Scores of Martyrs and Wounded in Terrorist Attacks in Damascus

 DAMASCUS, (ST)_At least 33 civilians were martyred and more than 100 others were injured in the two terrorist bombings that took place Saturday afternoon in Bab Mousalla area in Damascus city, a source at Damascus Police Command told SANA.

 Earlier, the source said terrorists detonated two explosive devices near Bab al-Saghir cemetery, located in the area between Bab Mousalla and Bab Al-Jabiah inflicting material damage on private and public belongings.

The terrorist organizations fired Saturday morning rockets and mortars against Damascus populated areas inflicting damage upon the targeted areas.





Aleppo Governor to European Parliamentary Delegation: Victory in Aleppo Prelude for Clearing Syria of Terrorism

ALEPPO– Aleppo Governor Hussein Diab said that the victory in Aleppo, which was made possible thanks to the steadfastness of Syrians and their solidarity with the Syrian army and leadership, constitutes a prelude for clearing Syria of terrorism and a severe blow to terrorist plots.

Meeting a European parliamentary delegation on Friday headed by Deputy Chairman of Foreign Affairs at the European Parliament Javier Couso, Diab stressed the need for uniting efforts to counter the threat of terrorism, briefing the delegation on Aleppo city and the methodical destruction it was subjected to at the hands of terrorists, SANA reported.

Syria Urges UN, Security Council to Force Turkey to Immediately Withdraw from Syrian Territories

DAMASCUS- Syria has called in the UN and the Security Council to immediately force Turkey to pull its invading forces out of Syria, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said in two identical letters sent on Friday to the UN Chief and President of the Security Council,.

The ministry also urged stopping the repeated Turkish attacks on the sovereignty of the Syrian territories and maintaining security and stability in the region and the world.

Army destroys tank and fuel tanker for ISIS in Deir Ezzor


Deir Ezzor/Homs  - Units of army and armed forces, supported by the air force, launched intensive operations against ISIS sites in the southern outskirts of Deir Ezzor city and its southwestern countryside.

Army units destroyed a tank and tanker loaded with fuel for ISIS on the road of al-Taim School in Deir Ezzor, SANA reported.

SANA added that the army air force destroyed gatherings and sites for ISIS in the villages of Ayash, al-Bghailieh and al-Husseinia, the area surrounding al-Tharda, the graveyards and Sareit Jnied.

4 citizens martyred, 12 injured in terrorist attacks

Provinces – Three citizens were martyred and six others were injured in a shelling attack by Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists on three neighborhoods in Daraa city on Friday.

Three citizens, two women among them, were martyred and six others were injured, including a child, when terrorist groups affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra fired a number of rocket shells on citizens’ houses in the neighborhoods of al-Sahari, al-Matar and al-Dahia, SANA reported.

Military source: Turkish Aggression on Syrian Army Positions in Manbij

DAMASCUS- A military source said on Thursday that the Turkish regime forces targeted on Thursday, with rocket and artillery fires, positions for the Syrian Army and the backing forces in Manbij region in Aleppo countryside.

The source told SANA that the Turkish shelling which targeted the points of border guards claimed the lives of a number of persons and wounded many others.

Army units destroy a munitions depot for Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists during operations in Hama and Idleb


Hama, Idleb – Army units, backed by air force, carried out special operations against gatherings and supply routes of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in the countryside of Hama and Idleb, SANA reported.

A military source said that the air force launched airstrikes against gatherings and depots for Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Kafar Nubbul city in Maaret al-Nouman area, 50 km to the south of Idleb city.

The source added that the air strikes destroyed a depot containing ammunition, IEDs and rockets and 3 vehicles equipped with machineguns, and killed a number of terrorists.

Terrorists Marwan al-Aswad, Mahmoud al-Sultan, and Omar al-Sweid were identified among the dead

Earlier, SANA said that the army units targeted  the fortified positions of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in al-Boeida and Atshan villages , al-Latamineh town and the outskirts of Kafar Zeita town in the northern countryside of Hama, killing 11 terrorists and destroying two vehicles for them.