"Mashreq Forum for Defending Syria" Backs Syrians Battle against Terrorism

Beirut, (ST) - The "Mashreq Forum for Defending  Syria" has stressed support for and solidarity with Syria in the confrontation of the aggression launched by American imperialism and its Zionist, Arab reactionary, neo Ottoman and terrorist Takfiri allies against the Syrian state and society.

In an official statement on Saturday concluding its two-day meetings  in Beirut, the Forum urged countries of the Arab Mashreq to reject aggressive interference in Syria and political, sectarian and ethnic incitement which aims at fragmenting the Syrian society and prolonging war.

Men of law, politics and intellect from Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria took part in the Forum.

The conferees appealed to national forces in the government and "opposition" to be aware of the danger of the crisis in Syria and to focus on holding an all-out national dialogue to find a way out of this crisis.

They urged establishing a unified national front based on democratic cooperation and participation to save Syria, maintain the state and start reconstruction.

They stressed that the Syrian Arab Army has attained great achievements in its confrontations with the armed terrorist groups in different Syrian provinces, pointing out that these achievements had changed international balances because Syria is now the dynamo behind restructuring the world.

H. Mustafa     

Syrian Arab army advances in Damascus countryside, continues operations on all fronts

PROVINCES,(ST)_Supply route to the foreign-backed terrorists  among  the northern suburbs of Damascus countryside has been cut off, as there has been fierce fighting in Homs quarters.

Over the past hours,  units of the armed forces carried out a series of qualitative operations in al-Qabon suburb- just 3km to the north-east of Damascus- resulted in destroying all terrorists' hideouts and imposing control over the industrial area extending 1.5km from south al-Qabon to the southern highway. 

An official source told SANA that imposing control over the  industrial area means cutting off the supply line to terrorists among Jobar, al-Qabon, Zamalka and Harasta suburbs, confirming that most of terrorists killed in the operations were of foreign nationalities and affiliated to al-Nusra Front.

 It added: "Torture centers, tunnels, various types of weapons, Israeli-made -rockets, and a map defining position of terrorist groups' snipers in the suburb were discovered in the suburb (al-Qabon)."

At the same time, it was reported that the armed forces restored stability and security to the north-west part of Sayyedeh Zainab camp outside the capital.

Incessant operations in Homs

Another achievement was also scored in the central Homs province as  units of the armed forces took control of several buildings in Bab Hod quarter after crushing an unknown number of terrorist groups.

A military source declared that more terrorists were eliminated by incessant operations against their hideouts in Homs province and its surrounding.

However, in Palmyra city, a unit of the armed forces destroyed three trucks loaded with rockets at 'Beer al-Amir ' area.

Chemical materials confiscated

In Banyas area, the competent authorities confiscated a big quantity of dangerous chemical materials inside a hideout of terrorists in a farm.

According to an official source, the confiscated materials contain 79 barrels of polyethylene glycol, 67 barrels of monoethylene glycol, 25 barrels of monoethanolamine, 68 barrels of diethanolamine , and 42 barrels of triethanolamine.

Elsewhere, it was reported that an unknown number of terrorists perished in operations against their hideouts outside Aleppo, Lattakia, Idlib, Daraa, and Hama provinces.

Explosion inside bomb-making hideout

As many as 10 terrorists died as a result of an explosion  inside a bomb-making hideout in a residential area in Jasem city in Daraa province.

Terrorist act in Hassaka

In a separate incident, a citizen was martyred and others wounded by detonation of two explosive devices planted by terrorists in a residential area in al-Hassaka city.




President al-Assad: Syria Appreciates Algerian Peoples' Stances Towards Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ "The solidarity of the brotherly people of Algeria with the Syrian people confirms the depth of the Arab national awareness. And the Arab national identity was and will remain the solid bastion that saves our peoples and stability," underscored President Bashar Al-Assad.

President Al-Assad's remarks came during a meeting held on Saturday with an Algerian popular delegation comprising political, academic and media figures, headed by Dr. Abdul-Majid Hamedi .

"Syria highly appreciates the Algerian people's principled stances towards Syria," said President Al-Assad, voicing confidence that the one million- martyrs country known for a long history of struggle against colonialism, confronting extremism and terrorism will continue, along with Syria and the honorable people of the Arab nation, to defend the Arab sublime values and the Arab peoples' dignity under any circumstances.

During the meeting, talks also dealt with the developments in the Arab arena and the deep relations binding the two brotherly peoples of Syria and Algeria.

The delegation members, for their part, lauded the Syrian people's steadfastness in confronting foreign schemes that target Syria's role in the region, affirming support to Syria for foiling these schemes.

"we are confident that Syria will achieve victory over the forces of extremism and terrorism and their supporters," underlined the delegation, adding that these forces, which are using religion for political objectives, will not deflect the Arab peoples from their just causes.



Syrian People Steadfastness will Save the Entire Arab Nation: Mufti Hassoun

BEIRUT,(ST)_ Syria 's Grand Mufti  Dr. Ahmad Badr al-Din Hassoun, stressed that the steadfastness  of the Syrian people against the  aggression,  will save  the entire Arab nation, of imposed  strife ,chaos and plots.

In  an exclusive interview with Al-Manar TV yesterday Hassoun added  that the steadfastness of the Syrian people and embracing the  army is behind achieving victory,  pointing out that the enemies of Syria thought it a gateway to fragmentation of Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and others but steadfastness that protected those States against hostile plans.

Hassoun stressed that the Syrian people are the only  ones to  determines a candidate for the elections and no  external party or an opposition side are entitled to put any preconditions.

 Hassoun pointed out that the issue today is not that  of President Bashar al-Assad , of Imam Ali Khamenei, nor of Hassan Nasrallah , rather it is a nation issue , either to kneel or stand.

"President al-Assad and since the first month of the crisis had a trust in God Almighty to that the Syrian people will triumph  and the Syrians  today  invite who carry arms: drop your weapons and sit down with your people and  state for reconciliation and forgiveness." Hassoun stressed .

 Hassoun stressed that the enemies of Islam are trying to convert its  tolerance to fear, terror, murder and destruction , noting that  those enemies of Islam want to create sedition  and burn the Islamic nation as  in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt  but the Arab peoples refuse to do so and Muslim scholars of Islam are able to face  these attempts.



Hassoun  continued that the secular conference held in Beirut under the auspices of the Federation of Levant scholars  under the title  "sedition of atonement and tolerance of Islam " aimed to  alert the nation of risks , to show the  truth and preventing the introduction of terror in their hearts, brought by misleading  channels  including Jazeera  and al-Arabeya TV stations.

Hassoun explained that the Levant scholars  are in the same trench which  is the  trench of Palestine that if we  relinquished since 1948 Syria and Lebanon  would have turned to the richest countries in the world that if Iran also waived for Palestine they would present it  with nuclear reactors.

He underlined  that the Egyptian people revolted against those who did not comprehend the Egyptian people  , nor the relations with Syria and Iran  and therefore cut off the relationship with Syria and carried the flag of the French mandate and asked the United States to attack Syria, through Syria invited them to convene the Arab Summit in Damascus and to contribute to solving the Syrian crisis.

 T. Fateh 

Syrian Arab army seizes lao- rocket outside capital, wards off attack on Aleppo prison


PROVINCES,(ST)_An Israeli-made rocket was among the weapons confiscated in a suburb north of Damascus countryside during the crackdown operations  there.

A military source said that a unit of armed forces seized today the Israeli-made lao- rocket plus a big number of mortars and booby-traps inside an arms dump of the terrorists in al-Qabon suburb, just 3km to the north-east of Damascus.

It added that the armed forces also destroyed terrorists' vehicles in Der al-Adas area outside the capital and eliminated an armed terrorist group from al-Nusra Front in Adra area.

Other terrorists, including two ringleaders, reportedly perished in the operations launched against their hideouts in  eastern Ghouta and southern Damascus countryside.

Al-Midan explosion

The defeated terrorists perpetrated today a new crime against  innocent citizens in al-Midan quarter in the capital when they detonated an explosive device attached to a car near al-Mansour Mosque.

At least a citizen was martyred and three other children (aged 12-13) wounded in the explosion.

Operations on all fronts 

The latter development coincided with the  armed forces continuing operations in Aleppo, Homs, Daraa, Der Ezzor, and Idlib provinces.

Military sources confirmed that a big number of terrorists were eliminated, a bomb-making factory was confiscated (in Daraa's al-Nasereyeh town), two anti-aircraft missiles were destroyed and several hideouts were obliterated in the operations .

In addition, the armed forces warded off a terrorist groups' attack on  Aleppo central prison and pulverized  dozens of the groups' members.

Syria is at a state of war as its army combats foreign-backed terrorists to restore stability and security to the country.


Minister : The Need to Fight Organized Crime Resulted from Crisis

 DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Minister of the Interior  Maj. Gen. Muhammad al-Shaar  stressed that the crisis in Syria requires attaching  greater importance to fight organized crime, especially the crime of trafficking in persons as these crimes shifted  from "individual case to organized crime carried out by regional and international gangs."

In  a meeting with members of the preparatory committee for the  national plan to combat trafficking crimes in persons  yesterday , the minister said that current conditions have led to the emergence of "organized gangs exploiting the situation of Syrian citizens in camps of neighboring countries, especially al- Zaatari and  other camps set up in Turkey where  all kinds of slavery are practiced ."

The minister explained  that Legislative Decree No. 3 for 2010 on combating trafficking crimes, provided for the establishment of  a specialized department in this area at the  Ministry and  for

Syria's accession to international conventions against organized crime and the Protocol thereto on the preventing  trafficking in persons in 2000 will help to combat all forms and manifestations of this crime by Syrian citizens in Diaspora who are  exploited  to influence the stability of States or  get involved in prostitution networks or degrading acts that do not fit with the human rights and dignity.

The Minister continued that providing  terrorist groups in Syria with gunmen from many countries, is a type of crimes of trafficking in persons supported by certain countries, especially that these militants fed at an early age by extremist  ideas to fight in Syria, calling for greater efforts with international organizations to address this phenomenon

He called for  activating  cooperation between public and private actors to combat the crime of trafficking, reminding that this crime evolves and is experiencing different forms and practices , noting the  importance of the National Plan to Combat Trafficking in Persons in Syria, in  raising awareness among Syrian youths to this end.

Worthy mentioning that the  preparatory  Committee of the national plan to combat trafficking in persons crimes was formed on 23 November 2011 , including  representatives from the Ministries of Justice, Social Affairs and Labor and Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, media and endowments, health and the Interior and people and civil society organizations.


T. Fateh

Al-Zou'bi highlights Syria’s steadfastness in confronting the terrorist’s war

DAMASCUS,(ST)-The Information Minister Omran al-Zou'bi has affirmed that the ongoing events in Syria over  the last two years are deemed as  an attempt of the political Islamic forces to utilize the armed terrorist groups for greatly changing the Pan-Arabism project and the Syrian state structure.

During a meeting held with the Algerian popular delegation, al-Zou'bi highlighted Syria’s steadfastness in confronting this global war which is led by the US and waged by the terrorists who entered Syria supported with large quantity of weapons and Gulf finance to sabotage and destroy the country.

“What happened in Egypt on Wednesday is a world issue and will be the beginning of change and deactivation of the power of the Islamic groups and political Islam of the state”, al-Zou'bi said.

The Minister renewed the support offered by the Syrian national forces to the Algerian people and state, highlighting Algeria’s experience in political action in liberation and independence .

 Head of the Algerian delegation Dr. Abdulmajid Hamedi said that the delegation's visit to Syria falls in the framework of  expressing   support and to unveil the falsification of the deluded media, voicing confidence in Syria’s ability to overcome the ongoing  crisis.

For his part, Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Faisal al-Mekdad said that the global war being currently waged against Syria aimed at destroying the country .

“Syria’s principled and firm stance towards the Palestinian cause and the support offered to the resistance project are the real reasons behind the plot hatched  by the US, Israel and some western and Arab states”, Dr. al-Mekdad asserted during the meeting with the Algerian delegation.

The Deputy Minister affirmed that the approval of the Syrian government to participate in the international conference planned  to solve the crisis in Syria reflects its keenness to find a viable political solution to the crisis.

Dr. al-Mekdad outlined the strong relations between Syria and Algeria, pointing out that the Algerian people will back the Syrian people in confronting the armed terrorist groups including al-Qaeda organization and its allies.

Members of the Algerian delegation hoped Syria will  get out of the crisis stronger than it was before.