Afforestation Campaign in Lattakia to Mark Tree Day and Honor Martyrs' Children

The "Syrian Travelers for Peace and Love" Team, with the participation of the Lattakia Agriculture Directorate, has recently launched an afforestation campaign marking Tree Day. The campaign, in which a number of martyrs' children took part, was carried out in the vilages of “ Bshelee” in Jableh and "Jabal Al-Arba'een" in Qurdaha in Lattakia countryside.

During the campaign titled "Together We Can Build It”, a number of different forest saplings were planted aiming at reviving the areas which have been exposed to fires and the areas where trees were arbitrarily cut down.

In a statement to SANA correspondent, Mr. Tom Duggan, a British journalist who followed up the campaign, expressed happiness over taking part in the event, hailing Syria's steadfastness in the face of the heinous terrorist war.

Army retaliates to terrorists’ breaches and attacks on military posts in Hama countryside

Hama - Army units retaliated to breaches by terrorist groups who attacked military posts positioned in the area to protect the safe towns in Hama northern countryside.

To the north of Mharda city, SANA said that an army unit positioned in the surroundings of Shalyout village responded to breaches by terrorists of the so-called “al-Ezza Brigades” through targeting them with machineguns, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

The villages of Wadi Al-Nadara enjoy Christmas celebrations

The different towns and  villages of Wadi Al-Nadara have been witnessing daily events and festivals marking Christmas since the beginning of December hoping that this year will be a year of peace for all the Syrians and a message to the whole world that Syria deserves life.

Various cultural, artistic, social and recreational events have been held to mark this occasion . To know more about these events , The Syria times e-newspaper met Father. Boutros Hazouri, who said: “The aim of these events, in addition to celebrating, is to bring joy  and happiness to the hearts of everyone, both children and adults and  to provide all that is necessary to them through the various initiatives that we carry out under the sponsorships of the Archdiocese of the Valley. We have held an entertainment festival in Al-Shahara Church for the children of Al-Mouzina and the neighboring villages, where  more than 400 gifts were offered to all participating children and to the poor children who could not have gifts because of their families’ harsh living conditions. Love, Gratuitously and Giving are the values that we want to instill in these children because they are the builders of the better future.

A Santa Claus carnival was also held where about 60 young men and women dressed in Santa Claus walked in the streets of the town, offering gifts and sweets to children . They also provided financial assistance to poor families in addition to performing  Prayers in which we ask God to bring peace to all the cities and villages of Syria, to protect the army , have mercy upon all martyrs and bring back all the kidnapped and missing people. All of us will tolerate the wounds because our country deserves life and we deserve to live peacefully  in the land of peace.. We will eliminate the culture of death and rebuild what has been destroyed by terrorism”.

Rally in Deir Ezzor to Welcome Syrian Arab Army's Entry to Manbej, Condemn Turkish Threats

DEIR EZZOR, (ST)- Citizens in the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor on Friday held a rally in one of the city's main squares to welcome the Syrian Arab Army's entry to Manbej and to condemn the threats of the Turkish regime of launching aggression on the Syrian territories.

The participants raised the Syrian flags and chanted slogans greeting the Syrian army and glorifying its heroic deeds, expressing their happiness over the army's entry to Manbej in Aleppo's northern countryside and the raising of the Syrian flag over this area.

Bahrain Announces Resumption of Work at Its Embassy in Damascus

MANAMA, (ST)- The Bahraini Foreign Ministry has announced that Bahrain will resume operations at its embassy in Damascus.

The announcement came only a day after the UAE officially reopened its diplomatic mission in Syria.
 Bahrain’s state news agency BNA quoted the Foreign Ministry of Bahrain as saying in a statement that "Bahrain is keen on continuous brotherly relations with the Syrian Arab Repعblic and it stresses the importance of reactivating and consخlidating Arab action as to preserve Syria's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Syrian Arab Army Enters Manbej, Raises Syrian Flag over the Area

DAMASCUS, (ST)-The Syrian Arab army has entered Manbej area in Aleppo northern countryside and raised the Syrian flag over the are, according to the Army's General Command.

Foreign Ministry: The Israeli assault on Syria is blatant violation of UNSC resolutions

Damascus – Syria stressed on Wednesday that the Israeli aggression on its territories is a blatant violation of UNSC Resolution No. 350 for the year 1974 on Separation of Forces Agreement, as this aggression comes in the framework of the constant Israeli attempts to prolong the crisis in Syria and the war of terrorism and to raise the morale of the remnants of terrorists, SANA reported.

In two identical letters sent to the UN Secretary General and Head of the Security Council, Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that authorities of the Israeli occupation launched on 25th of December, 2018 a new assault on territories of the Syrian Arab Republic in a flagrant violation of UNSC Resolution NO. 350 through targeting several military and civil positions in Damascus and its countryside with missiles, adding that the assault coincided with a time when streets were crowded with civilians celebrating Christmas for the first time after Damascus and its countryside were cleaned of terrorism.

The Ministry continued to say that the attempts of the authorities of the Israeli occupation to terrify the Syrian people in a holy day constitutes conclusive evidence that what “Israel” is doing is not different from what the terrorist organizations of Daesh and Jabhat al-Nusra do, as the authorities of the Israeli occupation has moved to a new stage practicing the terror of state directly after its agents (the terrorist groups) were defeated.