Some 1.5 million under- five Syrian Children Immunized Against Polio, Measles




DAMASCUS,(ST)_ The  immunization campaign against measles and children polio carried out by the Ministry of Health with the support of (UNICEF) and  (WHO)  for under- five year old children  in Syria was completed after some 1.5 million Syrian children  were immunized by the two said vaccines.

In  1,700 health centers and  by Ministry 's 6 thousand employees,  the campaign was held on November 26 through December 20 , besides   104 mobile teams to vaccinate the  targeted children, especially  children of the displaced families in temporary residence centers.

" Thanks to cooperation between WHO , the Syrian ministry of health and UNICEF for the success of the campaign," said  UNICEF representative to Syria Youssef Abdul Jalil,  expressing hope  in the continuation of joint cooperation for protecting the Syrian children.

 T. Fateh




Daring Operations Continue Against Terrorists




GOVERNORATES, (ST)_  The armed forces on Thursday continued attacks against  armed terrorist groups  and left scores of them dead or wounded and destroyed their weapons.

In Damascus  countryside, several terrorists were killed and 11 wounded while  one mortar was  destroyed near al-Nahda company in Hujeira, whereas five terrorists were killed and 8 wounded near Oxygen  factory in al-Huseineyah town.

Army units carried out a series of  daring perations  against terrorists in Duma, Daraya and Madameya farms and the Black stone area  and achieved direct hits in their ranks.

Among the killed terrorists in the said areas were Mustafa al-Hanafi leader of the so called Islam banner group and terrorists Issam Sadaa, Maaz Ghbeism Fahd al-Atieq, Imad al-Abbar Issam al-Tawll, Ahmad Zeyadeh, Shadi Issa, Obeida Kreira, Abdullah al-Muhammad, Raed al-Mufleh and Ahmad al-Jernawi. Two cars fitted with machine guns were destroyed .

In another context, terrorists detonated a  booby trapped car in al-Nahr street in al-Sbenieh resulted in killing four civilians  and  wounding 10, mostly school students.

In Aleppo city and countryside , scores of terrorists were exterminated when the armed forces targeted  their shelters in Handarat and al-Oweijeh villages, in Rasem al-Abboud, al-Zerba, Tell Hasel, Khan Touman, Kafer Antoine,  and Tell Rafaat, an official source said, adding that  all members of one terrorist group were killed when they tried to infiltrate  into al-Kindi hospital  via al-Meselmieh road .

Meantime, and  collaboration with  citizens, armed forces units  exterminated  terrorist groups in Jibrin area in rural Aleppo, whereas terrorists headquarters were demolished in al-Naqqarin, al-Shaar, al-Ansari, al-Jazmati, and al-Maisar  in the city of Aleppo.

After receiving reliable information, one armed forces unit attacked a headquarters where leaders of terrorist groups rallied under the so called  "the banner of monotheism" in al-Sfeira in rural Aleppo; the operation resulted in killing or wounding of participants in the meeting including the  leader of " the banner of monotheism."

One army unit carried out a qualitative operation in al-Khaledeyah quarters during which leader of one terrorist group Alaa  Asaad al-Hussein nicknamed as Abu Asaad al-Daghistani and terrorist Saber Mando were killed, while in Jobar and  al-Sultaneyah areas terrorists  Abdul Aziz al-Masto, Muham,ad al-Faouri and Jasem  al-Khalidi  were also killed.

Meanwhile, army units foiled two infiltration attempts into the Syrian territory from the  Lebanese territories  at al-Mathoumah crossing in rural Tel Kalakh and atJose projects areas in rural al-Qseir, left their members killed or wounded and destroyed one car fitted with Dushka machine gun.

The  armed forces ambushed the said group, and killed  terrorists  Ammar Hussein Merei and  Ammar Ammar, among many others.

 Heavy losses were inflicted in the ranks of one terrorist group and  many of its members  were arrested and their weapons confiscated including  warship machine guns and 25 explosive device, when the armed forces attacked a hiding for terrorists  in  al-Teifour area of rural Homs .

More terrorists shelters were  destroyed in Talbeisah, al-Rastan, Deir Balbeh, al-Ghantou, al-Qseir and  al-Hosson areas where  scores of terrorists were killed and their  weapons confiscated.

In rural Idleb , following  qualitative operations in al-Yaqoubeyah, Jisr al-Shoghour, tell al-Dahab, al-Janodeyah area scores of terrorists were killed or injured including  Imad Abu al-Ij, Muhammad Terkawi, Abdul Jalil Hasyan and Ibrahim al-Majbour, whereas, 5 cars mounted with machine guns were destroyed and terrorists manned them were killed.

 Following  close monitoring and follow up,  the competent authorities found a dump truck containing a large quantity of explosives estimated at  three tons near  " al-Sawari " school with masts and the engineering units dismantled.

In Hama countryside, several terrorists were killed including snipers when the armed forces clashed with a terrorist group which tried to attack a  security force checkpoint near  Abu Obeida village in Hama.

Several  terrorists  who committed acts  of killing and looting  in the orchards  of al-Teiba village in rural Daraa were killed or  wounded . Among the  killed terrorists were  Muhammad Ali al-Balkhi, Abdo Hussein al-Deiri, Yazan Jamous, Hussein al-Zou'bi  and Qasem Hboubati.





Higher Committee for Relief: SYP 120 million to be distributed to 140 NGOs by the End of this Year




Participants in the meeting of the Higher Committee for Relief discussed on Thursday what has been implemented in the field of humanitarian aid last week concerning the affected families at the temporary residential centers and elsewhere.

Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Chairman of the Higher Committee for Relief, Jassem Mohammad Zakaria, stressed that SYP 120 million will be distributed to 140 NGOs by the end of the current year to help them fulfill the basic needs of the affected families at the temporary residential centers and elsewhere,

He added that the Committee is following up the situation of the affected families in all provinces in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and a number of international organizations.

Minister of State for the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Affairs, Joseph Sweid, said that work is in progress to overcome the difficulties which curb the delivery of aid convoys to the affected families in cooperation with the authorities concerned.






Government to press ahead in ensuring citizens' needs, says PM

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Prime Minister, Dr.Wael al-Halqi held on Thursday three separate meetings with Damascus MPs, Head of State Council, and Secretary General of Arab Socialists Movement.

In a meeting with MPs representing Damascus Province, Dr. al-Halqi said the MPs have a pivotal role in direct communication with citizens to tackle their problems in all domains.

He added that this role comes within the framework of cooperation and integration between executive and legislative authorities with a view to realizing best services to citizens rather than  improving all sectors.

The PM underscored that the problem of ensuring bread, flour and fuel is gradually dispelling as a result of serious procedures adopted to solve this matter.

"The government is pressing ahead in its efforts to ensure citizens' basic needs and rehabilitate infrastructures and services utilities that have been damaged by the armed terrorist groups," the Premier said. 

As for political situation, stressed that Syria is open for all political initiatives based on preserving unity and sovereignty of the homeland and rebuffing foreign intervention to halt the crisis.

He cited sacrifices being given up by the Syrian Arab Army to restore stability and security across Syria.

The MPs briefed al-Halqi on  services, asserting their adherence to national principles and rejecting all forms of extremism, highly appreciating the Syrian Arab Army's sacrifices.

Judicial body

In the meeting with, Dr. Mohammad Yousef al-Hussien, Head of State Council, the Premier said the enhancement of judicial body is  the government's priority to achieve justice and equality between citizens.

He noted the importance of improving the council's work to bridge the gap between citizen and the state.

National parties

In his third meeting with Secretary General of Arab Socialists Movement, Mohammad al-Ahmad, and a  number of the Politburo, the PM said the Progressive National Front and national parties play a key role in confronting fierce attack on Syria.

Dr. al-Halqi added that this attack seeks to rid the last stronghold of steadfastness and resistance in the region through targeting  Syria's unity.

Al-Ahmad and the Politburo's members praised the government's efforts to tackle the economic situation and meet citizens' requirements, according to SANA

They hailed the armed forces' role in confronting terrorism and restoring stability and security to Syria, pointing out the importance of enhancing national reconciliation and dialogue among all opponents to surpass the crisis and to achieve victory over the Syrian people's enemies.

Basma Qaddour

President al-Assad Issues Decree Naming Winners to Fill Vacant Seats at the People's Assembly

Damascus, (ST)_President Bashar al-Assad issued on Thursday the Decree No. 499 for the year 2012 announcing the names of the winners to fill the vacant seats at the People's Assembly.


Lakhdar Ibrahimi: I'm not here to Promote Any Russian-American Plan to Solve Crisis in Syria


DAMASCUS, (ST)- "Geneva Statement includes enough ideas to solve the crisis in Syria within the coming months and there is no need to add new items to this statement," UN Syria Envoy Lakhdar Ibrahimi underlined on Wednesday.

In a news conference held in Damascus, Ibrahimi said "I didn't come to the region to promote any Russian-American plan to solve the crisis in Syria." 

"No one supports the acts of extremist groups in Syria. Violence should stop and arms flow into Syria must end," Ibrahimi said, expressing hope that all concerned parties will contribute to attaining a solution to the crisis.

Ibrahimi pointed out that: "the situation in Syria is a real danger threatening not only the Syrian people, but also the neighboring countries and the entire world.   

Moscow: No Russian-US Plan for Settlement in Syria

Meanwhile in Moscow, Spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexander Lukashivic has stressed that there is no Russian-US plan for settlement in Syria and that Moscow depends only on the Geneva Statement in this respect.

"No such plan is being discussed," Russia Today quoted Lukashivic as saying in a press conference on Wednesday.

The Russian official pointed out that the Russian side is discussing with Lakhdar Ibrahimi and Washington a "work plan" adopted in Geneva on June 30, 2012.

"Moscow considers Geneva statement as the basis of any settlement in Syria," the spokesman said.

On the other hand, Lukashivic said Foreign Minister Sergi Lavrov will hold talks with Ibrahimi on issues relating to the political and diplomatic settlement in Syria. Talks will also deal with Ibrahimi's latest efforts to stop violence and launch national dialogue between the Syrian government and opposition parties on the basis of Geneva statement.

Lukashivic pointed out that the visit of Syria's Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Faisal al-Mikdad to Moscow comes within Russia's diplomatic efforts to enhance dialogue with the Syrian government and opposition in order to put an end to violence in the country.

He stressed the need to take decisive and active procedures to stop violence.


H. Moustafa

Terrorists Assaulted Mhardeh Thermal Station

GOVERNORATES,(ST) The armed forces on Wednesday continued  chasing armed terrorist groups in several  areas and eliminated scores of them, wounded others and  destroyed their shelters.

In Damascus  countryside, several terrorists were killed following  confrontations between one army unit and  terrorists near Daraya  municipality headquarters . Among the killed terrorists were  Hani al-Najjar, Ala Hijazi, Muhammad Yahya, Abdul Rahman Zaghloul, Fadi al-Hallaq, Jawdat al-Saqqa, Amer al-Hallaq and Mustafa Nasab.

In Duma, Harasta and Shabaa farms  scores of terrorists were killed or wounded. The killed were  Abdul Rahman al-Barnawi, leader of " banner of Islam" group, Abdullah al-Toukhi, Bassam al-Durra, Nur eddine Ameen, Ramez Qasem, Muhammad Khaled ,Fahd Fidda, Alaa al-Delli, Zakaria Shana, ismael al-Ashqar and Ahmad al-Barhamji.

All members of an armed terrorist group , who carried out  acts of murder, sabotage and looting were exterminated  near   al-Nabki factory in Yabrud downtown, an official source said.

The source added that  in a series of qualitative operations the armed forces  destroyed cars which were  carrying terrorists, weapons and ammunition on Ein Hussein  road in the farms surrounding the city.

In Aleppo countryside, large number of terrorists  were killed by the armed forces while trying to assault a police school in Khan al-Asal , according to an official source.

The source continued that the  armed forces  destroyed  headquarters for terrorists  at Al Noor Association , Tel Shgheib,  Khan Touman , Qattan al-Jabal in Adanan region and in Rasem al-Abboud village  and eliminated tens of terrorists and destroyed  their 4 cars loaded with weapons, and  ammunition .

The source pointed out that the armed forces destroyed a convoy consisting of nine cars loaded with weapons, ammunition and terrorists on Byanoun-Mare axis .

Several terrorists in Jibrin village  were killed  including  terrorist Abu Shamsi, leader of the so called al-Khattab battalion.

In the city of Aleppo, several terrorists concentrations were eliminated in al-Naqqarin, Bani Zeid area and Bustan al-Qaser.

All members of the terrorist group  who assaulted  Mhardeh thermal  station  were killed or wounded. Among the killed terrorists was Ahmad al-Elewi , nicknamed as al-Asfour.

Minister of Electricity Imad Khamis  told SANA that the terrorist attack led to the station 's total break down and thereby  electricity  outages off most part  of  Hama city and its countryside.

In the meantime, and in collaboration with citizens, the competent authorities freed 14 citizens who were kidnapped in Mhardeh in rural Hama. However,  efforts are still  continuous  to free a 6-year old child , who is still held by the terrorists

In Idleb countryside,  the armed forces carried out  a series of qualitative operations, during which scores  of terrorists were left killed or wounded , including 6 of most dangerous  terrorists  near Arab Saeed town.

On Idleb-al-Mastoumeh  road the engineering units dismantled two explosives each weighs 40 Kg implanted by terrorists  to target citizens and passersby.

Moreover, one army unit targeted terrorists concentrations  in al-Zaweyah mountain, resulted in killing and wounding  scores of  them, while  heavy losses were inflicted in the ranks of terrorists  in Maaret al-Nu'man, where a booby-trapped bulldozer  which was used by terrorists to damage public and private property, was destroyed.

In Homs, the armed forces killed or wounded  several terrorists  who tried to  sneak from  the Lebanese territory at  Jose site in  al-Qseir rural area, while other terrorists  fled back into the Lebanese territories.

Terrorist Muhammad Nur Qibji, leader of the  so called   " Islam Armored Battalion " was killed.

In Deir Balbe'  another terrorist group  members were killed including Safwan Ghazi Kanaan of al-Farouk Battalion  and terrorist Khaled Anas Barazi.

In al-Raqqa,  the competent authorities  clashed  with members of a terrorist group which tried to seize three diesel tanks Ma'daan in Raqqa  countryside.

SANA reported  that the clash resulted in killing terrorist Hussein Sobhi al-Ayed  and arresting terrorist Fayyad al-Nasser nicknamed as Abi Qutada.

In another context, several citizens were martyred  including  women and children  when one  armed terrorist group  attacked the citizens  of al-Qahtaneyah village , to the west of Raqqa and committed acts of murder and sabotage , SANA said, adding  that subsequently one  armed forces unit clashed with the terrorist group and left them killed or wounded.

Syria Times