Dr. Maqdisi: Armed groups in Syria have twice exploited the Syrian Government Commitment to Ceasefire

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ The armed groups in Syria have twice exploited the Syrian Government's commitment to ceasefire, underlined Dr. Jihad Maqdisi, Foreign and Expatriates Ministry Spokesman.

Dr. Maqdisi, commenting on Ban Ki Moon, the UN Secretary-General yesterday's call for a unilateral ceasefire by the Syrian Government, pointed out that the Armed groups expanded their armed presence in some regions, and escalated their terrorist attacks, causing the more of human losses, civilians and army personnel, violating the twice-declared ceasefire.

Dr. Maqdisi added that the said two-times declared unilateral ceasefire by the Syrian Government  happened during the operations of Arab Observers' Mission, led by General al-Dabi, and the second one was in effect last  April the 12th  during United Nations Observers Mission, in implementation for Kofi Annan's six-point plan.

Maqdisi underscored that Ki Moon's yesterday statements in Paris regarding the meeting with him in New York are ''partial'' and not complete, asserting that the Syrian side asked Ki Moon during the meeting to dispatch envoys to the concerned countries, among them were Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, which finance, shelter, train and arm the armed groups inside Syria , as to get commitment from these countries, in their capacity as the countries of influence on the armed groups, to cease such acts,.

Dr. Maqdisi concluded that following the said dispatching and commitment by these countries,  the Syrian side, as agreed upon in the meeting, should be notified about the outcomes of Ki Moon's efforts, as to refer the issue to  the Syrian Leadership to take and discuss required arrangements.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim



Prime Minister highlights media role to fight corruption, ensure social service

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi underlined the role played by the Syrian media in confronting the conspiracy hatched  against it  and in unmasking its dimensions, highlighting Syria 's media notable successes  in convening the truth to the world public opinion concerning  the terrorist acts carried out by foreign-backed terrorist groups and the ongoing global war against Syria .

 Dr. Wael al-Halqi  underlined the  role of the Syrian media  in unmasking the crimes  committed  by the armed terrorist groups and the campaigns  of misleading fabrications and lies launched by anti-Syria mercenary media  .

 In a meeting held on Monday with chairman and members of the executive bureau of the journalists Union (JU), the Prime Minister stressed that the Syrian army has been bravely waging a relentless war against terrorism.

 Thanks to the Syrian people solidarity, he said, the Syrian army  could inflect huge losses  on the lines of the enemy  and restore  security and stability back to the  areas  cleaned from terrorists.

 The prime minister asserted that the Syrian army will eliminate these terrorist groups very soon.

 Dr. al-Halqai spoke of  the ongoing efforts  made by the government and its commitment to provide  food, medical and  oil-by-products,  so as to meet  the basic needs for citizens in local markets . These needs are met, despite the unjust economic siege banking and economic sanctions imposed against the country.

 Moreover, the premier discussed with the JU officials means of improving media performance and prioritizing training and other issues pertinent to journalists housing and health care issues.

 The discussions centered  on providing  JU work needs, dealing with obstacles impeding  investment and  services projects.

 To this effect, the Prime Minister  gave  directions to provide  special medical treatment to journalists  in Ibn al-Nafis hospital and  health centers in Damascus city and country sides.


Tomader Fateh


Forum : Political dialogue to achieve national reconciliation

DAMASCUS (ST) _  Deliberations of the political forum , held  by the coalition of the parties and forces of the National Progressive Front ( NPF) started in Damascus on Monday. The event was entitled :" Political dialogue and national reconciliation is our means to restore security and stability ".

Activities of the two-day forum which was held  in Dama Rose  hotel  tackled several topics , including : " political dialogue", The army is a savoir for the homeland", fighting terrorism", "rejection of foreign intervention", " national reconciliation",  and means of protecting  state 's  institutions."

In an inaugural speech, the secretary general of the Arab Socialist Union Party Safwan Qudsi said the " forum  is a corner stone to maintain awareness regarding  the need of preserving already gained achievements which comply with " our sublime national interests."

" Syria is, regrettably,  facing a great Arab, regional and international  conspiracy , targeting  Syria 's history, geography, position, role and very existence ", al-Qudsi said, adding : " they are trying to wipe  off Syria  from history and the world map".

He added that realities on the ground unveiled  Syria 's ability to  withstand the conspiracy and restore back its might as an efficient and effective player.

For his part,  the secretary general of the Socialist Unionist Party Fayez Ismael  deplored any foreign intervention in Syria,  and noted that Syria faces an  unparalleled battle which brings in terrorists of different nationalities. "  As usual, Syria, which triumphed in wars of destiny, will win today."

He noted that Syria 's approach is to invite the Syrian nationalists who " seek the country 's unity and might ", stressing that the Syrians through a constructive dialogue will finally reconcile and win.

He noted the role played by the Syrian army in defending Syria . He explained that " persons who got them selves involved  in the events  are few and most of them  surrendered themselves and their  weapons, willingly to the Syrian state and declared alliance to their country . He also explained the second group  which is  quite new to the country  does not know why it is fighting. They are known only as hirelings fed by the US and other partners with weapons..

Other speakers   included  the secretary general of the central committee of the Syrian communist party Dr. Ammar Bikdash, the secretary general of the national  " the promise" national party Ghassan Abdul Aziz Othman, the secretary general of the Social Syrian Nationalist Party Issam al-Maheyri,  the secretary general of the Socialists Unionists party Fayez Ismael , the secretary of the democratic socialist unionist party Fadlullah Naser eddine , the secretary general of the United Syrian Communist party , the secretary general of the democratic Arab Union's party Ghassan Othman .

They stressed  that it is the ripe time as to  start internal dialogue which will not be feasible , while mercenaries are flocking into the country  and that foreign intervention  is , but, the main obstacle before any  political solution to the Syrian crisis.

They stressed the need to maintain solidarity among the Syrians  to prevent armed foreign intervention , isolate  opposition groups abroad , who are not ashamed , as inviting foreign armies to  destroy their country.



Al-Zou'bi: Syria was the first to make distinction between resistance and terrorism

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ " Syria was  one of the first countries which called for making a distinction between  resistance and terrorism, as part of the ideological and national position advocated by Syria and the Syrians , in rejecting  occupation and hegemony , while standing in  total support for various types of resistance", said the information minister Mr. Omran al-Zou'bi  in Damascus on Monday.

In a lecture  under the title " International terrorism between politics and the law", held at al-Chaam hotel, in Damascus, the information minister added that the said Syrian call was disregarded because it was based  on the distinction between legitimate resistance  and the emergence  of the Israeli occupation entity, which  breeds on terrorism.

He explained that as the US and the West  are organically  linked to this entity, they eventually reject this call, rather than its advocacy , because  they want to make this distinction , according to  rules and standards that transfer  the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine and  later in Iraq , into a form of terrorism; therefore such a resistance is  prohibited and legally prohibited , in line  with the  International law norms, which are mostly an American and European industry, targeting  the wealth and destiny of peoples.

Concerning the situation  inside Syria, Minister al-Zou'bi indicated :" doubtless,  what is happening in Syria  is terrorism, which is crystal clear since the first days  of the crisis in Syria….The foreign element combined with the development of the political incidents has become a carrier  to the crisis  and a commander for it.

He said that the political and diplomatic work scene of the  foreign forces in the international arena , concerning the  crisis in Syria was a mere cover which hides  what is taking place on the ground  of  opening offices to recruit so called al-Mujahideen ", bringing in mercenaries and financing the fighters in Syria.

The minister said :" all national forces should shoulder their national, historical and political responsibility, to withstand the foreign scheme and carry out the essence of the developmental national project inside the country which should be an ultimate Syrian project .

He detailed that part of the Syrian opposition , at home, , who held their conference  several days ago, came up with a statement calling for convening  an international conference  with the participation  of parties, that take hostile positions against Syria , particularly Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the USA, France  and other countries, at a time  when   the role played by such countries was unveiled, not to mention  the adoption of armed terrorist groups.

The minister  reviewed  the initiatives proposed  to solve the Syrian crisis  and how these initiatives  were  rejected and aborted by those who called for it . The advocates of these initiatives  were fought and their missions were  terminated, because they conveyed  their true vision  of the true scene of the Syrian crisis .

Within this context , the report of Lt. Gen. al-Daabi was rejected , while  the initiative  of the UN secretary general Kofi Annan  was circumvented . He continued that from the very beginning , they wanted to provide another picture to what is taking place  and to demonizing the Syrian state  and her governmental, security and military institutions and present this state  as corrupt and murderous.




Terrorist Attacks against Syrians Unabated

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ A policeman was martyred in a car explosion Sunday evening inside a parking lot nearby Damascus Police Headquarters.

An Interior Ministry source stated to SANA that an explosive device attached to a car in the parking lot exploded and caused minor injuries and material damage to the parked cars and the building.

Syria has been recently exposed to a series of unabated terrorist attacks carried out by foreign-backed armed terrorist groups

According to the confessions of some arrested terrorists, members of the said groups operate in collaboration and at the orders of al-Qaeda-affiliated groups.

Al-Qaeda affiliated Jabhit al-Nusra terrorist group claimed last Wednesday its responsibility for a wave of suicide car attacks in Aleppo, 339 kilometers from Damascus, which caused the martyrdom or injury of tens of Syrians.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim

Information Minister: distinction should be drawn between encountering terrorism and political dialogue

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ the launching of dialogue in Syria would contribute to supporting the efforts of the security and military solution in the face of the weapons and the mercenary armed terrorist groups, al-Qada, Jabhit al-Nusra and foreign fighters, declared Omran al-Zou'bi, Minister of Information.

Addressing  an intellectual, Juristic, and political Symposium, organized here Sunday by the Bar Association, Minister al-Zou'bi added that a distinction should be drawn between encountering terrorism and the launching political dialogue, asserting that those who want to stop the ongoing security and military operations by the Syrian Army against the foreign-backed armed terrorist groups in Syria want but the continuation of the destructive attacks targeting Syrian civilians, cities and towns.

Minister al-Zou'bi reiterated the unwavering stance of the Syrian State in commitment to an inclusive national political dialogue, pointing out that the opposition which carries arms isn't a ''political opposition'' and has to be ''confronted with arms''.

''Firing on the national doctrinal Syrian Soldier can never be accepted, and is beyond the belief of any Syrian,'' underscored Minister al-Zou'bi, asserting that such a firing has no justification whatsoever and is but a shame.

Minister al-Zou'bi pointed out that the Syrian Authorities are still thoroughly probing into the source of the recent shell which fell in Turkish territories, and once finished, there will be an ''appropriate, transparent and responsible stance''.

The Minister of Information blasted the anti-Syrian stances taken by the Turkish Government, in continued perpetration of the crimes against the Syrian People and State, citing the opening of borders by the Turkish Government before the mercenary foreign fighters, along with shipments of weapons, not to mention the training camps established in Turkey by the Turkish Government for mercenary fighters.

Minister al-Zou'bi categorically refuted Turkish Government claims regarding the presence of Kurdish armed groups on the Turkish-Syrian borders, asserting that the Turkish Government is responsible for tension and uncontrolled borders.

"Those who, thousands of years ago, who wrote the first tablet in Ugarit Civilization: ''despise not a god whom you don't worship.'' have more of the humanity, civilization, morals and dignity than those who are sitting in the White House or in the Élysée Palace.'' Minister al-Zou'bi concluded.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim

E - Syria Times Newspaper Launched

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Minister of Information Mr. Omran al-Zou'bi inaugurated here today the first Syrian E- newspaper " Syria Times". The launching coincides with the country's celebrations of the 39th anniversary of the Liberation War of October, led by the late President Hafez al-Assad.

The inauguration of this pilot project, together with other services, economic and media projects, is a further step forward on the way of reform and development.

The inauguration of these projects, as Syria is facing a global conspiracy- media outlets of fabrications and lies have been playing their misleading role- reveals the determination of the Syrians to continue defiant on the way of reforms and development.

On the importance of the re-launching the "Syria Times" e-newspaper, Minister al-Zou'bi said: "We are in need for new tools to communicate with English-speaking communities, as to address the people of these communities and present our views and causes the way they understand, and not the way we want to."

Minister Al-Zou'bi asserted that the launching of this e-newspaper is not a kind of ''political or media luxury'', but is an urgent need to communicate and interact with the other in complete transparency, accuracy and credibility.

 The Minister underlined the need to make a success of the "Syria Times",  so as to achieve its hoped-for goal and to attain wide circulation by publishing it in different languages."

 Minister Al-Zou'bi  asserted the need to restore the paper copy of the newspaper since this kind of publications still have their own readers.

"I think this is very important to convey our media message to wider categories of readers." the minister concluded.


H. T.