Defense Minister Outlines Conspiracy Dimensions

DAMSCUS,(ST) _The Syrian TV today ( Monday) at 8.30 p .m broadcasts an interview with the deputy Commander of the army and armed forces Maj. Gen Fahd Jasem al-Freej, who is also the minister of defense, Defense .

The meeting deals with developments in Syria, dimensions  of the conspiracy it faces, the army and people brave confrontation  of this conspiracy and its terrorist tools as well as the  Israeli aggression  against the  Scientific Research Center in Jamraya in rural Damascus.


Direct Hits on the Ranks of Terrorists

GOVERNORATES,(ST)_ Several leaders of armed terrorist groups were killed and their weapons, used in terrifying citizens  were confiscated  Tel Kurdi, Duma Farms , Harasta and Zabadani, according to an official source, where one vehicle fitted with heavy  machine guns,  five cars used for transporting terrorists and weapons, assault rifles ,  automatic machine guns ,variety of RPG launchers sophisticated sniper  machines and large quantities of weapons were confiscated.

Among the terrorists killed in this operation were Rateb al-Madwar, leader of the so called " Oqba Bin Nafe battalion  and terrorists Asem Abdul Razzaq, Muhammad Gheibour, Hamzeh al-Hadi, Jamal Hamzeh , Mohieedin al-Khudari and Muhammad Ibrahim a-Khanshour .

The source added that one army unit dismantled

15 explosives ranging  between 25 and 60  kilograms planted by terrorists on the road to Tel Kurdi prepared to be  detonated by remote control.

Scores of terrorists were eliminated when the armed forces attacked their two shelters in Abu al-Dohour town  and Tel Salmo, Um Jerrin and al-Hamadia villages, where they were planning their criminal acts .

More terrorists were killed or wounded in Arieha and al-Ramee towns where one mortar was destroyed.

The armed forces continued prosecution of terrorists in rural Te Kalakh where a car and a number of motorcycles carrying terrorists on the road between Zara and al-Hosn towns were destroyed.

Also destroyed were several terrorists shelters  near al-Hosn town, Jandar, Kafraya and Jobar and near al-Darwish  foil station, where direct hits were achieved on the ranks of terrorists.

Meantime, the competent authorities confiscated five cars loaded with fuel destined for smuggling near  al-Ghansar village east Homs.

The engineering units an attempt terrorists blow up three explosive devices, each weighs 35 kilograms, planted near the al-Naseria hill in rural Hama.

In Aleppo city and countryside, the armed forces confiscated  a car fitted with  anti-aircraft machine gun  and large quantities of weapons and machine guns, ammunition and stolen vehicles in Sheikh Saeed and left scores  of terrorists killed or injured.

Also confiscated were a number of stolen cars and guns PKC, assault rifles, RPG packing shells, and large quantities of ammunition.

 The armed forces also completely destroyed several terrorists centers  including weapons ,ammunition, and terrorists in  Bustan al-Qasr and al-Sukkari areas in Aleppo and achieved direct hits on the ranks of terrorists  in Hreitan, Babeis, and  Khan Touman in rural Aleppo.

On the other hand an armed terrorist group assassinated former Member of Parliament Ibrahim Azzouz ,  his wife and two daughters in Sheikh Saeed  area in Aleppo.

Chairman of the General Federation of Trade Unions  Shaaban Azzouz , who is the brother of the martyr said on Sunday  that the terrorists opened fire at his brother's car while  he was traveling with his family on Sheikh Saeed road  and that he died with his  wife Aisha, 65, and his two daughters Jinan, 45, and Leila, 25.


Al-Halqi: government focuses on holding consultative meetings

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Syria's government  is concentrating now on organizing and holding consultative meetings in all provinces to launch national dialogue conference.

Under the three-staged political plan outlined by President Bashar al-Assad to solve the crisis in Syria, the ministerial committee formed to follow up implementation of the endorsed plan continued its meeting with political activists.

Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi, who heads the committee, meet today (Sunday) the national reconciliation committee at the Peoples' Assembly (PA) headed by the MP Omar Ousi.

The talks revolved around importance of participation of all political and social parties in the dialogue according to a national vision that rejects foreign meddling in internal affairs and believes in democratic and political-pluralism in Syria, SANA reported.

The premier cited integrated role between executive and legislative authorities, calling for intensifying the MPs 'communication with citizens and concentrating on principles of belonging and tolerance.

He briefed the committee on measures taken to ensure citizens' needs, ease their suffering, communicate with displaced citizens in the neighboring countries, follow up kidnapped people file and form dialogue committees in all provinces.

The PA reconciliation committee presented suggestions and visions todeal with the above mentioned measures.

Al-Halqi restated Syria's victory over conspiracy as a result of its adherence to national principles, defending Arab causes and supporting resistance in the region.


Solidarity marches support Syria in fighting terrorism

CAPITALS,(ST)_Syrian students and communities in Italy and India have voiced solidarity with Syria in fighting terrorism and condemned Israel's Wednesday-airstrike on the scientific research center in Jamraya in Damascus countryside.

In Italy, the Syrian Students National Union, the Syrian community and Syria-Italy friendship committee organized a march in solidarity with Syria to reject terrorism which is targeting the homeland.

The participants gathered at the Flaminio Square in Rome chanted slogans rejecting meddling in their country's internal affairs, and highly appreciating the Syrian Arab Army's scarifies to restore stability and peace all over Syria.   

They held the Syrian flag and photos of President Bashar al-Assad.

"We want Syria to remain the country of dignity…we are against Salafists and mercenaries of NATO who are perpetrating crimes against the Syrian people," the participants shouted in the square.

They also slammed the armed terrorist groups' savage acts against citizens and students in Aleppo University and Salameieh (in Hama province), stressing that the Israeli aggression on the scientific center comes after the terrorist groups' failure in notching up Syria's enemies' goals.

Israel and al-Nusra Front 'partners'

In New Delhi, a big march was organized with the participation of several Indian parties to deplore the Israeli airstrike in Syria and call for love and peaceful solution to the crisis.

The participants raised banners read that Israel and al-Nusra Front are partners in terrorism and criminal acts in Syria.

The hailed the Syrian Arab Army, who is fighting terrorism, and stressed rejection ofthe west-back terrorism against the Syrian people.

Meanwhile, Popular Committee for Defending Syria staged a sit-in in al-Jalil city in the occupied Palestine to denounce the Zionist aggression on the scientific center in Jamraya.



President Al-Assad meets Jalili

DAMASCUS,(ST)_President Bashar Al-Assad received on Sunday Secretary of the Iranian Supreme National Security Council  Saeed Jalili and the accompanying delegation.

The talks during the meeting focused on the situation in the region in general  and in  Syria in particular after Israel’s blatant aggression on the scientific research center in Jamraya in Damascus countryside, SANA reported.

President Al-Assad underscored that this attack unmasks the reality of Israel’s role being played in cooperation with foreign enemy forces and their tools to destabilize Syria’s stability and weaken it to abandon its national principles and stances.

The president also stressed that Syria is able to confront current challenges and any attack against the Syrian people thanks to its people’s awareness and army’s strength as well as its adherence to resistance policy.

The Iranian official, for his part, expressed his trust in Syrian leadership’s wisdom in dealing with this Israeli attack that targets Syria’s Leading role in resistance.

Jalili, in addition, asserted his country’s unlimited support for the Syrian people in confronting the Zionist entity.

“Iran is keen on incessant coordination with Syria to confront foreign conspiracies that seek to destabilize the whole region,” Jalili said.

He restated that Iran highly appreciates the political plan outlined by President Bashar Al-Assad to resolve the crisis in Syria and the government’s efforts to implement it.

“Tehran is ready to help launch national dialogue as it is the only way to surpass the crisis in Syria,” the Iranian official added.

The meeting also dealt with distinguished cooperation relations between Syria and Iran plus mutual  keenness of the two countries’ leaderships on boosting cooperation in all sectors.

Basma Qaddour             

More Terrorists Eliminated in Rural Damascus, Homs and Deir Ezz Zour

 GOVERNORATES,(ST)_ Scores of terrorists were killed or wounded on Saturday including several heads of terrorist organizations in Duma, Harasta, Erbeen and Beit Sohum farms in rural Damascus and their weapons  including machine guns and rifle  were confiscated or destroyed.

Among the killed terrorists were  Ibrahim Abu Yassin, Ziad al-Saghir, Karam al-Khouli, Muhammad Kheir Salaas, Fouad al-Hallaqa, Ayham Mustafa, Bilal Abul Kafi, Bashar Abd Dallal and Eid Kredeieh.

Meantime, electricity workshops in rural Damascus started maintenance works of electricity network in Aqraba town, where security and safety returned a week ago after the elimination of terrorist groups, which destroyed infrastructure in the town.

Several terrorists were kill or wounded including sniper Fadi Younis, when al-Qadam policemen department clashed with terrorists attacked the department with sniping machines and rocket shells, according to an official source.

The source detailed that one policeman was martyred and two others wounded during the clashes.

On the other hand , one armed terrorist group attacked the  electricity  line which feeds the  power converter station  in Sahnaya  in Rural Damascus led to power outages for the entire city.

A source in the Ministry of Electricity said that maintenance workshops are working to fix the damage and restore back electricity supply within coming hours.

The armed forces targeted terrorists gatherings in Aleppo and its countryside, and destroyed a number of cars loaded with ammunition and weapons, terrorists, equipped with heavy machine guns.

In Aleppo city, terrorists shelters were attacked in al-Sukkari, Karam al-Meisar, Sheikh Saeed, Bustan al-Qasr, Kallaseh, in the area around the castle in Aleppo and Ashrafieh, killing and injuring scores of terrorists and destroying their  weapon and ammunition .

Several terrorists who carried out acts of looting were eliminated and their vehicles and ammunition destroyed in Allirmon area in Aleppo

The armed forces also eliminated armed terrorists who infiltrated  a day before to the cement plant in Sheikh Saeed  region  in Aleppo and restored security to the place.

All terrorists hiding in their shelter in Telbesieh in rural Homs were killed in a qualitative operation carried out by the armed forces, according to a military source which added  that another army unit destroyed a factory for the manufacture and storage of explosives and  one mortar,  terrorists were using in attacking  Kafr Laha citizens in rural Homs.

In the city of Deir ez-Zor direct hits were scored in the lines of terrorists in al-Hweiqa, al-Jubeila, al-Orfi and  "the workers" quarters.

Among the  killed terrorists were Muhammad Abdul Nasser al-Kubaisi of the terrorist group calling itself the battalion  of al- Abbas and Issa Almjul of a  battalion  called al-Mutasim Billah ,Ahmad Hassan Almrouh ,  Jihad Aldgam and Ayman  Salameh  Mayouf.

The source added that the operations resulted in the destruction of a number of vehicles used by the terrorists in their terrorist acts and attacks on citizens and their property.

The source pointed out that an armed terrorist engaged in looting, plundering and cut of roads on Salehia - Abu Khashab highway  in rural Deir ezz Zour . Ali al-Ghattas  member of the so called Badr Brigade and Bassam Hussein al-Khleif  were killed.

In Idleb countryside , several terrorists  were killed or wounded while they were booby-trapping a car with  explosives in Beit Zarzour street in Saraqeb city.

"The explosion led to the killing of 15 terrorists and wounded several others in addition to killing a child and wounding 22 citizens and  material damage was caused  to the place." SANA reported.

On the other hand,  large numbers of terrorists  were killed  and their weapons destroyed  in a qualitative operation in Wadi al-Deif. Terrorist Muhammad Kinjo Muhammad was among the killed.



Governors to organize meetings with activists

DAMASCUS,(ST)_The Syrian government continues its meetings with all parties to launch national dialogue.

Today (Saturday), the political plan-committee held talks with governors to pave the way for organizing and holding consultative meetings with civil and social activists in all provinces.

Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi, who heads the committee, briefed the governors on reasons of the Israeli aggression on the scientific research center in Jamraya in Damascus countryside.

"The aggression aims to escalate events in the region, district Syria from confronting terrorism, and obstacle regional and international efforts being exerted to peacefully solve the crisis in Syria," the PM said.

He underscored need for mobilizing national potentials, boosting communication with citizens, ensuring their basic needs, and backing the Syrian Arab Army who is offering sacrifices in fighting terrorist groups.

The premier also spoke about the political plan and results of meetings held last weeks with number of political parties to reach common ideas about all thorny issues to start national dialogue.

In this regard, al-Halqi asked governors to reactivate sub-committees' role across Syria, hold meetings with all parties including opposition and armed people, who lays down their weapons, under legal guarantees.  

As for services matter, the PM asked the governors to attach great importance to providing citizens with all basic needs (bread, fuel, gas) and following up situation of displaced citizens and shelters.

The governors presented proposals to organize consultative meetings and offer humanitarian aid to affected citizens.

Last month, a ministerial committee was formed to follow up the political plan outlined by President Bashar al-Assad to solve the crisis in Syria.