Syrian Community in Algeria Sends Humanitarian Aid To Syrian Children

DAMASCUS,(ST)- Syrian community in Algeria announced its intention to send humanitarian food aid for Syrian children affected by terrorism of the armed terrorist groups and unjust economic sanctions imposed on the Syrians.

Fawaz al-Laham, Vice-President of the Executive Office of the Association of the Syrian Arabs in Algeria, declared in a statement to SANA that "members of the Syrian community donated about 6 tons of milk and supplies to the Syrian children". The commodities have been transferred to Algeria International Airport in preparation to be transfered to Syria as soon as possible.

Al-Laham added that some of Algerians who are brothers to the Syrians have contributed by offering aid which will be transferred by Syrian Arab Airlines, and in cooperation with the Syrian embassy in Algeria.

He also confirmed the constant readiness of the honorable members of the Syrian community in Algeria to put themselves at the disposal of the nation , homeland and the leader Mr. President Bashar al-Assad, asserting their support  to the Syrians in confronting the ongoing crisis.


Federation of Industry Chambers: Acting Pharmaceutical Factories Able to Meet Market Needs

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Chairman of the Federation of Industry Chambers Fares al-Shehabi has urged owners of pharmaceutical factories to put their warehouses at the disposal of the Health Ministry so as to meet the market needs for pharmaceutical products.  

In a statement to SANA, al-Shihabi said: "the current crisis in Syria necessitates from all to shoulder their social responsibilities urging owners of pharmaceutical firms to cover production costs without seeking revenues in order to contribute to manufacturing good medicine with suitable price that takes the living standards of citizens into consideration and to alleviate the economic repercussions of terrorist acts."

Al-Shihabi pointed out that the pharmaceutical factories, still acting, can meet the market's needs if the government is able to provide necessary protection to drugs convoys at international highways, as several convoys have earlier been robbed by terrorist groups, a matter that caused shortage in certain kinds of medicine in a number of provinces.


 H. Mustafa

Prime Minister:Dialogue to Resolve the Crisis

DAMASCUS, (ST)-"the national economic stakeholders' role is very important as regards backing the national economy plus supporting Syria's struggle in a bid to overcome difficulties and challenges, "Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi said.

Al-Halqi's remarks came during a meeting  held on Monday with Ghassan al-Qalaa, chairman of the Union for Chambers of Commerce and a number of businessmen and industrialists.

During the meeting, al-Halqi  briefed businessmen on the administrative procedures and security and judicial guarantees given to the internal opposition and other related issues.

"I invite the businessmen who were forced to leave Syria to back home to strongly participate in rebuilding the country, "affirmed al-Halqi.

"there is  a dire need to boost confidence among all parties only to make the dialogue a success," chairman of the Chambers of Commerce, representatives of the Chambers of Commerce and industry stressed .

Al-Halqi, members of the Ministerial committee agreed  that dialogue is the best choice to come out of the crisis, adding that the government is serious in inviting all social and political powers, including opposition abroad and the armed groups to take part in the dialogue process.



Renowned Syrian Actor Yassin Bakosh Martyred in Damascus

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Renowned  Syrian actor Yassin Bakosh was martyred  yesterday evening by a mortar shell fired by an armed terrorist group on his car in front of his house in the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus,  at the age of 75.

In a statement to SANA, the martyr brother   Mowaffaq Bakosh brother said  the martyr was buried on Monday at al-Taghaliba cemetery in al-Salhia quarters.
The  Ministry of Information offered condolences on the demise of actor Bakosh  to his family , to  the Syrian people and friends of the   creative artist.
The late actor was  born in Damascus in  1938 He was  known  of a beloved comic character he played in the series with artist Dureid Lahham and the late actor  Nihad Qalai including  Sah al-Noum (Wake Up)  and " salt and sugar",  in addition to his participation in many movies.

He also played in scores of comic TV and Cinema works and  was best known in playing the character of " Yasino" .

In recent years he  acted  in several comedies and historical works, including :  Yassin Tours .. Yassin in the kitchen .. Saif bin ze Yazan .

The late actor  survived for 11 children.


Al-Zou'bi: Syria Ready for Dialogue with All Opposition Forces Seeking National Dialogue, Settlement

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Syria is ready for dialogue with all opposition parties inside Syria and abroad, even the armed groups which drop their weapons, stop violence, and commit themselves to national dialogue without preconditions or foreign agendas, Information Minister Omran al-Zou'bi stressed on Sunday.

In an interview with the Iranian al-Alam Channel, al- Zou'bi said commitment to national dialogue means starting a real and normal political process the results of which will determine Syria's future.

"We never heard about any initiative by political opposition parties abroad regarding dialogue. On the contrary they keep refusing the idea of dialogue with the Syrian state and government, and this makes their political program useless and fruitless," the minister said.

 He added that political solution of the crisis is the only way leading all the Syrians, without exceptions, towards victory, pointing out that this solution has been officially and comprehensively proposed by the Syrian leadership through a political program which not only leads to solving the crisis, but also to treating the socio-economic repercussions of the crisis.

"The committee, tasked with implementing the political program, has provided guarantees to opposition forces and individuals abroad, who want to take part in the national dialogue, by halting all prosecutions against them," al-Zou'bi said.

He pointed out that the leadership has called for dialogue and political solution since the beginning of the crisis and now this call is based on political pluralism and on the participation of all influential Syrian political and social forces in managing the country's affairs in the light of a democratic process. 

"The leadership's calls received no response by the opposition parties as they thought that they can, based on the Egyptian, Yemeni, Tunisian and Libyan experiences, to overthrow the leadership in Syria by using the same tools," Minister al-Zou,bi affirmed.

He urged the Syrian opposition inside Syria and abroad to reconsider their way of thinking and try to think in a more nationalistic way which takes the safety of the homeland into consideration.

On the Syrian-Russian relations, al-Zou'bi said they are firm and deeply rooted. "Russia is a friendly country which has adopted an open and evident stance towards the ongoing events in Syria."

He pointed out that Minister of Expatriates and Foreign Affairs Walid al-Moallem visits Moscow now and then for political coordination only with the Russian leadership and within the framework of implementing the political program to solve the crisis.

Al-Zou'bi criticized the U.S. and the Security Council's refrain to condemn the terrorist bombings recently hit Damascus, stressing that this behavior confirms the American administration's double standard policy.

"Change in Syria is a Syrian decision and it can be achieved only with a democratic political process," the minister affirmed.

Regarding the stances of some regional and Arab countries towards the crisis in Syria, al-Zou'bi said the Qatari and Saudi stances are not the same towards Syria events, but they don't express any national interest, pointing out that there are no contacts with the Saudi leadership and that there is nothing new in the Saudi stance.

Al-Zou'bi stressed that the Turkish government is involved in the political, military, security, terrorist and economic aspects of the ongoing events in Syria.

"Stealing and looting acts were committed under the sight and knowledge of the Turkish government," the minister said, pointing out that thefts are valued at billions of Syrian Pounds.

Al-Zou'bi stressed that the Foreign Ministry always informs the world's influential countries and the United Nations about facts confirming the Turkish government's involvement in the crisis in Syria.

Al-Zou'bi, who commended the Syrian-Iranian ties, stressed that the talk about the existence of members from the Iranian Revolution Guards in Syria is part of the conspiracy hatched against Syria. He also refuted allegations about the existence of Hizbollah members in the country

The Information Minister said that there are some Lebanese political forces who contribute directly to smuggling weapons and gunmen into Syria, but the Lebanese government keeps adopting the self distancing policy on Syria.

Commenting on Israel's admission of some wounded terrorists to its hospitals for treatment, the minister said "constant coordination between the Israeli occupation and armed groups is not new."


H. Mustafa

Devastated Terrorists Suffer Heavy Losses

 GOVERNORATES,(ST)_ In qualitative operations, the armed forces on Sunday  inflected heavy losses  on terrorists shelters in rural Damascus, Homs and Idleb.

Eight cars mounted with heavy machine guns, including terrorists, weapons and ammunition were destroyed in al-Nabk area, where scores of terrorists were left killed or wounded and three tanks used by terrorists to smuggle fuel and oil products beyond the  border destroyed .

Several terrorists were killed in  Yabroud  city in a fighting on sharing stolen goods looted from public and private property.

In  Douma , Harasta , Zamalka and Erbeen , terrorists members of the so called " Banner of Islam" were eliminated, including among others  Mahmoud al-Nimli, Youssef al-Hamsena, Samer Emreen, Ismael Naqrash and Nazir Khaleifa.

A new tunnel was found in al-Shayyah area in Daraya where terrorists stored weapons  and clashes erupted in the area resulted in killing several snipers nicknamed as Abu Fahd and Abu Bashir.

One girl was injured and heavy material losses inflicted, when terrorists targeted with mortars shells the Latin Church in al-Qashli street of  Kassa'a quarters .

A second  mortar shell was also fired by terrorists at the residential houses in Butrous al-Bustani street  and only material losses were reported.

In rural Aleppo, the army and internal security forces retaliated an attack by armed terrorists against the police school in Khan al-Asal and inflicted heavy losses on their ranks, according to official source.

The source added that 4 armored vehicles , 3 cars equipped with machine guns and rocket launcher used by the terrorists in the assault on the school were destroyed , whereas several terrorists were killed  including Abdullah al-Hajji, Ahmad and Samer Mere, and Hussein al-Sello, and terrorist Murshid al-Khaled, nicknamed as al-Mutasim, leader of the so called  "Mutasim Brigade" was injured.

In Homs, the armed forces foiled  infiltration attempts  by armed terrorist groups from Lebanese territory  through  al-Msherfeh, Mrasia, and Beyoun villages in rural Tel Kalakh into Syria and were able to beat them as many of them were killed or wounded and  the rest fled back to Lebanon.

In rural Homs, the armed forces destroyed two trucks loaded with large quantities of arms and ammunition between Diba and Shamsin villages.

The army engineering units dismantled an explosive device weighing 70 kilograms planted by terrorists on al-Zera- Jose road in rural Qseir set to target citizens and the order  keeping forces.

In cooperation between competent authorities and the people 's commission  for national reconciliation two citizens abducted  earlier in al-Mesherfe area to the east of Homs by  terrorist groups  were released .

Heavy losses  were inflicted on ranks of terrorists and their shelters were destroyed  in rural Idleb, Deir al-Zour and Hama

Five  explosive , each weighs 50 kg ,  and a sixth Barrel -shaped bomb  weighing 75 kg planted by terrorists on Arieha bridge- Marbaleit  crossing  targeting civilians were dismantled.

In Daraa countryside , terrorists  Muhannad al-Rifai , Mahmoud Mahamid,  Ali Younes Zoubi ,Mohammad Yousuf Al Zoubi, Ghaith al-Saeed  ,Thaer Mahamid , Saad Nasser al-Msri  and Jabr al-Mahamid were killed, in confrontations with the armed forces, whereas an attempt by  terrorists to detonate an explosive device weighing 25 kilograms planted near a cultural center in the city of Daraa was foiled .

In Deir al-Zour, several terrorists were killed , two vehicles fitted with heavy machine guns, were destroyed and all members of one terrorist group that blocked  the highway near al-Amia village between Salamia and Khanaser in rural Hama  were exterminated and their weapons confiscated.

S .T

Media Source categorically denies a secret meeting with opposition abroad

DAMASCUS, (ST)- A media source on Sunday dismissed as untrue reports released by some  media outlets on  a secret meeting held  between a representative of  President Bashar Al-Assad and a figure  of the opposition abroad.

"no such meeting occurred with any party of the opposition, "stressed the source.