Military source: Air defense system intercepts hostile missiles in Lattakia

Lattakia - A military source announced on Monday that air defense system intercepted hostile missiles coming from the sea into Lattakia city and confronted a number of them before reaching their targets.

Earlier, SANA said that an aggression on Lattakia has targeted the Technical Industries’ establishment, adding that the air defenses intercepted and downed a number of the missiles.

Agreement on Establishing Demilitarized Zone in Idleb

SOCHI-Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that he discussed with President of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Sochi the situation in Syria, particularly in Idleb.

 “We expressed Moscow’s concern over the danger represented by the presence of terrorist organizations in Idleb on Aleppo and the Russian Air base in Hmeimem,” Putin said at a press conference with Erdogan.

He announced that agreement has been made to establish a deep demilitarized zone in Idlib region by Oct. 15 and be 15-20 kilometers (9-12 miles) deep, adding that “this stance is supported by the Syrian government,” according to SANA.

Army inflicts heavy losses upon terrorists in countryside of Hama and Idleb

Provinces – Army units targeted with artillery fires hideouts and positions of snipers of the terrorist groups in the village of Tal Othman and its surroundings in the northern countryside of Hama Province, killing or injuring many of the terrorists.

SANA said that army units observed works of tunnel digging by bulldozers and building barricades by terrorists of the so-called al-Ezza battalions affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra in al-Zaka village in northwestern Hama, where the units targeted them, killing many while the other terrorists fled away.

Ambassador Ala: Reports of Int’l Commission of Inquiry on Situation in Syria Biased

GENEVA– Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva, Ambassador Hussam Eddin Ala stressed Syria’s rejection of the biased and unilateral approach of the international commission of inquiry’s reports in terms of its politicized tackling of the situation in Syria, according to SANA.

In a speech delivered at the 39th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva about the report of the international commission of inquiry on the situation in Syria, Ambassador Ala said on Monday that the proposed report marks a new precedent in the adoption of double standards blatantly in the commission’s investigations and conflates political assessment with professional work as it is also replete with false figures and information, illogical judgments and accusations in contrast to its presentation of the results of the commission’s investigations carried out away from scenes of events.

Khamis casts vote in local administration elections, visits Daraya city

Damascus - Prime Minister Imad Khamis cast his ballot in the elections of the local administration councils at a polling station in Mazzeh 86 neighborhood in Damascus, SANA reported.

Following the voting, Khamis visited Daraya city in Damascus Countryside and met citizens who returned to their homes after securing basic services.

In a press statement after the tour, Khamis said that the elections are a message to the world that Syria has won over terrorism and the Syrian people have returned to a state of normalcy.

He pointed out that the return of life to the city of Daraya and the elections prove to the entire world the truth of what the Syrian State is doing in all areas liberated from terrorism and the great steps it is taking to return services and reconstruction.

Russian MoD: Terrorists prepare for staging chemical provocation in Idleb countryside

Moscow - Russian Ministry of Defense revealed reliable information which affirms that terrorist groups transported canisters containing chlorine gas to the area of Basanqoul, 20 km to the southwest of Idleb City in framework of their preparations for staging a chemical attack with the aim of accusing the Syrian Arab Army of it.

Head of the Russian Coordination Center in Hmeimim in Lattakia Vladimir Savchenko said in a statement issued on Friday that terrorist groups brought canisters of chlorine to the village of Basanqoul in preparation for making a new provocation through using chemical weapons against civilians, SANA reported.

Savchenko indicated that chlorine canisters were brought by terrorists of the so-called “Hayat Tahrir al-Sham” which is the new name of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization which is listed on the list of international terrorism.

Army kills scores of al-Nusra in Hama and Idleb countryside

Hama/Idleb - Units of Syrian Arab Army killed scores of terrorists in the countryside of Idleb and Hama.

SANA said that an army unit directed artillery strikes on a terrorist group affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra while it was infiltrating to the southwestern woodlands of Jisr al-Shughour in the far southwest of Idleb, killing or injuring all its members and destroying their arms.

The sniper terrorist Iyad Kasar Ramoud was identified among the killed terrorists.

In the northern countryside of Hama, the army targeted a group of al-Nusra moving in the area surrounding al-Latamina town, causing casualties among the group.