Syrian Arab army carries out operations outside Damascus, Aleppo, Idlib

PROVINCES,(ST)_South and East areas of Damascus countryside are still witnessing a series of operations against foreign-backed terrorist groups, as the competent authorities seize a truck loaded with weapons in the central Homs province.

In details, units of the armed forces targeted today several terrorist groupings and their weapons in alDyabeyeh, alHseneyeh, Hajjira and surroundings of alBahdaleyeh areas, south of Damascus countryside.

In this context, an official source stated that many terrorists were eliminated in the said areas, noting that a field hospital containing stolen medicines and equipment were found in alDyabeyeh area.

It added that more terrorists were killed in Zamalka, Erbin, Jobar, Kafer Batna, Ein Tarma, and alShefoneyeh areas  east of Damascus countryside, citing that a tunnel was found in Jobar area. 

Clashes in Aleppo

At the same time, it was reported that army's operations continued in  northern Aleppo province and several buildings surrounding al-Rashedin quarter in the city which became under the army's control.

The operations targeted terrorists east of  Aleppo central prison, in towns of Meneg, alAlqameyeh, al-Zera'a, Kafer Anton, and on Andan-Hayyan road.

Other operations were reportedly carried out in several towns in Idlib countryside which resulted in wiping out several hideouts of terrorists from al-Nusra Front.

Army seizes a truck loaded with weapons

In the central Homs province, the competent authorities confiscated a truck loaded with weapons and ammunitions in alWaer quarter amid reports of shelling terrorist groupings in alKhaledeyeh and al-Qarabis quarters in the city and in other several towns.  

On the other hand, the competent authorities nabbed two wanted terrorists at Ter'Maalla checkpoint, east of Homs countryside.


Telkalakh Citizens Celebrated Restoring Security

HOMS,(ST)_ Citizens of Telkalakh city  and its neighboring villages ton Thursday gathered in the city square to celebrate the return of security and stability to the city and rid it of armed terrorist groups, by the heroes of the Syrian Arab army. 

The participants expressed joy for the return of stability and security to their city , arguing the importance of dialogue undertaken by the concerned authorities in Homs and its results that led to regularize the situation of many  misled citizens in the city.


 Ahmad Munir Muhammad, the  Governor of Homs stressed that this  gathering is the real answer to the allegations to the  media partner to the crime of shedding the Syrian blood and the ongoing attempts to stir up sedition among the Syrian people and the incitement against the  state and its institutions and  national army.

He explained that the governorate  completed a topographic study  to  establish an industrial zone in Telkalakh at an area of 81 hectares to provide job opportunities for its people.

He called on  people of the city Telkalakh who were  forced by the armed terrorist groups to leave their homes to return back , especially since a lot of people of the city had settled their situation and are  exercising normal life .

.The governor listened to the demands raised by the citizens during his tour of a number of neighborhoods, stressing that the province will work to solve all raised problems .. 

He also inspected  reality of health services at Telkalakh  National Hospital and work  at al-Dabbouseyah border center with Lebanon. 

The governor said that efforts will be made to rehabilitate the hospital to be able to provide full health and medical services to citizens in the area Talkalkh , while at al-Dabbouseyah  border point, the governor  called on the need for compliance with the laws and ensuring  facilities for all citizens. 


T. Fateh




Syrian Arab army discovers a bomb-making factory and tunnel in Barzeh quarter

PROVINCES,(ST)_Units of the armed forces have found a bomb-making factory and a tunnel in one of the eastern suburbs outside the capital, and have wiped out several hideouts of al-Nusra Front-linked terrorists in Daraa and north Lattakia countryside.

According to an official source, the factory and the tunnel were found today in Barzeh suburb and they contained tens of booby-traps, explosives, and weapons.

The source clarified that the 30-meter tunnel had been used by the terrorists to store weapons and to move between al-Hesweh and Tallet al-Mestah areas.  

Meanwhile, the armed forces continued targeting foreign-backed terrorists in Harasta, al-Qabon and Jobar suburbs, north of Damascus countryside, where unknown number of terrorists were killed.

Al-Pullman garage under army's control

They, also, imposed control over al-Pullman garage in Harasta suburb after vanquishing terrorists from it.

This development followed by the restoration of stability and security to al-Qaryatayn city in the eastern Homs countryside after cleansing it of terrorists.

As for operations in Lattakia countryside, a military source stated that the armed forces shelled several hideouts of al-Nusra Front-affiliated terrorists in towns of Ketf al-Remman, Mahmeyet al-Foronloq, al-Rabe'a, al-Shoroq.

It added that most of the killed terrorists were foreign nationals.

Other terrorists were reportedly eliminated in a series of operations in many areas in the Daraa, Aleppo and Idlib provinces.

The operations also resulted in destroying various types of weapons including heavy machine guns and mortars. 

Suicide bomb  hit  Bab Sharqi

A suicide attack  outside "Dar al-Ihsan" charity in "Tal al-Fida" street in the Bab Sharqi  in Damascus  has left four people dead and eight injured.

An official source told press that  the bomber was wearing a suicide belt and blew himself up outside the Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox church.

Some shops were damaged in the blast.


Al-Zou'bi: Syrian leadership's vision for solving crisis based on rejecting intervention

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Information Minister has said that the Syrian leadership proposed a clear-cut vision for resolving the crisis in the country based on rejecting all forms of political and military intervention.

Omran al-zou'bi has underscored that Syria will continue confronting any attempt to intervene in its internal affairs till achieving victory.

He was speaking as he met, Mahfoz Wild Ezaz, Secretary General of the Socialist Democratic Unionist Party in Mauritania.

The minister noted that Syria is not worried  about media and military escalation because it believes that great goals require  great sacrifices at all levels.

Arab official regime

On the other hand, Al-Zoubi explicitly declared that Syria has never trusted in the Arab official regime as it is 'US umbrella and fragile establishment'.

"Syria was not surprised at attitudes of some states," he said, adding that the Arab League and all its organizations serve but the west's interests and demands of the Arab official regime.

The minister, in addition, talked about the role of media propaganda in misleading Arab peoples at the beginning of the crisis in the country.

He sees that the Baath Arab Socialist Party (BASP) and Nasserite movement have played a key role in confronting western plots , citing that the political plan in Syria is based on national unity at internal, Arab and national levels.

Syria is the frontline

For his part, Wild Ezaz said that Syria is the Arab frontline in confronting the western-Zionist aggression and defending Arab causes and Holy Shrines.

"Gulf States, which support aggression on Syria, are the best example of 'democracy of the western dictations, corruption and subordination' that they want to spread in the Arab world," he added.

He warned against continuity of issuing fatwas for fomenting sedition in Syria.

"Today, Syria is defending all Arab peoples and its objective thinking defends Mauritania strategically," Wild Ezaz added.

He hailed sacrifices being offered by the Syrian Arab army for defending homeland and great efforts being exerted by national media to explain what is going on in the country.

Basma Qaddour 

Late President Hafez Al-Assad: No Force on Earth Can Stop us from Restoring All Our Rights

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ The Late President Hafez Al-Assad hoisted  on June 26th 1974  the Syrian Arab flag fluttering in the sky of the liberated city of Quneitra. On this glorious occasion, the late President Hafez Al-Assad said: " Words are powerless to describe this event. I can only say that the people’s will is invincible, and nation is above all else. We should continue preparing for the expulsion of the enemy from every inch of our Arab territories. I am optimistic of our victory and future, as I am confident that no force on this earth can stop us from restoring  all our rights. All those supporters within sight are always ready to sacrifice, and  make efforts in order to achieve their will to confirm their freedom in this country and the Arab world. The Syrian people will remain a beacon for the Arab nation as well as a symbol of sacrifice. These masses will ever remain an illuminant glare for freedom, homeland liberation, and Arab nation dignity. "

"You were on an appointment with the sixth of October, an October of glory and honor, where all subsequent months are waiting to prove this year that the horse who once receded has risen again. This country is the home of valiant soldiers protecting it. As the Arab nation is worldwide known, as a radiant civilization and as a cradle of courage and heroism.

In October then  in Golan Wars, in all sites and battles, you have  fought gloriously. You have hold heads high through your  wonderful resistance and brave combat. Thus, Arabs hold their heads in glory in each of their home countries. All the Arab nation has offered condolences from Ocean to Gulf.  You became role models and legendary, after having smashed the enemy’s arrogance, and demolished its ego.  Giving the enemy war lessons in land, air and sea, lessons it will never forget. Proving that the weapon in your hands is a weapon in the hands of the heroes, competent fighters, faithful to their nation cause, experienced in fighting arts, well trained on modern weapons.

Dear brothers and sons:

In Teeshrin (October)  and  Golan Wars, we have raised up the slogan "No turning back, no retreat before the enemy, no movement but forward ", And you have incarnated that logo on the ground.

When you moved forward, you were heroes. when you stood fast  in your positions you were heroes. By your progress and resistance, you won this round, which forced the enemy to retreat from part of our land, after having profaned it through  seven years of occupation. History will record that we, by sweat and blood, have liberated this part of our land, and by  sweat and blood we will liberate what remains of our sweet Arab land.
Teeshrin and Golan Wars have proved that man is the decisive factor in the battle, as well as in achieving victory. The sole fighting soldier, not the  weapon, is who decides the outcome of the war.

As Teeshrin and Golan epics were harsh, the forthcoming ones should be. Moreover,  they should be more intense and fierce. The battle is a battle of destiny. The enemy is avaricious of our land, but our land is sacred, we will not allow him to profane it. We have dedicated ourselves and possessions to defend it, and by  identified martyrdom is the  way to achieve our goal . "


Translation:" L. A.

Hoisting the Syrian Flag in Liberated Quneitra

In the life of nations and people, there are many great occasions which embody their deep-rooted presence and authentic identity and promote it to continue the struggle process.

The day of hoisting the Syrian Arab flag in the liberated city of Quneitra on June 26th, 1974, is one of the everlasting days in our contemporary history. On that day, the Syrian people crowned their struggle to liberate part of the nation after October Liberation War.

On this very glorious day, the late President Hafez Al-Assad said: ''All words aren't suffice to describe this occasion. I can say in brief that the will of the people is invincible, and the homeland is second to none. We have to pursue preparations as to expel the enemy from every span of the occupied Arab territories. I am confident in victory, future and confident that no power whatsoever can deter us from restoring our rights in full.'' 

The day of hosting the Syrian flag in Quneitra is the result to the Syrians' struggle for the liberation of the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. This anniversary embodies the Syrian people's spirit of sacrifice, and determination to achieve the national and pan-Arab objectives  in commitment to the noble principles consolidated by the late President Hafez Al-Assad, the builder of Modern Syria.

On the anniversary of hoisting the Syrian flag, the tragic reality of the Israeli occupation of the Syrian Golan and the compulsory displacement of the Syrian citizens in June 1967 can't be ignored.

The number of the Syrians in the region occupied in 1967 was 138,000 inhabitants and the number of people displaced by Israel during and after the aggression was 131,000 Syrians, which means that only 7,000 Syrians remained in the occupied Golan. The number of the Syrians under the yoke of Israeli occupation stands now at more than 25,000 Syrians surrounded by more than 35 Israeli illegal settlements, not to mention the tens of military barracks and arms stockpiles.

In fact, the operations of compulsory displacement and building settlements pursued by the Israeli occupation in the occupied Golan is considered a war crime according to Geneva Conventions and international law. The Israeli practices in the occupied Golan flagrantly violate and contradict all international laws, human rights charters and relevant resolutions of the UNSC and General Assembly.

It is worthy to note, for example, that the UNSC issued on December 17 , 1981 resolution No. 497 stipulating that: “the decision of Israel to impose its laws and administrative authority on the occupied Syrian Golan is considered null and void”. This resolution condemns Israel’s decision to annex the Golan as an action violating principles of the International Law.

The Syrian Arab people in the occupied Golan are incessantly confronting the Israeli practices, defending their land, identity and belonging to the motherland, Syria. The Syrian people of Golan are still resisting the Israeli occupation, asserting their strong relation with their country, Syria, and expressing their national and pan-Arab identity.

The process of rebuilding the Israeli-destroyed villages of the liberated Quneitra was officially launched in March 2005 at the directives of H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad.


     I  Abdulkarim

As long as the US , EU continue sending weapons to the armed terrorist groups, "rebels" will not come to negotiating table- Jaafari

NEWYORK,(ST)_ Syria 's Permanent representative to the UN Dr. said that Fernandez Tranko UN  Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs did not provide a complete picture of the situation in the Middle East, concerning the Arab-Israeli conflict and the Palestinian issue .

al-Jaafari told a news conference after a meeting of the Security Council last that Tranko ignored the role played by Qatar in giving instructions to terrorists to kidnap members of the Philippine unit working in UNDOF and that the Syrian government requested investigation of terrorists use of chemical weapons and is still waiting for Aki Selistroum team to arrive and investigate terrorists use of chemical weapon in Khan al-Asal in Aleppo.

On whether the Syrian government trusts the UN inspectors Jaafari said: We do not have any problem about the inspectors, but we have a problem with the framework and details about the inspection task.

al-Jaafari questioned why no one debated the issue raised by Russian President Vladimir Putin when said that al-Qaeda and "al-Nusra Front " have secret laboratories for the manufacture of chemical weapons in Iraq ?

In response to a question about the outcome of Tuesday talks between Washington and Moscow in Geneva Jaafari said: " We did not receive any information from the parties and we do not know what happened in Geneva, I heard what you have heard from Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN envoy to Syria and Mikhail Bogdanov, to that no progress was achieved", noting, " as long as the U.S. administration and the EU continue sending weapons to the armed terrorist groups, the so called  "rebels" will not come to the negotiating table because they know they are supported politically,militarily, financially and logistically.

Jaafari also wondered, how they (rebels) will come to the negotiations in Geneva as they get billions of dollars from Qataris and the Saudis,receive logistical assistance from the Turkish government and weapons from Western powers.

"The Qataris and Saudis drowned the UN organization with petrodollar and they are buying it", Jaafari stressed, noting the official messages Syria addressed to the members of the Security Council and Secretary-General that everyone can find on the internet and that " I have since the beginning of the crisis sent 408 messages in which I described every detail associated with each incident ."

Replying a question about the international conference on Syria, Jaafari said that Syria's position is clear and committed on the need to hold an international conference on Syria in Geneva, but at the other side there is no unified opposition, rather several oppositions linked to foreign agendas from where they get financial, political, media and diplomatic support and therefore the ball is in the court of the sponsors of those armed groups to form a negotiating delegation called "the delegation of the opposition" in order to sit with the government in the Geneva Conference.


No meaningful conference if sending weapons to terrorist groups in Syria continues

 In response to a question on the establishment of a national unity government Jaafari replied that this is the purpose of the dialogue and the Syrians participants in the conference are the ones who will decide Syria's future .

He pointed out that a meaningful conference can not be held if the process of sending weapons to terrorist groups in Syria continues, noting that attendees of the conference alongside the representatives of the Syrian government will judge whether the other parties are serious or not.

" We notified since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, in writing, the UN Secretary-General and members of the Security Council on the flow of foreign militants who crossed the border with Lebanon, and asked the Lebanese government to take appropriate action in order to stop the flow of insurgents in addition to our request to the Secretary-General and to the Board security, but unfortunately once again this issue was not mentioned and no action was taken until the kidnapping of the Filipino in the Golan , only then the UN said there is something wrong happening on the separation line related to the security of Israel. They do not talk about the security of Syria.


T. Fateh