Al-Assad Congratulates Pope Francis

DAMASCUS,(ST)-President Bashar Al-Assad sent today(Thursday)a congratulatory cable to Pontiff Francis on his election as pope of the Vatican.

President Al-Assad expressed cordial  congratulation wishing him a success as regards shouldering sublime responsibilities .

Al-Assad underscored the Vatican substantial role in consolidating human ties and spreading amity and cooperation amongst the globe's peoples.


Al-Halqi stresses national media's key role in dialogue

DAMASCUS,(ST)_The ministerial committee entrusted with the implementation of the political plan exchanged with heads and members of the Journalist Union's Executive Bureau and the National Information Council viewpoints about what have been achieved to launch national dialogue.

Prime Minister, who chairs the committee, highly appreciated sacrifice given up by national reporters to unveil conspiracy hatched against the country, SANA reported.

Dr.Wael al-Halqi talked, in the gathering, about outcomes of talks held with different political and social parties to bring about common visions in order to communicate with all Syrian people and pave the ground for the national dialogue based on tolerance, love, and rejection of violence and killing.

He underscored that the national political and peaceful solutions are the only way to surpass the crisis without foreign meddling, adding that Syrian leadership is serious in call for national dialogue.

"The Syrian government is working hard to restore stability and security all over the country, reform public sector and realize sustainable development." The PM said.

The members of the JU's Executive Bureau and the National Information Council, who voiced their support for the political plan, proposed several ideas focused on dealing seriously with economic issues, corruption, and abduction.

They cited need for reactivating mechanism of dialogue and communication with university and school students.

Frank talks

Following the meeting, Taleb Qadi Amin, the Information Council's Head, told reporters: "the meeting was transparent. The government answered all the questions frankly."

The JU's Head, Elias Murad, said the meeting discussed the Syrian expatriates' role in dialogue, and the question of the displaced citizens.

The ministerial committee includes Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Ministers of Information, Justice, National Reconciliation, Transport, Industry, Red Crescent Affairs, and People's Assembly Affairs.


Basma Qaddour

Two mortar rounds landed near orphanage in Damascus

Damascus,(ST)_Terrorists fired on Wednesday two mortar rounds landed near 'al-Aman' Orphanage in a populated area in Damascus leaving causalities.


Armed forces shell several al-Nusra Front terrorists' hideouts

PROVINCES,(ST)_Units of Armed forces killed on Wednesday dozens of al-Nusra Front-affiliated terrorists in different areas in Damascus countryside and Der Ezzour province.

According to SANA, the armed forces hunted down terrorist groups in, al-Hajar al-Aswad, al-Hseneya, and several alleys in Daraya areas (in Damascus countryside) and killed or injured most of their members.

They also bombarded terrorists' hideouts in the said areas, and seized weapons.

Moreover, the armed forces foiled an attempt to detonate eight explosive devices in Daraya city. 

In Der Ezzour province, the armed forces killed yesterday a number of terrorists of Arab nationality, who were attacking locals of al-Rashedeya area and looting their properties. 

Elsewhere, the armed forces frustrated terrorist groups' attempt to sneak into Syria from Lebanon through illegal crossings in Tal-Kalkh area (in Homs).

Some of the terrorist groups' members were killed while the remained run away towards Lebanon.

The Syrian armed forces are fighting the foreign-backed terrorist groups in several provinces to restore stability and security to the country.

Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, France, Britain, and the US support, fund and train the terrorist groups, who perpetrate criminal acts against citizens all over Syria and destroy its infrastructure.


International Organization: Terrorist Groups in Syria Recruit Children in Military Activities

LONDON, (ST) - The international "Save the Children" organization in charge of defending children's rights revealed in a new report that the number of children being recruited by armed terrorist groups in Syria is continuously increasing.

The BBC quoted the londin-based organization as saying in its report titled "Childhood under Fire" that some children are being forced to be recruited in military activities and sometimes children under 18 are used by armed terrorist groups as human shields. The organization also stressed that recruiting children in military operations contradicts international law and it is an open violation of their rights.

The Organization pointed out that statistics by an observatory group uncovers that since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, 17 children linked to armed groups were killed and a big number was seriously wounded.

UN official Radica Kumar Asuami said last June that the "armed opposition is accused of using children as fighters and by doing this they violate international agreements which ban child recruitment."

The armed terrorist groups in Syria contain mercenaries trained by Turkey and United States and financed by some Gulf countries. Turkey provides protection and security to the terrorists in the Syrian-Turkish borders area and paves the way for their infiltration into Syria to commit killing, assassination, bombing, kidnapping and torture crimes to destabilize Syria.


H. Mustafa    

preparatory meetings for national dialogue get underway in al-Suwaida

Within the framework of al - Swaida current preparations for electing its representatives to participate in the national dialogue the subordinate Committee which is in charge for calling the national opposition and all the involved parties at al – Sweida governorate to take part in the anticipated conference of national dialogue has met recently.

Representatives of the Syrian national social party and the Syrian communist party attended the meeting.

The subordinate committee discussed with the representatives of the two parties the mechanism for drawing a political programme for electing their representative to take part at The country comprehensive national dialogue and they also discussed the needed steps for implementing the country 's national dialogue to end its crisis .

Head of the subordinate committee Atif al – Naddaf cited the important of exchanging ideas and views of the society's various parties to enhance the dialogue initiative and to make it a success . He also asserted the committee's  keenness in meeting all the national    political parties and sending all the suggestions before  the concerned ministerial committee which is in charge for supervising the implementation of the political program as regarding ending the crisis though dialogue

General Secretary of the Arab Ba'ath Socialist Party at - swaida Branch Shibli Janoud  spoke about the subordinate committee's mission regarding  calling the national opposition , namely the religious , political and the society's civil associations to participate at the forthcoming dialogue.

For his part , general secretary of the Arab Socialist Union Party at the governorate asserted his party's  full support  for the political  solution programme  of the crisis, highlighting the programme's role in settling the country's current ordeal .

He also called on all the national political parties for exerting intensive efforts to stop violence through ending the crisis .

The general secretary also asserted the success of the political dialogue, referring to the importance of conducting a national conference under the umbrella of the homeland .

Member of al-Swieda Political Bureau for the Syrian  Communist Party  Rafaa abu Saad cited the importance of the participation of the progressive national front as one bloc at the national dialogue .

He also drew a special plan for conducting a consultative meetings in the governorate's cities and villages, asserting the key role the popular dialogue will play in ensuring citizens interests and in reducing their daily suffering due to the crisis.

Nahla Maaz al- Sweida governorate

Media source categorically denies news on stopping young men at checkpoints

DAMASCUS, (ST) – A media source on Tuesday categorically denies news released by some media outlets as regards issuing a general call for joining the army.

"the  military service is a sacred national duty, "asserted the source.

"Allegations ,released by a number of media means, are absolutely untrue concerning stopping  young men at checkpoints and drafted into military service," underscored the source.

The source recalled  that the fatwa issued by the Supreme Iftaa Council is about military service being a duty, and that any misinterpret to this is useless and services the terrorism targeting Syria.

"the Syrian Armed Forces are at  their highest levels of readiness and capability, and that they're well prepared to repel and confront terrorists and defend the security of the country and the citizens,"concluded the source.