Al-Jaafari: Attaining Peaceful Solution to Crisis Needs Interaction with Proposed Political Program

NEW York, (ST) - Syria's Permanent Representative at the United Nations, Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari said that the Syria government has recently proposed a comprehensive political program to solve the crisis in Syria based on national dialogue among the Syrians themselves under a Syrian leadership.

 "We urge every one who claims keenness to settle the crisis in Syria peacefully to positively interact with this program and propose constructive ideas to support its implementation instead of calling for refusing political solutions and national dialogue." Al-Jaafari said during a UN Security Council's session held on Wednesday to discuss the situation in the Middle East.

He strongly condemned allegations and claims put forward by some countries' delegations against Syria during the session, pointing out that "countries of these delegations, particularly Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, have spared no effort to escalate the crisis in Syria through supporting, sheltering and arming terrorist groups, and through disseminating extremism in Syria and foiling every peaceful solution to the crisis."

The Syrian Representative at the UN urged the Security Council to approve a request by the state of Palestine to obtain full UN membership and to guarantee the restoration of the Palestinian people's legitimate rights including their right to return to their homeland Palestine and to be fairly compensated for their losses in accordance with the UN General Assembly's Resolution No. 194 for 1948.

On behalf of the Syrian government, al-Jaafari welcomed the presence of Riad al-Maliki, the Foreign Minister of Palestine, which only has become a non-member observer state at the United Nations after more than 65 years of the issuance of resolution No. 181 as a first step towards restoring the Palestinian people's inalienable right to establish their independent state with al-Quds (Jerusalem) as a capital based on the borders of June 4th 1967.

Al-Jaafari, who criticized the UNSC disability to end the catastrophe of the Palestinian people and guarantee the restoration of their legitimate rights, said "If we want to keep what remained of United Nations' credibility, prevent war and enhance peace opportunities in our region, the United Nations and its member states must stop dealing with the Arab-Israeli conflict routinely or occasionally without serious moves that lead to touchable results on ground. Adopting necessary procedures to put an end to the United Nations' disability to do its duties towards ending the Israeli occupation of Arab territories is also a must."

"This disability has been caused, as all know, due to the intransigent Israeli governments which have been unjustifiably and blindly backed by some influential UNSC member states," al-Jaafari explained.

 He expressed concern that the issue of settling the Arab-Israeli conflict wasn't listed among the UN Chief priorities of 2013 and that the issue of the Israeli occupation of the Syrian Golan was completely ignored by the Mideast Peace Process Coordinator Robert Seri, though Syria had warned repeatedly against ignoring this basic part of discussing the situation in the Middle East.

"More than 45 years have passed since the Israeli occupation of the Syrian Golan, but these years were not enough to force Israel to implement related UN resolutions, including resolutions Nos./497, 242 and 338/ aiming to end occupation and halt the Israeli terrorism and dangerous violations of human rights there," al-Jaafari said.

He added that Syria had informed the UN General Assembly of all the Israeli violations including acts of kidnapping Syrian citizens at the Syrian side of the separation zone and providing assistance to armed terrorist groups  in the separation zone aiming at justifying the building of a 42km long segregation wall in the occupied Golan. He urged the Security Council to shoulder its responsibilities in accordance with the UN Charter and adopt prompt procedures to put an end to the Israeli aggressive policies.

He regretted that despite all the documented Israeli criminality and the resolutions issued by the United Nations, the Israeli leaders responsible for the war crimes and the crimes against humanity are still out of the reach of international accountability due to the illegitimate immunity granted to them by some UNSC member states. 

Concluding his statement, al-Jaafari wished that statements by representatives of the United States, France and Britain were balanced relating the Syrian situation and were open enough to come in harmony with these countries' commitments according to the Charter's rules, the International Law principles, Geneva Statement and Lakhdar Brahimi's mission in a way that supports the national dialogue which leads to solving the crisis in Syria peacefully.


H. Mustafa

Home-Accommodation for Syrian Returnees, Displaced Abroad

DAMASCUS,(ST)- Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Dr. Jassim Mohammed Zakaria said that the Higher Committee for Relief was assigned to provide fully equipped shelters for affected families, residing outside the Syrian borders, so as  to enable them to return back home.

Presiding over a meeting for the said committee, the minister explained that the ministry of State for the Syrian Red Crescent, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Society, in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC were assigned to take immediate action to visit the families in the camps in neighboring countries and invite them to safe return to their areas.


He pointed out that the Relief committee was able to secure the Winter season's basic needs and requirements for a large number of temporary residence centers and social and humanitarian protection to residents inside and outside these centers, noting that urgent relief aids will be provided through al-Sheikh Saad center in Damascus.
For his part, Minister of State for Syrian Red Crescent Joseph Sweed that the committee is working to provide necessary assistance to families who were forced to leave their homes by the armed terrorist groups, noting that necessary measures were taken in this regard.

Ministry of Health representative Dr. Ahmad al-Abboud said that during the few coming weeks , the ministry will launch a vaccination campaign for hepatitis, in the temporary residence centers.

Representatives of the Ministries of Labour and Social Affairs, Education , Health , local administration , Al-Awqaf and State for National Reconciliation ,the Syrian Commission for Family Affairs and non-governmental organizations , community-based initiatives, unions and grassroots organizations, attended the meeting.



Syria to Eliminate Crisis Through Dialogue, National Reconciliation – Minister

DARAA,(ST)_ "Syria is about to get out of the crisis, according to internal, regional and international facts," said  Minister of National Reconciliation Dr. Ali Haidar, calling on all Syrians to join  dialogue and  achieve national reconciliation.
During his meeting with  civil and official activists in the governorate of Daraa on Wednesday, Minister Haidar explained that the  ministry will work on activating the dialogue and formation of committees at the governorate level to convey all  its needs to the ministry.

Dr. Haidar indicated that steadfastness of the Syrian army and the strong  Syrian economy have  foiled all bets on the Syrian state. He  stressed that the crisis  has almost finished,  pointing out that only the  Syrian people are concerned with coming up with a  Syrian political project as  a solution for all Syrians without exception. "The  non-Syrians are not concerned  with the needs of the Syrian people," he explained.
" Courage necessitates  gunmen  to drop their arms and maintain a dialogue with the government," the minister said,  noting that the first steps to dialogue begin by creating a social safety network, solving  the files of  the  kidnapped , the displaced, and the detained  and laying  practical and executive mechanisms  to accelerate trials  and  judicial procedures ."

Interventions made by governorate's officials  underlined the importance of national  reconciliation to ensure that rights and the rule of the  law. They  called for  cooperation with the competent authorities by resorting  to the  principle of forgiveness and  pardoning, to deal with the  files of the  kidnapped  and persons  whose hands were not stained in the  bloodshed of the Syrians , to establish people 's  committees at the district level to protect public and private property against terrorist groups  attacks  and to expel these groups from villages, towns and cities.



More Terrorists Purged

GOVERNORATES,(ST)_ The armed forces on Wednesday carried out qualitative operations against terrorists centers  in al-Sayedah Zeinab, Hujeira, al-Zeyabia, al-Huseinia, Harasta towns  and Duma farms in rural Damascus, where, terrorists Wisam Bakkour, Maher Tomeh,Bilal Arieda, Khaled al-Saleh , Younis Ahmad, Ahmad al-Refai, Anas al-Turk, and Ziad al-Boush were killed, among many others .
The armed forces also continued prosecution of terrorist groups that committed acts of murder ,robbery and  targeted the  infrastructure in Darya and Zabadani towns and inflicted heavy casualties on their ranks. Among the killed terrorists were Ahmad al-Abbar, Muhammad al-Dabbas, Abdul Latif al-Ezz, Ahmad and Muhammad Kanaan,  And Khaled Kheito.  A car was destroyed and all terrorists inside it were eliminated.

Several terrorists were killed or wounded when the armed forces attacked their centers in al-Dweihi and al-Mansoura areas in rural Aleppo, whereas heavy losses were inflicted on terrorists ranks in the old quarters of the city of Aleppo,  and in al-Shahaddin, Sheikh Saed and Rasm al-Abboud areas, where most members of the so called al-Ameria  terrorist battalion were killed.

In collaboration with citizens, the armed forces carried out a qualitative operation  in al-Halwania and Allirmoun areas where scores of terrorists were eliminated and their weapons were destroyed including two cars fitted with heavy machine guns.
In the meantime, the  armed forces scored direct hits on the ranks of terrorists who were carrying acts of  murder and intimidation against citizens  in al-Nasera area in Teldo of rural Homs.

Terrorists Khaled Assaf al-Shweiki, Hussein al-Nayef, Abdul Al Bakkour, Muhannad al-Droubi, Maher Hallaqa, Ali al-Zou'bi and Anwar al-Shemali  were among the killed terrorists. The terrorists car mounted  with one mortar and three locally made rockets was destroyed.
In Hassaka ,the competent authorities killed or wounded several terrorists, when  they tried to attack Kbeiba Oil station  in al-Shaddadi area.
In the context of targeting the national cadres terrorists on Wednesday  assassinated math teacher  Nabih Jamil Saad, near his house  in Raqq.

Earlier on Tuesday, one terrorist armed group assassinated Cardiac Specialist Dr. Mamdouh Abdullah bin Abdul Diba near his clinic in Sheikh Mohiuddin area in Damascus .


Salamieh martyrs laid to final rest amid wide popular participation

HAMA,(ST)_ A huge number of Syrian citizens attended on Wednesday the funeral of martyrs of Salamieh city in Hama province.

The martyrs were laid to the final rest at the martyrs' cemetery in Borkan area (in Salmieh city) amid national chants hailing the Syrian Arab Army's sacrifices and stressing national unity.

SANA reported that a number of the city's citizens said that criminal acts and explosions being carried out by terrorist groups conspiring against Syria would never frustrate the Syrian people.

Two days ago, a suicide terrorist detonated a car bomb in the center of Salameih city, killing at least 32 citizens and leaving more others, including women and children, wounded.

Syria has sent a letter to the UN Security Council about this crime. It called for deploring terrorism wherever to prevent its spread.


Armed opposition groups Attack Religious Sites in Idlib and Lattakia,asserts HRW

 BEIRUT,(ST)-Armed opposition groups appeared to have deliberately destroyed religious sites in many areas in  Northern Syria, in November and December 2012, Human Rights Watch said following investigations in Latakia and Idlib governorates. An armed group destroyed a husseiniya in Idlib governorate, and two churches in Latakia governorate were looted. In all three cases evidence examined by Human Rights Watch suggests, and witnesses stated.


More Terrorists Eliminated. Terrorists Disguised in Army Uniform Arrested

GOVERNORATES,(ST) Scores of terrorists were killed or wounded  when the armed forces hit their shelters in several areas in Daraya  city in rural Damascus . Leader of one terrorist group Omran Madamani, and terrorists Muhammad Abu Muwafaq, Samir Abu Muhammad and Ahmad known as Abu Mujahid and Ghiath known as Abu Kazem were killed.

The armed forces foiled two bombs weighing more 40 Kg implanted by terrorists in the surrounding of Syriatel headquarters in the town.

More terrorists were left killed or wounded when the armed forces carried out qualitative operations against their shelters in Duma, Hujeira, al-Zeyabia and al-Mleiha. Among the killed terrorists were Abdullah al-Dubb leader of the so called "the banner of Islam" group and terrorists Mahmoud ezz eddine ,  Mahmoud Krenbe, Muhammad l-Jedda, Omar al-Nimr and Mahmoud Awad.

Heavy losses were inflicted on the ranks of terrorists in Kweiris, near the carpet, and "Crash " factories, al-Oweija and Babeis village  in Aleppo rural areas and  in al-Sakhour, Hananou residential quarters, Allirmoun, Bani Zeid and Bustan al- Bacha areas in Aleppo city.

Meantime, the Internal Security Forces arrested all members of one terrorist group disguised in the uniform of the   Syrian army carrying out acts of looting in the industrial city in al-Sheikh Najjar and confiscated from its members  large amounts of cash and processed gold and weapons.

In cooperation with the guards of the gas station in al-Shaer Mountain on the road to Palmyra, the armed forces left  all members of one terrorist group killed  or wounded when they tried to attack the station,  according to a military source.

The source added that the armed forces destroyed five vehicles southeast of Palmyra including terrorists and weapons, and  chased terrorist groups in Abble, al-Haidaria, al-Bweida, and Um al-Sakher in rural Homs, and caused  them heavy causalities.

In rural Homs, the armed forces killed a number of terrorists, including members of the so-called "military council" in Rastan.

Among the killed terrorists were  Omar Sheikh, Ghassan Sweis , Mohamed Taha, Mahmoud Younis , Ghassan Matar while terrorist Nizar Juma  was seriously wounded.

Several terrorists were also killed or wounded  when the armed forces  destroyed their centers  in  Kafr Zeita town in rural Hama.

In rural Idleb, the armed forces carried out  two qualitative operations  against  terrorists' gatherings  in Um Jreen  and Srehieh villages resulted in killing scores of terrorists and  the destruction of weapons  they used in terrorist assaults, a governorate source said.

The source added the  armed forces  retaliated to two terrorists attempts to attack  " the order keeping forces near Saeed town on Idleb- Salqin  road and  inflected them heavy material and human losses while  the rest of  them  escaped.