AL decisions don't concern Syria at all, says Foreign Ministry

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Syria has scoffed at the decisions of the Arab league which is involved in the war being waged on it. 

A source at Foreign and Expatriates Ministry commented on the today-meeting of the AL's Ministerial Council by saying:"The Arab League is a main part in the war on Syria, and its decisions adopted either at summit level or Foreign Ministers level do not concern Syria at all because it (AL) will never be part in bringing about solution to the crisis in Syria."

It made it clear that all the AL's meetings recently held at any level aim to show its legitimacy which it has lost before the Arab public opinion as it has become a tool in hands of some Arab states implementing western plots.

Basma Qaddour

Syrian Arab army to achieve further victories in June

PROVINCES,(ST)_June is reportedly to be month of the Syrian Arab army's remarkable victories started with gaining  a nearly month-long al-Qusayr battle and advancing outside Hama, Aleppo and Damascus.

Following the official declaration of restoration of stability and security to al-Qusayr city, the units of armed forces started mopping-up operations in the city and hunting down terrorists fled from it.

Today's achievement coincided with continuity of targeting terrorists' hideouts outside Damascus and Aleppo where unknown number of terrorists was wiped out.

The units of armed forces pounded several arms caches and hideouts in Adra al-Balad, Doma, Harasta, Babbela, Yabroud areas and surrounding of al-Mansora town outside the capital amid reports of clashes broke out between the armed forces and terrorist groups in Barzeh, and Ofra (in Wadi Barada)areas.

Most of the terrorists eliminated in the operations affiliate to al-Nusra Front.

A 30-meter tunnel found outside capital

On the other hand, the units of armed forces found in al-Rehaneyeh town a 30-meter tunnel containing big quantity of explosives. "It had been used by terrorists to store weapons and move from one place to another", an official source said.

In the northern provinces, several terrorist groupings and weapons were targeted in the surrounding of Aleppo central prison, Khan al-Assal, al-Layramon, Sheikh Maqsod areas and countryside of Jesr al-Shogour, al-Nayrab, Sermin in Idlib province.

Dozens of terrorists have been reportedly crushed.

Shells hit al-Wafedin camp

In a separate incident, at least 15 citizens have been wounded by mortar shells landed in al-Wafedin camp in Doma suburb outside Damascus.

"The three shells fired by terrorists landed on citizens' homes leaving 15 wounded.. the critical cases were admitted to Damascus hospitals," an official source at Police Leadership stated.

Terrorist attack on oil pump station

Another terrorist attack happened in al-Salameyeh countryside as terrorists blasted oil pump station which affiliates to the Syrian Oil Company.

A source at Mineral Resources and Oil Ministry said: "armed terrorist groups sneaked into the station and planted explosive devices inside it and then they detonated them causing fire at the scene."

Syria is facing a foreign-backed war that aims to weaken the Syrian Arab army and destroy its national economy to serve Israel's interests in the region.

The US, France, Britain, Qatar, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia supply the terrorist groups, who perpetrate heinous crimes against citizen and destroy Syria's infrastructure, with arms, money and media coverage.


Conspirators' Dreams Gone With the Wind, Says al-Halqi

DAMASCUS, (ST)_"actually, it is a strategic turning point and a new horizon for upcoming successive victories nationwide, curbing conspiracy and it is a personal defeat for those who bankrolled and supported armed terrorist groups "underscored Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi referring to regaining security and stability to al-Quseir area.

Al-Halqi's comments were made  during a meeting of the ministerial committee entrusted  with materializing  the political program for solving the crisis in Syria with members of the Veterinarians Syndicate and the Syndicate of Syrian Agronomist Engineers on Wednesday.

'' recalling  the Israeli aggression on June 5th  1967, we underline   that the time of defeats and lies  is over…where  the conspirators 'dream  against Syria evaporated, '' al-Halqi added.

He made it clear  that the distinguished  achievement realized in  al-Quseir  will be a landmark for restoring security and stability nationwide.

"the government will not allow any group, gang or individuals to lift up arms against state or citizens, "stressed al-Halqi.

During the meeting ,al-Halqi reiterated  a call  for the Syrians to support  and ensure the success of the forthcoming national dialogue .The next stage requires further efforts for reconstruction and retuning brightness to Syria stressing that the coming stage necessitates synchronized efforts to prepare for the reconstruction process.

" the government is exerting strenuous efforts  to boost   the national economy's condition  only to make  the aspirations of the Syrian people a reality ," affirmed al-Halqi.

Al-Halqi also briefed his  guests  on the committee's previous meetings with the political forces and parties and popular organizations to crystallize visions and common denominators that ensure the success of the national dialogue which he considers ''the sole way for solving the crisis.''

" the veterinarians' and agronomist engineers' syndicates have a vital role in developing the agricultural sector and livestock in achieving self-sufficiency and food security, not to mention their role in fostering the culture of dialogue and tolerance, "added al Halqi.

For their part, head of the Syrian Veterinarians Syndicate, Dr. Samir Ismael and Chairperson of the Syndicate of Syrian Agronomist Engineers, Rama Aziz voiced  support to the political program for solving the crisis, praising  the government's efforts to strengthening  national economy.

The syndicates' members lauded  the victories of the Syrian army in al-Quseir.

Addressing reporters after the meeting , head of the Veterinarians Syndicate said that the political program for solving the crisis ''is the dream of every Syrian,'' .


Victory in al-Qseir Clear Message to Aggressors: Army General Command

DAMASCUS, (ST) - The Syrian Arab Army has cleared the city of al-Qseir in Homs countryside from foreign backed terrorists and mercenaries who have been terrorizing the people of this peaceful city.

In statement on Wednesday,  the General Command of the Syrian Arab Army affirmed that the army has restored security and stability to al-Qseir following successful military operations against the armed terrorist groups in the city as well as in the villages and towns surrounding it.

Many terrorists were killed, many others surrendered and the rest fled the strikes of the Syrian Army, the statement said, pointing out that some army units are now trying to open the roads, mopping the area up and removing  mines and barricades.

In the statement, the General Command said that "the Army's victory in al-Qseir is a clear message to all who took part in the aggression against Syria, including the Zionist entity and its agents and tools in the region, that our armed forces are ready to repel  any aggression against our beloved homeland."

The General Command added that "As our armed forces of the Syrian Army confirm their determination to continue their battle against terrorism to restore security and stability to every inch of the homeland, they also stress that they will sympathy with and take into consideration all  gunmen, who were misled or who fled from al-Qseir or from  any other area in Syria, if theysurrender and lay down their weapons."

The Command urged the people of al-Qseir to return to their houses and assured them that all the citizens, who were used by the armed groups as human shields, have been evacuated and those wounded are being treated.

"The Syrian armed forces will never hesitate to strike the armed groups wherever they are in Syria, because the soil of the homeland is sacred and those who try to discrete it are doomed to death or surrender," the General  Command asserted.

It said that the documents seized in al-Qseir proved the involvement of some Arab, regional and foreign parties in terrorism against Syria, stressing that these documents are under scrutiny and they will be made public at the right time.

The General Command concluded its statement by stressing that the Syrian Arab Army thanks the steadfast Syrian people for their support and cooperation and promises them that the army will keep beingup to the challenges till victory is attained.


Syria Army Regained Control of al-Qusair City

AL-QUSEIR,HOMS PROVINCE,(ST)_ The armed forces today restored  security and stability to the entire city of  al-Qusair  in Homs countryside,

" Our brave army  performed  quality  operations and was able to restore security and safety  to al-Qusair city after eliminating large numbers of terrorists ,  with many others surrendered , and destroyed  their shelters, including weapons ,ammunition, many tunnels and barricades which they were holed out,"  an official source told SANA. 

The source added that the army  forces also dismantled dozens of improvised explosive devices planted by terrorists in citizens homes  and public roads to impede the progress of our army, but the army  determination to rid the city of the terrorist groups led to   defeat and complete collapse  of these terrorist groups. 

"The  armed forces  are currently pursuing inspections in al-Qusair city  hunting for  improvised explosive devices and  criminal tools left by the devastated terrorists. 

T. Fateh

Syrian, Tunisian Women Initiative Against Hatred, Terrorism

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Under the title "Women against hatred and terrorism" , Syrian and Tunisian women on Tuesday launched an initiative from the Great Umayyad Mosque in Damascus aims  to stop the violence and terrorism in Syria.

The initiative warns against violence experienced by women especially Syrian women who have been forced to leave their places of residence as a result of the global war on Syria and seek refuge in neighboring countries camps where they are exploited.

The Republic 's Grand Mufti Dr. Ahmad Badr Eddine Hassoun, said that the visit of the Tunisian delegation, which includes civil and people , religious, media and trade union activists and fathers and mothers of  young deceived , indicates that the conspiracy against Syria targets Arabism and Islam.


T. Fateh

Syrian Arab army takes control over al-Qusayr main square

PROVINCES,(ST)_The heart of al-Qusayr city in the central Homs province is now under the Syrian Arab army's control amid reports of crushing several terrorist leaders outside the capital.

In details, units of armed forces have restored stability and security to the southern-western and southern quarters of al-Qusayr city and imposed control over municipality building and main square in the city.

An official source noted that several hideouts of terrorists have been pounded in al-Qusayr city's northern-western quarter, adding that the units of armed forces have eliminated terrorists tried to enter the city from surrounding area of Dherej town.

"A unit of armed forces has, in addition, killed terrorists as they were trying to flee from al-Qusayr city towards Damascus-Homs highway," the sources said.

It was also reported that operations have been carried out against terrorists in quarters on al-Khaledeya, Bab Hod, and al-Qarabis, and towns of Talbiseh, the eastern al-Bweda, al-Rastan, and Aqrab.

Several terrorist leaders eliminated

Unknown number of terrorists, including leader of the terrorist al-Nusra Front in Bab Hod, has been wiped out in the operation.

Other terrorist leaders and their men were reportedly eliminated in a series of operations against hideouts of terrorists in Harasta, Jobar, al-Mleha, Hajjera, al-Tal, Khan al-Sheih, and Darayya areas outside Damascus.  

In the northern Aleppo province, the units of armed forces have continued targeting terrorist groupings and their weapons in the surrounding area of Meneg airbase, Khan al-Assal and Bestan al-Qaser.

Army seizes Turkish, US, Saudi provisions      

Meanwhile, mopping- up operations in cleansed al-Zegbeh and Blil towns in the northern Hama countryside resulted in confiscating big quantity of rockets and provisions  made in Turkey, the US and Saudi Arabia.

Yesterday, the armed forces imposed control over 8 towns in Hama countryside including the aforementioned towns after cleansing them of terrorists.

Shells hit al-Adawi suburb

In another incident, terrorists fired four mortar shells on al-Adawi suburb in the capital causing martyrdom of a citizen and wounding another.

"Two shells were landed on al-Adawi highway, while the 2 others landed in surrounding of Barada Club's garden leaving serious damages  at the scene," a source at Police Leadership said.    

Syria is facing a foreign-backed war that aims to weaken the Syrian Arab army and destroy its national economy to serve Israel's interests in the region.

The US, France, Britain, Qatar, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia supply the terrorist groups, who perpetrate heinous crimes against citizen and destroy Syria's infrastructure, with arms, money and media coverage.