Public Will, Referendum -Magic Wand to Solve Crisis in Syria Underlined

DAMASCUS, (ST) –The government has taken appropriate measures  to regain security and stability," Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs and  Minister of Local Administration Omar Ghalawanji said..

Ghalawanji's remarks came during the People's Assembly ordinary session held on Monday in the prescience of the cabinet .

He added that the government also laid  out  a plan  for putting  the political program to solve the crisis into force.

The Deputy Prime Minister made it clear  that the construction committee estimated the damage caused by the armed terrorist groups till January, 10th, 2013 at SP 1000 bln.

Dr. Qadri Jamil ,the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection underlined  that the  discussions in the People's Assembly sessions are a sign of progress and openness in political life  in Syria, calling on all sides to engage in dialogue and abandon slander.

"the opposition abroad presented  no  initiatives; rather they reacted to the government's initiative and its calls for  dialogue ,"Jamil affirmed.

Needless to say, he  added, that the unjust economic embargo on Syria has affected many Syrians and their livelihoods  rather than  the security conditions that hinder  to provide citizens with supplies.

Ali Haidar ,the State Minister for National Reconciliation Affairs ,had something to say:" the Syrian people are being held by various  difficulties, suggesting that there is a dire need  need to draw a crystal  mechanism amongst  all ministries and the People's Assembly simply to overcome these difficulties.

Haidar affirmed commitment to holding dialogue with the opposition inside and outside Syria taking into account the national requirements.

For his part, Omran al-Zou'bi ,the Information Minister underscored that national dialogue will help reduce violence, clarifying that the government will meet  even with unlicensed political forces and parties.

"one shouldn't be quick to judge the results of these meetings as dialogue needs preliminary steps and the contribution of everyone including the opposition abroad, and that it also requires that gunmen lay  down their weapons," said al-Zou'bi.

" the current cabinet's role ends when national dialogue is launched and when it produces a national charter,"affirmed al-Zou'bi.

"the political program for resolving the crisis depends  on public will and referendum, noting that there are attempts by western and Arab mass media to abort this program and political dialogue, added al-Zoubi.


DCC looks to facilitate business

DAMASCUS, (ST) -  During its meeting yesterday, the Board of Directors of Damascus Chamber of Commerce (DCC) discussed a number of issues related to the facilitation of trade and ensure the flow of goods in local markets, especially in light of the crisis in Syria and its effects on business and economic development.
The board members discussed the issue of providing foreign exchange and financing of imports as well as coordination with the specialized authorities to provide the necessary protection for convoys that transport goods between the governorates from attacks by terrorist groups, protecting factories and warehouses.

Members of the Board of Directors will hold a meeting  during the next few days with the Governor of the Central Bank of Syria to discuss the issue of financing the imports of traders of goods and commodity needed by the local market.

Sh. Kh.

Efforts to alleviate Sufferings of Affected Citizens- Governor




 ALEPPO,(ST)_ Aleppo governor Muhammad Wahid Aqqad  said that the governorate of Aleppo is making relentless  efforts, in cooperation with the Syrian Red Crescent SRC branch  and some community initiatives to provide all forms of support, care and  assistance to all citizens affected by terrorism of the armed groups that hamper the  access of  flour and  fuel and hijack grain silos , thereby causing large  shortages in basic  foodstuffs.

During his meeting on Sunday with the representatives of  the UN agencies operating in Syria, the governor pointed  the acts of  sabotage and destruction, which affected laboratories, hospitals, institutions and public and private property , and the  infrastructure including  electricity, water, telephone networks.

Members of the delegation expressed appreciation over the efforts  made by the SRC and governmental sides concerned to provide relief services and daily life supplies  for citizens,  noting the efforts of sides concerned in the governorate  in ensuring  all facilities to enable them to perform their work and remain safe.

The SRC branch  director in Aleppo stressed the need for UN agencies support with various services in order to alleviate the  sufferings of citizens.
The delegation, which includes representatives from the World Health Organization (WHO),   (UNICEF), (WFP)  and (UNHCR) held a series of meetings with  Syrian Red Crescent teams working in the field of disaster management, during which discussions dealt with  prospects of cooperation and requirements for improving the performance of Red Crescent branch in Aleppo during the current and the next phase.







Daring Operations Continue Against Terrorists

GOVERNORATES, (ST)_ In two qualitative operations in al-Chefonia farms and Murj al-Sultan and Duma in the Eastern Ghouta , on Sunday, the armed forces inflicted heavy losses on the ranks of terrorists.

Leader of one terrorist group called " God 's Lions battalion" Bassel al-Refai , Khaldoun al-Ibrahimji, Alaa al-Himrawi, Khaled al-Nahawi and Muhammad al-Seirdan, Muhammad al-Mahmoud and Yasser Khalil were killed, whereas several terrorists shelters, one 23 caliber anti aircraft machine gun and a rocket launcher were destroyed.

Scores of terrorists were also killed or wounded and their cars and weapons destroyed in Wadi al-Maal area to the west of Qara city.

In Daraya and Madaya cities, several terrorists were killed including snipers Yassin AShmad Dawoud, Muhammad Karbouj ,Faisal Issa and Muhammad Eid al-Atawi, before he could detonate an explosive device near the public way in Madaya town.

In Babiela town, several terrorists were killed or wounded in a fighting between two terrorist groups over sharing foreign funding.

The fighting which lasted for hours with different types of machine guns, resulted in killing scores of terrorists, including the terrorist Mohammed Shalah and wounded several others, including two members of al-Nusra front: Nasser Al-Najjar and another nicknamed Daadouch.

In Idleb countryside , the army forces destroyed several terrorists centers in Kafrhaya town in al-Zaweya mountain, Ein al-Souda , in the surrounding of Wadi al-Deif and al-Shaghr in rural Jesr al-Shoughour.

In Aleppo city and countryside the armed forces targeted Rasm al-Abboud, Deir Jamal, Tel Shgheib, al-Sakhour and the old city, killed scores of terrorists and destroyed four cars including terrorists and weapons.

In rural Homs, the armed forces exterminated several terrorists including leader of one terrorist group Hosam Abu Edam and Hozeifa al-Khatib, explosives expert and "Ismail al-Khaled " and "Abdul Hadi Aql of the Iraqi nationality.

Another army unit destroyed several terrorists shelters in Tel Bieseh and al-Ghanto in rural al-Rastan , while terrorist Raj Turki al-Turkey and all members of his group were killed and four terrorists shelters destroyed in al-Burhania and Safarja towns in rural al-Qseir.



We Pray For Syria To Enjoy Peace Again :Patriarch Yazigi

BEIRUT,(ST) – "Syria is the cradle of civilizations and I pray for restore its peace again, "said Patriarch John X Yazigi of Antioch and All the East for Greek Orthodox Church.

The Patriarch 's remarks came during a mass held  at the St. Nicholas Cathedral in Beirut. 

"we as Christians work for peace, justice and reconciliation to prevail hrough dialogue, underscored Patriarch Yazigi."

"Christians and Muslims share common terms  in the East (civilization and destiny),"affirmed the Patriarch.

The patriarch concluded his sermon by calling for building the bridges of love and praying for Syria to restore peace and security.



PA Speaker: Dialogue Only Way to Quit the Crisis…PM: Government Keen to Meet Citizens' Needs, Restore Stability to Homeland

DAMASCUS, (ST) – The foreign-backed terrorism, Syria is being exposed to, and the terrorist acts of targeting the state's institutions, infrastructure, and different sectors uncover the truth of the schemes the West is trying to impose on the country, Speaker of the people's Assembly (PA), Mohammad Jihad al-Lahham said on Sunday.

During a PA session held in the presence of the Cabinet members, Al-Lahham stressed that the Syrian leadership, army and people are steadfastly confronting the schemes aiming to undermine Syria and its effective role in the region, pointing out that this confrontation necessitates from all the Syrians to mobilize efforts to foil the conspiracy through working within the framework of the political program proposed by President Bashar Al-Assad in his speech on January 6th to solve the crisis in the country and build stronger, more developed, secure and stable Syria.

Al-Lahham underlined the PA's contribution to prepare the suitable ground for national dialogue through direct contacts with citizens, civil society, social, religious and political bodies and with every national figure who can bring the Syrians closer to each others and encourage them to engage in the national dialogue which preserves Syria and gets it out of the ongoing crisis as soon as possible.

He urged the Syrian citizens, from all the spectrums of the Syrian society, to work together to confront terrorism and reactivate dialogue, because it is the only way to quit the crisis.

Al-Halqi: Government Keen to Meet Citizens' Needs   

 For his part, Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi underscored that despite all difficulties, the government is going ahead with implementing its program and that it is keen to shoulder its responsibilities towards meeting citizens' needs and restoring stability to the homeland, stressing that the Syrian army spares no effort in this respect.

Al-Halqi said the electricity sector has been the target of armed terrorist groups' since the beginning of the crisis, causing a reduction in the ability to meet the needs for energy at 50-60%

The Premier pointed out that the economic siege imposed by the European Union, the United States and some Arab countries on Syria has negatively affected the performance of the health sector.

"The armed terrorist groups also attacked hospitals, health centers and clinics in different governorates, but still this sector continues to render important services to all citizens," al-Halqi said.

He asserted that the foreign-backed armed terrorist groups target other sectors like those of services, education, agriculture, oil and trade "aiming to create a crisis between the government and citizens and to give the impression that the state is a failure."

He stressed that the government continues to support imports, pointing out that the Syrian economy is balanced, diverse and strong enough to overcome conspiracies.

He reiterated that the government keeps contacts with political and social forces within the framework of implementing the political program to solve the crisis in Syria based on national dialogue.


H. Mustafa

Information Minister: Political Process , National Dialogue, the only Option for the Syrians


DAMASCUS,(ST)_ "The only option for the Syrians is going to a political process and a national  political dialogue, rebuilding what was destroyed , healing  the wounds and finding  solutions to the consequences of the conspiracy against  Syria,"  said Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi, stressing that the  political program  solution launched by President Bashar Al-Assad to resolve the crisis in Syria gives vast  guarantees for  the dialogue , according to the  Constitution and the will of the Syrian political leadership and government.

In an interview with the Iraqi " Biladi"  ( My Country) TV channel last night, the minister added : "The allegations  of external opposition  concerning dialogue  are false and illusory because they speak of a  dialogue based on their own terms. One who sees  dialogue does not set  conditions nor specify certain mechanisms" noting  that the proposals raised during the consultative meeting held in Damascus in July in 2011 had a ceiling higher than those of external opposition,  backed financially and militarily from abroad.

"Other talks  for unconditional dialogue is a waste of time and a bad bet on the changes on the ground . Bet should not be made on military and security changes on the ground, rather on the political action." The Minister added.

The Minister continued that, "national opposition forces inside Syria proposed initiatives of  many ideas , based on that one who seeks a national dialogue  and seeks the interest of the Syrian people can come to Damascus and debate what he wants."

"The national dialogue is not confined between the Syrian government and the opposition; rather, all political and societal forces in Syria should be a party to this dialogue." The minister noted.

On inviting  those who carried arms to join the national dialogue, al-Zoubi said: "There is a law and justice that decide on these  issues for those who committed crimes,  but there is no problem with those who did not commit crimes and dropped the arms  and their conditions will be settled.  We announced readiness to have dialogue with insurgents who drop the arms and with the so called " the coordination units" . And this is not a political maneuver.  As for foreigners fighting in Syria, they are held as aggressors against the Syrian territory." 

The Minister explained that  media partners in the crime  of shedding the Syrian blood worked and is still working  to distort the image  of the Syrian state and the Syrian Arab Army, pointing out that the armed opposition are attacking certain  public enterprises and institutions and military sites in Syria in order to claim  control  of  key  facilities and form a media  cover for its terrorist acts.

"If allegations of the external opposition that armed groups controlled 60 percent of the Syrian territory  are correct,  it can declare  what it wants and bring its  own government or  opposition leaders from abroad or expresses itself in a different way, but because it lies  in this regard, it does not develop its political position, ultimately." The Minister continued.

The Minister pointed out that  all kinds of weapons, money and militants of  non Syrian nationalities coming from  29 countries, the shelters, and  training camps, stretching  along the Syrian-Turkish border , all confirm the involvement of the Turkish AKP Government in Syria 's  crisis and internal affairs . A matter which  puts it under international legal accountability.

On the Israeli aggression on Jamraya  center for scientific research in Rural Damascus , the Minister said :  "This aggression is  the Israeli response to the failure of armed terrorist groups to attack the center and to the success of the Syrian Arab army in repelling these group,  stressing that  " Syria is  a solid  state that enjoys  national sovereignty of great  army and people.


T. Fateh