Patriarch Yazeji: Syria Facing "Storm" Targeting Entire Region

DAMASCUS, (ST) - The ongoing crisis in Syria is but a "storm" targeting the entire region, and Syria will surpass it thanks to the spirit of cooperation and amity among its people, stressed Patriarch Youhanna X Yazeji of Antioch and All East for Greek Orthodox.

 Yazeji's remarks came during his meeting with Abdul Razzak Talbani, representative of the Iraqi President and members of Damascus Governorate Council who visited the Patriarch to offer him their congratulations on Christmas.

Patriarch Yazeji, who wished the best to all people of the region, expressed hope that the crisis in Syria will come to an end as soon as possible.

"Christmas is a happy occasion to Christians, Moslems, and all sects in Syria," the patriarch said, pointing out that Syria has been a staunch defender of Arab rights and has offered a lot to the Arabs in general and the Palestinians and Iraqis in particular.

For his part, Luqa al-Khori the Deputy Patriarch said "Christmas comes this year as Syria is passing through critical circumstances caused by West-backed terrorists. We have prayed for the security of Syria where Christians and Moslems live together, fight together and coexist in safety and peace."

H. Moustafa

Syrian Students in Brussels Hold Solidarity Event with Home

Brussels (ST) – The National Union of Syrian Students (Brussels branch) and the Syrian community in Belgium yesterday held an event of solidarity with the homeland and Syria's martyrs.

Participants in the event, which took place in Albertine in Brussels, lit candles in honor of the martyrs, followed by a moment of silence and speeches were delivered to reveal what is going in Syria

Christmas Celebrated in Damascus




DAMASCUS,(ST)_A huge Mass was held on Monday evening  at the  Royal Greek- Orthodox  Cathedral  in al-Zeitoun quarter, celebrating the   Christmas, presided over by  Bishop Joseph Absi, Vice  Patriarchal General in Damascus, assisted by a group of priests . The  Mass  was served by the cathedral Choir .

In his Eid  sermon , Bishop al-Absi  talked about the  sublime meanings  and great values implied in this  great occasion, stressing that the heavenly message of love and peace  conveyed by Jesus Christ will remain victorious  forever and disseminated  in all corners of the world  and will not be  suspended by a human sin.

" As Syrians we are drastically in need to come back to God , to repent to him and reconcile with him, adding that the peace we  all desire these days cannot be offered by man, because the God  Almighty alone  is the peacemaker. Peace , is but a gift from God and we have to pray that we get it. " Said Bishop Absi.

At the end of the Mass, bishop al-Absi appealed  the God Almighty to bless Syria and its leader, President Bashar Al-Assad , its brave  army and  martyrs and  to  heal the wounded  of the armed forces and security and stability to return back to  our dear country.

Worthy mentioning that  the Christmas celebrations this year are limited to Masses and prayers in churches and houses of worship because of  the going  events in Syria and  in honor of the  country 's martyrs  who sacrificed their blood for the homeland.


T. Fateh




Terrorists Purged in Damascus, Homs and Hama Countryside




GOVERNORATES,(ST)_ Armed forces units on Monday destroyed terrorists hidings in  the rural areas of Damascus, Homs, Hama  and Aleppo .

In Yabroud  of rural Damascus , the armed forces destroyed one car manned by terrorists and two hidings containing   weapons and ammunition.

One army unit exterminated  all members of a terrorist group in al-Chefoneyah farm. They included  Taha Anees, Yasser Nasaan, Ala eddine Hawa, Haitham al-Najjar, Ahmad al-Hanash. Ammar Khebeyya and Khaled al-Nisreen.

The most dangerous terrorist nicknamed as Zeid was killed   together with another terrorist " Bilal" in confrontation with the armed forces in Daraya, while three cars  were destroyed with the  terrorists inside them and  one terrorist group members were either killed or wounded in al-Huseineyah near al-Zeizafoun canteen.

In Aleppo, scores of terrorists were eliminated  in Allirmoun and  Kafr Naha ,  following  the destruction of a number of terrorists shelters in Rasem al-Abboud, in Baghdad street and Hraitan , according to an official source.

The source added that another  army unit left a number of terrorists killed or wounded in Allirmoun in Aleppo and confiscated  an armored vehicle including  12 armor-piercing shell and one  anti-tank .

Meantime, 22 members  of one terrorist group were killed and many others  wounded while they were trying to booby trap a car   in Bustan al-Qaser area in Aleppo.

In a qualitative operation in  Idleb countryside , the armed forces targeted  a concentration for terrorists  in al-Rouj plain,  and left them killed or wounded  and destroyed two vehicles (pickup) fitted with two machine guns.

The operation resulted in the  killing  of several terrorists  including Abdul Razzaq al-Abboud and wounding many other.

Some 12 terrorists were arrested while trying to  attack Qatee  checkpoint  in rural Idleb.

Several terrorists concentrations were destroyed in al-Rastan area in  rural Homs, while direct hits were achieved  in the ranks of the terrorists ,in two qualitative operations carried out by the  armed forces  in al-Latamenah  and Maan towns in Hama countryside.

In Abu Obeida village of  rural Mhardeh, all members of an  armed terrorist group were killed, and  3 locally rockets and launch  base and  500 narcotic pills  were confiscated from  the devastated terrorists.


Syria Times




Syria will remain impervious ,says al-Halqi

DAMASCUS, (ST) – Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi affirmed on Monday  that the government will continue providing all that the citizens need and repairing what was damaged by terrorists"the government will do its utmost  to enable  citizens to return to their homes as soon as possible and restore security and stability to the country,"said al-Halqi.

Al-Halqi's remarks came during a ceremony to honor the families of martyrs from the working class, "the Syrian Arab Army is carrying out its duties and pursuing terrorists who tamper with the country's security, while the government, NGOs, civil society and popular activities are continuing work to achieve reconciliation and dialogue, leading to democratic and pluralistic Syria through ballots,underscored al-Halqi.

He said that the aggression against Syria seeks to destroy and fragment it and rejects all reforms and calls for dialogue, stressing that Syria is waging war against salafi, takfiri armed terrorist groups supported by the US, Israel, Europe, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

"Syria will remain impervious, saluting the steadfastness of the Syrian people and their sacrifices, voicing confidence that Syrians are capable of moving forward to create Syria's bright future,stredded al-Halqi.


President Al-Assad Holds ‘constructive ’ Talks with UN Envoy

 DAMASCUS,(ST)_President Bashar Al-Assad held on Monday ‘constructive and cordial’ talks with the UN Envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi.

The meeting revolved around the latest developments in Syria,  outcomes of the Envoy’s talks recently held to help solve the crisis in Syria, and cooperation between the Syrian Government and the UN Envoy, SANA reported.

President Al-Assad underscored the Syrian Government’s keenness on success of every effort serving the Syrian people’s interest and preserving sovereignty and independence of Syria.

The meeting was attended by Foreign and Expatriate Minister, Presidency’s  Press Advisor, Deputy FM, and FM’s  Assistant.

The UN Envoy’s today-visit is the third since the assumption of his post.

 Brahimi, following the talks with President Al-Assad, pointed out that the talks tackled  the steps that could be taken in the future as to help the Syrian people to exit from this crisis,"

Brahimi blasted the news fabricated About postponed meeting with President Al-Assad and Russian mediations with the President as to meet him as ''groundless.''

B. Qaddour




Ahmed Baaj appointed as Director General of al Wihdah Foundation

Prime Minister, Dr. Wa’il Al Halaqi, yesterday issued a decision in which he assigned the position of Director General of al Wihdah Foundation for Press Printing, Publishing and Distribution to Ahmed Baaj.

The former director, Dr. Khalaf al Meftah, was appointed a deputy Information Minister.


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