me and for the Syrian people as it is a big loss for you, the Venezuelan people, and for all honest across the world."

The cable underscored that the late President Chavez had protected his country's sovereignty and embodied a legendary steadfastness against  US attempts and those who stand by it to have hegemony over peoples and countries.

"The late president had prevented meddling in his country's affairs and backed peoples' freedom and development so that he became a symbol of Latin America's independence."

"The Syrian people and I, myself, are proud of remarkable development in the two countries' relations in political, economic, social, and cultural fields," the cable read, noting that the great late president had worked hard to make the confrontation of war on Syria clear before public opinion in Latin America and the world as well.

The cable also said that the whole world would always remember the great achievements of the late President Chavez.

The Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, aged 58, died on Tuesday after a two-year battle with cancer.


President's Message To Indian Prime minister

NEWDELHI,(ST)- President Bashar al-Assad sent a letter to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, handed over today (Wednesday) by the Political and Media Advisor at the Presidential Palace Dr. Bouthaina Sha'ban to the Indian Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid in New Delhi.

Indian Foreign Minister reiterated his country's rejection of any foreign interference in Syria because the foreign interference is unacceptable and will not be succeeded.

"The solution in Syria must be by the Syrians themselves," said Indian Foreign Minister emphasizing the need of an immediate cessation of armed violence and the support to the Syrian government's efforts to find a peaceful way to be considered as  the only exit of the current crisis.

For her part, Sha'ban pointed to the fierce media campaign on Syria, aiming at serving some countries as a pretext for foreign military intervention. She also thanked (India) the friendly country for supporting  the political solution in Syria.


Fresh operations started to clean areas from terrorists

PROVINCES,(ST)_Several areas in Syria have seen clashes during which many terrorists were killed or injures.

According to SANA, units of armed forces clashed with terrorist groups in several locations in Damascus countryside (Maalola, Duma,and Jobar areas), Idleb (Abu al-Dhohor area), Der Ezzour (al-Salehiya area) and Homs (Bab Hod).

Most of terrorist groups' members were killed or injured, and their ammunitions and cars were destroyed.

In addition, the armed forces destroyed an explosive devices factory in al-Rihan farms in al-Ghota in Damascus countryside.

It was also reported that the armed forces have started operations to clean south-east Aleppo city after restoration of security to the towns along international highway.

Another operation is to be started in Raqqa province to spread calm in few days, according to al-Watan newspaper.

Car blast

Meanwhile, a booby-trapped car driven by two terrorists exploded today (Wednesday) morning in Ein al-Tineh in Damascus countryside while it was heading to one of the army check-points in the area.

"The terrorists who were inside the car were killed", SANA reported, adding that no one at the check-point was hurt.

Elsewhere, the army's units foiled an attempt to blow up a car carrying approximately 600 kg of explosives near Ariha city in Idleb province.

An official source told SANA: "According to available information and in cooperation with locals, the car driven by a terrorist was exploded by the army's units before it enters the city."

Locals back army

In a separate development, Halat town's locals in Homs countryside organized a march to support the Syrian Arab Army who is offering great sacrifices to eliminate terrorists and restore stability and security across Syria.

The locals raised banners calling for national unity and condemning violence.

Over the past period, the locals of the border town (Halat) have suffered from the infiltration of armed terrorist groups from Lebanon to the homeland.

"They prevented the terrorists from entering their town and stood by the armed forces," SANA said.


Terrorists' training near the Jordanian desert

American, French and British instructors are providing training to terrorists in Syria at a camp in the Jordanian desert. Observers say that this camp can be used as a bridgehead for the activities of US special troops in Syria, if Washington finds that the Syrian government  is going to use chemical weapons.

The training camp is located to the north from the Jordan capital of Amman, Corriere Della Sera newspaper reports. There are 67 buildings, an airport with a passenger liner, an embassy mock-up, roads, a take-off strip and a field firing range. There Western instructors teach terrorists  of the Free Syrian Army how to fight with anti-tank fire systems, to conduct battles in city conditions, to make ambushes etc.

According to Le Figaro newspaper, the base in Jordan can be used not only as a training facility but also as a spring board for US servicemen from the Delta Force special unit. This unit is deployed not far from the Lebanese capital of Beirut and periodically conducts raids into Syrian territory under the veil of control over chemical weapons warehouses. If Delta Force detects any movement of the chemical weapons it may switch to tough actions and use the base in Jordan for this purpose. At least this is the version the sources in the Middle East told the newspaper’s reporters. But not all the experts believe that the camp in Jordan will be used as a bridgehead. We hear from independent military expert Anton Lavrov.

"It is more important as training facility which enables the opposition to train hundreds and thousands of terrorists. If, as a last resort, Washington decides to interfere it has more opportunities for invasion rather than to do this only from that camp."

The reports about the Western coalition’s intention to switch to invade Syria have become more frequent recently. But they are not more than a component of the information war, political analyst Stanislav Tarasov says.

"The US diplomats in particular new State Secretary John Kerry are now making attempts to find new partners and to work out a new scenario for the Syrian crisis’ settlement . So are Russian diplomats. Just the other day a phone conversation between Obama and Putin took place on a US initiative. All these facts show that the parties are trying to find a peaceful diplomatic solution to settle the crisis. That is why such media reports are nothing else but a component of psychological information war."



Information Minister: Crimes of al- Nusrah Front in Raqqa, a Result of their Defeats


DAMASCUS,(ST) - Minister of Information, Omran al- Zou'bi  has confirmed that "attacks and crimes of  al Nusrah  Front affiliated to al-Qaeda in the governorate of al Raqqa are the result of their  defeats in front of the Syrian Arab army in Aleppo and Damascus, and trying to intimidate citizens and reprisals against them on their national positions."

During a seminar held today at Al-Assad Library, the minister pointed out that "Nothing raises fears and concerns about the presence of these armed groups in some areas of al- Raqqa city and the issue is a matter of time."

Mr, al Zou'bi  stressed that the government is "serious in conducting a national dialogue that does not exclude anyone where all topics can be discussed," stressing that "Saudi Arabia and Qatar and other phantom cartoon countries have no place at the table of dialogue between the Syrians and they will never contribute to building Syria."

Sh. Kh