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Occupation, Aggression and Foreign Interference Hinder Achieving Peace in the Middle East: Al-Jaafari

NEW YORK, (ST)- The Israeli occupation of Arab territories, including the Syrian Golan, has been the main cause of conflicts in the Middle East and the reason for not achieving peace and stability in this region, Syria's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Bashar Al-Jaafari stressed.

During a Security Council session on Tuesday on the "Maintenance of international peace and security", al-Jaafari said that peace and security in the Middle East have been hindered by some countries, clarifying that the challenges facing the achievement of peace and security in the region are the result of occupation, aggression and different forms of foreign intervention in the internal affairs of the Middle East countries, including attempts to overthrow governments by force and terrorism.

Syrian Army's Operation against Terrorists in Idleb "Absolutely Legitimate": Russian MP

MOSCOW, (ST)- The First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee for Foreign Affairs, Vladimir Jabarov has stressed that the Syrian Arab army's operation against terrorists in Idleb is "absolutely legitimate".

"The Syrian army is doing its duty, which is defending the Syrian lands against terrorists," Jabarov said in a statement on Monday, pointing out that Russia supports Syria's counterterrorism efforts.

The Russian parliamentarian reiterated his country's rejection of any kind of intervention by any country in Syria without a request from the Syrian government.

Putin to Macron: Russia Supports Syrian Army's Efforts to Neutralize Terrorist Threats in Idlib

FORT DE BREGANCON /France- Russia supports the Syrian government army’s efforts against terrorists in the Idlib governorate as it is the location used by terrorists as a launching attack point, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday at a joint news conference ahead of talks with his French counterpart, Emanuel Macron.

He drew attention to the fact that before the establishment of a demilitarized zone in Idlib terrorists had controlled fifty percent of its territory whereas now 90% of Idlib’s territory was controlled by terrorists. "We see them staging attacks from there. Moreover, and it is very dangerous, we see militants moving from this region to other parts of the world, and it is an extremely dangerous thing," he said, according to Itar Tass.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Muhammad Emad Al-din Mineni

Date of birth: 1998

Date of Martyrdom: 4/7/2018

Civil Status: Single

His family received the news of Muhammad’s martyrdom with dignity and faith believing  that he will be immortalized with his fellow martyrs in heaven, because he was brought up to love martyrdom and the sovereignty of his country.


The war of misinformation continues…

It is indeed sad that a channel like the National Geographic Channel should be so misinformed about actual events in Syria.  

Their film "Hell on Earth"(2017) talks about the death of four people and attributes it to the Syrian Arab Army. The people are": Amin Nakrour, Atallah Aboud, Ibrahim S'ada and Maya Barshini.

The supposed documentary talks about two women, a girl and her mother who come from Homs.The girl talks about her "friends" (the previously mentioned names) she states that Amin Nakrour was killed during the events along with three others. She alleges that the Syrian army killed them.

The truth is that these four civilians were killed in an ambush by armed terrorists near Al Hosn town in the countryside of Homs. The ambush happened on 17th of August 2013. Their target was a local defense point and anyone including civilians who happened to be passing at that time. Not only that but opposition pages on facebook gloated that they had killed "Shabiha for the regime". Shabiha is a term used to give a negative meaning for supporters of the Syrian government.

Obviously there has been a backlash from the relatives of the murdered people. The brother of Amin Nakrour wrote on his facebook page for all to read " " that his brother was never a friend of the girl acting in the documentary nor did he know her. He expressed both anger and horror at what the National Geographic had produced. He said his parents were devastated when they heard their son's name in the "documentary" and they saw the pictures of their son-pictures that had been taken without their permission and names used without their knowledge.

"Surely it is illegal to do so?" they questioned.

Six years ago yesterday this tragedy happened. And then a film came- a "documentary" that instead of telling the truth about how these poor innocent civilians died told a lie instead. A fabrication that would go well with the western scenario of what has happened and is happening in Syria.

The film ends and the names of the four martyrs appear in the closing credit. Then they write a lie, blaming the Syrian state for their death. Untruth based upon untruth yet published as truth. This is the sad story of Syria.

Reem Haddad

Editor in Chief


Jordanian MPs, Intellectuals Voice Support for Syria against US-Turkish Intervention

AMMAN, (ST)- A number of Jordanian parliamentarians and intellectuals have renewed their support for Syria in the face of the terrorist war, reiterating the Syrian state’s right to clean every inch of the Syrian land from terrorism.

In a statement on Monday, the Jordanian MPs and intellectuals affirmed their rejection of the American and Turkish intervention in the Syrian affairs.

They reiterated that the US-Turkish agreement to establish a so-called “safe zone” in Syria contradicts international legitimacy resolutions and aims at prolonging the crisis in Syria and hampering efforts to find a political solution in the country.

Grospič: Turkish-US agreement on establishing so-called “safe zone” in Syria is criminal act

The Turkish-US agreement on establishing the so-called “Safe Zone” in Syria is a criminal and abnormal act, Head of the Czech Parliamentary Group for Friendship with Syria Stanislav Grospič asserted, adding that Washington and Ankara have no right to threaten Syria’s territorial integrity.

In a statement to SANA reporter in Prague on Monday, Grospič said that the Turkish and the US presence on the Syrian territories is illegitimate and unjustified under any pretext and that they have no right to threaten Syria’s territorial integrity, determine the issues on behalf of the Syrian people or to carry out any operation on the Syrian territories without the approval of the Syrian Government.