Daring Operations Continued Against Terrorists

 GOVERNORATES,(ST)_ The armed forces on Friday inflected heavy losses on the ranks of terrorist groups and left them killed or wounded  in Daraya, Duma, al-Husenia, Hujeira and  al-Zeyabia towns in rural Damascus, where terrorists Nimr al-Refai, and the so called Abu Zuheir , leaders of two terrorists groups, Firas Bkheit, terrorist Nasr nicknamed as Abu Mujahid, Mahmoud al-Rai , Bilal Arieda, Yasser Fadloun, Marwan Fadloun and Tieser al-Jelda  were killed .
Three cars for transporting terrorists and weapons  and one  23-caliber anti-aircraft artillery were destroyed, according to an official source.

The source added that the devastated terrorists burned bodies of other terrorists, believed to be  of foreign nationality.

In  Aleppo city and countryside, the armed forces continued pursuing  armed terrorist groups in several areas and caused them heavy material and human casualties.
In Homs, the armed forces  inflicted heavy losses on terrorists and destroyed their equipment, in al-Haidaria, al-Haula, al-Rastan areas, where terrorist Abdul Salaam Taha al-Khatib was killed.

The operation resulted in killing or wounding several terrorists, and the  destruction of rocket launchers which were used by the terrorists in attacking  populated areas, SANA reported .
Meantime, the  competent authorities dismantled  an explosive device weighing 40 kilograms planted by terrorists near the gas station at Aldoah farms in al-Rastan.
Also dismantled  were 4 explosive devices planted by terrorists in Deir Balbe farms and al-Zohour  in rural Homs, prepared to be detonated by remote control.
In Idleb, scores of terrorists were killed  and their shelters were destroyed in the surrounding of Wadi al-Deif, Maaret al-Numan and Idleb- Silqin road.
In Daraa,  scores of terrorists were killed in Daraa downtown while trying to assault citizens and military checkpoints, including  terrorists Muhammad Abdul Rahman al-Mahameed, Amjad Youssef Aba Zeid, Muhammad Kheir al-Shabaan, Bilal al-Masalema, Muhammad Talal al-Sayasneh, Ayman Ahmad al-Radi and Dahi Bajbouj.

More terrorists were also killed  and their weapons confiscated in Tafas and Busra al-Chaam including  Hadi Mamdouh al-Mazeid, Muhammad Marwan al-Ajrab, Youssef al-Shouli and Muhammad Hassan al-Ammar, Hamid al-Ode and Jamal al-Kalash.

Terrorist Abu al-Hareth al-Maani of a Jordanian nationality and  terrorist Abd Mansour al-Hariri were killed in Bosr al-Harir.
The  competent authorities clashed with a number of terrorists in the  surroundings of Heit and Abdeen towns in Daraa  countryside, where scores of them were eliminated and their weapons confiscated including machine guns, automatic rifles,  thermal rockets and  two  service cars  carrying terrorists.
Also destroyed by  the competent authorities were three  Van cars in Daal town  with terrorists inside them  and  two cars leaded with ammunition and  explosive devices . Muhammad Qasem Barghouth and Ahmad Jamal al-Jamous were among the killed terrorists.


Reconciliation minister raises thorny questions in Daraa




DARAA,(ST)_National Reconciliation Minister restates that Syria is to surpass the crisis according to international, regional and internal data, stressing the Syrians' first priority must be homeland's interest.

Dr.Ali Haidar, on Wednesday, appealed to all Syrian to take part in dialogue and achieve national reconciliation, SANA reported.

Addressing popular and official individuals in Daraa province, Haidar talked about steps being taken to reactivate dialogue and form committees across Syria to brief the ministry on each Province's demands.

"Strength of the Syrian Arab Army and economy has foiled plots against Syria," the minister said, adding that the crisis is almost over.

He asserted that only the Syrian people have the right to draw up a Syrian political project.

As for armed groups, Haidar sees that it is a bravery to lay out weapons and to start talks with the government.

The first step in dialogue includes dealing with social security network, kidnaped and displace people file and prisoners issue, the minister said.

Commenting on reconciliation topic, Daraa Governor, Mohammad Khalid al-Hanos, cited popular meetings held in the province, adding that armed terrorist groups are targeting governmental establishment and infrastructure causing big damages.

Secretary of the Baath Arab Socialist Party's Daraa Branch, Hussien al-Refaee, said: "We hope that national reconciliation forum would be a first step to realize reconciliation and to settle rows among Syrians".

A number of participants in the meeting underscored need to adopt principle of tolerance and forgiveness, form popular committees in all areas to protect public and private properties from terrorists' attacks, and repelling the terrorist groups from all cities and towns.





Greek Orthodox Patriarchate incubates voluntary project

DAMASCUS,(ST)_The Non-Governmental Organizations in Syria have shown their ongoing activities in an exhibition to encourage volunteers to join them in building society. 

The exhibition mounted on January 20that Cross Hall in the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East in Damascus included simple shows about the NGO's activities in serving society during the ongoing crisis in Syria.

It is the first activity of 'Sabah al-Amal' project [ sabah al-Amal is a slang item means: morning full of hopes]which is incubated by the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate within the program of 'building society' capabilities'.

This project aims to empower youths to be active in several experiences, which are necessary in the current circumstances Syria is gong through.

These experiences contain relief management, first aid, and scouting skills. They are supervised by the Syria Trust for Development, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent,the Syrian Civil Defense Establishment, and the Syrian Scout.

The best 20 volunteers are to join advanced courses in first aid and civil defense.



Syrian community in Czech condemns Al- Salamieh explosion

PRAGUE,(ST)-The Syrian students in Czech and the Syrian community have strongly condemned the terrorist explosion in Al- Salamieh carried out by the armed terrorist groups which claimed the lives of a number of martyrs and innocent people.

The Syrian students and the community renewed in a statement their support for the political program to come out of the current crisis in addition to the national dialogue among all the Syrian sides to keep the homeland's unity, security and sovereignty.

"this barbaric act expresses the failure of the foreign-backed armed terrorist groups to target Syria's steadfastness, "concluded the statement.

Rawa Ghanam

Syrians To Crystallize Vision to Eliminate Crisis - Minister

HOMS, (ST) _ Minister of State for National Reconciliation, Dr. Ali Haider said that during the next two months a clear vision will be crystallized to eliminate the crisis in Syria, pointing out that local, regional powers and international forces began to mature towards finding an objective environment for a political solution in Syria, getting it out of the vicious cycle of violence.

During the first session of social dialogue hosted by the National Reconciliation Commission in Sahara Complex Homs on Thursday, the minister added:" the crisis we are facing is linked to the extent of our understanding of what President Bashar al-Assad put in his last speech on the political program to resolve the crisis in Syria."

"As Syrians, we have to tackle lot of responsibilities that permit us to be the first country to market democracy for the world that claims democracy," the minister said, adding that the Syrians are also concerned   to develop a purely Syrian political action matured in our meetings and dialogue.

The participants called for facilitating the return of the displaced to their homes and to provide  them with utmost  assistance , the release of detainees whose hands were not  stained with blood and the restoration of  security, safety and amity to all parts of Syria.

They stressed that the dialogue can be better achieved with the enforcement of law and security that are conducive to a healthy dialogue and promote the principle of citizenship.

The participants also emphasized secularism that does not mean the exclusion of religion, rather stimulating reason and logic.

All debated interventions were submitted to the ministry for endorsing proposals.

The meeting was attended by governorate's officials, cultural and social activists and a crowd of citizens.

T. Fateh


Scores of Terrorists Eliminated. Duma Demonstrates for Terrorists Expulsion


GOVERNORATES, (ST) _ The armed forces on Thursday eliminated scores of terrorists in several areas in Daraya town in Damascus countryside, where

terrorists Mahmud Nayeli, Salim al-Kouz, Ahmad Abu Zeid, Sameer Abu al-Ez and  Wael, knows as Abu Kinan  were killed.

In two qualitative operations in Harasta and Duma  farms terrorists shelters where destroyed and many of them were killed including  Muhammad Khaleifa, Abdul Aziz Majid, Muwaffaq al-Houri and Ezzo al-Houri.

One terrorist explosion took place in Sasaa and preliminary news reported casualties and losses.

Meantime, a huge gathering of citizens in Duma including women demonstrated on Thursday demanding the expulsion of terrorists who committed acts atrocities, murder, kidnapping and assault, rape and armed robbery of private and public property and basic raw materials.

The demonstrated women chanted slogans commended the heroism of members of the Syrian army and their sacrifices, demanding rapid deployment to Duma to firmly eliminate terrorists and restore security and stability to the city, as before.

Large number of terrorists were killed and their weapons were confiscated in Abdeen and Haifoun in rural Damascus, where  a car fitted with a heavy machine gun and a minibus with terrorists inside it were destroyed, whereas most members of one terrorists group were killed in the nursery 2 km southeast of Deir al-Ateya.

In Aleppo city and its countryside, the armed forces inflected heavy casualties on the ranks of terrorists in several areas, and left all members of one terrorist group killed or wounded when they tried to enter Aleppo through Al-Ameria area.

In Daraa, the armed forces eliminated several terrorists while pursuing them in Bosr al-Harir and Busr al-Chaam and dismantled 4 mines planted by terrorists on the roads.

In Idleb, large numbers of terrorists were killed in al-Basel forest and around the central prison and a number of their vehicles equipped with machine guns were destroyed.

The armed forces killed several terrorists and their weapons were confiscated, while they carried out acts of assaults against citizens of Jalma village on the road to Hama and dismantled a number of improvised explosive devices planted at the entrance to the village.

Also dismantled were a number of improvised explosive devices planted by terrorists on the road between Hama, Mharda and Sqelbeia weighing between 25 to 40 kilograms.

In Hasaka several terrorists were killed or wounded and their vehicles mounted with heavy machine guns were destroyed when they tried to assault one military position to the north of the city.

More terrorists were also killed in al-Hula area in Homs countryside, when the armed forces hit their center, whereas all members of one terrorist group were exterminated in their car loaded with weapons in al-Rastan area.

In  Homs, the Syrian Red Crescent dispatched four cars loaded with winter blankets and  bread  to the villages of  Burj Qai, Akrad al-Dafneya, Kafrnan and Tasneim in rural Homs to t be distributed for  citizens affected as a result of the terrorist acts of the armed terrorist groups.


HRC visits shelter centers in Damascus

DAMASCUS,(ST)_The High Relief Committee is closely watching situation of displaced citizens temporary living in governmental shelters, Labour and Social Affairs Minister said.

Dr. Jasem Mohammad Zakkar stressed the HRC's keenness on providing shelters with all basic needs especially that are necessary in winter.

During his visit to a number of shelters in Damascus on Thursday,  Zakkar cited that sick cases that need operations are to be treated.

"The Sub- committees of relief have to visit temporary shelters in all areas to be briefed on the displaced citizens' needs," the minister told reporters.

State Minister for the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, JosephSweid, said the tour of inspection is significant to have an idea about the mechanism of supervising shelters and means of meeting basic needs of citizens there.