Government eying on post-crisis all-out development, Says al-Halqi

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ "the government is currently  eying on post-crisis comprehensive development through bringing all national potentials together with the aim of upgrading the economy's indicator in the forthcoming stage, "said  Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi .

Al-Halqi's emphasis was made  during a  meeting held on Monday with the UN Resident Coordinator in Syria, Adam Abdul-Mawla.

High on the meeting's agenda was discussing  Syria's cooperation with international organizations in various humanitarian and development fields and ways to  strengthen  it.

"undoubtedly, the government will continue to offer all necessary facilitations for delivering basic materials, especially food and medicine, to citizens across Syria  .It is the government's duty to meet the peoples' requirements,"  underscored al-Halqi.

Al-Halqi told his guest that  the government is ready to cooperate  with all international organizations according to the principle of national sovereignty.

The Prime Minister praised the NGOs efforts  as regards aiding  displaced Syrians and providing them with food and medicine packages plus the daily-basis requirements.

Al-Halqi also lauded  the Syrian armed forces' victories  they already achieved only to restore security and tranquility to the homeland.

"systematically, the armed groups are relentlessly working to vandalize the development, service and economic sectors in service of US, Western and Israeli schemes, "asserted al-Halqi.

Abdul-Mawla,for his part, clarified   that the UNDP has accomplished the humanitarian response plan in Syria and basic  plans were set for reconstruction and helping the Syrian people improve their living conditions in coordination with the government through creating job opportunities in several areas in addition to rehabilitate basic service utilities.

He expressed appreciation for the Syrian government's efforts and facilitations for delivering aid to citizens.

"actually, the  main goal of the organizations, operating in Syria, is to  render relief and   humanitarian aid to affected people," asserted Abdul-Mawla.


800 thousand Displaced citizens Returned to their Cities- Minister

DAMASCUS,(ST)_   Deputy Premier for Services and Local administration Minister Omar Ghalaounji said that  the government is making strenuous efforts to help citizens affected by  terrorist acts and is working to alleviate  their suffering by securing their basic needs and the  appropriate conditions for their return to their homes  , noting that  so far more than 800  thousand citizens returned  to their towns and neighborhoods  and that efforts of government agencies, international organizations , the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and NGOs and people 's activists  contributed to overcome difficulties posed by the current situation.

In a press statement, the minister disclosed that government is working on two axes : the first is compensation for the  affected families and the second  , the delivery of humanitarian aid to the citizens living  in temporary centers, displaced  as a result of  armed terrorist acts.


Cost of public and private damages until  March, exceeds SP  416 t 470.1 trillion


The minister revealed that the cost of public and private damages  exceeded  until the end of March,  1.470.416  trillion Syrian pounds (SP) including SP  150 billion as direct damage on  public property involving more than 5,000 public facilities, and   SP  1,100 billion as a cost of  indirect losses caused to public property and SP  40 billion cost of damaged property until the end of in 2012 in several  provinces , besides  damages inflected  in industrial cities.

 He pointed out that the  Reconstruction Committee approved building  temporary centers for 10 thousand  displaced people , including  6 thousand people in the  industrial city of Adra and 4 thousand people in Hesya 's industrial city  , adding that a sum of SP 800 million  was allotted for this project.


T. Fateh

Interior Minister for Tracking Performance of Licensed Parties

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Interior Minister Muhammad al-Shaar, who is also chairman of the Committee on Political Parties, stressed committee 's  keenness to implement the Law on Political Parties and play its due  role in overseeing the performance of the   licensed parties, noting that valid  laws and regulations will be implemented against violators .

In its Sunday meeting , the committee  approved the licensing of  " the national salvation party "  .

The committee reviewed documents  of  the following parties:  people 's will, Democratic Arab Solidarity, Democratic vanguards, and the Syrian national youths ,   and  set dates for their conferences during this  month ,examined  their submitted documents to ensure compliance with the law before being presented to conferences.

It is noteworthy that there are ten licensed parties according to the parties law:  The Syrian Democratic Solidarity , democratic vanguard ,the Democratic  Arab Solidarity ,the National Development ,the Syrian National Youth ,National Youth for Justice and Development, Syria: the homeland,  People 's will and the People's Party. 

T. Fateh

Vaccines for Children under five for 2013 Provided

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Health Minister Dr. Saad al-Nayef   stressed the ministry's plan for 2013  " met the   needs for vaccines for children under five years and supplies of reproductive health services and family planning for pregnant women ".

In a press statement during a tour with Elizabeth Hoff representative of WHO in Damascus on  Sunday  on Shaghour health  center, the minister added that the ministry is working to provide all varieties  of domestic and imported Pharmaceuticals, despite medicine factories  and trucks transporting the drug being  targeted by  armed terrorist groups.

"No  pandemic and epidemic or outbreak of any disease in Syria,"  the minister said, noting that there would be no  pandemic in the future thanks to the  ministry 's cooperation with health departments in all provinces to monitor health situation continuously through special tracking  committees .


In turn, Huff noted  "the quality services provided at Shaghour  health center for all citizens, free of charge," arguing that it is necessary to provide these services in all regions and at the same quality.


She continued that WHO is  "working around the clock to support the efforts of the Ministry of Health and NGOs to provide medicines and medical services and contribute to lifting the suffering of the Syrian people under the current circumstances experienced by the country."

Director of  Shaghour health center said  the center offers through ten general and specialized clinics and 15 specialists , medical services for children, women, the elderly and patients with diabetes and heart disease, and others.

He pointed out that the center  provides under the current circumstances  services for more  10 thousand people including  2250 displaced .

T. Fateh 

Syrian Arab army takes control of areas outside Aleppo and Hama

PROVINCES,(ST)_As fighting is still going on outside the central Homs province, security has been restored to two areas in countryside of Aleppo and Hama.

Units of armed forces carried out Sunday a new series of operations against terrorist groupings and their weapons in west and north-west quarters of al-Qusayr city, the eastern al-Bweda, north-west al-Dherej, and al-Rastan, Aqrab, al-Dar al-Kabir, Qaei tower, al-Ghanto, and Talbisa areas in Homs countryside and in south Palmyra city.

The operations resulted in eliminating unknown number of foreign-backed terrorists and destroying rockets launchers.

Other terrorists, including three Lebanese ones, were reportedly killed today at dawn as they were trying to sneak from Lebanon into al-Qusayr city through Joseh site, according to an official source. 

The terrorists' losses in the central province coincided with knockout blows delivered to them in the northern Aleppo province as the units of armed forces have taken control of Aleppo International highway and Kafr Hamra farms and pounded several hideouts of terrorists in the surrounding areas of central province, Meneg airbase and Bestan a-Qaser.

The same province saw clashes between units of armed forces and terrorists near al-Shahror sawmills in Khan al-Assal area and on Kafr Naha road where many of terrorists were reportedly killed and injured.

In Hama province (around 130 km far away from Aleppo), mopping -up operations are being carried out by units of armed forces in the middle Fan area in Homs province after restoring stability an security to it.

Meanwhile, the armed forces have continued targeting terrorist groupings in Hajjera,Yalda,the eastern Ghouta's farms, Harsta, Barzeh, Zamalka, Doma, al-Mleha, Bet Jen, Khan al-Shieh, Yabroud and Madaya areas outside Damascus and in several areas outside Lattakia, Idlib and Hassaka provinces.

Many of al-Nusra Front-affiliated terrorists were eliminated in the said areas.

Locals of Doma suburb (in Damascus countryside) reportedly protested against the existence of armed terrorist groups in Damascus countryside and demanded  them to leave. 

Terrorist blast hit Jobar quarter

The terrorist groups blasted at dawn a booby-trapped car in a residential area in Jobar quarter outside the capital leaving 10 citizens wounded.

The blast was followed by fighting between a unit of armed forces and a terrorist group ended in killing the group's leader and many of his men.

Syria is facing a foreign-backed war that aims to weaken the Syrian Arab army and destroy national economy to serve Israel's interests in the region.

The US, France, Britain, Qatar, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia fund and support the terrorist groups, who perpetrate heinous crimes against citizen and destroy Syria's infrastructure.


Foreign Ministry Issues Turkey Travel Warning After Protests

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ ''the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry advises the Syrian citizens to avoid travel  to Turkey these days  because of the deterioration in the situation where massive protests have rocked several cities and the violence practiced by Erdogan's government against peaceful protesters.''said an official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry.

The statement followed the biggest anti-government demonstrations in Turkey  in major cities including Ankara and Istanbul  and other areas. The peaceful protesters asked the Turkish government's resignation and Erdogan's departure.

Around 1.000 people have been detained in the protests and scores wounded nationwide.


Ministerial Committee Meets NUSS Delegation

DAMASCUS, (ST) –"the government is open to all political and social forces and parties to reach a solution for the crisis, "reiterated Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi.

Al-Halqi's remark was made during a meeting held on Wednesday  between the ministerial committee entrusted with materializing the political program for resolving the crisis in Syria and the National Union of Syrian Students (NUSS)executive bureau, headed by Chairman of the Union Ammar Sa'ati.

The Prime Minister  recalled   the guarantees provided for the return of opposition abroad to the homeland.

" the National Union of Syrian Students has a historic role particularly in confronting the war against Syria by rallying the students, exposing the nature of the conspiracy against Syria  in addition to its role in bolstering and spreading the culture of dialogue and rejecting violence," underlined al-Halqi.

Sa'ati ,for his part, affirmed the Union's support for the political program and the government's efforts to confront the economic war imposed on Syria.

He also mentioned  the war which targets the education sector in Syria.

During the meeting, the NUSS executive bureau members have a word to say about the forthcoming  dialogue conference, underscoring the necessity to shed light  on the educational sector and students, in addition to liberating occupied lands, specifically the Golan and Liwa'a Iskenderun.

As for the Syrian Army, they hailed  their role  in protecting the homeland and the people and combating terrorists.

"there is also a need  to boost  the role played by the Syrian communities abroad, "added the NUSS executive bureau members.

Establishing a ministry to accord attention  for martyrs' families, bolstering national unity, and combating corruption were also amongst the NUSS demands.