Al-Mikdad , Salehi Discuss Boosting Bilateral Syria -Iran Relations

TEHRAN, (ST)- Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Dr. Fayssal al-Mikdad, on Saturday held talks with Iranian Foreign Minister, Ali Akbar Salehi.

Talks dealt with boosting the bilateral relations between the two friendly countries and the latest developments in Syria and the region.

Both sides voiced satisfaction  over the development of the bilateral relations in all the fields in the benefit of the two friendly countries and their people.

During the meeting, al-Mikdad briefed the Iranian minister on the ongoing  situation in Syria in light of the qualitative operations carried out by the Armed Forces in confrontation of the armed terrorists groups with the aim to restore security and stability to Syria.

He expressed the Syrian Arab Republic's gratitude for the stances of the Islamic Republic of Iran that are supportive towards Syria, people and government, in the face of the U.S.-Western targeting and its tools in the region.

For his part, the Iranian Foreign Minister expressed satisfaction  over the achievements which Syria has made in the framework of confronting the U.S.-Western targeting and defending the interests of the Syrian people.

Salehi pointed out to the efforts exerted by the Iranian leadership to help the Syrian people regain security and stability.

Earlier, al-Mikdad met with Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir Abdullahian.

The meeting focused on enhancing the bilateral relations in various fields.

Assistant Foreign and Expatriates Minister Ahmad Arnous and Syria's Ambassador in Tehran Adnan Mahmoud, in addition to Director of the Middle East Department at the Iranian Foreign Ministry and a number of other officials attended the said meetings.


Media Source Refutes Allegations on Interior Minister 's health

A Media source stressed on Saturday  that the Minister of the Interior Lt. Gen. Muhammad al-Shaar is recovering  and in a good health condition .

"News broadcast by certain media channels , otherwise, are but groundless and futile." the media source added.



More Terrorists Eliminated in Rural Damascus, Aleppo, Homs and Idleb

GOVERNORATES,(ST)- The armed forces on Friday  inflected heavy losses in the ranks  of the armed terrorist groups  in Duma, Harasta farms, Daraya, al-Zabadani, Hujeira, al-Zeyabeyah and al-Bahdaleyah  areas in rural Damascus.

In Duma, scores of terrorists were killed or wounded in the so called " the banner of Islam" terrorist group including  Sadou Hsaba, Zakaria al-Masri, Muhammad Khubieh, Tieser Ghazi, Salloum al-Na'san, Imad Tumeh, Ammar al-Shawwa and Wesam Hassoun,  whereas, terrorists  Ayoub Darqazalli Abdul Qader and Abdul Razzaq Sayyad were killed  in Harasta farms.

Terrorists Samer al-Zaqdouha, Mahmoud Habib andAbdo al-Farmli were eliminated in Daraya,  and sophisticated communication devices and RPG launcher , a quantity of ammunition and a number of automatic military rifles were confiscated  in al-Zabadani , while all members of one terrorist groups who were conducting sabotage, looting and robbery acts  were killed or wounded in Hujeira.
Several terrorists ' gatherings and shelters were destroyed  in Tel Kalakh, and  al-Rastan  towns in rural Homs, where  several terrorists were killed  including Qais Saad Eddin, Amara Abdul Kafi  Idris, Nari Ayoub, Ward Mansour, Ayman al-Ziu,bi and Bassam al-Ahmad .

The border guards foiled an infiltration attempt from the Lebanese territories in Tel Kalakh and killed or wounded the infiltrators, and forced others to flee back to Lebanon, while  a locally made rocket and huge amounts  of weapons ,  used by terrorists  against civilians were confiscated in rural Aleppo.  
In Idleb countryside, several terrorists were killed or wounded including their group leader Ahmad Daboul, when the armed forces carried out a qualitative operation in the surrounding of al-Mastouma town.

Seven terrorists were killed and many others wounded while trying to booby trap a car  with explosives in Maaret al-Nu'man city.

 The Muezzin  of al-Saha ( Square) mosque in Idleb was martyred by one explosive detonated by terrorists in a trash container in the city of Idleb.

In  Daraa, citizen  Hussam Ghazali was martyred, his father Fayez Ghazali was wounded  while Jalal Ghazali was kidnapped  by one armed terrorist group at the fuel station  near Qarfa village.

In Hama countryside,  the armed forces left members of one terrorist group who were committing  acts of murder and looting in Tibiet al-Imam town ,  killed or wounded, while
army units  foiled an attempt  to detonate explosives weighing  between 150 to  400 kilograms planted  by terrorists in  the houses and streets of the town.



Syria slams UN inquiry report


DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Syrian Expatriates and Foreign Ministry has deplored as "unprofessional and not neutral" a recent report issued by the UN Commission of Inquiry.

In a letter to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the ministry on Friday said:" the periodic report of the Commission of Inquiry relied on information presented by the countries that are partners in the blood shedding in Syria. The report is hasty, one side and based on unconfirmed allegations."

The ministry added that the commission continues to use logistic issues as pretexts to justify not using the documents and correct information provided by Syria to the UNHCR as it still insists that these information are incorrect or allegations.

"The commission's presentation of the armed terrorist groups' acts is shy and far away from the events," the letter read.

It asserted that the commission tackled a lot of issues, misinformation and incorrect arguments, which lay outside of its power, including claims about using cluster bombs , the allegation which is completely unacceptable and so for the mandate given by the commission to itself as regards investigation in international human law.

The ministry noted that the commission has avoided dealing with several important issues directly related to human rights.

Ignoring terrorists' acts

It slammed the report for not addressing the internationally dangerous precedent of destroying and stealing Aleppo factories (including medicine manufacturers) and smuggling their contents to neighboring countries to destroy national economy.

"The armed groups have stolen warehouses of medicines which the government obtained and secured to citizens with cheap prices, despite the sanctions imposed on importing a number of medicines. They sold these medicines to neighboring countries or spoiled them to deprive the Syrian citizens of them in a clear violation of the right of health," the letter said.

The report doesn't set the side responsible for the crises of food, destroying agricultural crops, sabotaging power plants. 

On the other hand, the ministry voiced sorrow over the commission's continuation in turning blind eyes to what the Syrian government has been trying to clarify since the beginning of the crisis in Syria that there are foreign forces seek to foment sectarian tension and issues Takfiri Fatwas to justify killing, torture, and stealing.

The letter cited that the commission has said nothing about the countries which are funding, arming and training gunmen and hampering national dialogue in Syria. 

It underscored that Syria, which is a cradle of civilizations, has been an example of co-existence over the past thousands years.

The ministry said the commission has squandered all opportunities to prove its objectivity and neutrality in dealing with the situation in Syria.

"The commission is not serious in tackling this matter", the ministry's letter concluded.


Innocent Civilians are Victims of terrorist attack on Qasioun Gas Station in Barzeh

Damascus,(ST) Several citizens were martyred or wounded on Thursday evening  when terrorists blew off an explosive device  in Qasioun Gas Station near Hameesh Hospital in Barzeh  district , an official source reported.

The source detailed that the terrorist explosion resulted in huge material losses in the gas station, the cars inside it and the surrounding residential buildings.

Firefighting men controlled the blaze which broke out at the site of the terrorist attack.


Scores of Terrorists Eliminated in Several Areas

 GOVERNORATES,(ST)_ The armed forces on Thursday continued prosecution of terrorist groups in  Duma, Daraya, Deir al-Asafeir, al-Nahdaleyah, Hujeira and al-Huseineyah towns and inflicted heavy losses in their ranks.
In Duma, several  leaders of terrorist groups  were eliminated including  Ahmad al-Sleek, Muhannad Bakkar, Muhammad Rateb al-Sheikh, Bilal Kassab, Yasser Nadam, Marouf al-Durra, Maher al-<kabtel and Raed Makkeyah.

In Daraya, several terrorists were killed or wounded near al-Ridwan hospital including members of the so called the engineering section of " al-Fatah battalion".

All members of one terrorist group were eliminated in  Deir al-Asafeir town  including Wael al-Khattab, Bassam Yazan, Ahmad al-Tayyar, Kasem al-Masri, Muhammad Hajaji and Muhammad Balo, while scores of terrorists were purged  in al-Hujeira town.
Meantime, the competent authorities confiscated French-made missile (ARD X TNT) fitted  for launching  on a car in Kafar Souseh area in Damascus.
Also confiscated were 7 homemade launchers used  earlier by terrorists to launch this type  of missiles, according to SANA.

Leader of one terrorist group Munzir Fayez al-Hassan and terrorist Musab Abdullah Jawhar were killed during  the terrorists attempt  to assault Mhardeh thermal station in Hama and  a number of terrorists  were left killed or wounded.

In Aleppo city and countryside,  the armed forces carried out qualitative operations against terrorists and destroyed their shelters in al-Sfeira, al-Oweija, al-Meselmeyah, al-Adnaneyeh, Adanan, Hayyan, Abteen, Allirmoun, al-Firdous and Bustan al-Bacha.

Terrorists opened fire randomly at a people's march staged in Bani Zeid quarters in the city of Aleppo demanding the expulsion of armed terrorists who commit acts of murder, robbery and looting in the city.

In Idleb countryside , terrorists Abdul Salaam Rahmoun, Mustafa al-Dahman were killed in Maaret al-Nu'man, whereas several leaders of terrorist groups were eliminated when the armed forces  attacked their shelters in Sermeen  city.

 One shelter for al-Nusra Front terrorists in Bennish was destroyed including ammunition, weapons and terrorists.

In Daraa province, scores of terrorists were exterminated including  Ali Adel and Imad al-Hariri when the armed forces  chased the terrorists  in Bosr al-Harir and Nawa and dismantled a large number of improvised explosive devices and anti-tank mines, according to an official source.

 The source detailed that  among the  confiscated weapons  were  23 grenades , 12 RPG shells,  7  PKC machine guns , 5 Polish  rifles Polish , 3 hunting rifles , 7  Russian rifles Russian , 5 detonators and remote explosive stuffs  weighing 2 kg , 4 camouflaged uniforms,  two mortar shells ,3 TNT templates , each weighs  200 kg , two wireless connection , 6 anti-tank mines , and large amounts of ammunition .

In Deir ezz Zour, one armed terrorist group attacked al-Qahhar 109 oil well, 85 Km to the east of the city and stole huge amounts of crude oil before burning the well.

A source at the Oil Ministry said that the terrorist groups shoot firefighting and maintenance workshops to prevent them from putting out the fire, a matter which may lead to an environmental disaster in the region threatening the lives of its citizens.
The competent authorities on the other hand, killed or wounded members of a terrorist group attacked al-Baath dam in al-Raqqa.  Among the killed terrorists were Ibrahim Abu Abdullah and Abdul Hakim Abu Hamad.

Leader of one terrorist group nicknamed, al-Khal Abu Maria was killed, during armed forces confrontations with his group to the east of Palmyra. Other group members were also killed or wounded.



Army Chief: Syrian People-Army Solidarity Foils Conspiracy

DAMASCUS,(ST)- "The conspiracy hatched against  Syria has been foiled, thanks to the bravery of the Syrian Arab army and solidarity of the Syrian people," said Chief of Staff of the armed forces ,Gen. Ali Abdullah Ayoub, on Thursday during an inspection visit to one  of the army fighting formations, during which he met fighters in their positions.
Gen. Ayyoub noted the high morale the Syrian armed forces enjoy in the face of aggression against Syria, urging them  to continue the sacred national duties  to crush the armed terrorist groups , destroy their shelters and clean the  Syrian soil from their criminality.