Army Command: Zionist Enemy Attacks Syrian Military Position in Quneitra Countryside

DAMASCUS- Army and Armed Forces General Command said that the Israeli enemy attacked a Syrian military position in Quneitra Countryside, causing material damage.

The army’s Command added that the Israeli aggression came after terrorists had launched mortar shells, upon the instructions of the Israeli entity, on an area of empty land inside the occupied territories to give the Israeli enemy a pretext to carry out its aggression, according to SANA.

Martyr Maj. Gen Issam Zahr Eddin escorted to final resting place in Sweida

Sweida - The body of late Maj. Gen Issam Zahr Eddin was escorted to his final place in Sweida amidst popular and official participation.

Martyr Zahr Eddin was martyred while performing his national duty to defend the homeland in Hawjit Saqar area to the east of Deir Ezzor city on Wednesday.

Representing President Bashar al-Assad, Minister of Presidential Affairs Mansour Azzam attended the funeral ceremony.

Azzam offered condolences over the martyrdom of Zahr Eddin to the Syrians and the martyr’s family.

Army discovers Israeli-made weapons inside ISIS hideouts in al-Mayadeen

Deir Ezzor - Army units discovered large amounts of weapons, ammunition and explosive devices, some of which are Israeli- made in al-Mayadeen city in southeastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.

A field commander said the weapons included several kinds of heavy, medium and light weapons, some of which are of Israeli –made, mortars, ammunition, and NATO -made weapons and other European and western countries, SANA reported.

The commander added that the weapons also included armored and artillery equipment, large quantities of anti-armor ,  a 155 mm cannon  with a range of up to 40 km,  of NATO- made.

Sabbagh: Several Countries Started to Reconsider Their Policies towards Syria

St. Petersburg- Speaker of People’s Assembly, Hammouda Sabbagh stressed that several states started to reconsider their policies towards Syria, asserting that parliamentary delegations will visit Damascus during the upcoming period to get acquainted with the truth of the situation in the country, according to SANA.

Sabbagh told SANA in a statement on Thursday at the conclusion of the activities of the General Assembly of the International Parliamentary Union (IPU) held recently in St. Petersburg in Russia, that the Syrian Arab Republic delegation to the meeting spared no efforts to illustrate the suffering of the Syrian people due to the coercive unilateral economic measures imposed on them by some countries which negatively affects their livelihood.

UNSC Permanent Members' Support For Zionist Entity Encourages It to Behave Arrogantly, Commit Crimes: Al-Jaafari

NEW YORK, (ST)-The support provided to Israel by Security Council Permanent member states encourages it to behave arrogantly and commit violations that amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity, Syria's Permanent Representative at the United Nations Bashar Al-Jaafari has stressed.

During a Security Council Session on the situation in the Middle East on Wednesday, al-Jaafari criticized the statement of the British representative which expressed the pride of the successive governments of his country in Balfour Declaration, which is legally known at the international level as "a promise from who doesn’t own to who doesn’t deserve.”

Army retakes new areas in Deir Ezzor, kills scores of ISIS terrorists in Hawijit Saqar

Deir Ezzor - Army units, operating in Deir Ezzor, restored control over Islah al-Husseineh and the Paper Factory as they launched a wide-scale military operation to root out the last gatherings of ISIS terrorists in Hawijit Saqar on the eastern rank of Euphrates River.

SANA said that army units established control over Islah al-Husseineh and the Paper Factory and advanced on the eastern rank of Euphrates River towards al-Junina village, adding that army units, backed by air force and artillery, killed a large number of ISIS terrorists after engaging in heavy clashes with them.

SANA said that army units launched a military operation to retake Hawijit Saqar and achieved a significant advance in the area after killing many terrorists and destroying some of their vehicles.

On the axis of al-Mayadeen, SANA said that army’s engineering units continued dismantling landmines and IEDs in the areas which were liberated on Tuesday.

Mikdad Warns of Turkish Policies’ Future Consequences on the Region

DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE-Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Fayssal Mikdad warned that the policies of the Turkish regime will later harm the unity and territorial integrity of Turkey, blaming it for stirring trouble in the region.

Mikdad’s comments came during his meeting Wednesday with al-Baath Party officials in al-Tal city in Damascus countryside, according to SANA.

Syria condemns the recent incursion of Turkish forces into Idleb province which, he said, is a “blatant aggression against the Syrian sovereignty and safety, and a grave breach of international law.”

Turkey’s conduct is at variance with the commitments it made during Astana talks and the points that have been agreed upon, contrary to the Turkish regime claims,” he added.