Terrorists target students




DAMASCUS, (ST) - Nine students and a teacher on Tuesday were martyred when terrorists fired explosive shells at  Hussein Abdelrahman (al-Bteiheh First) School in al-Wafideen Camp in Damascus Countryside.

"shells fired by terrorists on the school led to the martyring of nine students, one teacher, and injured 20 students, most of them in critical condition, noting that the shells hit a classroom while class was in session, A source at the Damascus Countryside Police Command said.

"the attack on this school adds another crime to the black record of foreign-backed mercenary terrorists," Educaiton Minister Dr. Hazwan al-Wazz told SANA, adding that terrorism will only make Syrians more determined to go on with their normal lives as the Syrians' willpower is stronger than terrorism.

"It's a terrorist attack on educational institutions and on students," Hassan Mohsen, head of the Quneitra education department, told the Associated Press.

Meantime, one armed terrorist group on Tuesday morning assassinated   Syrian journalist Naji As 'ad, who was shot by a sniper in the head  in al-Tadamun quarter  in Damascus  while leaving  his house to his work in Tishreen newspaper.

The late  martyr journalist As 'ad was  born in Salhab town in rural  Hama in 1951 . He holds a Bachelor in Arabic language literature . During his 30- year of hard work as an efficient journalist,  martyr As 'ad assumed several posts in the newspaper during which he excelled  on all news desks.

Worthy mentioning that  that terrorist groups  also assassinated other prominent journalists :  Ali Abbas , Shukri Abu Bulgur ,Basil Yousef , Mohammed Ashram and Maya Nasser and photographers Ihsan brown and Hatem Abu Yahya.

Earlier, scores of al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front  terrorists  were killed in Daraya during clashes with the armed forces. Among the killed terrorists were Youssef al-Hariri, Samer al-Fahel, Ahmad Majed al-Kurdi, Suleiman Kharouf and Abdul Wahab Murad.

Other  al-Nusra Front member terrorists were exterminated in qualitative operations carried out by the armed forces  in Aqraba, al-Zeyabeyeh and Hujeira , including  Khalil al-Shamali, Ghassan Bram, Hassan Sulei'i, Abdul Menem Rashed and Yassin Khdeir .

Among terrorists killed in Duma,  of the Eastern Ghouta were Rishdi Salameh  and Mahdi Hilal, the two terrorists Fouad al-Bweidani and  Yassin al-Hinish of the so called " Banner of Islam " group and terrorist Muhammad Kalash, nicknamed as Abu Kamal, leader of  " the capital Sheild Brigade" group.

In Qara city, all members of the  " Mountain Hawks battalion" terrorist group were killed or wounded, by the armed forces, including  Nasser al-Haji and  Ahmad Farhoud.

Heavy losses were inflicted upon  the ranks of  the terrorists of al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra front and their machine guns,  automatic military rifles and weapons were confiscated.

Meantime, the army engineering units dismantled four explosives weighing  between 30-50 kilograms in  homes of residents near Imam Ali Bin Abi Taleb mosque in Erbeen town, in Eastern Ghouta,  in order to detonate them by remote control, SANA reported.

In Idleb countryside,  the armed forces, in a qualitative operation  destroyed two cars fitted with machine guns and shelters for  terrorists who were carrying out acts of murder and intimidation of citizens , blocking  roads and looting and assault against Ein Sheeb village, where scores of al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists were left killed or wounded.

In Homs, the competent authorities  killed all members of a terrorist group which tried to assault citizens and a checkpoint in al-Atefeyah town in al-Qseer countryside.

The competent authorities also confiscated  a Mercedes car loaded with weapons  on Homs- Damascus road at Shenshar area.

Three citizens were killed and others wounded , when terrorists targeted  by mortars shelling al-Hwash and al-Nasereyah villages  in rural Homs . Four members of the competent authorities were martyred while  material losses in cars and houses were reported.

In tell al-Qabo of rural Hama, the competent authorities killed or wounded  scores of terrorists while many others ran away . These al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist group  was engaged in killing, looting  near Jawhar farm on Mhardeh-al-Sqeilbeyeh road.

The most dangerous terrorist in the area Ibrahim Suleiman al-Khaleif was killed , an official source said.

It added that the army engineering unit defused

an explosive device weighing 15 kilograms planted by terrorists and intended to be  remotely detonated at the crossroad of  Bsherin village  on Hama-Homs road. Also defused was a 4-Kg explosive  in the southern quarters of al-Salameyeh city.






People's Assembly Passes a Number of Bills

DAMASCUS, (ST) –Chaired by Speaker Mohammad Jihad al-Lahham, the People's Assembly passed a bill on establishing commerce tribunals in all provinces which will be tasked with settling trade issues and lawsuits on Tuesday.

The Assembly also passed two other bills: First, disallowing relevant authorities from taking fees for degree equivalency. Second, amending the legislative decree on returning the administration of the presses, branches, affiliates and staff of al-Wahda Establishment to the establishment itself.

The PA members  called for establishing media training institutes, lauding the role of national media in confronting the conspiracy against Syria.


Escalation of Frenetic Media Campaigns a Reaction Armed Terrorist Groups Retreat




DAMASCUS, (ST)_ The escalation of the ongoing frenetic media campaigns by the conspirators against Syria and the increase of their fabricated media coverage is but a reaction to the retreat  of the armed terrorist groups before the Syrian Arab Army advances in all regions, Minister Omran al-Zou'bi of Information underscored.

In press statements here Wednesday, Minister al-Zou'bi reiterated that the conspirators' bids against Syria, the cradle of tens of thousands of  years' civilization, would never succeed and that all in Syria are committed to safeguard Syria for all.

The Minister pointed out that the Syrian State Media is for all the Syrians and for their concrete causes in expression of the Syrians' reality and expectations.

 Minister al-Zoubi declared that the Ministry has the necessary substitutes in case the Syrian Media outlets were to be suspended via Eutelsat, on Nile Orbit Satellite, citing the availability of  new Russian AM  44 Satellite.

Yesterday, Minister of Information, Omran al-Zou'bi underscored that there is no veto on opposition figures as far as their appearance on national media means.

Minister al-Zou'bi reiterated, in a Parliament Session here Tuesday, that there were no "red lines" for such figures apart from the National Sovereignty symbols, represented in the Syrian Arab Anthem, Flag, Anthem and Presidency.

The Minster asserted that the Syrian Media is able to stand up to the challenges imposed by anti-Syria media means, which possess huge financial and technical capabilities.

"Anti-Syria media means  are the real carrier of the conspiracy, especially once they have been changed into platforms with operations rooms specialized for the provocation, misinformation and fabrication regarding the ongoing in Syria,'' Minister al-Zou'bi stated.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim








Al-Qaeda Terrorists Concentrations Destroyed




GOVERNORATES, (ST)_In the context of  its ongoing operations against terrorists of  al-Qaeda  affiliated al-Nusra front, the armed forces caused  heavy material and human losses in the ranks  of terrorists in several towns and villages in Rural Damascus and destroyed  their weapons, an official source said on Monday.

In a qualitative operation, the armed forces  exterminated a terrorist group in al-Chorniche  area in Daraya including throwers  of propelled grenade launchers . Among the terrorists were  Ahmed Alyan and Maher Hamoude.

Several sniper terrorists  were killed and many others wounded and their weapons confiscated when the armed forces  clashed with their group near the cultural center in Daraya.

Another  armed forces  unit destroyed three vehicles mounted with heavy machine guns in Mesraba town and killed several terrorists  including  Abdul Rahman Al-Kholi.

In Mleha,  the  armed forces killed several terrorists including Yahya al-Issa and Hamid al-Taghlubi, while terrorists Ghassan al-Ass and Khaled Khalil Afouf were killed among many others during armed forces chasing  of terrorist groups in Eastern Ghouta in rural Damascus.

Heavy losses were inflicted in the ranks  of terrorists at Jesrin town crossroad when the armed forces attacked  terrorists gathering.

Meantime, guards of Tishreen military hospital foiled terrorists attack  against the hospital and caused them heavy losses.

In the meantime, all members of one terrorist group were killed or wounded when a car booby trapped by terrorists went off  near Abu Nazeh  Bakery in al-Tadamun quarters in Damascus.

Heavy losses were inflicted on the ranks of   al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra front terrorists , when army units confronted them while trying to  attack the thermal station on al-Raqqa-Aleppo highway, SANA said.

Another army unit killed scores of terrorists and destroyed their cars upon attacking their gatherings  in Hreitan, Kafer Naha, Daret Ezza, Handaret, al-Meselmeh, alOweijeh,  and Miami Club, in rural Aleppo, while more casualties were inflected in the ranks of terrorists to the south east of Aleppo, near  Shams al-Aseel school.

In Idleb countryside , the armed forces destroyed 6 pickup cars,  fitted with medium and heavy machine guns and a number of bicycles used by al-Nasra front  in their attacks against  citizens of  Mahmpel town, where dozens of terrorists were exterminated  and their weapons confiscated, following a cleansing  of the whole city from terrorists  who committed  acts of murder, kidnapping and blocking  of roads in Mahmpel area.


In Maart  Numaan, terrorists gatherings were destroyed in the city and at Sarja, al-Bara and Bsames villages in al-Zaweyah mountain area, and many of them were killed as a result.

In Arieha city,  the armed forces clashed with  a group of terrorists attempted to attack one order keeping  point in the city and left its members between killed and wounded.

One armed forces unit foiled terrorists attempt to detonate 6 explosives each weighing between 30 to 70 Kg, implanted on Idleb-Sermin highway .

In Homs  one armed forces unit engaged terrorist groups tried  to  assault two order keeping points  in sheep market and al-Mukhtareyah quarters and  inflicted heavy material and human losses.

One terrorist concentration was destroyed in  Kafer Nan in rural al-Rastan and exterminated or wounded  its occupants. Among the killed terrorists was Muhammad Suleiman Mansour, according to an official source. The source added  that disputes erupted between two terrorist groups over sharing what they had stolen and plundered of private and public property, resulted in wounding or killing many of them. Among the killed were  Fadel Saad Tlass, Muhammad Qasem Tlass, Alaa Ahmad Tlass, Bader Tlass and Khaled Muhammad Bahbouh, noting that members of the two groups were carrying out theft, rape and murder acts .

Two passengers were injured  in a passengers bus on Damascus-Aleppo highway when terrorist snipers opened fire at it near Talbesieh.

In Hama , three terrorists, leaders of the so called al-Qaeda affiliated al-Farouk Brigade   were killed, when they tried to attack citizens and  the order keeping  forces in Aqraba town, an official source reported, adding that

An official source said SANA reporter that he knew of the terrorists killed 3 a so-called leader Faruq Brigades affiliated with al Qaeda.

The source continued that  4- rocket launchers  were dismantled  on Hama- Homs highway, installed  by terrorists  to target residential communities  the governorate 's rural area.


Syria Times




Syria will never use chemical arms against its own people, says Foreign and Expatriates Ministry

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Syria has repeatedly stressed that it will never  use any chemical weapons, if any,

against its own  people ,under any  circumstances, a Foreign and Expatriates Ministry official insisted on  Monday.

In  response to the statements of  the U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, in which she warned Syria against the possibility of using chemical weapons, the source added that  Syria has repeatedly confirmed  to the U.S. side directly and through the Russian friends and to the UN Secretary General it will never use chemical weapons against its own people under any circumstances.

" Syria is defending its people and struggling along with them against al-Qaeda-linked terrorism which is being backed by some  countries which are spearheaded by  the USA itself, "the source added.

The US has a long history as regards fabricating such issues, last and not least its claiming about  the  existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and consequently  its used those claims as a pretext to invade Iraq.

The Ministry source slammed the US for being the first country in history to use nuclear weapons in 1945 against the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, calling on it to stop fabricating such things.

"these fabrications are aimed basically at misleading the U.S. and world public opinion and diverting attention away from the US involvement in the crisis in Syria concerning  funding and political support to  the terrorist groups.


More of al-Qaeda Affiliated Terrorists Exterminated




GOVERNORATES,(ST)_Scores  of the armed terrorist groups members were killed on Sunday in al-Shefoneyah area including "Abu Ali Khubeya", one of the most dangerous terrorists in the area, according to an official source, which added  other al-Qaeda affiliated  terrorists killed in the area  were Mahmoud al-Mufles, Yasser Seisan, and Mahmoud al-Ghourani.

More terrorists were killed or wounded in Daraya area including  Bilal Shamashan, Abdul Rahim al-Shurbaji and Akran al-Ho ,during clashes with the armed forces, whereas the army engineering units dismantled several explosives inside houses near al-Khulafa al-Rashdeen mosque  in the city, in an attempt to prevent displaced citizens from coming back to their houses.

In Zamalka, terrorists Abdul Hameed Shalhoub, Muhammad Srour and Abdo al-Tunisi were killed and dozens of terrorists were exterminated  in Deir al-Asafeer, including  Mahmoud al-Aqra, Fayez al-Sheikh, Marwan al-Rayes, Bashar Qasem and Qasem Sarhan, while in  Aqraba, Beit Suhom and Hujeira the  armed forces  destroyed hidings  for al-Nasra front terrorists and exterminated  all its occupants  and their weapons. These included Muhammad Aldi, Nidal Hawameed, Muhammad al-Haj and Youssef Abu Arieda, and Ahmad al-Khatib, Dirar Ismael and  terrorists Yanal al-Refai were exterminated  in al- Zeyabeyah.

Heavy losses were inflicted  on terrorists  in Saka town in rural Damascus including  members of al-Qaeda affiliated  terrorists : Osama al-Kirsh, Amer al-Ajrab, Alaa al-Buqai, Muhammad Bashir Hamadeh and Alaa Qallab, according to an official source, which added  that the terrorists weapons were confiscated , including    4 launchers ,several PKC machine guns , dozens of machine guns and amounts of  foreign currencies.

Earlier in the morning, in cooperation with  local citizens, al-Qanawat police department  dismantled a 2-kg explosive implanted by terrorists  under a car .

In Aleppo city and countryside, the armed forces achieved  direct hits in the ranks of  al-Qaeda terrorists and  destroyed completely their  headquarters and concentrations in Shaer village, Favin, Babness in al-Meselmeh area, while other terrorists were killed  in Amreet farms, Qabbasin, al-Tareyah and Azizavillages and near Samaan castle and Barakat mountain  in Daret Ezza . A   12-car convoy was destroyed with the terrorists inside  at Kafer Hamra- Hreitan axis.

The armed forces destroyed 4 cars loaded with weapons, ammunition and terrorists  who were committing acts of murder and looting in al-Sfeera town, while 3 cars  equipped with  heavy machine guns and  two cars carrying large amounts of ammunition and weapons were destroyed  in Jib Ghabsheh .

  In rural Aleppo, the armed forces exterminated 11 cars  and the terrorists inside it,  who were carrying out  acts of sabotage and killing.

In the city of Aleppo the armed forces carried out a series of  qualitative operations in Allirmon area, at Tirkawi crossroad in Bani Zeid, Ein Jalout  and Fatemah Bint Aqeel schools, al-Aseilah market in old Aleppo and Jesr al-Neirab.

The armed forces  also killed scores of terrorists and  destroyed  their hidings  in Bustan al-Basha area, in the course of the continued  military operation  against al-Nasra front terrorists, the source said.

Several citizens were wounded when armed terrorists fired mortars shelling randomly at massive demonstration  staged al-Salheen area towards al-Marjeh quarters  demanding the expulsion of terrorists  from all quarters of Aleppo .

In rural  Idleb, the armed forces  chased al-Qaeda  terrorists in several  areas , and left scores of them killed or wounded  and confiscated their  automatic weapons.

In Mahmpel  town , the armed forces dismantled 25 explosives  weighing  between 50 to 75 kg planted by terrorists in the town, and  foiled  the attempt made by terrorists to detonate two bombs weighing 100 kilograms near the brick factory on al-Mastoumeh- Saraqeb  road and 22  other explosive devices weighing 20 to 50 kg planted by terrorists on Arieha-Idleb road.

In another context, 15 civilians were killed  and other 24 wounded, many of them in critical conditions ,  in a terrorist attack in al-Hamra quarters  in Homs, SANA said , adding that the bombing resulted in  huge material damage in residential buildings and cars parked in the area.

More al-Nusra front terrorists were reported as killed or wounded  in Homs and Hama, while an infiltration attempt by terrorists   from Lebanese territory on motorbikes near the village Khirbet al-Nu'eimat village in al-Qseer area was foiled, after several sneaking terrorists were killed or wounded and other fled back to Lebanon.

In the city of Hama the competent authorities killed several  terrorists in Jouret Hawa area, including  Ahmad Majid Mu'ti  and found with him an Israeli-made bomb.


Syria Times




Terrorist bombing in Homs kills 15,wounds 24

HOMS, (ST) - A terrorist bombing on Sunday rocked the central city of Homs, claiming the lives of 15 citizens and injuring 24.

" the terrorist bombing carried out with a booby trapped bomb in al-Hamra district in Homs,SANA reported.

"the blast caused severe damage to residential buildings and cars,"SANA added.