Syria government to start consultation talks next week

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ The Syrian government is to start next week consultation meetings with parties, civil society, and economic and social activists to pave the way for holding a national dialogue conference to solve the crisis in Syria.

The meetings are to be held under adopted measures, SANA reported.

Prime Minister, who held talks on Thursday with Secretary General of Arab Democratic Solidarity Party and a number of Politburo's members, said: "Parties have a pivotal role in enriching political process, communicating with citizens, backing reform process, and protecting economic establishments plus services utilities."

Dr.Wael al-Halqi reiterated the importance of the political plan outlined by President Bashar Al-Assad to resolve the crisis in Syria. The plan was endorsed by the cabinet on Wednesday.

For his part, the Party's Secretary General, Maher Karam, said: "The party upholds the president's plan and national reconciliation," stressing that the ongoing crisis must be resolved by dialogue and democratic and peaceful ways.

Karam and the Politburo's members briefed the PM on demands related to services and citizens' basic needs.


National Front: Political Program the Only Way to Salvation

DAMASCUS, (ST)-  The Progressive National Front (NPF) has confirmed that the political program to resolve the crisis in Syria is the only way for the salvation of Syria and maintaining its true position, freedom, unity and independence of its decision.
In a statement to  SANA yesterday, the Front pointed out that the parties will work with progressive forces and peoples'  organizations to implement this national program promising to build Syria better and return stronger than before whereas security and stability prevail.
"The political program to resolve the crisis in Syria announced by President Bashar al-Assad came in response to the convictions and aspirations of the Syrian people and their wishes, noting that "this program was a comprehensive and detailed to what is happening in Syria on the Arab, regional and international level," the Front clarified in its statement.

The program maps out a way to resolve the crisis based on the renunciation of violence, rejection of foreign interference and terrorist acts ; and  the purpose of this program is the future of Syria on the basis of political pluralism and pave the way to a socio-political solution entitled " Homeland and the citizen security and the fight against terrorists to build Syria, the promising future." the front stressed.
 "Despite the conspiracy, crime and vandalism that are happening in Syria, Damascus is the oldest capital on the ground will remain a symbol of national resistance and renewed national struggle," the PNF concluded.
The Socialist Unionist Party stressed that  the political program to resolve the crisis in Syria includes important foundations which meet the objectives of the Syrian people that maintain national sovereignty, stability and restore security.
The Socialist Unionist Party renewed its  position against  plots targeting the homeland and bears  full responsibility to launch any battle imposed on Syria and the Syrian people .

The Democratic Socialist Unionist Party asserted its stand alongside the political program to resolve the crisis in Syria. The Party considered the political program to resolve the crisis in the country is the only way to keep Syria and maintain its identity to remain steadfast  in supporting the issues of the Arab nation.
The program reflects the utmost frankness and clarity that Syria will not compromise in any way from the principles it believes, noting that Syria will not give up their rights in stability, security and progress in the framework of full sovereignty with the participation of all spectrums of the Syrian people and is committed to resisting the Zionist enemy and the enemies of the Arab nation. " the party said in a statement to SANA.
"The party at the conclusion of the statement expressed its convince the failure of the vicious attack on Syria despite heightened pumping of  mass media forces and growing financing of terrorists  to undermine the steadfastness of Syria , stressing its confidence in the Syrian leadership for the current phase," the party concluded its statement.
Al Watan Syria Party: The political program put forward by President Bashar Al –Assad, in his speech, is a good and positive basis for the comprehensive national dialogue.
"The party sees that it is necessary to hold a comprehensive national dialogue conference on Syrian territory, stressing that Syria is above all," the party said in a statement to SANA.
The National Youth Party for Justice and Development: the political program to resolve the crisis in Syria is a basic rule to a national solution.
The party welcomed the positive steps included in the political program to resolve the crisis in Syria and of the national dialogue with all spectrums of the Syrian people, without exclusion or neutralize down to amnesty as a next step considering it a basic rule to a national solution to the crisis.
The General Federation of Trade Unions affirmed that the political program to resolve the crisis in Syria expresses national and pan-Arab constants for Syria and determines the right way and obviously to resolve the crisis stemming from a genuine strategic vision for the future of modern Syria.
"The political program based on mapping out this future to constants and principles originated and took root in the minds of the Syrians such as sovereignty, independence of national decision, not to bow to the dictates, conditions and subordination," the federation said in a statement to SANA .
Bar Association: The political program expresses the national vision and embodies the ambition of every honest citizen .
Turn Bar Association confirmed that the political program to resolve the crisis in Syria put forward by President Bashar Al  Assad expressed a national vision and the ambition of every honest and sincere citizen."
The Bar Association supports  for the program and help  to provide all the capabilities in all areas and to participate in all the joints of dialogue and the  experience of its cadres who are able to contribute to the success of this historic program that protects Syria.
General Federation of Craftsmen: The political program includes a clear vision and a careful analysis of the content of the crisis.
The political program started from the true sense of the concerns of the people and their aspirations to return to enhance national cohesion and cling to the homeland and its unity and cut the road to the Western and Arab powers for the dismemberment of the country.
The General Union  said that Syria will remain steadfast  thanks to the awareness of its people and its national unity, faith and moving  forward in the path of reform and development.


‘Blind West’ Aiding Syrian war- France's Le Pen

Leader of France’s far-right National Front (FN), Marine Le Pen has given a television interview to Syrian channel, condemning Western and Gulf powers for “aiding” the 22-month war of terrorism   against Syria  and its people.

Le Pen spoke to SAMA TV, in a video that was uploaded to YouTube on January . The interview is the first accorded to a French politician since the start of the Syrian crisis.

Speaking of an “Islamist fundamentalist” takeover of the country, the far-right leader said from her office in Paris that the rebellion had been “in part aided by the blindness of Western countries”.

Le Pen said that Western powers were “doing in Syria exactly the same thing as they did in Libya, but secretly”. She said that by allegedly supporting Qatari and Saudi schemes to arm dissident militants in Syria, European leaders were “helping to fuel the civil war of which civilians are the first victims”.



Syria Calls on the UN to force Turkey Stop Helping Sabotaging Aleppo 's Plants

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ In two identical letters addressed to the chairman of the UN Security Council and the UN Secretary general, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants today ( Thursday) said  that stealing and transporting  about a thousand plants in the city of Aleppo to Turkey, with full knowledge and facilitation of  the Turkish government is an illegal act tantamount to acts of piracy and aggression targeting  the Syrian people's   livelihoods and economic incomes.

"This act demonstrates once again the Turkish greedy ambitions and its destructive role  concerning the crisis in Syria, its  ill-intentions towards the Syrians  and refutes its false alleged  claims for ensuring  basic living requirements  of the  Syrian," the Ministry indicated.
"These unethical practices which  are, but a flagrant violation of the principles of good neighborliness and non-interference in the internal affairs of States is a direct contribution to the border- cross crime  and acts of  piracy that require an international response amounts to the size of the great  damage  inflicted on the Syrian people  and their  economic and trade potentials." The statements underscored.

"A neighboring country such as Turkey to help terrorism and create conditions for  plundering  Syria's resources  across the border and destroy capabilities of the Syrian people and the sources of its livelihood and put  these capabilities in support of  terrorism inside Syria is an  action a reaction, requires a reaction from the UN Security Council that comes  up to the size of its vowed  responsibilities and commitments to countering terrorism and maintaining international peace and security, "the ministry went on.
The Ministry called on the  UN Security Council and  the UN Secretary-General "to issue an explicit condemnation to these acts of sabotage and terrorism and take what is necessary against its  perpetrators and those who stand behind them from other regional and international countries and powers,  as an expression of the UN rejection for any additional contribution by countries hostile to Syria to aggravate the living conditions of the Syrian people or increase their humanitarian sufferings. "

The Ministry also called for  "taking  all legal action against the Turkish government to compel the return the stolen properties to their owners and pay all compensation to the affected people  , according to provisions relevant in  the  international law in, as well as to force Turkey to immediately stop  such practices now and in the future."



New Presidential Decree to Develop Quality Educational Curricula

DAMASCUS,(ST) President Bashar Al- Assad on Wednesday issued  Legislative Decree No. 3 of 2013 provides for  establishing the National Center for the development of educational curricula, which proposes general objectives on education, drafting  educational curricula for  different phases and the improvement  of a textbook.

The decree aims to improve quality education in Syria,  according to latest scientific, educational, and social  development and continuous evaluation and modification  of the curriculum.

" Decree No. 3 of 2013 on establishing the National Center for the development of educational curricula is an important step in culminating the Ministry 's efforts  to develop the  curricula and promoting the educational process through ensuring  pre-university quality education, " said  Education Minister Dr. Hezwan al-Wezz.
In a statement to SANA, the minister added that the decree aims to  develop curriculum  so as to keep pace with scientific and technical developments and contemporary technology, explaining that the center will begin work with  national experiences and cadres.

T. Fateh

Daring Operations Continue Against Terrorists

GOVERNORATES,(ST)_ The armed forces on Wednesday  continued  prosecution of the armed terrorist groups that committed  acts atrocities in Damascus countryside  and inflicted heavy material and human losses on their ranks.

In two qualitative operations  in al-Hujeira and al-Zeyabeyeh towns, terrorists Raheel Ahmad, Walid al-Rahi, Wasim al-Farran, Abbas Khouli , Ahmad Khalili, Samer Tayya and Jasem al-Sabrouji were killed and two mortars while two vehicles fitted with heavy machine guns  were destroyed.
In Madaya,  several sniper terrorists were eliminated including Ahmad Darwish al-Qaed, Zuheir al-Sheikh and Mahmoud al-Dummarani and  large amounts of weapons were destroyed, according to an official source.
The source added that one army engineering unit dismantled several bombs planted by terrorists in the surrounding of al-Sharia  school  in Daraya in order detonated by remote control , Also dismantled were  10 improvised explosive devices planted by terrorists in branch  streets , weighing between 15 and 30 kilograms and a 150 kg  explosive  planted  in the surrounding of Khaled Bin Walid  mosque in the city.
In rural Homs, the armed forces destroyed  two factories for manufacturing rockets and improvised explosive devices in Taldo town. All terrorists inside the two factories were killed. Including  Qasem Razzouq, Obeida Harmoush, Abdul Salam al-Ekesh, Majed Fa'our and Khaled Sabsabi.
In rural Hama , the armed forces killed 6 terrorists while trying to plant  mines on al-Taid- Halfaya crossing, including  Maaz Abdul Latif  and Ahmad al-Shayeb.

In a series of quality operations, the armed forces  killed or wounded scores of terrorists in Aleppo city and countryside .

In al-Bawabeyah village  terrorists Aziz Saffoun , Omar Abo al-Abed , nicknamed as "Hawk of revolutionaries" , Abdul Ahmed Naus from al-Zaweyah mountain, member of the so called so-called " free battalion of the  North " and terrorist Dirar Hammoud from al-Tawammeh in Idleb and terrorist Mahmoud Hashem Hallaq from Taftanaz, were eliminated.
Moreover,  heavy casualties  were inflicted on the ranks of one armed terrorist group which was engaged in acts murder, sabotage, looting and robbery near al-Dwerenieh hospital in Aleppo countryside.
Seven  cars each fitted  with heavy machine guns, were destroyed  including terrorists manning them , during one army units confrontation  with terrorists tried to steal the warehouses of Sadcob company for oil byproducts in Khan al-Asal in Rural Aleppo and left its members killed or wounded.

In Aleppo city, several terrorists were killed  in Sheikh Saad area  near al-Beick fuel station and in the old city 's  al-Zahrawi and al-Niswan markets.


FM addresses letter to UNSC on 'political plan' to end crisis in Syria

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Foreign and Expatriates Ministry addressed two identical letters to Head of International Security Council and the UN Secretary General on the political plan outlined by President Bashar Al-Assad to end the crisis in Syria.

The ministry said:" President Al-Assad outlined in his speech delivered on January 6-2013 a political plan to solve the 22-month crisis."

The plan, as the letters said, is based on the UN charter's goals and principles, international law, relevant UN resolutions, and Geneva Statement issued on June, 30, 2012.

The ministry added the plan underscores need for bringing about political solution to the crisis through holding dialogue among Syrian people under Syria's leadership according to the UN resolutions No.2042 – 2043 and Geneva Statement to draw Syria's political future.

The letters included details about the three-stage plan based on comprehensive national dialogue as a way to sort the crisis out.

The plan calls on all regional countries to stop funding, arming and harboring of armed groups, and adherence of the armed group and the Syrian Arab Army to ceasefire.

This preliminary stage stipulates for offering guarantees to the Syrian opposition forces to enter Syria to take part in the national dialogue, and facilitating the reach of humanitarian aid to the affected people and the return of the Syrian citizens, who left the homeland because of the events, to Syria without questioning.

The stage also calls for intensively communicating with national opposition, parties, and civil society to manage open dialogue in preparation for convening a comprehensive national dialogue conference.

The second stage includes holding the conference with a view to formulating a national charter, that would outline principles of the Constitution' which is, all in all, to be put into popular referendum.

The mission of current Government is to be considered concluded after this and an expanded government is to be formed and create a founding association for a new draft Constitution, which is to be put too into a popular referendum.

The new laws are to be adopted and new parliamentary elections are then to take place, leading to a new government, national reconciliation conference, and general amnesty.

The Ministry called for supporting the plan as it reflects an accurate understanding for the coming stage and opinions presented at all levels to end the crisis.

"Political wisdom, keenness on respecting UN charter, not being hasty in adopting stances, and not turning a deaf ear to dangers of supporting armed terrorist groups by some countries are main factors to notch up the noble goal as regards protecting Syrian citizens' life far away from violence and foreign meddling in Syria's internal affairs," the ministry's letters concluded.

Basma Qaddour