Dozens of terrorists killed in five provinces

PROVINCES,(ST)_Terrorist groups suffer heavy losses in countryside of Damascus, Idleb, Aleppo,Raqqa, and Der Ezzour as a result of qualitative operations carried out by armed forces in these areas.

The armed forces killed today (Thursday) dozens of terrorists and destroyed their weapons and vehicles in the said areas.

According to SANA the armed forces also clashed with terrorist groups, who were committing criminal acts against innocent people in the aforementioned areas.

Most of the terrorists were killed or injured.

Moreover, several terrorists were killed when they were booby-trapping a car inside a shop in" Wadi Barad" market in Damascus countryside. No citizen was hurt.  

The terrorist groups, who perpetrate criminal acts against citizens all over Syria and destroy infrastructure, are being supported by Turkey,Qatar, Saudi Arabia, France, Britain, and the US.


Syria calls on UNSC to condemn Turkish government's aggressive acts

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Foreign and Expatriates Ministry has slammed the UN Security Council sitting idly by as the Turkish government and some regional and international parties continue supporting al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist groups in Syria to fuel the crisis.

The ministry underscored in two identical letters sent today (Thursday) to the International Security Council's Head and the UN Secretary General that these aggressive practices (direct or indirect support for terrorists) are blatant violation of the international law, the UN resolutions related to combatting terrorism, and principle of not meddling in countries' internal affairs.

The letters included clues and accurate information about the involvement of the Turkish government in fueling the current crisis in Syria. 


"While the Turkish government explicitly declares through the remarks made by Prime Minister and Foreign Minister in Geneva, Vienna and Rome that it intervenes in the Syrian internal affairs, it goes ahead with sheltering, training, and funding the al-Qaeda-affiliated armed terrorist groups by all means," the ministry said.

It added that several Turkish MPs have recently raised before the Turkish Parliament a number of cases that proves the Turkish government's involvement in the ongoing crisis in Syria.

""Two months ago, the Turkish Interior Ministry permitted the Libyan "Intesar" ship, which was carrying 250 Libyan terrorists to enter Syria plus 400tons of weapons to be delivered to terrorists inside Syria,to enter Iskenderun Port.

In addition, the Turkish MP Atilla Kart from the Republican People's Party submitted an enquiry list to the Parliament calling on the Turkish government to explain reasons behind allowing three C-130 Saudi airplanes to use the Turkish airspace to transport weapons and gunmen to Syria and whether the airplanes had carried "fighters" from al-Qaeda.

Another clue about Turkish government's involvement in the crisis in Syria was presented few days ago by the Turkish Cumhuriyet newspaper which reported that the MP Hursit Gunes has submitted a criminal complaint against officials of the Turkish government because of their policy towards Syria.

Speaking at a news conference, the MP said: "The government of Justice and Development Party trains gunmen in Turkey, transports weapons to Syria and supports the armed groups inside Syria by all means."

The minister pointed out that Reuters quoted some armed terrorist groups' leaders as saying on February, 27th, 2013: "Last month, weapons shipment arrived in Syria via Turkey. It included military equipment such as anti-aircraft and ant-tank weapons, mortar rounds, and rocket launchers.  The weapons were received in a legal way, through Bab al-Hawa crossing, and not through smuggling corridors."

The UNSC inaction

It stressed that turning blind eyes to the above mentioned clues would give a cover to al-Qaeda-affiliated armed terrorist groups and encourage the countries which support them to perpetrate more crimes against the Syrian people. 

In conclusion, the ministry appealed to the UNSC to condemn aggressive practices of the Turkish government and the other countries that back and fund the armed terrorist groups, and hold them responsibility for the events taking place in Syria. 

"Adopting serious stances by the international community would lead to resolve the crisis and encourage the Syrian opposition parties to take part in the national dialogue to bring about a solution to the on going crisis through negotiation among Syrians, themselves, and under Syria's leadership," the ministry said.


Al-Halqi offers condolences on the death of the Venezuelan President

 Damascus (ST)-Delegated by President Bashar al-Assad, Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi offered condolences over the death of the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez at the Damascus-based Venezuelan embassy on Thursday.

Al-Halaqi wrote a speech in the condolences record, saying ''With deep pain and sorrow, we received the news of the death of a great national fighter and a prominent figure, President Hugo Chavez who defended the rights of people everywhere in the world.''

Al-Halqi pointed out that Chavez has a pivotal role in defending the national causes and  in supporting  the Non-Aligned Movement, adding that President Chavez was the leader of a great revolution that has imprinted itself on the minds of freedom-lovers.

“ Syria will always remember  the friend Chavez and will appreciate his stances that back Arab and Palestinian causes and Syria against the global conspiracy targeting it and the armed terrorism  as well as his position regarding the cause of the occupied Syrian Golan”, al-Halqi added.

Al-Halqi expressed trust that the historical friendly bilateral relations will remain strong in economic, development and political domains and that Venezuela will pursue the policy of the late leader and will keep the revolution alive to preserve its sovereignty and prevent any intervention in its affairs.

Al-Halqi also expressed his hope that Venezuela would realize progress and prosperity and would keep supporting the freedom of people in Latin America and the world, adding that the late president will remain one of the prominent presidents who earned international respect and popularity.

Meanwhile,Assistant Secretary General of Baath Arab Socialist Party Abdullah al-Ahmar wrote a phrase in the condolences record in which he appreciates the late Chaves national stances towards Syria and international causes.

In a press statement, al-Ahmar said the death of the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is a great loss to the Venezuelan as well as Syrian people and the entire world.

The Ba’ath Arab Socialist Party’s Regional Leadership stressed that the death of Chaveze is a big loss to the Venezuelan people, the world’s freemen, and liberation and justice issues.

 The Regional Leadership said in a statement that the Syrian Arab people, who are facing a brutal aggression backed by the powers of hegemony highly, appreciate the role played by the late president and his struggle in Venezuela, Latin America and the world.

Obeida al-Mohammad

Syrian, Iranian Health Cooperation

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Minister of Health, Dr. Sa'ed  Al –Nayef met with the Iranian Ambassador in Damascus, Mohammad Reda Sheibani, and discussed with him further procedures to import medicines and medical equipment from the Iranian side under the line of credit allocated to the Ministry estimated at $ 200 million.

During the meeting, the two sides agreed to send a delegation from the ministry to Iran early next week to follow up on technical procedures concerning the medical needs of the ministry.

 "The two countries are working to accomplish new memorandum of understanding on mutual recognition to register medicines and medical equipment between the two countries, saying that the agreement will contribute to facilitating the flow of medicine and medical equipment between the two countries and meet the local needs of supplies for both of them," the Minister clarified.

For his part, the Iranian Ambassador in Damascus underlined that 15 equipped ambulances from Iran will reach the Ministry of Health during the next two weeks in order to meet the needs of ambulance system, adding that his country  will spare no effort to meet as much as possible of the health needs of the Syrian people, particularly in light of the unjust blockade faced by the health sector at various levels.

Noteworthy, that Syria and Iran have signed an agreement line of credit facility of one billion dollars during a visit by Prime Minister, Dr. Wa'il al –Halaqi, to Iran during the month of January.

The Ministry of Health received, a gift from the Iranian people to the Syrian people last year, a shipment of modern medical equipment and ambulances worth 2.1 million dollars and 20 fully equipped ambulances.

Sh. Kh

President Al-Assad Meets CHP Delegation

DAMASCUS, (ST) - President Bashar Al-Assad on Thursday underlined the necessity of differentiating between the Turkish people's supportive stances towards Syria and those of Erdogan's government which keeps supporting terrorism, extremism and destabilization efforts in Syria and the entire region.

During his meeting with a Turkish parliamentary delegation representing the Republican People's Party (Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi CHP) led by Hasan Akgol, President Al-Assad affirmed that the Syrian people appreciate the stances of the Turkish people's forces and parties which reject Erdogan's government's policies as they negatively affect the ethnic and religious diversity which characterize societies of the region's countries, particularly Syria and Turkey.

 Talks during the meeting dealt with the situation in Syria. Members of the guest delegation affirmed the Turkish people's rejection of interference in the Syrian internal affairs. They also expressed their keenness to enhance good neighborhood ties, warning of the repercussions of the crisis in Syria on the Turkish internal situation in particular and on the whole region in general.


H. Mustafa

Agriculture Minister: Mapping out Clear Vision to Develop Livestock




DAMASCUS, (ST) - Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, Ahmed al- Qadri has underlined the need to develop a clear vision and agree on actions and alternatives that will develop, support and protect the livestock sector.
During a meeting with the directorates concerned in livestock at the ministry, Agronomists’ Association, Veterinarians and Farmers Unions, the Minister stressed the need to take care for livestock to maintain its distinguished breeds to protect and improve the livestock and provide all necessary support for breeders to help them to continue the production process.

The Minister called for providing a clear vision of the problems and difficulties in the development and improvement of livestock productivity and the development of the proposed solutions within the current circumstances in order to ensure the continuity of this sector to mitigate the impact of current conditions on breeders and ensure production requirements of feed and health care, calling to take advantage of all activities carried out by the Livestock Development Project.

For his part, Director of the Animal Health at the Ministry, Dr. Hassan Suleiman, clarified that the Directorate produces 17 kinds of vaccines covering 70 percent of the livestock need, despite the difficulty of securing raw materials.
Mr. Sulaiman noted that the delay in securing materials and diagnostic kits and necessary laboratory requirements in quantity and quality at the right time caused a problem in production in addition to stop production of vaccines
Director of the Animal Health called for ensuring the equipment and supplies of laboratory work and finding a formula for joint action to cooperate with the ministries of health and the environment to serve the implementation of the joint work and provide some production requirements through imports from alternative markets.
For his part, Director of the Animal Production at the ministry, Eng. Ahmed Qadish, reviewed some measures and decisions taken by the Directorate to overcome the obstacles and problems facing the workers of this sector, pointing out that poultry farmers can import soybean and maize from Lebanon.

Director of the General Establishment of Animal Feed, Dr. Ahmed Sheikh, said that the company contracted to provide 300 thousand tons of feed materials of which 100 thousand tons of maize and 100 thousand tons of barley and 100 thousand tons of soy and sold at low prices for breeders up to 20 pounds per kilogram of barley and 26 pounds of corn.
Director of the General Establishment of Poultry, Eng. Siraj al Kheder, proposed to  secure liquidity for breeders by giving them loans and contribute to the initiation of productivity process and requiring owners of poultry in annual production plan after ensuring supplies of productivity and support exports of poultry sector in coordination with the development and promotion of exports.

Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform met with Head of the  General Federation of Peasants and members of the Executive Bureau and talked about the need to work and coordinate to solve all the problems and difficulties faced by the agricultural sector and farmers in these circumstances and seek to provide support and assistance to farmers.

Members of the Executive Bureau called for finding markets for marketing the surplus of agricultural production and putting a five-year plan for the marketing policy and focus on agricultural researches to upgrade the crops and increase profitability, especially seeds.

For his part, the Minister of Agriculture pointed out to the exceptional circumstances experienced by Syria urged everyone to exert further efforts to reduce the negative effects that hit the agricultural sector and ensure the continuity of the process of agricultural productivity and ensure the needs of citizens of different crops in different governorates, indicating the importance of teamwork and organization in achieving good agricultural product and overcoming all difficulties in agricultural work.
The Minister of Agriculture underlined that the ministry will work to solve all outstanding issues in the agricultural work and the formation of effective work teams and working harder in order to activate the role of the agricultural associations specialized in marketing.

He also called for a mechanism to expand the work of these associations, in coordination with the GFP to lead their role better and reduce the role of mediator between the consumer and the producer which reflects positively on crop marketing internally and export the surplus.
On the other hand, he pointed out that the condition of pastures in the desert is encouraging due to good rainfalls but we need a strategy and vision to protect and increase the numbers of livestock and improve productivity to reduce imports of animal in this field, which cost the state millions of dollars, especially that Syria has strains of good sheep, cows, goats and buffaloes and seek the deployment of integrated agricultural systems through following an agricultural system that includes cereals, pulses and livestock so as to ensure the stability and improve the income of the farmer.

Sh. Kh.





Enemy's Spy Devices Discovered at Syrian Coastline Point

Enemy Spy Devices Discovered at Syrian Coastline