US Nod and Wink Urges zionist entity to Launch Aggressive Airstrike on Syria

DAMASCUS,(ST)-In a statement released after an extraordinary session convened  today ,the Council of Ministers underscored that the Israeli's aggression on Syria opens the door widely  for calculations .Furthermore, the aggression shows a solid cooperation between the takfiri terrorist groups and the Israeli enemy.

’Omran al-Zou'bi, the Information Minister, read the statement: "the Israeli enemy launched overnight(Sunday 5-5-2013) a flagrant aggression on the Syrian Arab Republic using missiles to bombard military facilities in a blatant violation to the international law paying no heed to the relevant obligations".

"A long time ago, Syria asserted that there is a  cohesion(goals, tools and means)between the takfiri thought ,Zionism, terrorists and al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra-Front. Syria has presented a lot of evidences on the said cohesion plus this aggression which scheduled where our valor forces ,backed by our people, accomplished remarkable achievements in fighting terrorism and terrorists who flocked into Syria from a large number of countries and being funded by the entities of humiliation(referring to some Arab countries),"added the statement.

"the government of the Syrian Arab Republic affirms the necessity that the Army will continue their victories over as regards fighting the puppets of Israel inside Syria .It is always that the government's duty is to defend homeland ,state and people either from internal aggression or external one by all means and available potential…..Long Live Syria….Glory to our Armed Forces…May God Have Mercy on Martyrs,"the statement concluded.


Foreign and Expatriates Ministry Slams Israeli Aggression           

"undoubtedly, the blatant Israeli aggression mounts to a firm coordination between Israel and terrorist and takfiri groups affiliated to al-Nusra Front which regarded as one of al-Qaeda wings ,"Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Sunday said in a two identical letters sent  to the UN Security Council President and the UN Secretary .

"the flagrant aggression aims at providing  a direct military support to the said groups as they have recently failed to attain gains on the ground, added the ministry.

The ministry made it clear that Israel's incessant to go ahead in its aggression will definitely escalate the tension in the region and consequently drags the region into a wide-scale war that pose a threat to the international security in the region and across the globe as a whole.

"The Syrian Arab Republic's government  do believe that the US statements ,released prior and aftermath of the mentioned raid, have urged Israel to launch its aggressive airstrike rather than securing a political nod and wink  to breach Syria's sovereignty in an apparent violation to the UN Charter and the international law, "added the ministry.

The Ministry clarified that at 1:40 am on Sunday May 5th, 2013, Israeli warplanes ,violated Syria's sky from the occupied territories and southern Lebanon, launched  an air missile strike  from the occupied territories and southern Lebanon on three positions  of the Armed Forces in Syria, namely in the northeast of Jamraya, in Maysaloun and at a paragliding airport in al-Dimas area in Damascus and its countryside.

'the Israeli aggression resulted in a number of martyrs and injured people and caused huge damage either  in military  sites or in the residential  areas, "the ministry concluded.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim /M.D

Patriarch al-Rahi : There is a dire need to halt violence in Syria

SAO PAULO, (ST) – "There is a dire need to halt violence in Syria .Nations which are involved in triggering violence in Syria must give the helping hand to put an end to the crisis," said Cardinal Mar Bechara al-Rahi, Patriarch of Antioch and All the East of Maronite Church.

Al-Rahi's remark was made during a ceremony held by the Maronite Charity in his honor in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

"It is time to recognize  that we are the victims of arms trade," Patriarch al-Rahi underscored, adding that God has given humankind enormous treasures to live in cultural development, not to live in war.

In the same context, Patriarch al-Rahi called on the countries involved in kidnapping Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of Aleppo and Iskenderun, Bishop Paul Yazigi, and the Syriac Orthodox Metropolitan of Aleppo, Bishop John Ibrahim to work for releasing  them.


Information Minister: National Dialogue, Fighting Terrorism is Final, Irreversible Decision

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi  stressed there is no alternative but to resort  to dialogue in order to get out of the current crisis, restore stability and security and preserve Syria 's unity  and sovereignty,  through having   all Syrians of  various spectrum at the same table .

In an interview with the Syrian TV on Saturday, the Minister added that every made external effort could give added value, but the final conclusion is what is happening in Syria in terms of progress against terrorism on the ground, on the one hand, and the progress in the discussions r to hold a national dialogue conference, on the other.

"Dialogue themes are open to everyone and the Syrians must speak with each other and submit their vision for building the nation, protect its borders and establish real democracy, attained through the ballot box." Minister al-Zoubi underscored. 

Russian position towards the crisis in Syria, the most objective 

The Minister described the Russian position towards the crisis in Syria as  most objective among world countries,  because it initially rejects violence and terrorism , speaks about the importance of finding a political solution  and seeks to keep UN  Charter through non intervention in the affairs of states and away from tampering countries' s  destiny and national sovereignty. 

" The Russian position that fully understands the size and forms of external interference and the flow of weapons and terrorists and the necessary support to it,  corresponds with that  of the Syrian leadership, which from the beginning  stressed the importance of Syrian national dialogue " the Minister said. 

The Minister continued that the  Russian position also  coincides with the vision of the  Syrian government and  People on the need to move on two axis:  challenging  terrorism and restore stability and security to the whole country and activating dialogue with all political and social  forces , on the ground of the  political program to resolve the crisis.

The Information Minister stressed that all political forces and  social parties in  Russia agree  the Syrian government's position, and  for the first time such a consensus  on an issue is  achieved . 

He explained that the UN and European countries pressed the UN  Secretary-General concerning the  formation of a technical mission demanded by Syria to investigate the use of chemical weapons incident in Khan al-Asal in Aleppo in order to expand the work of the Committee into all Syrian territories. 

" Western countries resorted to this step to achieve one of two  goals : either to thwart the investigation into the incident specified in  Khan al-Asal  on the grounds that terrorist groups will not be able to evade committing it , or  Syria 's  acceptance  to expand the committee 's work  which means putting it  in a situation similar to that of Iraq 's mass destruction inspection  Committees.

The Minister noted the  external support to the armed terrorist groups as  large and clear, in militiamen , weapons or communication technologies, which all contribute to the killings, which means that there is no "non lethal arms"  support, pointing out European countries  talk on arms embargo is incorrect because they allow  the transfer of arms from their to Syria. 

Official Political and national decision Against  Terrorism  is final, irreversible 

The minister underlined that official  national and political decision in challenging  terrorism is final and  irreversible, just as  and in parallel with the decision to go to dialogue and a political process .

"The Syrian Arab army is advancing  against terrorists, however ,a  general amnesty was issued  and the State Committee is working seriously and communicating  with opposition forces abroad, which is  may be too early to disclose  now," the Minister emphasized. 

He explained that the Syrian people 's  mood has  widely  altered regarding the concept of the use of force and arms against the state because the state is the only party ,not only in Syria but in all the world , vested constitutionally in all laws and constitutions to exercise legal power to maintain  sovereignty and security , but governed by accountability in case of error. 

The Minister continued that the Syrian  media which faces a media war being waged on Syria is open to all discussions, opinions and viewpoints and that the Syrian media tells the truth but not in a smart way, while  biased foreign media market its lies  intelligently . 

He stressed that channels part of the war against  Syria will not be permitted into the country , noting that the Ministry of Information granted 300 entry permissions  to the country since the beginning of the year to Arab and foreign  media means of different trends.

On Israeli warplanes attacks on the Syrian territory, the Minister noted Syrian serious scrutiny in this matter and that when any conclusion is reached : " we will say everything transparently and in public." 

One who Bets Syria Dismantle  is mistaken 

The Minister stressed that  Syria will not be dismantled , and one who bets on that is a suspect and mistaken. 

He went on that President  Bashar al-Assad 's inauguration of  the  Syrian universities martyrs  memorial in the Faculty of Law, University of Damascus dedicates  the vision held by all  Syrians to the sanctity of martyrdom and respect  and veneration of martyrs , noting  there is no family or house in Syria has not been direct kinship to a martyr . 

" President Assad is always present in national  events and occasions and  is carrying out assigned national and constitutional duties to the fullest," the Minister  confirmed. 

T. Fateh 

Occupation rocket attack against the Scientific Research Centre




DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Scores of explosions were heard at dawn Sunday near al-Hama region at Damascus Governorate.

According to Syrian Television, Preliminary information indicates that the explosions took place in the Scientific Research Centre in Jamraya region.

The explosions, according to the source, resulted from an Israeli rocket attack against the Scientific Research Centre.

Israeli today's terrorist attack  aims at supporting the crushed armed terrorist groups against the Syrians.

 M.A. Al-Ibrahim




Syrian Arab army take control of towns outside capital and Homs

PROVINCES,(ST)_Units of Armed forces press ahead in Damascus countryside and HomsProvince whilst rehabilitation works of infrastructure destroyed by the armed terrorist groups in al-Bida area in Banyas countryside have been completed. 

The armed forces have taken control of al-Abbadeh town and Tal Ghreqa area, which were stronghold to al-Nusra Front-linked terrorists, in the Eastern Ghouta outside Damascus, according to SANA. 

They also shelled hideouts and weapons of terrorists in Der al-Asafer, al-Jarajer, Barzeh and al-Qabon areas outside the capital. 

Unknown numbers of terrorists, who were inside the hideouts, have been killed and injured in the shelling. 

Moreover, the armed forces eliminated dozens of terrorists in qualitative operations carried out in Harasta, Doma, al-Sbeneh and Darayya areas in Damascus countryside. 

As for the Syrian Arab army's advance in Homs, a military source stressed that security and stability have been restored to al-Mashtal area outside al-Qsir city after cleansing it of terrorists. 

It added that the armed forces targeted hideouts of terrorists in several areas in Homs province and destroyed most of their weapons. 

However, in al-Sha'hba'a alley in Hama province, the armed forces confiscated sophisticated weapons. 

Meanwhile, units of armed forces destroyed terrorist groupings in countryside of  Hassaka, Idleb, and Aleppo amid reports of fighting broke out in the Daraa province, around Kweres military airport in Aleppo countryside and near Abo al-Dohor military airport in Idleb countryside.. 

The fighting ended in killing and injuring many of al-Nusra Front-linked terrorists.

 A military source denied reports that terrorist groups encircled a military post in al-Msamyeh area, adding that the reports aims to buoy up the spirits of terrorists. 

Syria is facing a foreign-backed war that aims to weaken the Syrian Arab army and destroy national economy to serve Israel's interests in the region.

The US, France, Britain, Qatar, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia fund and support the terrorist groups, who perpetrate heinous crimes against citizen and destroy Syria's infrastructure


President Al-Assad Inaugurates Memorial of Syrian Universities Martyrs

DAMASCUS , (ST) - President Bashar Al-Assad on Saturday visited Damascus University to join thousands of Syrian students in the inauguration of the memorial of Syrian Universities’ martyrs. Families of the martyr students attended the inauguration ceremony.

 After the inauguration, President Al-Assad had some talk with families of the martyrs and a group of students.

“The armed terrorist groups have targeted students, universities and education facilities countrywide, because killing, destruction and sabotage constitute the core of their policies, but these terrorist acts enhanced our determination to go ahead in our path of enlightenment and construction, said President Al-Assad, highly appreciating the Syrian students’ insistence to get knowledge and education even under fire. 

The President added that “these West and regionally-backed terrorist groups, which have been fighting the Syrian people, couldn’t tolerate a statue of the Arab philosopher poet Abu al-Alaa al-Ma’rri or tolerate a bridge built to serve citizens in Deir EzZour, so they can’t tolerate the open-minded Syrian youths who armed themselves with education and knowledge against narrow-minded thinking.”

President Al-Assad reiterated that “Syria had given the Alphabet to the world, thereby helping humanity start writing down history. Syria presented science, literature and architecture to the entire world and it will continue to do that and to rewrite the history of dignity and sovereignty with the help of all its sons.”

For their part, the students affirmed their determination to continue defending Syria through seeking education and protecting the universities’ infrastructure.

Families of the martyr students stressed that their sons were martyred while they were getting their university education and this must be a challenge and an incentive for their colleagues to keep seeking knowledge and make the education process a success.

H. Mustafa

Patriarch Lahham: Reconciliation in Syria Helps Attaining Arab Reconciliation

DAMASCUS- (ST)- Efforts to attain reconciliation in Syria have a regional  dimension aiming to attain reconciliation among the Arabs themselves, said Patriarch Grigorius III Lahham of Antioch and All East, Alexandira and al-Quds for the Greek Catholic, urging all to take part in the prayers to be held next Saturday for peace in Syria.

During his meeting with a delegation representing the International Committee for Supporting Reconciliation and Solidarity led by the Irish Nobel Prize peace Award winner Margret Maguer, Patriarch Lahham said “peace in Syria, Lebanon and the holy land is a condition to attain the hoped-for global peace.”

 “We pray for the abandoning of violence and war as they contradict human logic and faith and because real jihad is the jihad for peace,” the Patriarch said, urging members of the committee to carry the message of attaining peace and reconciliation in the world.  

“Syria and Lebanon are the cradle of civilizations, religions and cultures and meeting on their lands will echo deeply in the world conscience, he said in reference to the international delegation visiting Syria and Lebanon at his invitation.

 The delegation comprises twenty international figures from Europe, America and Australia acting in the areas of human rights, peace and solidarity among people of the world.

The delegation’s visit is a response to the reconciliation appeal released last August to stress that the logic of reconciliation and peace must control relations among peoples, countries and governments of the world.

For her part, Maguer urged her country’s government and that of the United States to stop sending weapons to the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

H. Mustafa