Syrian Student Noor Salman Excelled over all US Public Schools Scientific Exams

WASHINGTON, (ST ) _ Syrian student Noor Ali Salman accomplished a scientific recognition as she excelled over all U.S. school students in public high school exams in the scientific section according to the American curriculum.

After the announcement of her featured success student Salman received offers from international universities to study medicine and she also received a message from the White House from President Barack Obama congratulating her for the excellence over her peers and urging her to continue success and hardworking.

In a telephone call with the Syrian TV on Wednesday student Salman said : " I did not feel this success if Syria were not associated with my name and my " scientific excellence" is not compared to the sacrifice made by the Syrian Arab Army."

Salman added she offers her learning and future for every soldier and every person who defends and protects Syria , pledging to continue her study so that they will be proud of her.

"I received scholarship offers from Canada, America, Britain and Ireland, but I chose to go to the University of Ireland for surgery because it is one of the best universities in the world in this field." She added.


T. Fateh

Information Minister: Syrian Army Carried out Duty in Pursuing Terrorists

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Minister of Information Omran Zoubi stressed that the Syrian Arab Army carries out its duty in pursuing terrorists on all the Syrian territory and will bring security and stability to the whole country .

In an interview with al-Mayadeen TV last night Zoubi added that the Syrian Arab army is a major national guarantee , implementing its duties and is able to decide the battle against terrorism, but the time to do that is linked to the situation on the ground.

 "The battle against terrorism and external aggression is not easy, with the large number of terrorists sent to Syria from many countries with equipment and money," the minister said.

He added that the evaluation of statement of the G-8 summit on Syria lies in the ability of Member States to transform what had been discussed on counter-terrorism, to reality on the ground.

He went on that indicators stated before, during and after the summit talk about arming terrorism in Syria , and that some countries in the group with its agents in the region are planning to hold a meeting in Doha to reinforce support for terrorists and thus the ability of the summit statement is linked to the ability to stop terrorism, violence, armament, and funding as a prelude to talk about political solutions.

He pointed out that there is no abuse from the Syrian state against the Lebanese territory, adding that Syria defended the Lebanese territory in the face of the Israeli enemy and thousands of Syrians were martyred in defense of Lebanon, while hundreds of militants infiltrated , to the Syrian territory with their weapons and equipment and no one spoke of that .

The minister went on that Syria has the right to address armed groups intervention infiltrated its border and commit criminal acts of terrorism in Syria." But we do not get through the border with Lebanon." The minister hinted .

"The security of Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Syria, is an integrated part of Arab security that can not be hashed, and that security of Jordan , its people and borders concerns us, therefore Jordan is demanded to contribute to maintaining border security and control to serve the interest of Syria and Jordan , alike." He said

The Minister of Information added that the Syrian and the Egyptian army are similar and they share a long history of ideological struggle , pointing out that the problem is not with President Mohamed Morsi, but a project of the Muslim Brotherhood in the whole region , whose members are infected since the 1940s with political and ideological thinking of mono manner and exclusionary attitude of abrogating the other party.

He explained that there is no discrepancy between Saudi and Qatari positions in terms of supporting terrorism in Syria militarily and politically, noting that Saudi Arabia tops now the leadership of aggression against Syria and that Qatar receded back not by the size of performance and funding, arming but perhaps tactically, noting that what is important is that Syria is subjected to aggression in which Arab regimes are taking part and there are tens of evidence on it.

He said that officials in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey speak for themselves about their roles in the aggression against Syria and this reveals that they have no sense of national responsibility and do not have answers to questions on the dimensions of what is happening in Syria on the region because large part of the fighters who are in Syria now will return to their countries.

The Minister of Information indicated that the confrontation in the region is between the national project and the Zionist project and that what is changing in this confrontation is the tool, the shape and methods, and that Syria 's position is based on where we stand from the national project and Palestine.


T. Fateh

Syrian Arab army imposes control over mountains outside Damascus

PROVINCES,(ST)_Units of the armed forces have scored victories against foreign-backed terrorists around the capital and have gone ahead with carrying out operations in northern and southern provinces.

Today, units of the armed forces imposed full control over the western mountains adjacent to Halbon town in al-Tal area and regained security and stability to al-Bahdaleyeh town, south of al-Sayedeh Zainab area, outside Damascus.

This victory came after a series of successful operations carried out in the said areas during which an unknown number of terrorists were crushed.

Other terrorists from al-Nusra Front, including ringleaders, were reportedly eliminated when  units of the armed forces targeted their hideouts and arms caches in Der Salman farms (in the eastern Ghouta), al-Ghezlaneyeh, Erbin, Jobar and Harasta areas.

Concurrently, the armed forces foiled a bid of an armed terrorist group to sneak from the Lebanese territories  into Tal-Kalkh countryside in the central Homs province.

3 explosives-laden cars destroyed

 The armed forces also targeted terrorist groupings in al-Hole countryside and Josseh outside Homs amid reports of destroying two explosives-laden cars in Palmyra countryside.

A third car laden with 1.5 ton of explosives was also destroyed by the armed forces before reaching a garrison  in al-Ghab area outside Hama province.

A military source confirmed the death of the terrorist, who was driving the car. No casualties were reported

In  northern Aleppo province,  units of the armed forces pounded several hideouts of terrorists in the surroundings of Kweres airbase and in the quarters of al-Sakhor, Bestan alBasha and Sheikh Kheder.

Other hideouts were also obliterated in many areas in Idlib, Daraa and Lattakia provinces, while mopping up operations continued in several quarters in Daraa al-Balad.

Saudi, Kuwaiti, Jordanian, Libyan, and Egyptian terrorists were among the dead, who were inside the hideouts, in Idlib countryside.

Anti-tank mines confiscated in Daraa

On the other hand, a unit of the armed forces seized 34 anti-tank mines inside a hideout of the terrorists in the western Daraa countryside.

Lattakia explosion

As for the explosion which took place inside one of the  military engineering units in al-Bassah area (in Lattakia), an official source made it clear that it was due to a technical fault  which left 6 people wounded.

in a separate development, a quarrel broke out between two terrorist groups over sharing loots in Der Ezzour city which resulted in the death of dozens of terrorists.

Terrorist arson a church

The same province saw a terrorist attack targeted al-Wehde church as terrorists affiliate to al-Nusra Front set it ablaze leaving a scene of devastation .


Political-plan committee meets Aleppo Trust for National Principles

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Prime Minister has underscored that the Syrian government works tirelessly to confront the regional and international-backed terrorists'  aggression against the Syrians in order to restore stability and security across the country.

Dr. Wael al-Halqi, who chairs the ministerial committee entrusted with the implementation of the political plan, was speaking as the committee met Coordinator and members of Aleppo Trust for National Principles spearheaded by  Dr. Abdulhadi Nasri.

The gathering today zeroed in on political and economic situation in the country plus the common viewpoints upon which the committee on the one hand and the political and social parties on the other have agreed in previous meetings to launch the comprehensive national dialogue.

It also dealt with new visions related to drawing up national charter  and setting up Shoura councils.

On January 9th, the cabinet endorsed the three-stage political plan outlined by President Bashar al-Assad in his speech delivered on January 6th.

B. Qaddour 

PA Speaker: International Community Should Undertake Responsibility to Stop Terrorism Support


DAMASCUS, (ST) - The International Community should undertake humanitarian responsibility towards Syria through stopping the war being waged on  the country and putting pressure on involved countries to stop arming and financing terrorists in Syria, underlined Speaker of the people's Assembly (PA) Mohammad Jihad al-Lahham.

Al-Lahham, who was speaking during a workshop on the PA's role in alleviating the repercussions of the crisis in Syria on maternity and childhood, stressed the need for collective international community efforts in order to confront the terrorism to which Syria is being exposed and to cooperate with the government in order to implement the proposed political program and lift the economic sanctions which target the basic needs of the Syrian citizens.

He also urged all concerned government and civil society parties in Syria to work hard to ease the destructive impacts of the crisis on the psychological and cultural conditions of Syrian children and women.     

The PA speaker pointed out that the workshop, which  was held in cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund, is important since it presents ideas and provides solutions aiming to help the Syrian society be stronger in the face of the global war waged against the country.

He said the workshop brought together representatives of government, civil society and international bodies within the framework of an "extraordinary humanitarian mission prompted by the open war on Syria."

"The constitution of the Syrian Arab Republic has guaranteed the basic rights of Syrian women and children," al-Lahham said, pointing out that the great achievements attained for women and children in Syria have been the target of armed terrorist groups over the past two years.

He stressed that exploiting children in armed conflicts is one of the worst forms of child employment, calling for developing cultural and social programs to protect the Syrian family, particularly children and women, from exploitation at war times.

Al-Lahham stressed that all concerned parties are exerting extraordinary efforts to meet the basic needs of the terrorism-hit families.

Omar Balllan, Representative of the UNPF said that the fund's response plan for the second half of this year aims to support the government's efforts aiming to provide humanitarian assistance to victims of the ongoing events in Syria. 

H. Mustafa

Syrian, Turkish Citizens Staged Sit In Against Erdogan Policies

DAMASCUS,(ST) _ Syrian and Turkish citizens yesterday  staged a sit in , in front of the Turkish Embassy in Damascus in solidarity with the Turkish people against the policies of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his government.

Participants in the sit- in chanted Syrian national songs and slogans  condemning the policies of the ruling Justice and Development represented by Erdogan , carrying  banners emphasizing the special relationship between the Syrian and Turkish peoples,  denouncing the repression used by  Erdogan forces against  the protesters in different parts of Turkey and his government's support of terrorists to spill the blood of Syrians and  steal their Industrial firms  in Aleppo.

Turkish citizen Jinan Jan stressed  that the Syrian and Turkish peoples are brothers and neighbors throughout history and that "the Turkish people demand the departure of Erdogan who participated in  the killing of the Syrian , Libyan and Iraqi people continues his crimes of killing the Turkish people." 

Ismail Recep , another Turkish citizen noted  that  the policies pursued by  Justice and Development Party in Turkey and against  Syria and its people shows that it is  a tool to implement foreign policies that do not serve the interests of Turkey, stressing Turkish people stand  against of Erdogan's hostility towards Syria and the repressive policy against  his people .

Dr Abdul Hadi Nasri Secretary of Aleppo  Secretariat for national principles , stressed  solidarity of the Syrian people with the Turkish people against Erdogan 's  government policies , pointing out that the Secretariat had filed a lawsuit against Erdogan for his involvement in the theft of Aleppo monuments,  Tribune of the  Umayyad Mosque and the endowment library.

For hios part,  Omar Osei member of the Syrian  Parliament, and  Chairman of the National Initiative for Syrian Kurds called for  solidarity of the various components of the Syrian people with the Turkish people in the face of Erdogan and his party policies , saying that "the expansion of the Turkish  Revolution to  different regions and  being joined by labor unions marked the beginning of a decline in the influence of political Islam in the region after lifting the American  lid , and that the revolution of the Turkish people  will end in  the withdrawal of Erdogan and his group from the political scene. "

Osei considered  Erdogan's involvement in the plot and the war on Syria and his direct participation in killing the  Syrians through funding and sending arms and terrorists and provide them with a safe haven as one of the reasons for the Turkish Revolution. 

Firas Qasqas, member of Syria volunteering  team called  "on the Turkish authorities to listen to the voices of the Turkish people , demanding  freedom and refrain from hostile policies towards its own people and the Syrian people".


T. Fateh 

Syrian Arab army pounds bomb-making factories outside capital

PROVINCES,(ST)_Units of the armed forces advanced outside Idlib province while several bomb-making factories, mortars and machine guns are reportedly obliterated in the countryside of Damascus, Lattakia and Daraa provinces. 

 According to the Syrian TV channel, units of the armed forces today imposed control over two towns- al-Hamedeyeh and Em Jrin- outside Idlib province after cleansing them of al-Nusra Front-affiliated terrorists.

This advance coincided with pounding several bomb-making factories, mortars and machine guns outside Damascus, Lattakia, Daraa and Idlib provinces.

Some 3 bomb-making factories and mortars were pounded in the industrial area in Doma suburb outside the capital amid reports of eliminating dozens of terrorists in al-Mliha, Doma, Adra al-Balad, Barzeh, and Darayya areas in the same province.

At the same time, units of the armed forces destroyed an arms cache and many hideouts of terrorists in several towns outside Lattakia, Daraa and Idlib.

Most of the terrorists killed in the said provinces were foreigners, according to a military source.

On the other hand, units of the armed forces dismantled several explosive devices planted in Kafr Shamsin, and on Samlin-Jasem route outside southern Daraa province.

infiltration bid foiled

In  addition, the armed forces repelled last night an attempt of the terrorist groups to infiltrate from Lebanon into Syria through Tal Kalkh area in Homs countryside.

An official source in the province (Homs) stated that units of the armed forces targeted today terrorist groupings outside al-Hole and in al-Rastan amid reports of foiling the terrorists' bid to detonate two explosive devices on alTayfor-Palmyra road.

US-Israeli weapons seized

Meanwhile, the competent authorities confiscated Israeli and US made weapons and ammunitions plus remittance notes from the Gulf region and

foreign states in al-Midan quarter in Banyas city.

"Three terrorists were nabbed in tunnels found in the same city," an official source said, noting that 10 tunnels containing field hospital were found there.     


Terrorist attacks

In another development, at least 4 citizens have been wounded in two terrorist attacks in al-Qameshli and Damascus provinces.

At dawn today, terrorists detonated an explosive device planted near 'al-Qadeseyeh' school in a al-Wehdeh quarter in al-Qameshli city leaving three citizens wounded and damages at the scene.

"The wounded were admitted to the national hospital in the city," an official source said.

However, the second terrorist attack targeted the deputy dean of the Faculty of Arts at Damascus University, Dr. Seham al-Danon,who is now in a critical condition.

"A few minutes after getting into her car, the terrorists blasted an explosive device pasted to her car in al-Shaghour area in Damascus," a source at the Police Command said.