Syrian Arab army weeds out 8 terrorist leaders, regains security to three towns

PROVINCWS,(ST)_Units of armed forces rapidly advance towards the last stronghold of foreign-backed terrorists in the northern al-Qusayr countryside and eliminate more than 8 terrorist leaders and dozens of their men outside Damascus, Aleppo, Idlib, Der-Ezzour, and Lattakia provinces.

It was stressed today that the units of armed forces had imposed control over the towns of al-Masodeyeh and al-Saleheye in the northern al-Qusayr countryside. The two towns are located before the eastern al-Bweda town which is the last stronghold of terrorists there.

The terrorists fled to the eastern al-Bweda town after the Syrian Arab army had taken control of al-Dab'a town and the strategic al-Qusayr city.

An official source stated that the units of armed forces are mopping-up the aforementioned towns plus al-Hseneyeh farms and the eastern al-Dmeneh town. Several explosive devices, which were planted by terrorists there, had been dismantled and many tunnels were found.

Al- Drekh'beyeh town under army's control

At the same time, it was reported that 6 terrorist leaders and their men were eliminated in a series of qualitative operations targeted hideouts of terrorists in Harasta, Doma, Babila, Darayya, Zamalka, Barzeh, al-Dyabeyeh areas and surrounding farms of the eastern Ghouta outside the capital.

The operations also resulted in regaining stability and security to al-Drekh'beyeh town and dismantling 5 explosive devices, of the weight 25-30kg/each, in al-Rasas farms, between Doma and Harasta suburbs.

 Terrorist 'al-Tawhid brigade's leader killed

In the northern Aleppo province, a unit of armed forces carried out a qualitative operation against a terrorist grouping ended in crushing leader of the terrorist 'al-Tawhid brigade', Abdulqader Saleh, and many of his men.

Other terrorists were crushed in the surrounding areas of Meneg airbase, Aleppo central province and Khan al-Assal area.

Elsewhere, unknown number of al-Nusra Front- affiliated terrorists were  killed as the units of armed forces had pounded several hideouts outside Idlib, Lattakia and Der Ezzour provinces.

Libyan, Yemeni and Saudi terrorists were among the dead.    

Syria is facing a foreign-backed war that aims to weaken the Syrian Arab army and destroy its national economy to serve Israel's interests in the region.

The US, France, Britain, Qatar, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia supply the terrorist groups, who perpetrate heinous crimes against citizen and destroy Syria's infrastructure, with arms, money and media coverage.


Al-Meqdad elaborates conditions of extraditing Tunisian detainees

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Syria has offered a just solution to the question of Tunisian detainees, who joined terrorists in fighting Syrian people.

The solution, according to Deputy Foreign Minister's remark, stipulates for accelerate extradition of Tunisian detainees, who did not perpetrate crimes and had entered the country illegally, on condition that they abide by legal commitment to prosecution at national and international levels.

Faisal al-Meqdad told reporters that the detainees must complain to the UN Security Council and the international organizations about those who are directly or indirectly involved in inciting them to extremism, funding, recruiting, offering safe haven, not controlling borders, and other violations of the UN resolution No. 1373 issued in 2001.

He, in addition, underscored that the Tunisian authority must first show readiness to cooperate properly in this regard.

"The Syrian government will work to bring about solution to the problems of the Tunisian community in Syria especially after the Tunisian authority has decided to sever diplomatic relations with the Syrian Arab Republic," al-Meqdad said.

The Syrian official was speaking in a press conference held today at 'Sheraton' Hotel in Damascus in the presence of a Tunisian delegation representing civil societies and the detainees' relatives.

Basma Qaddour

Syrian Arab army advances outside Homs, repels terrorists' bid to capture Quneitra crossing

PROVINCES,(ST)_Al-Quneitra border crossing, adjacent to the Israeli-occupied Golan, has seen intense clashes between units of armed forces and terrorist groups that are getting decisive blows in countryside of Homs, Aleppo, Daraa and Damascus.  

Today, a unit of armed forces eliminated and injured several members of an armed terrorist group as they were trying to capture al-Quneitra crossing and hunted down the other members fled to al-Qahtaneyeh town.

Israel admits terrorists

"Israeli ambulances conveyed some of the injured terrorists to the occupied territories to be treated in a fresh clue of strong relation between the terrorist groups and the Israeli occupation entity," an official source said.

Al-Khaledeyeh, al-Dab'a under army's control

The fighting raged at the crossing occurred as stability and security regained to al-Kaledeyeh and al-Dab'a towns after cleansing them of terrorists.

Al-Dab'a town is located around 3 km north of al-Qusayr city and 5km far away from the eastern al-Bweda to which terrorists fled when the armed forces imposed control over the city.

Mopping- up operations are still going on in the cleansed towns because terrorists had planted dozens of explosive devices in citizens' homes and on roads.

On the other hand, the units of armed forces destroyed an arms cache and rocket launcher in the eastern al-Bweda, Kherbet Jemrah, and Kherbet al-Hamam outside Homs and wiped out several terrorist leaders and their men in towns of al-Shandakheyeh and Soha outside Palmyra and in Joret al-Shayah quarter in Homs.

Operations outside Aleppo, Damascus

Other terrorists, including non-Syrian ones, were reportedly crushed in operations carried out in Hajjera, Saqba, Adra, Doma, al-Nabk, surrounding towns of the eastern Ghouta outside Damascus and in surrounding of Aleppo central prison and Meneg airbase.

In the country's northwestern Idlib province, the units of armed forces killed unknown number of al-Nusra Front-affiliated terrorists in Selqin and in many towns outside the province.

Heavy losses were inflicted upon terrorist groups in al-Hrak, the western al-Maliha,al-Shabraq, and Der al-Adas towns in the southern Daraa province where Jordanian and Libyan terrorists were eliminated.

Terrorist attack on power plant

In another incident, terrorists fired a mortar shell on a power plant in al-Zara town in Hama countryside causing massive damages at the scene. No one was hurt.

Syria is facing a foreign-backed war that aims to weaken the Syrian Arab army and destroy its national economy to serve Israel's interests in the region.

The US, France, Britain, Qatar, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia supply the terrorist groups, who perpetrate heinous crimes against citizen and destroy Syria's infrastructure, with arms, money and media coverage.


Syrian Government Will Leave No Room For Terrorists On Syrian Soil:Al-Halqi

DAMASCUS, (ST)- "the Syrian government is going forward to weed out all terrorists on the Syrian soil. The recent victories realized by our valor army will definitely spread to include the entire Syrian territories, "underscored Premier Wael al-Halqi.

Al-Halqi's remark came during a meeting held on Thursday  with Iran's Ambassador in Damascus Mohammad Reza Shibani.

High on the meeting's agenda was forming a joint ministerial committee that could include businessmen of both countries.

"there is a dire need to live up to the deep-rooted and firm political ties between the two countries through cementing trade ,developmental and economic relations and revamping the signed agreements and inking fresh contracts in a bid to include all developmental aspects, asserted al-Halqi.

Both sides also discussed other issues focusing on enhancing cooperation in the fields of  health, education, monetary, banking, electricity, food and consumption stuff. furthermore, providing the Syrian market with everything it needs.

The Iranian Ambassador expressed congratulations to Syria( state and nation) on  the army's victory in al-Quseir and their continued steadfastness in the face of the global conspiracy.

"Iran is confident that Syria will come out victorious and that its enemies will be defeated. The political program is the only way to solve the crisis in Syria, "underlined Reza Shibani.

Al-Halqi ,for his part,highly valued the support of Syria's real friends, particularly the Islamic Republic of Iran , in the face of the vicious terrorist attack led and backed by Israel and the US against the axis of resistance.


Al-Quds Historical, Religious Importance Highlighted

DAMASCUS, (ST) - The "Loyalty for al-Quds" Forum was held yesterday to underline the historical and religious importance of this holy city.

The forum, which was organized at Damascus University by al-Quds International Institutionin Syria and the Al-Fath al-Islami Center, was attended by a number of Moslem and Christian religious men in addition to some intellectual and political figures.

  Member of the Board of the International al-Quds Institution in Syria Safir al-Jarad stressed the historical, and religious importance of Palestine in general and al-Quds in particular in enhancing national belongingness and maintaining Arab and Islamic identity.

He affirmed the need to unify efforts to disseminate awareness about the importance of al-Quds at the national, regional and international levels.

Luqa al-Khouri, the Greek Orthodox Patriarchal assistant Bishop,  stressed that "Christianity started from al-Quds, and that Christians will never give up their link to this city. The Christians reject the Zionist plans to Judaize al-Quds and distort its Arab-Christian-Islamic Character.

The Bishop pointed out that the Israeli attempts to provoke sectarian wars in the Arab region, particularly in Syria and Lebanon, aim at distracting the Arabs attention from their core cause which is the Palestine cause.

"Syria has the honor to shoulder the duty of defending Palestine, as the Syrian people have been a great supporter for love and peace among peoples of the world and a staunch defender of dignity against oppressors," the Bishop added.

Archbishop TheodosiosAtalla Hanna of Sabastia for the Greek Orthodox of (Jerusalem) said in a video statement that Damascus will continue to be the defender and keeper of the Arab nation's causes, foremost of which is the Palestinian cause.

He regretted that some Arab leaders, who should have supported al-Quds and should have sent their money to liberate and construct al-Quds, are now sending the money to destroy and weaken Syria, stressing that al-Quds will continue to side by the honest Syrian people.

"Conspirators with the West want us to forget al-Quds and the right to return to Palestine, but we say to them that will never concede an inch of the Palestinian soil and we will continue to adhere to the repatriation right till the Palestinians return to their homeland, Palestine, " Archbishop Hanna added.

Other speakers affirmed the importance of the forum in highlighting the position of al-Quds and Palestine in the conscience of the Islamic and Christian world, stressing the need to abide by the Palestinian peoples' right to return and the importance of supporting the Palestinians' struggle to liberate their occupied lands and establish their independent state with al-Quds as a capital.

H. Mustafa

Palestinian Sit in to Expel Terrorists from Yarmouk Camp

 DAMASCUS,(ST)_ The people 's committee for Yarmouk refugee camp on Wednesday held  a mass sit- in front of the  camp entrance in Damascus, marking the June 5th setback anniversary.

Participants  in the sit in chanted slogans  commemorating  martyrs  of the Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation, denouncing the practices of the armed terrorist groups in trying to expel the Palestinian refugees from their camps in order to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

The Participants raised  pictures of " The Return Back"  martyrs who were targeted by the Israeli occupation forces on the outskirts of the occupied Syrian Arab Golan in 2011 and banners calling for expulsion  of armed terrorist groups from all Palestinian camps.

In a statement read by Taysir Abu Bakr, member of the Political Bureau of the Palestinian Liberation Front, the Palestinian  factions stressed that the Palestinian people refuse displacement  attempts to  new exiles ,  denouncing attacks and crimes committed by armed terrorist groups against Yarmouk refugee camp.

"Those demanding  freedom and democracy can be only with the Palestinian people in supporting  their legitimate national rights of return and freedom and independence",  the statement stressed, pointing out that history will record that these groups were the cause of the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian people and that they  caused   a  new setback for  the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian  factions  underscored that  the Yarmouk refugee camp signifies the right to return to Palestine and that what is happening in it and the rest of the camps is incompatible with freedom and democracy claimed by armed terrorist groups , demanding the  armed groups to immediately  leave Yarmouk refugee camp and other camps so as  the Palestinian people  will continue  their liberation to achieve their  legitimate aims  and defeat the occupation  on the way to return back and establish their independent state on the land of Palestine.


T. Fateh 

AL decisions don't concern Syria at all, says Foreign Ministry

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Syria has scoffed at the decisions of the Arab league which is involved in the war being waged on it. 

A source at Foreign and Expatriates Ministry commented on the today-meeting of the AL's Ministerial Council by saying:"The Arab League is a main part in the war on Syria, and its decisions adopted either at summit level or Foreign Ministers level do not concern Syria at all because it (AL) will never be part in bringing about solution to the crisis in Syria."

It made it clear that all the AL's meetings recently held at any level aim to show its legitimacy which it has lost before the Arab public opinion as it has become a tool in hands of some Arab states implementing western plots.

Basma Qaddour