Defense Minister: army ready to always defend homeland

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and the Armed Forces, Minister of Defense Gen. Fahd Jassem al-Freij extended salute to the army personnel and heroes who made the heroic achievements of October Liberation War of 1973 and are now defending Syria and expressed a greeting of glorification to the martyrs, stressing determination to hunt the armed terrorist groups until expelling them out of Syria.

Al-Freij's remark  was made during an interview with the state-run TV on Sunday where he renewed pledge to continue defending the homeland's pride and dignity.

"the October War, in which the Syrian and Egyptian armies altogether  with other Arab armies , achieved the greatest victory over Israel,"said al-Freij , affirming that  the national unity and the people's support for the army and consolidated the values of martyrdom in achieving victory.

Gen. al-Freij recalls the spirit  of challenge , vigor and the values of strategic military planning for an open war to liberate the usurped lands and rights.underlying that the October War has unveiled that  "the invincible Israeli army" saying is far from reality.

"actually, the October war  has established martyrdom in society as a sublime value and help  the national be independent, "added al-Freij.

He made it clear  that the victory achieved in October War had its practical start with the Correctionist Movement of 1970 under the late President Hafez al-Assad who believed in the ability to overcome the impacts of the defeat in the six-day Naksa war of June 1967 by drawing the features of victory step by step.

"the late President insisted on not allowing the Israeli enemy to catch his breath and therefore there was the War of Attrition from 1967 till 1970 and then came the October War of 1973 which was crowned with the liberation of Qunaitra in Golan, "underlined al-Freij.

On the ongoing  war facing Syria for two a half years now, Gen. al-Freij stressed that this war is a form of revenge against the people, army and leadership in Syria for having refused to give up the rights and compromise dignity.

"ever since the beginning  of this war, Syria has been facing world terrorism on behalf of the world where the homeland's defenders have given lessons in heroism and sacrifice while defending Syria as a free and sovereign state and its effective leading role regionally and internationally, "clarified al-Freij.

The Defense Minister stressed that people and army are fully supporting  the wise leadership in Syria has created the appropriate strategic environment to move from unipolarism to a multi-polar world.

"this shift is being materialized in light of Syria's efforts  and the rest of the pillars of resistance and their supporters, foremost Russia and China, "concluded al-Freij.



Opposition Popular Front for Change and Liberation Urges Unified Stance by National Forces to Enhance Unity, Prevent Foreign Intervention in Syria

 DAMASCUS, (ST) - A unified stance by all Syrian national forces is seen as the only way to enhance the national unity, stop bloodshed and prevent all forms of foreign intervention in Syria.

 A statement issued on Friday by the opposition's Popular Front for Change and Liberation at the conclusion of its second conference, affirmed that there are some forces inside and outside Syria that hinder the attainment of a political solution and the finding of a secure way out of the crisis.

"The Syrian people should be unified to uproot the armed groups as they form the spearhead of American-Zionist-Arab reactionary scheme to fragment Syria," the statement said, pointing out that the "Syrian Arab Army is the main guarantor of national unity and its weapon is the only legitimate weapon."

In its statement, the Front urged all national forces to create an atmosphere of trust, decrease tension, move towards Geneva2, work to stop violence and launch a political process with a comprehensive national dialogue.

It called for lifting the siege imposed on the Syrian cities, particularly Aleppo, and for not targeting the main roads used to convey supplies and relief aid to the crisis-hit citizens.

Jamil: Preventing intervention will lead to a new Syria

During the opening ceremony of the conference, Dr. Qadri Jamil, the Front's Presidency Member, stressed that the any foreign intervention against Syria will confiscate the right of the Syrians to self-determination.

"Preventing such intervention will lead to a new Syria and preserve the country's national unity and territorial integrity, Jamil said.

He added that the emergence of Syrian national opposition forces and parties that reject violence and military intervention and call for peaceful political, economic and social change has affected the scheme prepared by the West to implement domination goals in Syria.

Jamil hailed the role played by Russia and China in dealing with the crisis in Syria and in the international policy aiming to stop the US domination schemes and at preserving international security and peace.

"The Syrians should be unified against the foreign invaders so as to protect Syria. They need to negotiate and launch dialogue which is the request of 90% of the Syrian people," Jamil said.

He stressed that holding the Geneva II conference is inevitable and those rejecting the conference are the warmongers who refuse the political solution and support violence and foreign military intervention against the country.


Haidar:  Internal, regional and international conditions ripe for a political process

For his part, Ali Haidar, a member of the presidency of the Popular Front for Liberation and Change, said that the internal, regional and international conditions are ripe for a political process that gets Syria out of the crisis, pointing out that the participation of the front in an international conference on political solution is a national duty.

He affirmed that the Front is a national opposition party that works inside Syria to achieve a deep structural change in the country, urging the international community to prepare the objective environment for launching a political process for a Syrian reconciliation project on the Syrian land and based on national dialogue that takes the Syrian people's demands into consideration.

Mohammad Reza Raouf Sheibani, the Iranian Ambassador in Syria, hailed the steadfastness of the Syrians and the resistance axis which have foiled the U.S.-western threats against Syria.

He said that the danger of the terrorists will soon threaten the terrorists' supporters, calling upon the international community to assume its responsibility regarding terrorism and its backers.

He added that Syria will be the grave to the takfiri, terrorist and extremist forces and to the Zionist aspirations, pointing out that the key to solving the crisis is at the disposal of the Syrians through working to halt violence, start dialogue and attain a political solution that ends the crisis and leads to national reconciliation.

In turn, Vladimir Geltov, the Minister Plenipotentiary at the Russian Embassy in Damascus, said that holding the second conference of the Front indicates the will of the Syrians to carry out a comprehensive political process without foreign intervention, preconditions or dictates from foreign sides.

The Russian official stressed that Moscow rejects using the UN Security Council to cover the policy of regimes' change, saying that Syria now needs international support to the political process instead of persisting in backing a destructive policy which profits only the terrorist and takfiri gangs.

H. Mustafa

Child Recruited in the so- called "prophet 's descendants" gang killed 10 soldiers, 13 civilians

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ child Shaaban Abdullah Hamidafrom Aleppo city spoke in details about his recruitment in the so-called " descendants of the Prophet " gang  by his uncle, Yahya Aziz Aziz to commit terrorist crimes .

In  confessions televised  by the Syrian  TV yesterday, Hamida  said : I was born in 2000 , lived in KaramMyasar in the city of Aleppo, I was working at plastic factory with a person named YousefHammouda, my mother died  since I was seven years and my disable father married a second wife and has  two sons .

Child Hamida continued :" my uncle  Aziz asked me to join the group he belongs to, called " Forgive me my daddy " of the " descendants of the Prophet"  gang and offered a sum of money much more than I got  in my work ,"  and  said he would buy me a gun to be proud of in front of my friends .

" I joined the group for about three months and my uncle bought  me asmall gun and trained me to use snipers for almost a month , during which he fixed these snipers  between tree branches in the orchards  because I was not  able to carry it," child Hamida said  adding  that upon completion of the training , he fixed the sniper machine  on the roof of a building against al-Shaar bridge in  Aleppo and asked me to shoot at civilians , military men  and any civilian or military vehicle .

"My shift for sniping started as  from seven o'clock in the morning until four in the afternoon when a person called Shiroused to come  after me from four o'clock pm to seven in the evening until the arrival of my uncle  , whose shift lasted until  seven in the morning when I arrive ", Hamida said.

"I sniped  army soldiers  who ascended from the western edge of the bridge and civilians who were  coming out of the bakery  and the cars that I sniped their drivers were  left until my uncle  Aziz and his group came and took them , " he added ,pointing out that his uncle used to notify  him about  groups of the descendants of the Prophet , who would  step up to the bridge in order  not to snipe them.

He continued that  first person he had killed was  a man , that  when he arrived at the bridge his uncle asked him to open fire  at him  but  he stopped because he was trembling  and then his uncle grabbed his hand and killed the man,  explaining that he did not sleep for three days but after that he used to killing .

I used to kill every day since I got the sniper machine one or three persons  , mostly civilians, and my uncle  Aziz  was feeling very happy when he asked  me about the number of people I had  killed and if he was upset of one person , he would ask to kill him after giving  me his  specifications.


He explained  that his uncle used to give him  specifications of the gunmen who was at odds with to snipe  them  and give him five hundred or a thousand pounds  as a reward for each sniped person .

Child Hamida added :I  fired at the army soldiers on the bridge several times and every time I kill one or two and when they pay attention to the presence of a sniper I was afraid and stopped  sniping and contact my uncle  who came  with three armed men and stood at the entrance of the building  so that they can get me out if the building  is exposed  to an attack.

" I  have killed about ten soldiers , 13 civilians and nine militants and my mission ended after sniper Shiro out of jealousy told my father  that I was working with my uncle  Aziz and that he  is torturing me  and  my father asked me to tell my uncle  that I am sick so that I can go to him  and  I did what he told me ", he said,  pointing out that his father sent him money  and they escaped together to Hama city  in order not to continue  working with the armed group .

"After our arrival in Hama , we received aid from the Syrian Red Crescent for three months and then we moved to Tartous and stayed with a person named Jaber who  owns a strawberry farm , where I worked  for three months , and then worked at another farm for two months and then we rented a house in EinShreitaarea for 8 thousand  pounds", the child detailed.

" I was able to kill anyone because I got used to it I no longer feel anything towards those I kill and  I used to say " In the name of God" on the person three times before I  kill him." He said.


T. Fateh

Syrian Arab army strikes terrorists' hideouts in more than 22 areas

PROVINCES,(ST)_Units of the armed forces have clashed with foreign-backed terrorist groups in several restive areas outside Damascus, Aleppo and Homs provinces and continued launching swift strikes against them .

In details, the Syrian TV Channel reported today that  clashes raged in the areas of Jobar, al-Qabon, Barzeh,and  Harasta, to the north-east of the capital [Damascus], and Maaret Arteq and Khan Toman town in Aleppo countryside, as well as in Bab Hod quarter in Homs province.


 Swift strikes were unleashed against terrorist groupings and hideouts in Duma, Farms of Der Salman and al-Qasemeyeh (in eastern Ghouta), al-Nabk , Yabroud, and Rankos areas in northern and eastern Damascus countryside, and in the surroundings of Aleppo central prison and al-Kindi Hospital as well as in towns of Mayer, Handarat, Babis, Azzan, al-Layramon, al-Zerbeh, Tal Haddin, and Kafr Hamra outside Aleppo province.

Other strikes were launched in al-Qosor and al-Qarabis quarters and in towns of al-Khaledeyeh, al-Dar al-Kabera, al-Ghajar which is affiliated to al-Rastan city as well as in al-Dwer town in Homs province.

The clashes and strikes reportedly left an unknown number of dead  terrorists plus heavy losses in weapons and munitions.

The so-called 'Sharia Court' of al-Nusra Front-affiliates in al-Saqqi Street in al-Nabk area, around 80km to the north east of Damascus, was obliterated in a swift strike. 

On the other hand, the Beirut-based al-Mayadeen T.V. Channel said that more than 40 gunmen from the so-called 'Free Army', in al-Metras town outside Tartous province, surrendered themselves to the Syrian army.

Hassaka explosion 

In a separate incident, the official news agency reported that terrorists exploded a motorcycle bomb -by remote control – parking near 8 March bakery in Tal Hajar quarter in the center of al-Hassaka province, killing a woman and leaving 10 others wounded.

Other two citizens were martyred and several others wounded when terrorists targeted a school in Nobbol city in Aleppo countryside, according to media reports.

The foreign-backed terrorists, mostly from the blacklisted al-Nusra Front, daily perpetrate heinous crimes against citizens and attack the  infrastructure of the country.

Terrorists are supported by the US, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.

Note: We use the term 'martyrdom' to refer to citizens who are killed in terrorist attacks because they scarified something of great value and especially life itself for the sake of noble principles (for example: Homeland defense and rejection of terrorism..etc).


Syrian Community in Russia Renewed Solidarity with Homeland

MOSCOW, (ST)_ Members of the Syrian community in Russia, expressed  solidarity with the motherland  Syria and  high appreciation for  the brave Syrian Army in confronting  crimes of armed terrorist groups which committed massacres against the Syrian people and destroyed  public and private property .

In  a meeting yesterday with the Syrian Ambassador in Moscow Dr. Riad Haddad at the embassy yesterday,  , members of the Syrian community  expressed  pride over the  army and the armed forces heroism  in confronting the terrorists and mercenaries and the sacrifices made by the Syrian people to maintain Syria 's  sovereignty and independence and restore security and stability to the country  as it was for hundreds of years .

They  expressed willingness to support of the motherland and raise a fund campaign as a kind of assistance needed by our people who suffer the ravages of global war by international terrorism and its sponsors in the West and some Arab countries.

Viewing  the political situation, Ambassador Haddad , said   that it became clear to everyone that what happened and is happening in Syria is a  clear and very big conspiracy and that the Arab Spring is just a big drama  for American hegemony on the region to alienate  the Russian role , adding that Turkish  , Gulf states  , European and American  roles have intersected in this conspiracy against our  beloved homeland.

He pointed out that the Americans relied on political Islam , which achieved their interests in Afghanistan , therefore the  Brotherhood movement has become a tool for them in the region  and they tested  it in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and today in Sudan as they had  tried it  in Syria just to destroy it .

Ambassador  Haddad  added that the Americans used the soft war by third parties and imposed  different penalties on Syria and the Syrians and the country was exposed to an unprecedented  media war and  they destroyed the electric power plants and infrastructure and displaced people from their homes , but Syria remained steadfast and   its army and people still loyal to their leadership.

Ambassador Haddad  commended  the principled attitudes of Syria  true friends, such as China , Iran and the BRICS and others.  He highly praised the  role of the Russian Federation and  its quest to find a diplomatic  and political solution and in standing against any foreign interference in the Syrian affairs .

He stressed that the Syrian issue is not local or regional , but a global issue, whose resolution   depends on the  fate of the  international law and international relations in the contemporary world .

Ambassador Haddad,  discussed with members of the community their situation  and the difficulties they face in exile and  called on  them to work to strengthen national unity and urged to activate the role of the  Syrian Expatriates Association in Russia. 

T. Fateh 

Syrian Arab army intensifies operations against terrorists

PROVINCES,(ST)_Military operations against foreign-backed terrorists, mostly from al-Nusra Front,  have continued nationwide, media reports have said. 

On Friday, units of the armed forces imposed control over more  buildings  to the west of the Syrian Education Channel's building in Barzeh area and eliminated many terrorists to the south-east of Teachers' building in Jobar area and at Zamalka junction, to the north-east of Damascus province. 

They also shelled a bulldozer, used by terrorists to erect soil barriers, and a car loaded with weapons in Harasta area.

More weapons and several terrorist groupings were wiped out in the areas of Erbin, Duma, Yalda, al-Zabadani, Yabroud and in farms of Der Salman and al-Qasemeyeh towns in the eastern Ghouta outside the capital [Damascus].

Homs province

On the other hand, the armed forces and border guards thwarted terrorists' bid to infiltrate from the Lebanese territories into Tal Kalkh countryside in Homs province, according to a military source.

The same province [Homs] witnessed intensified operations against terrorists in towns of Em al-Dababer, al-Sam'alil, al-Dar al-Kabira, Kafr Laha and Hasya'a as well as in quarters of Joret al-Shayyah, al-Qosor, al-Qarabis, and Wadi al-Sayeh in the city.

The operations coincided with terrorist attacks  in towns of Tal Jded and Ein al-Dananir outside Homs where several rockets- fired by terrorists- landed there causing serious damages at the scene. No casualties reported.

Aleppo province

Regarding developments in northern Aleppo province, a military source told the official news agency that the armed forces foiled terrorists' attempts to sneak into safe areas in Salaheddin quarter and al-Layramon area.

It confirmed that the armed forces destroyed an arms dump in an accurate and swift operation in Bani Zed quarter, causing loud explosions heard  in  Aleppo city

Other swift strikes were carried out against armed terrorist groups' hideouts in towns of al-Jadedeh, Kweris, Rasm al-Abbod and Erbid outside Aleppo where several rocket launchers, mortars and various types of arms were destroyed.

In addition, the armed forces bombarded several weapon-laden cars at towns of Abdet Mousa, Hjara Kbereh, Hjara Sgereh and to the west of Khanaser town as well as in Babis, al-Naqaren towns and al-kastello axis.

Idlib province

They repelled terrorists' bid to detonate two explosive devices weighing 90kg planted on alMastomeh road outside Idlib province.

In Jesr al-Shogur countryside, the armed forces wiped out terrorist groupings in areas of Serjeh, Hloz, al-Alyeh, al-Janodeyeh, al-Qnayeh, al-Qadereyeh, al-Kastan, and Mshemshan.

While in Abo al-Dohor area, precisely to the west of Tal Samlo, a series of tailored operations were carried out.

Large numbers of terrorists were eliminated in today's operations in the aforementioned areas.


Qaeda Terrorists Blasted Khalifa Harun al-Rashid Statue in Raqqa

BEIRUT,(ST)_ After blasting  the statue of Abu Tammam in Daraa and beheading the statue of Abu Ala in Idlib ,  terrorists , of the so  called the " Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant " , affiliated to al-Qaeda destroyed  the statue of the  Abbasid Khalifa Harun al-Rashid  garden in al-Raqqa in addition to burning of statues and crosses in two churches adjacent to the garden, a matter  which provoked a wave of anger among Raqqa people.

In July, terrorists of al-Qaeda affiliated  " al-Nusra  Front " blew up  the Statue of the great Abbasid poet Abu Tammam Tai in Jassim in rural Daraa  , which was erected in 1982 to commemorate his memory .

Terrorists also committed more  crimes against Syria 's  culture and heritage . .In  February, terrorists  of "al-Nusra Front " beheaded  the statue of poet Abu Alaa Maari in his native city of Maarat Numan in Idlib province and also exhumed the tomb  of prophet companion

(Sahaabi )Hajar  bin Odai in Adra of  Rural Damascus .

The assault on religious, cultural, scientific and historical  symbols by armed terrorist groups constitutes an evidence of backwardness and hatred of its financiers and backers against human culture as long  as terrorists attacks targeted  many mosques and churches in a number of cities and provinces , with many of them enjoying  significant  religious,  historical, archaeological  value .

These criminal attacks included the bombing of the minaret of the great Umayyad Mosque in Aleppo ,the attack on Khalid bin Walid Mosque in Homs , destroying  parts of Um al-Zinnar  in Homs and several other churches.

Among the assaulted  sites by  terrorist groups in Daraa are al- Omari Mosque , al-Hrak  archeological  Mosque Izraa, the  old mosque in Sheikh Meskin  town  and the old mosque in Mhaje town.


 T. Fateh