55 buses transporting hundreds of terrorists and their families leave Quneitra countryside and head to the north of Syria

Quneitra – The first batch of terrorists who rejected settlement were transported from Quneitra countryside along with the families to the north of Syria on Friday evening, in a step towards announcing Quneitra province free of terrorism.

SANA said that 55 buses headed to the north of Syria on Friday evening, leaving via Jaba crossing from Um Batina village where the terrorists from the villages and towns of Quneitra countryside who reject settlement had gathered earlier.

SANA said that the buses were searched carefully to ensure that the terrorists do not take anyone who doesn’t want to leave with them by force.

The evacuation of the remaining terrorists and their families is due to be continued on Saturday, while those who wish to remain will have their legal status settled, SANA added.

This process is part of the agreement reached on Thursday, which stipulates for the return of the Syrian Arab Army to the positions it was stationed in prior to 2011, and for the terrorists who reject the settlement to leave to Idleb, in addition to resolving the legal status of those who wish to remain.

Earlier in the day, SANA said that Syrian Arab Army units entered on Friday morning to Ayn al-Tina and Qarqas villages in the countryside of Quneitra after terrorists exited them.

Army liberates 21 villages and farms in Daraa and Quneitra countryside

Damascus - A number of villages, towns and farms were liberated in the countryside of Daraa and Quneitra amid a dramatic collapse in the terrorists’ ranks.

A military source told SANA that a number of villages, towns and farms in the countryside of Daraa and Quneitra were liberated on Friday due to the advance of army units operating in the southern region and the rapid collapse in terrorists’ ranks.

The source added that the liberated towns and villages are: al-Nassria, Abu Katf, al-Mqibra, Ayn Frikha, Abu Ghara, al-Qsiba, Manqaret al-Alam, Mazraet al-Zakzaka, Ayn al-Maqam, al-Mza’ala, Rasm al-Bajras, al-Bajras, Rasm al-Qata, Ayn al-Tina, al-Swiqa, Manshit al-Swiqa, Ayn al-Zaitoun, Rasm al-Manbitah, al-Dwaia al-Kabira, al-Dwaia al-Saghira and al-Haja.

Eshtabraq’s Freed Abductees and Hundreds of Kefraya and al-Fouaa Locals Arrive in Lattakia City

LATTAKIA- Freed abductees of Ishtapraq village and hundreds of Kefraya and al-Fouaa towns arrived in Lattakia city on Friday, SANA reported.

 Citizens in Lattakia city gathered before the Arabic Culture Center welcoming 33 abductees previously held by terrorist organizations in Idleb countryside who arrived in Lattakia city after being liberated, SANA reporter in Lattakia said.

Army liberates new villages in Daraa countryside

Daraa - Units of the Syrian Arab Army liberated on Thursday the villages of Kherbit al-Tair and al-Sheikh Saad in Daraa countryside.

A military source told SANA that army units liberated the two villages after heavy clashes with terrorist groups.

The source added that scores of terrorists were killed and their arms were destroyed during the clashes while the rest of them fled and the army units are pursuing their remnants.

News on agreement in Quneitra on evacuation of terrorists unwilling for settlement

Damascus - There is news on reaching an agreement in Quneitra stipulating for the evacuation of terrorists unwilling for settlement to Idleb, SANA said.

SANA indicated that according to the agreement, the legal status for those who are willing to stay will be settled.

The agreement also provides for the return of the Syrian Arab Army to its pre-2011 points.

The agreement comes after a number of settlement agreements in the southern region due to the successive achievements of the Syrian Arab army to root out terrorism from Daraa and Quneitra Provinces.

The Army liberated a number of villages and overlooking hills and this hastened the surrender of militants and joining a number of villages and towns to reconciliation in preparation for the entry of the army units to them.

Israeli-made weapons from terrorists’ remnants found in Aqrab town in southern Hama

Hama – Competent authorities found weapons and ammunition, some of which were Israeli-made, from terrorists’ remnants in Aqrab town in Hama southern countryside.

SANA said that while the army was combing Aqrab town, the competent authorities uncovered a tunnel as well as weapons and ammunition, some of which were Israeli-made.

SANA added that an Israeli-made grenade launcher, sniper rifles, mortar rounds, RPG launchers and huge amounts of ammunition were among the discovered items.

Armed groups continue to hand over heavy weapons in Daraa al-Balad

Daraa - Armed groups positioned in Daraa al-Balad area continued on Wednesday to hand over their medium and heavy weapons in the framework of the ongoing reconciliation process in Daraa province.

SANA said that the received weapons included three tanks, two BMP vehicles, four heavy cannons, six loads for those cannons, two 23 mm machineguns and three mortar launching pads.

Last Wednesday, an agreement between the Syrian state and terrorist groups in Daraa al-Balad was reached, stipulating that heavy and medium weapons be handed over by terrorist groups. The agreement, which includes the areas of Daraa al-Balad, the Dam Road, the Camp, Sajna, al-Manshyia, Gharaz and the Silos, also provides for settling the legal status of militants who are willing to have their cases settled.