Syrian Arab army crushes 14 identified terrorists of Arab nationalities

PROVINCES,(ST)_Military and  official sources have confirmed the death of many of al-Nusra Front affiliates- some of whom were identified outside Homs, Daraa, Hama, Lattakia, and Idlib provinces during the armed forces' Wednesday-operations.

In details, the armed forces mowed down several terrorists, including 4 identified ones, in al-Khaldeyeh quarter in the central Homs province.

They also eliminated an unknown number of terrorists from al-Nusra Front, most were of Arab nationalities, in the southern Daraa province where tens of explosive devices were confiscated in al-Hrak, the eastern Mleha, and Bosra al-Sham.

A military source told SANA that three terrorists from Jordan and one from Saudi Arabia were  identified among the dead in the said areas, adding that a field hospital plus a hideout were pounded near Abo Horaira Mosque on al-Sad road.

False passports seized

"Dozens of bogus passports were also seized," the source said, noting that other 9 terrorists from Jordan, Libyan and Palestine were killed on al-Sad road and in towns of Sahm al-Golan, al-Shajara, and Mzereb.

Meanwhile, it was reported that many hideouts and weapons of terrorists were targeted outside Hama province - in towns of al-Hwez and al-Jabereyeh- and outside Lattakia province- in villages of Rabe'a, Samya al-Kark, and Khan al-Joz.

Unknown number of terrorists perished in the said towns and villages.

However, in Idlib countryside, a military source said that a unit of the armed forces warded off terrorists' attack on a garrison near a brick factory, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

Field hospital found

These developments coincided with continued crackdown operations against foreign-backed terrorists in Damascus countryside where the armed forces  advanced in al-Qabon suburb and discovered a field hospital in Barzeh suburb.

In this context, an official source told SANA that al-Nusra Front-linked terrorist groupings and weapons were targeted in Doma, Adra al-Balad, Harasta, Hajjira, the eastern Ghouta, and al-Zabadani areas.

Kanaker explosion

In a separate development, a car bomb exploded in Kanaker town outside Damascus causing martyrdom of three citizens and leaving several others wounded.

A Police Command source said: "A terrorist group blasted a stolen car bomb near al-Omari Mosque in Kanaker town claiming  three lives and leaving 10 others –including children and women- wounded."

It added that the explosion caused damages to citizens' houses and properties at the scene.

Another terrorist attack took place later when terrorists fired mortar shell on al-Faiha'a Sports Complex in the capital causing material damage at a basketball Hall. No casualties reported.


President Al-Assad issues decrees No.255,256


Damascus, (ST)- President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday issued two decrees on

appointing new governors for the provinces of Quneitra and Homs.

The decree No.255 provides for naming Maen Salah-Eddin Ali as  Governor of Quneitra while the decree No.256 provides for appointing  Talal al-Barazi as  Governor of Homs .


Takfiri Terrorists Assassinate Syrian Politician Jammo in Sarafand, South Lebanon

Beirut, (ST)- Within the framework of targeting Syrian national experts and cadres, the armed terrorist groups on Wednesday assassinated Dr. Mohammad  Dirar Jammo, Head of the Political and International Relations Department of the International  Arab Expatriates Organization outside his house in the southern Lebanese coastal town of Sarafand.

Security sources said Jammo, 44, who is married to Siham Younis, a Lebanese woman from Sarafand, and has a daughter only, was fatally shot at close range by an automatic assault rifle. He was immediately martyred, while the terrorists fled the scene .

The Lebanese security forces and judiciary members rushed to the scene and kicked off investigations.

According to al-Manar website, the martyr's body has been transferred to Alaeddine Hospital in the south. The security forces initiated its investigations to determine the circumstances of the incident and uncover the perpetrators.

It is noteworthy that the martyr often appeared on Arab TV stations as a political analyst, and he’s one of the strongest defenders of Syria's sovereignty.

BPRL: Takfiri Thinking

The Regional Leadership of the Baath Arab Socialist Party (BPRL) stressed that the assassination of political analyst Jammo in Lebanon "indicates the criminal nature, unprecedented hatred and the primitive takfiri thinking which control the mind and culture of the terrorist gangs and the parties supporting and covering their crimes."

In a statement, of which SANA got a copy, the Baath Party Regional Leadership said "the crime is a direct assault on the freedom of speech which is recognized and respected by international laws and which is placed at the top of the values and principles of developed countries."

The leadership affirmed the need to uncover the perpetrators of the crime and sentence them to hardest penalties. It also urged exposing inciters and partners in this savage act and putting them to trial in order to deter all who think of committing such inhuman acts and murders.

"This assassination crime won't  discourage Syrian journalists to say the truth, reveal facts and continue their confrontation of the heinous war and conspiracy hatched against the Syrian people and their values and humanitarian mission," the Regional Leadership said.

"The Syrian national media will keep being  a truthful national resisting media which defends the just causes of the Syrian people, Arab nation and freedom loving peoples," the Leadership concluded.   

Information Ministry Condemns  

In its statement, the Information Ministry strongly condemned the assassination of politician and media figure Jammo. It said the crime reflect s how much hatred the armed gangs carry for all who differ with them.

 "The crime affirms that those barbaric and narrow-minded gangs don't understand the language of dialogue, logic or politics. They don't respect knowledge, culture or even humanitarian existence," the ministry said.

It called on the Lebanese authorities to investigate the crime to uncover murderers and put them to trial to be punished for their heinous crimes.        

Political Crime

Lebanese caretaker Interior Minister Marwan Charbel  stressed that Jammo's assassination is a "political crime".

In a statement to al-Nour radio, Charbel said the difficult political and security environment surrounding Lebanon, in addition to the big quantity of weapons being used in different Lebanese areas are a source of worry.

"Assassinations, explosive devices, booby-trapped cars are the result of the critical political environment in Lebanon," Charbel added, urging the Lebanese to be aware of the sneaking danger threatening their country.

H. Mustafa 

Syrians bear message of peace and love,says Patriarch Yazigi

LATTAKIA, (ST) –"the Syrians bear the message of peace and love.They are one big family as they are united in their feelings," underscored Patriarch John X Yazigi, the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and All the East.

Speaking at a meeting  he held with official, religious, social, economic and civil dignitaries  in Lattakia on Tuesday, Patriarch Yazigi underlined  that such meetings that bring together Syrian Muslims and Christians send a clear message to the entire  world and  Syria's true image.

"Syria's mosaic  is but a mark  of strength and absolutely  cannot be a factor  of division, hatred and weakness. The  Syrians will preserve their long history of love and peace, "asserted the Patriarch.

Participants in the meeting ,for their part, hailed Patriarch Yazigi's patriotic and humane stances, wishing him luck in fulfilling his duties, affirming that such meetings show that Syria represents unity, love and compassion.

At the end of the meeting,Chairman of Lattakia City Council presented Patriarch Yazigi with the key to Lattakia city and a model of the triumphal arc, one of the city's landmarks.

Earlier on Monday evening, Patriarch Yazigi met university students from the Church of Archangels Michael and Gabriel.

During the meeting, Patriarch Yazigi affirmed that youth represent the promising future.


Syrian Arab army inches closer to control al-Qabon suburb, goes ahead with fighting terrorists

PROVINCES,(ST)_It has become preponderantly clear that units of the armed forces have scored remarkable progress in fighting foreign-backed terrorists across the country.

Today, an official source confirmed that the armed forces advanced in al-Qabon suburb, just 3 km north-east of Damascus, after eliminating many  terrorists and battering most of their hideouts.

It added that two terrorist ringleaders were killed and an arms dump was destroyed in the nearby Barzeh suburb outside the capital.

The source  told SANA about the army's operations in the eastern Ghouta , and Harasa and Doma suburbs, saying : "Several al-Nusra Front-linked ringleaders and many gangsters were mowed down in farms of al-Khameseyeh town and in Doma and Harasta suburbs, while two machine guns were shelled on the outskirts  of Der Salman town in the eastern Ghouta."

Terrorist attacks

 The army's progress is followed by escalation of terrorist acts against citizens everyplace. It was reported today that two citizens wounded when a mortar shell landed near 'Rashad Qsibati' school in the Masaken Barzeh suburb (a residential area). The shell was fired by terrorist groups.

Another terrorist attack took place on Tal Derra-alRmeleh road in al-Salameyeh area in Hama province as an explosive device (planted by terrorists) detonated there claiming the lives of two citizens. 

This attack was preceded by liquidating the ringleader of the so-called "Ahrar al-sham' brigade in al-Ghab area in Hama.

Dozens of thugs killed

The terrorist groups have sustained hefty losses in the northern Aleppo province as dozens of their members were eliminated in quarters of al-Rashidin, al-Ashrafeyeh, and al-Khaledeyeh as well as in several towns in the western Aleppo countryside.

As for the situation in  Aleppo central prison, it was reported that 5000 meals were catered by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent.

Elsewhere, the armed forces launched a qualitative operation at al-talleh square in Ma'arret al-No'aman in Idlib province which resulted in the death of unknown number of al-Nusra Front affiliates.


Al-Jaafari Disputes UN Death Toll as Unprofessionally Sourced

New York, (ST) –" despite political, economic and media pressure exerted on Syria, the Syrian government is still doing its utmost and shouldering its responsibilities towards its people as regards  delivering   necessary humanitarian needs for them," underscored Syria's permanent representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari.

Speaking at the Security Council session convened on Tuesday on  the Human Rights Council report on Syria, al-Jaafari said: "based on constructive cooperation with the UN and with the aim of positively and realistically dealing with the human impacts of the ongoing events,  the Syrian government has got involved actively and seriously in the negotiations which resulted in the revised 5th humanitarian response plan,"

"the  armed terrorist groups are flocking to  Syria via  the  neighboring countries' borders , wreaking havoc, spreading terrorism and violence, and destroying infrastructure, crops and humanitarian aid for the Syrians, "underlined al-Jaafari.

"The media, political and diplomatic propaganda is still producing numbers that are either exaggerated or distorted regarding the number of people who were killed, displaced or detained in Syria," al-Jaafari said, disputing  the UN death toll as  unprofessionally sourced,".

Al-Jaafari criticized  the use of an American company to collect data .

"the said company is entrusted by  some sides at the UN to collect data and these sides are linked to  countries that are openly hostile to Syria, "clarified al-Jaafari.

Al-Jaafari made it clear that those sides exert no efforts to examine the reality of every deceased or displaced .And they also take no account  of the percentage of the martyrs of the  Syrian Army and security forces in their data..

"the Syrian Army is facing unprecedented terrorism around the clock, confronting terrorists and extremist groups brought over from all over the world to destroy Syria and kill the Syrians, "emphasized al-Jaafari.

"it is time to show courage for  every concerned body and individual to say that there is a fault and consequently to combat the cross-border terrorism  which currently hits Syria , "asserted al-Jaafari.

"if the UNSC  members neglect this serious matter(countering-terrorism),one day ,terrorism will spread in their countries and they(some countries governments) will regret over what they are doing to Syria's people, economy and infrastructure, "concluded al-Jaafari.


"I am Syrian" Campaign to clean up Damascus streets


 3000  youngsters participated in Damascus streets and gardens cleaning campaign, through a voluntary team in cooperation with civil organizations. The campaign aims to re-beautify the city of jasmine which was exposed to violent acts of sabotage and destruction by armed terrorist groups.

Engineer Majid Turkmani- Damascus Governorate, stressed the importance of voluntary works, especially environmental ones looking for a refined appearance of the city, as well as  supporting partaking attitude and increasing citizens environmental awareness.

By his turn, the National Union of Syrian Students representative reiterated  the campaign objectives to send an inspiring message of insistence, that Syrian people are determinate to continue working regardless of  bad circumstances. “Nothing can discourage our strong will in defending our country from conspiratorial terrorism.” He assured.

The participating Damascus churches Scouts and Multimedia youth group, have confirmed that volunteering work is integrated in  Syrian culture. This  campaign contributes to spread the message “cleanness is everyone's responsibility” citizens as well as  establishments, since it represents the society advancement.

Participants also stressed the importance of joining efforts between concerned authorities and citizens to maintain a clean environment and a homeland raising the pride of  its citizens.

Finally, all afore mentioned will help promoting an environmental preservation culture, and the spirit of homeland affiliation and social responsibility among participants, especially the youth.

 Khaled falhoot