UN Association of Syria Calls to Rescue Syrian and Palestinian Captives on Hunger Strike in Occupation Jails

DAMASCUS- The United Nations Association of Syria on Friday called on the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to immediately take the initiative and rescue, by all means, the Syrian and Palestinian captives who are on a hunger strike in the Israeli occupation jails, SANA reported.

In a statement, the Association demanded the international organization to do its best in order to make the Israeli occupation entity responds to the fair demands of Syrian and Palestinians detainees and take concrete steps to implement the UN Security Council resolution No.2334 which demands the Israeli occupation entity to stop its settlement activities in the Palestinian occupied territory.

Army foils ISIS attack on Aleppo-Khanaser-Atherya road, establishes control over quarry in Homs

Aleppo/Homs – Army unit foiled Friday morning a fierce attack launched by ISIS terrorists on a number of military posts in the area between Aleppo’s Khanaser and Hama’s Atherya.

20 terrorists were killed and others were injured during the confrontation, while a number of their vehicles were destroyed, SANA reported.

Hundreds of Gunmen Leave Damascus Barzeh and Tishreen Neighborhoods

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The process of evacuating the second batch of gunmen and some of their families from the Damascene districts of Barzeh and Tishreen concluded on Friday. The process came in implementation of an agreement aiming at putting an end to armed presence in the districts and at paving the way for the state institutions to resume work there.

The army kills ISIS terrorists, destroys their vehicles in Homs countryside

Homs - A military source said that units of army destroyed on Thursday vehicles for ISIS terrorists and killed a number of them in al-Msherfah al-Janoubiya, Habra al-Gharbiya and Sharqiya, Rasm al-Tawil and Um Sahrij in Homs eastern countryside, SANA reported.

The source added that the army units, in cooperation with the backup forces, carried out special military operations against the ISIS fortifications and gatherings in Homs eastern countryside, inflicting them heavy losses.

Sit-In in Damascus in Solidarity with Syrian and Palestinian Prisoners on a Hunger Strike in Occupation’s Jails

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The Committee for Supporting Syrian Liberated Prisoners and Detainees in the Israeli Jails on Thursday held a popular sit-in in front of the headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Damascus.

The event was organized in solidarity with the Syrian and Palestinian prisoners staging a hunger strike in the occupation’s jails and who entered the battle of empty stomachs and are suffering the hunger pains to stress their resistance against the Zionist occupation's oppressive and arbitrary practices against them. 

Homs Governor: Last Batch of Gunmen Expected to Leave Homs' al-Waer District before May 20

HOMS, (ST)- Talal Al-Barazi, Homs Governor on Wednesday expected that the last batch of gunmen will leave al-waer neighborhood before May 20th according to the reconciliation agreement reached in the district and the implementation of which began on March 18th.

He made the remarks on Wednesday as a new batch of militants, who refused to join the reconciliation agreement in al-Waer neighborhood in Homs, was leaving the neighborhood along with some of their family members.

65 Martyrs from Kafraya and Foua, Killed in al-Rashideen Terrorist Blast, Laid to Rest

ALEPPO, (ST) - Bodies of 65 martyrs who were killed on April 15 in a terrorist blast that targeted Buses carrying evacuees from Idleb's Kafraya and Foua in al-Rashidin area west of Aleppo, were laid to rest on Wednesday in the towns of Nubbul and Zahraa in the northern countryside of Aleppo. Official and public figures took part in the funeral of the martyrs.