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After the facts imposed by the Syrian Arab Army, US occupation forces hastily evacuated their bases from Syrian territory

 Over the past few days, the American occupation forces have evacuated many of their illegal bases, dismantling and destroying the bases of Saidiya, Aoun al-Dadadat and Um Mayal in the surrounding of Manbij in Aleppo countryside. The American forces also destroyed Kharab Ashq and Sarin bases in the surrounding of Ain al-Arab, the Lafarge factory base in Jalabiya in Aleppo countryside and the bases of Ain Issa, Tal al-Samen and Al-Tabqa in Raqqa countryside, Tal Tamar bases and Jabal Abdul Aziz in Al-Hasaka countryside.

Syrian army continues to deploy forward to confront Turkish attack on northeast Syria

HASAKA,(ST)_The Syrian army units continue to deploy forward in the Syrian Jazeera to confront the Turkish attack on the Syrian territories.

According to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), many soldiers and military vehicles of the Syrian army moved on several axes in the countryside of Hasaka and Raqqa in order to implement new redeployment and to reinforce its posts there.

US occupation forces destroy one of their airbases in Syria's Hasaka

HASAKA, (ST)_US occupation forces have destroyed one of their airbases in Hasaka, according to the Syrian News Agency (SANA). 
The agency clarified that the illegal al-Qlib airbase, located in TEll Beydar area in Hasaka to the northeast of Syria, contained a runway for military jets.
It added that the US occupation forces will evacuate another illegal base located near & April Dam in Hasaka countryside.
Earlier, SANA published Photos of the previous US base in al-Saedeyeh area to the south-west of Menbej in Aleppo province. 
The base was evacuated by US occupation forces.
Basma Qaddour

US occupation forces continue to convey ISIS terrorist's wives from Syria

HASAKA, (ST)_US occupation forces continue to convey the wives of ISIS terrorists from al-Hol camp, located in the east of Hasaka, amid intensive flying of US helicopters over the camp.

The occupation forces conveyed scores of ISIS wives in less than 24 hours after they conveyed 230 foreign ISIS terrorists from Malekeyeh prison to al-Shdadi prison in the southern countryside of Hasaka

On October 15, it was reported that the US occupation forces conveyed 250 wives of foreign ISIS terrorists from al-Hol camp in the illegal Shdadi base to Iraq.

US occupation forces continued withdrawing its troops from Syrian territory transfering them to Iraq

Al-Hasakah-ST- The US occupation continued withdrawing its forces from Syrian territory and evacuated several bases and transferred the military equipment towards Iraq.

The occupation forces conveyed scores of ISIS wives in less than 24 hours after they conveyed 230 foreign ISIS terrorists from Malekeyeh prison to al-Shdadi prison in the southern countryside of Hasaka

SANA correspondent in al-Hasakah said that a military convoy of the American occupation consisting of several military vehicles withdrew this morning from Aleppo and Raqqa countrysides, passing through the al-Hasakah towards Iraq.

The reporter pointed out that a convoy of more than 100 empty trucks accompanied by military vehicles entered this morning from northern Iraq to Syrian territory towards the city of Qamishli for completing the evacuation of US withdrawn forces.

Al-Baath University Seeks Scientific and Service Excellence in a Step to Link University with Society

Homs, (ST)- "Achieving excellence in scientific research and higher education , serving  community and contributing to reconstruction process as well as upgrading  the world classification of the University, is the strategic vision of Al- Baath University". Affirmed Dr. Abdul Baset Al-Khateeb, President of Al- Baath University, pointing out that this strategy can be achieved by adopting several steps, including:

-Developing Al-Baath University so as to be an advanced scientific center in the field of higher education that graduates the qualified cadres to be of benefit to the labor market.

More international calls for halting the Turkish aggression on Syrian territories and for Sanctioning Edogan

CAPITALS, (ST)- The Turkish aggression on the Syrian territories continues to receive strong condemnation by world politicians.

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis called for changes in the NATO treaty in a bid to end Turkey's NATO membership. 

On her part, head of the Defense Committee at the Czech Parliament Yana Chernokhova warned that the Turkish aggression is unjustifiable and it threatens the region's security and stability. 

Bulgarian Deputy Foreign Minister Petko Doykov called for the immediate halting of the Turkish aggression on the Syria territories.