Scores of non Syrian Nationality al-Nusra Front Terrorists Purged




GOVERNORATES,(ST)- Army units on  Saturday continued qualitative operations  in  chasing al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra front terrorists and exterminated dozens of them, most of non Syrian nationalities and destroyed  their weapons and shelters in several areas.

In  rural Damascus  one army unit  killed several terrorists from al-Nusra front who were committing acts of murder and sabotage against the civilians  and their property in Husseneya, Hujeira and Aqraba farms, according to an official source one car fitted with  a heavy machine gun and  other 3 cars  used to transport terrorists and their weapons between al-Huseneyeh and al-Zeyabeh were destroyed.

The source  added that  the armed forces restored security and stability to farms surrounding  Aqraba town following heavy losses inflicted on terrorists  ranks.

One army unit exterminated a terrorist group assaulting  public and private properties in Madeira, Mesraba and Erbeen towns in eastern Ghouta. Among those  most dangerous terrorists were  Ahmad al-Khaled ,nicknamed as " Gazelle", Issam al-Jazaerli, known as Abu al-Khudr, Ahmad Oyoun , Hassan Bader, Abdullah Zaghlouland Sameh al-Reihan. All of them were members of al-Nusra group or the so called  "the banner of Islam".

Another army unit clashed with al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra front terrorists  who were committing acts of murder and robbery in Daraya and destroyed their  machine guns and ammunition . Among the killed terrorists were  Ghaith Canaan and Ziad  al-Sayed Ahmed.

More terrorists were killed in al-Cornich area in Daraya  and their two motorcycles  were destroyed .

In Madaya , the armed forces, in a qualitative operation exterminated one terrorist group  which was  committing acts of murder, vandalism, burglary and robbery in the town, an official source said, adding that among the killed terrorists were Ahmad  al-Libi , of a Libyan nationality, Jumaa al-Ali and Muhammad Zugheib.

Many other terrorists were killed or wounded while preparing for  attacks against citizens  and security forces in the area extended  between Joubar and Zamalka. The operation also resulted  in confiscating  machine guns and ammunition used by terrorists in their criminal terrorist acts.

In al- Qaysa and Harran al-Awameed towns several al-Nusra front terrorists were killed and their  weapons  were destroyed including one  mortar and a vehicle mounted with a Dushka  machine gun .

Five terrorists were killed during  confrontations  with the armed forces in al-Tadamun quarters. The terrorists' weapons were confiscated.

In Aleppo, citizen Ismael al-Hamoud  was martyred  by random fire of terrorists machine guns which targeted a people 's demonstration  in Qadi Askar area  demanding the expulsion  of al-Qaeda  mercenaries and terrorists from  Aleppo city and its countryside. Other citizens were reported as wounded.

In Hanano  residential area, hundreds of residents of the area  staged the  streets  in a popular march demanding the armed terrorist groups that commit acts of robbery and looting against people to get out of the area.

In rural Hama  a number of terrorists were killed  and their weapons were confiscated including  automatic rifles, pistols and defensive grenades  during their attack against al-Zalaqeyat town in Mhardeh countryside.

In  Hama, several terrorists were killed or arrested in al-Shajara ( tree) market in the city in a breaking in operation resulted also in  confiscating 7 assault rifles 2  NATO  type  snipers, and 3 silencers ,a number of  RPG launchers and 4 fillings  for them.

Also confiscated  were two batteries to detonate explosives remotely and a large amount of acid .

In Homs,  several cars for terrorists  were destroyed in al-Sa'an village , in Talbesah.

Several terrorists of al-Nusra front were exterminated following a cleansing campaign carried out by the armed forces in several areas in  Idleb city and countryside.  Among the killed terrorists was  Kaji Fardai of the Turkish nationality who used to train  terrorists on sniping  in al-Maghara village in al-Zaweyah mountain.

Scores of terrorists were killed, including  many of non Syrian nationality  and their weapons destroyed   when their hiding  was blown off in Saraqeb city  when the terrorists were preparing  explosives to carry out  operations  against  citizens

In Daraa, a  dispute between members of the two  terrorist groups in Khirbet Ghazaleh over  sharing of funds received from outside Syria, resulted  in killing and wounding a number of terrorists from both sides, according to a source in the ministry of the Interior.

The source detailed that the  dispute took place between terrorist Ammar Abdul Rahim al-Ammour, leader of one terrorist group and his brother against other terrorists, including  Khaled Abdul Hamid Bedewe and his brothers Mahmoud, Nazeer and Ahmad, who all belong to al-Qaeda lnked al-Nusra front over sharing  sums  arrived  from abroad to terrorist Ammar but not distributed  on other terrorists .

The source added the clashes  ended  in killing  terrorist Mahmoud Ahmad Bedewe and wounding of his brother Other terrorists from the second party were also wounded.


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Syria Will Never Use Chemical Weapons, If Any, Under Any Circumstances , says Foreign and Expatriates Ministry

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Syria on Saturday reaffirmed that it will not use chemical weapons, if they exist under any  circumstances as it is defending its people against terrorism supported by known countries with the  USA at the  forefront.

Syria's reaffirmation came in two identical letters sent by the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry to the the UN Security Council Chairman and the UN Secretary General.

"over the past years, the U.S. administration has consistently worked to launch a campaign of allegations on the possibility that Syria could use chemical weapons during the current crisis," said the Ministry.

"What raises concerns regarding this news circulated by the media is our serious fear that some of countries backing terrorism and terrorists might provide the armed terrorist groups with chemical weapons and claim that it was the Syrian government which did use the weapons," underscored  the Ministry.

In this context ,it referred to information revealed by the Turkish Yurt newspaper which said that members from al-Qaeda are manufacturing chemical weapons at a laboratory near the Turkish city of Gaziantep, and that they have threatened to use them against the Syrian civilians.

The letters also made reference to the Turkish newspaper indicating footages posted on the internet in which terrorists appear making poisonous gas from chemical materials which al-Qaeda got from a Turkish company and which were tested on living creatures.

It pointed out that the Syrian government, out of its care for its people's lives, had asked the UN Supervision Mission to visit, inspect and calculate the stocks of a private sector chlorine processing plant, located to the east of Aleppo city, after information that the terrorist groups were then planning to take hold of it.

The Supervision Mission however could not do this because the terrorists opened fire on its members as they were trying to visit the plant, the Ministry added.

The Ministry expressed Syria's warning that the terrorist groups might resort to using chemical weapons against the Syrian people, and its denunciation of the international community's inaction to deal with the developments after the terrorist groups recently took hold of a Chlorine processing plant to the east of Aleppo city.

"Syria also denounces not holding the supporters of the terrorist groups to account according to the relevant UN Security Council resolutions," the letters added.

They slammed the hostile campaign against Syria as being characterized by the absence of the moral dimension, saying that "countries which used these or other similar weapons like the US, are not worthy to launch such a campaign, especially that [the US] used the pretext of Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction (WMD) to justify its invasion and occupation of this Arab country in 2003.

"Syria submitted by the end of 2003 a draft resolution to the UN Security Council on Middle East Zone Free of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Weapons." asserted the Ministry.

"All of that was in defense of Israel, the only party in the region which has not signed the WMD agreements," it added.

The Ministry concluded its letters by saying that "such campaign doesn’t work with Syria which has always adhered to its independence and sovereignty," stressing that these media campaigns cannot mislead the Syrian people or the international public opinion, which has started to realize the reality of the conspiracies hatched against Syria and the real reasons behind continuing the shedding of the Syrian blood for which the terrorist groups and those supporting them are responsible in front of history and the nations.


Terrorists Destruction of Schools




DAMASCUS,(ST)- Students  of the typical al-Tomoh ( ambition) private school for basic education  in al-Cornich  area in Daraya could not arrive at their school to attend  classes  as they used to every day.

Lessons for the first elementary class for that day started at eight    a. m (Arabic language - mathematics - Islamic Education - Computer - society) but  the classrooms  were empty of  its students in al-Corniche area in  Daraya.  This was  not because of a  festival or a public  holiday , rather they were the  terrorists of al-Nusra Front  of al-Qaeda organization,  who deliberately attacked the school as part of  its goals  to undermine the educational process in Syria.

The terrorists stormed  into the school, which stands in the center of the agricultural area,  to the east of the city  of Darya . The terrorists attacked the building and smashed a number of its  classes . They broke the glass  of the outside door of the school and messed  with its closets and  cupboards . They left the school administration office in a chaos of papers, books and the daily schedules . But,  there on that table , there was one  Student Book (Arabic is my language) . Its front  cover depicts a face of a pretty girl child , over a pile of papers and home works to students , that teachers may not have been  able to correct .

The  terrorists  tampered with the paintings bearing the name of each class off the  halls and threw them on the ground together, with symbolic gifts for as motivation for outstanding students ,  amid shards of  broken glass.
Terrorism  will not be able to hide the  sun of knowledge and learning from  classrooms which were  once lit.

T. Fateh





Al-Qaeda Affiliated Terrorists Killed or Wounded




GOVERNORATES,(ST) The most dangerous terrorists in al-Husenyeh town including terrorists of non- Syrian nationalities were exterminated on Friday, according to an official source, which added that  two of the terrorists  are from Chechen and one of them is called Haroun. One mortar and a car used for carrying  terrorists and ammunition were destroyed.

 Among the killed terrorists were Abu Steif al-Homsi, leader of one terrorist group, and terrorists Abdo Muhammad al-Qeisoumi. Adel Lejja, Farraj al-Badawi and one terrorist called Abu al-Bara'.

Scores of terrorists were also killed or wounded  during confrontations with the armed forces  on al-Huseneyah road and in al-Zeyabeyeh town  and their weapons  ,  cars and several motorcycles were destroyed .

In Homs , the armed forces destroyed  terrorists gatherings near al-Fatah mosque, and east of al-Amal Hospital in Jouret Sheyah district.

The operation resulted in killing or wounding  a large number of terrorists .

Meantime, 15 citizens were  admitted to  al-Ameen hospital in Homs, when terrorists on Friday detonated an explosive device placed under a Kia Rio car near Qabaa mosque. Huge material losses were reported .

In Hama city and its countryside,  the army engineering units defused 6 explosives implanted by terrorists to target citizens and security forces members, in al-Saboneyah quarters and near Abdul Rahman Bin Ouf mosque in Homs and  near Morek town in Hama-Aleppo highway.

Terrorist Eyad Hassan Raslan  was killed and one security forces member was martyred , when the armed forces clashed with one  terrorist group in Souha town. Scores of the terrorists were killed or wounded while many others  fled away.

In a qualitative operation, the armed forces  destroyed a hiding  for terrorists in Serja village  in al-Zaweyah mountain and the weapons inside it. Also  eliminated was  the leader of a terrorist group, nicknamed as ' al-Haddad" with all members of his group who call themselves " the Shield of the North", an official source in Idleb said.

Other terrorists including  Othman Kheiro were killed  in Ein al-Hamra in Jesr al-Shoughour, while terrorist concentrations were destroyed in Has, Kafer Roumeh and al-Rabi villages  were all the terrorists were killed or wounded.

In Daraa,  a number of al Qaeda terrorists who were committing acts of murder , sabotage , looting, burglary and intimidation against  people in the western district of Bosra Sham, were  killed or wounded by the armed forces. Among  them were the Jordanian Abu Musaab, Omar Muhammad al-Miqdad and Abu Mehey eddine al-Nueimi , SANA reported.

It added that a pickup equipped with a heavy machine gun used by the terrorists to target houses and property of citizens in the city was destroyed.


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Scores of al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra Front Terrorists Exterminated




GOVERNORATES,(ST)_  Foreign-backed terrorist groups exploded an explosive device in a crowded area at al-Mazza 86 Quarter, Damascus, killing one civilian and injuring 29 others, including women and children.

The explosion caused huge material losses and damage, according to SANA reporter to the place of the explosion.

A number of the most dangerous terrorists , including  terrorist Khalil Ali, known as Abu Ala  al-Houdaji, leader of  the so- called al-Hawadeja group,  were killed on Thursday in al-Zeyabeyah of rural Damascus, an official source said.

" Several  sniper terrorists were killed and others wounded and their weapons were confiscated , including  automatic rifles and sophisticated snipes in Zamalka town',  of East Ghouta ,'' the source added.

More terrorists were exterminated following clashes  between the armed forces  and  one terrorist group in the farms located  between Saqba and Zamalka. Among the exterminated terrorists were Muhammad Abu Habra, Mazen Abu Habra Osama Subhi al-Kirsh, Ghassan samir Khamis, Abdul Rahman Fayez al-Qouwatli, Nasser al-Meidani and Abdullah al-Ati. All of them  were members  of al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra Front.

Meantime, units of the armed forces pounded terrorist gatherings in the Corniche area in Daraya , killed many terrorists and destroyed their Kia Rio car which  was used for transporting   weapons and ammunition, an official source said. It added that  one army engineering unit  dismantled two explosives  weighing  30 to 50 Kg  in order detonated by remote control.

The army units also chased  armed terrorist groups  of al-Qaeda affiliated  al-Nusra front , which was attacking the people and destroy public and private property in Madyara and Misraba areas in the eastern Ghouta of rural Damascus. Among the killed terrorists were  Ridwan Qadadou, Yahya Amtar and Muhammad al-Sheikh Qweider.

One person was killed when  terrorists  detonated an explosive they had attached to a car near the headquarters  of the  Syrian  red Crescent behind Daraa  garage in Damascus. The explosion resulted  on total destruction of the car and  at the site of the explosion.

Meantime, an  official military source denied the entry of terrorist groups  to the thermal station in Aleppo.

The source  stressed that the cause  behind power outages in areas and parts of the city is due to the stoppage of pumping gas  from the gas station  after it was attacked by the  armed terrorist groups.

In Aleppo city and countryside,  the armed forces  continued  qualitative operations  the  terrorists  of (al-Nusra front ) affiliated to al Qaeda and left scores of  them  killed or wounded in al-Meselmieh, Handarat, Anadan, Daret Ezza, Tell Shgheib Ibteen and certain area of the city  .

In the city of Aleppo,  the armed forces killed  three terrorists and wounded many others after the competent authorities  clashed with one terrorist group in Bab al-Turkman quarters  near al-Taheya mosque  in Homs.

In both al-Sultaneyah area and Jandar farms, the armed forces  destroyed  several terrorist hidings and shelters and  inflected heavy  material and human losses upon the terrorists.

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President al-Assad delegates Abdul Karim to condole on Patriarch Hazim's death

BEIRUT, (ST)_ Delegated by President Bashar al-Assad, Syria's Ambassador in Beirut offered on Thursday condolences on the death of Patriarch Ignatius IV Hazim of Antioch and All the East for the Greek Orthodox.

The Ambassador, Ali Abdol Karim,  praised the late Patriarch's carrer that backs peace and stability in Syria and the whole region as well.

Accompanied by Syrian-Lebanese Higher Council's Head, NassriKhori, the ambassador offered condolences at Mar Taqla church's Hall in al-Ashrafeya.   

Basma Qaddour.

PM holds talks with Russia's Ambassador in Damascus

DAMASCUS, (ST) _Both Syria and Russia, which enjoy friendly relations,have a common goal related to set up a multipolar world system. They are also seeking to strengthen ties in all domains.

Prime Minister, Dr.Wael al-Halqi, said on Thursdaythat Syria and Russia have strategic relations, indicating the two sides'determination to bolster them in all fields.

In a meeting with Russia's Ambassador in Damascus,Azamatallah Kulmukhametov, the Premier thanked Russia's people and leadership for their stances towards our just issues.

"Syria highly appreciates the stances of the Russian friends which express their belief in the right of the Syrian people and Armed Forces to confront the foreign-backed armed terrorist groups," said

According to SANA, the Ambassador conveyed the Russian PM 's greetings to his Syrian counterpart, stressing that Russia will never allow any conspiracy to be passed against Syria at the UN Security Council.

Repeatedly, Russia asserted its firm stance towards the crisis in Syria based on the need for respecting the peoples' right to self-determination and the principles of international cooperation.

Kulmukhametov expressed confidence in the Syrian people's ability to defeat their enemies, stressing the Russian leadership's determination to exert efforts to realize a national reconciliation and peaceful settlement through dialogue among all spectrums of the Syrian people without foreign intervention.

"Russia supports Geneva statement in its standing by the Syrian people to get out of the current crisis," said the ambassador, praising the Syrian government's procedures to strengthen its steadfastness, preserve national economy and meet the Syrian people's needs.

In this regard, Dr. al-Halqi stressed that Syria will come out of the crisis victorious and will achieve economic and social security and stability in cooperation with friendly countries, including Russia.

SANA reported that the talks dealt with means of enhancing ties between the two countries in the fields of energy, air transport, agricultural products and scientific exchange between the universities of the two countries.

The two sides stressed joint efforts being exerted to seal the free trade deal between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan on one hand and Syria on the other.