Aleppo Official Source Warns against Having Medicines Smuggled from Turkey

 ALEPPO- An official source in Aleppo governorate on Tuesday warned against having some kinds of medicines which are being smuggled from Turkey because of their dangerous impacts and repercussions on health.

According to the source, the recipe of the smuggled medicines seems to resemble "Tramadol" medicine in their components, but in fact, they are drugs taking the shape of medicine with their dangerous effects causing impotence and killing the masculine hormone of Testosterone.

 The source, which revealed that those medicines are being marketed under trademarks, like "Tramadol", "Tramidol", "Trampal" "Tramal" and "Trabidol", called on citizens not to take any of them without a consult from doctor.

H. Mustafa 

Media Source Dismisses as Untrue Reports on Chemical Weapon Use in al-Ghouta.

Damascus, (ST)-News, broadcast by some media outlets about chemical weapon being used in al-Ghouta area in Damascus countryside, are untrue, a media source stressed on Wednesday.

The source dismissed as baseless reports by al-Jazeera, al-Arabiya and Sky News TV channels and by other media outlets which are involved in shedding the Syrians' blood and in supporting terrorism.

According to the source, such reports and news aim to distract the UN chemical weapons investigation commission away from its mission.

H. Mustafa

Syrian Arab army finds an arms depot in Homs, pounds hideouts outside Damascus and Aleppo

PROVINCES,(ST)_Units of the armed forces have discovered an arms depot in Homs, seized Israeli-made weapons outside Idlib and  eliminated dozens of foreign-backed terrorists outside Damascus and Aleppo, according to SANA.

In details, an arm cache containing heavy machine guns, RPG launchers, Bologna sniper and big quantity of munitions was found  Eastern al-Bweda area outside al-Qusayr in central Homs province during a mopping up operation.

The armed forces had earlier imposed control over the said area last June.

The discovery of the depot came as the armed forces shelled many hideouts and groupings of terrorists located in quarters of al-Qosor, al-Qarabis, Joret al-Shayyah, and Bab Hod in the city as well as in towns of Talbeseh, al-Ghanto, al-Hesn, al-Amereyeh, al-Dar al-Kabera, Kafr Laha, Berj Qa'e, and al-Sarmoteyeh farms. 

On the other hand, a clash flared up between an army unit and an armed terrorist group that tried to infiltrate from the western orchards into Palmyra city.

Aleppo and Daraa provinces

In northern Aleppo province, the armed forces mowed down an armed terrorist group on Aleppo-alSalameyeh road and raided several hideouts  near carpets and Beer factories, north of Mayer town, in Bianon town, Qadi Askar area, and at al-Haj bridge as well as in Meneg town.

Large number of terrorists died not only in the said areas in Aleppo province but also in southern Daraa province when the armed forces obliterated several hideouts and groupings in towns of Da'el, Nawa, Bosra al-Sham, western al-Mleha, and Inkhel. 

Terrorists of Saudi nationality

Well over 6 identified terrorists of Saudi nationalities – including a ringleader-were among the dead in Daraa province, according to a military source.

Another ringleader and several gangsters were killed in Bir al-Ajam town outside al-Quneitra in a qualitative operation of an army unit.

Other operations targeted terrorist groupings in 7 areas outside Idlib province which ended in hammering lots more.

Israeli-made weapons seized

In this context, a military source reported that an army unit warded off  armed terrorist group's attack on garrison in al-Hamedeyeh town.

"Israeli-made weapons were confiscated during the confrontation with the group's members, mostly foreign nationals," the source clarified.

Meanwhile, it was reported that an arms dump was pounded in Qara area outside Damascus and many terrorists including al-Nusra Front- affiliates were crushed in Jobar, Harasta, Der Salman town, al-Qasemeyeh farms, al-Mleha, Hajjira, al-Dyabeyeh, al-Hseneyeh, and Yabroud area when the armed forces bombarded their hideouts there.

Damascus suburbs hit by shells

 In Damascus, shells hit three areas- al-Abbaseyen, al-Qassa'a and al-Zablatani- leaving 8 citizens wounded and serious damages at the scence.

 Shells fired by terrorists landed near al-Abbasseyen stadium, on a house in al-Zablatani area, and in Saed Zaglol street in al-Qassa'a suburb.

'Groundless report'

In a separate development, an official source has debunked the Saudi-owned al-Arabiya Channel's report claiming that terrorists'' stormed al-Qadam Railway Station in  southern Damascus countryside. 


Syria Faces trans-Boundary Terrorism- Haidar

Damascus, (ST) _ Minister of state for national reconciliation Dr. Ali Haidar stressed that "Syria is fighting global trans-boundary terrorism " which "constitutes an act of external aggression against its territory."
During a meeting of the peoples reconciliation committees in Dama-Rose hotel yesterday Haidar pointed that " Syria 's indispensable historical and cultural heritage makes her a target of dark forces in the world," which exported terror to Syria "to sabotage this heritage and alienate the Syrians from their history and civilization."

He pointed out that the phenomenon of terrorism flooding into Syria and the region have its repercussions on the ground and on all social segments, stressing that the ministry is concerned with addressing the consequences of this phenomenon through disseminating the culture of love and tolerance as one of the main foundations to achieve national reconciliation .

The minister also pointed that  terrorism is targeting all areas and the increased requirements and needs of citizens to basic materials in safe areas as a result of increasing numbers of displaced citizens ."

For his part, the Republic 's Grand Mufti Dr. Ahmad Badr Eddine Hassoun underlined the importance of achieving national reconciliation in all areas, including "areas that enjoy security and stability so as to fortify these areas and prevent further spread of terrorism ", calling on the people to abide by tolerance and to stop the bloodshed crime in Syria.

The Grand Mufti stressed that Syria is targeted because of her unwavering national stances towards the Arab cause, especially the question of Palestine and her support for resistance, noting that thanks to the strength of her people and army Syria will emerge from the crisis stronger and more solid, on the basis of the Syrian people love for their country and the determination of the families of the martyrs.

Sheikh Camille Nasr, member of the executive bureau of the Federation of Bilad al-Chaam Scholars said that "Syria is exposed to a global conspiracy led by the US , Israel and some Western and Arab countries", calling for building bridges of love in all Syrian governorates and to encourage reconciliation and reform in order to eliminate the crisis Syria undergoes.

He stressed the need to maintain social amity and build bridges of communication among the Syrian people and resort to dialogue as a means to solve problems and solidarity between the executive authority and civil work societies and the reconciliation committees in order to meet citizens needs.

Chairman of the  People's Reconciliation committee Sheikh Jaber Issa indicated that the committee is the guarantor of every and each Syrian citizen on equal footing , stressing the committee's readiness to cooperate with all those who wish to redeem, and surrender himself and weapons to the authorities.

Members of the People's reconciliation committees highlighted their efforts made all over the country to alleviate the suffering of citizens , regularize conditions of the misled and release the kidnapped.
The meeting was attended by several secretaries of national parties and trends , the chairman of the National Reconciliation Office in the National Security Office and people 's activists.


T. Fateh

Information Ministry Condemned Terrorist Massacre Against Egyptian Soldiers

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ " Syria condemns the terrorist massacre against the Egyptian police near Rafah, North Sinai and considers it a disgraced act of terrorism", said the Syrian ministry of information.
In a statement yesterday, the ministry added :"On behalf of the Syrian people, we offer condolences to the people of Egypt and the families of the martyrs" , reiterating full confidence in the ability of the Egyptian people to withstand organized terrorism.
On Monday,  25 Egyptian central security soldiers were killed and two others wounded in a terrorist attack against their two buses near Rafah, North Sinai.
An Egyptian security source said that armed takfiri groups stopped the two buses on El Arish -Rafah road, stepped down the soldiers and killed them in cold blood by gunfire shots.

T. Fateh

Information Minister:Erdogan's memory out of service

DAMASCUS,(ST)- Information Minister Omran al-Zou'bi has dubbed Turkish Prime Minister Receep Tayyeb Erdogan as defeated-depressed like who doesn't want to recognize his failure ,underscoring that Erdogan's policy is irresponsible and unbalanced.

In a statement released yesterday,al-Zou'bi further described Erdogan as having out-of–service memory and as detached from reality as he is still recalling the dreams of the perished empire(ottoman empire).


Syrian Arab army tightens control over more areas in Lattakia countryside, shells terrorists' hideouts in 6 provinces

PROVINCE,(ST)_ Whilst  military decisive operations against foreign-backed terrorists have continued everywhere, most of media reports on developments in Syria have focused on the fighting that raged two weeks ago in the country's coastal province [Lattakia].

On Monday, reports confirmed that the armed forces tightened control over Prophet Asiaya Mountain and the surrounding areas as well as over hills of al-Btish, Roto and Dorin in  northern Lattakia countryside bringing the total safe areas to 19.

Key strongholds of thugs in Lattakia countryside – Salma and Rabe'a towns- are said to be the armed forces' next target.

Big quantity of weapons

A military source told SANA that a big quantity of weapons including mortars was seized in the safe areas amid reports of discovering an arms dump containing ammunitions, rockets and mortars near al-Jawadeyeh town in al-Qusayr farm in  central Homs province.

On the other hand, the armed forces repelled terrorists' bid to sneak from Lebanese territories into al-Qusayr countryside and shelled several hideouts in towns of al-Dar al-Kabira, al-Ghanto, Beit Hajjo, southern Mashjar, Kisin, al-Amereyeh, al-Sa'en and al-Hesn and in quarters of Bab Sba'a, al-Qal'a, al-Warsheh, al-Safsafeh, al-Qarabis, Joret al-Shayyah, and Bab Hod.

They also thwarted terrorists' attempt to detonate two explosive devices weighing  60kg/each in al-Bayyarat area on Homs-Palmyra road.

Rockets kill 5 citizens in Homs

Last night, the same province [Homs] had a deadly attack when terrorists fired rockets on Em al-Amd town causing martyrdom of 5 citizens including children and women and leaving 25 others wounded.

Another citizen was martyred and 15 others wounded as mortar shells- fired by terrorists- landed in al-Tejara quarter and al-Zablatani area in Damascus.

 Terrorists,  targeting civilians and soldiers and the country's infrastructure, are being stormed by the armed forces and have been inflicted heavy losses.

Operations continued

Several al-Nusra Front-affiliated ringleaders and gangsters died during operations targeted their groupings in al-Qabon, Jobar, Harasta, al-Dyabeyeh, Hajjira, al-Hseneyeh, Daraya and al-Zabadani outside Damascus, according to SANA.

They also lost  a large chunk of their weapons which were destroyed by the armed forces in the same areas.

More terrorist groupings were hammered in Hritan, Tal Hayyan, Byanon junction, al-Jadedeh, and Kweres areas in northern Aleppo province, as a hi-tech satellite was detected inside a hideout in Sayf al-Dawleh quarter in the same province.

In another development, the armed forces thwarted terrorists' bids to infiltrate into the safe al-Orafi quarter in Der Ezzour province and raided many hideouts of al-Nusra Front affiliates in quarters of al-Hweqa, al-Sheikh Yasin, al-Ardi and old airport as well as in towns of al-Mre'ayeh and al-Hseneyeh.

Other hideouts of terrorists were bombarded in several areas outside Idlib, Daraa, and Hama provinces.

Rocket launchers and heavy machine guns, which had been used by terrorists to target al-Sqelbeyeh town, were destroyed in Qassaben town in al-Ghab countryside in Hama.  

The death toll of terrorists in all today's operations in unknown.