Locals killed in mortar attack on Hassaka

PROVINCES,(ST)_At least 25 citizens were martyred and injured in a new terrorist attack on locals of Tal Tamer town in Hassaka province.

The terrorists fired on Monday morning several mortar rounds on the town destroying seven homes and leaving causalities, SANA reported.

This attack was in revenge on the locals who prevented the terrorists last week from burgling wheat silo near the town.

Meanwhile, the armed forces shelled several vehicles and hideouts of terrorists in different areas in countryside of Damascus, Aleppo, Idleb, and Homs.

They also clashed with terrorist groups in the aforementioned areas, killing a lot of their members. Some of the terrorists are not Syrian.

The terrorist groups perpetrate criminal acts against citizens all over Syria and destroy the infrastructure. They are supported by Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, France, Britain, and the US.


French, British Attempts to Arm Terrorists in Syria Blatant Violation of UN Charter, International Law, Underscores PA

DAMASCUS, (ST)_The People's Assembly  sent three identical letters to President of the European Parliament, Chairman of the French National Assembly and President of the British House of Commons.
"the People's Assembly strongly deplored French and British government's  attempts to legalize arming terrorist groups and takfiri jihadists in Syria,"the letters read.
"these attempts are nothing but a blatant  violation of the UN Charter, the EU law, the international law and the UN Security Council resolutions which all ban backing terrorism and urge all countries to unite in combating it,the PA asserted".
The PA called on the addressees to visit Syria in a bid to take a close  look at the events and to ''meet non-Syria takfiri Jihadists under arrest, who were trained in neighboring countries, especially in Turkey with the aim of creating an Islamic Caliphate .
The PA branded French-British attempts to arming terrorists in Syria as dangerous  because the   takfiri Jihadist groups ideologically linked to al-Qaeda terrorist organization .
The letters noted that the Turkish government has been working in coordination with Qatar and Saudi Arabia to facilitate the infiltration of these Jihadists since the onset of  the crisis in Syria in 2011


BRICS to contribute to materialize Geneva Communiqué, says S.A President Zuma

JOHANNESBURG,(ST)-"indeed, it is very important to be informed on what is going on in Syria via direct contact between Syria and South Africa,"said President of South Africa Jacob Zuma.

Zuma's remarks came during a meeting with Presidency's political and media advisor Buthaina Shaaban.

Zuma expressed his regret over what is going on in Syria ,affirming that he will spare no effort  along with the BRICS to contribute to materializing the Geneva Communiqué  ,halting violence as soon as possible and launching the political dialogue.

For her part,Shaaban voiced Syria's appreciation to S.Africa's wise stance as regards crisis in Syria.

"the political program to solve the crisis in Syria ,proposed by President Basher Al-Assad, to halt violence and to launch dialogue without preconditions, "Shaaban told Zuma.

Shaaban called on Zuma to support the said program during the forthcoming BRICS summit  due to be held in South Afriaca (26-27 march).

During the meeting ,Shaaban briefed president Zuma on latest developments in Syria ,regional and international dimensions of the crisis and its repercussions on the region.

Some countries are relentlessly seeking to ramp up the bloody conflict in Syria through funding and arming terrorist groups.

The meeting was attended by Minister of International Relations and Cooperation  in S.Africa Maite Nkoana Mashabane.


Army restore several sites in Jobar area

PROVINCES,(ST)_Units of armed forces have restored stability and security to four sites in Jobar area in Damascus countryside after killing most of the terrorists there.

The sites are: Parliament square, cultural center, police headquarter, and municipality building- SANA said.

Besides, the armed forces clashed today (Saturday) with terrorists groups in other alleys in Jobar area and dismantled several explosive devices planted by the terrorists near schools there.

On the other hand, the armed forces bombarded hideouts of terrorists in Adra area (in Damascus countryside, and in different areas in countryside of Homs and Idleb).

Terrorists' weapons and vehicles were also destroyed in the said areas, according to SANA.

It was also reported that two terrorists were killed in clashes broke out between armed forces and the armed terrorist groups which tried to attack an oil pipeline in east Mahin town in Homs countryside.

Elsewhere, the armed forces shelled yesterday a series of terrorists' cars on Hassaka-Der Ezzour highway and eliminated many al-Nusra Front-linked terrorists in al-Hwiqa district in Der Ezzour city.

The terrorist groups, who commit criminal acts against citizens and destroy the country's infrastructure, are supported by Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, France, Britain, and the US. 


Terrorists' mortars target church and school in Aleppo

PROVINCES,(ST)_The terrorist groups fired on Friday several mortar rounds on citizens' homes and shrines in a populated area in Aleppo city causing causalities and material damages.

As official source told SANA that amortar round landed near the Syriac Orthodox Church leaving material damages in the surrounding area. No one was hurt. 

Another mortar round landed on 'al-Maari' school in a-Slemaneya area causing damages.

In the same province (Aleppo), the armed forces clashed with al-Nusra Front-affiliated terrorists and killed most of them. They also seized their weapons in Khan Toman area.

Meanwhile, fierce clashes broke out between the armed forces and terrorists from al-Nusra Front inTal Brak area and Em al-Kher town in Hassaka province. A lot of terrorists were killed and weapons were confiscated.

The armed forces also clashed with terrorists in Jobar, al-Madameya, and Darayya areas in Damascus countryside. Most of the terrorists were eliminated.

On the other hand, the armed forces shelled terrorists' hideouts in countryside of Damascus, Homs and Idleb.

The terrorist groups, who commit criminal acts against citizens and destroy the country's infrastructure, are being supported by Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, France, Britain, and the US. 


Al--Assad Congratulates Xi Jinping

DAMASCUS, ST)- President Bashar al-Assad on Friday sent a cable of congratulation to President Xi Jinping of China on the occasion of his election as the new President.

President al-Assad expressed best  wishes to the newly-elected President of China hoping  he will attain success and luck as regards shouldering sublime responsibilities  in order to accomplish  progress and prosperity for the friendly people of China.

President al-Assad voiced his confidence in continuing consolidation of bilateral cooperation ties between  Syria and China and working together in the interest of the Syrian and Chinese people.


Self-discipline won't last forever,says Foreign Ministry


DAMASCUS,(ST)-In a cable sent to the Lebanese Foreign Ministry, the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry has underscored that over the past 36 hours a large number of armed terrorist groups infiltrated into Syrian lands coming from Lebanon  via the crossings of Mathoumeh,Ain al-Shaara,Jousiya and qrayat in Tal Kalakh countryside.

"The borders guard clashed with them inside Syria and the clashes continue so far causing dead and wounded of these groups where they evacuated inside Lebanon, "added the ministry.

The ministry made it clear that these terrorist groups still gathering inside Lebanon where our forces are observing them thoroughly .Our forces are keeping ultimate self-disciplinary  concerning non-targeting them. Hopefully the competent Lebanese sides will exert efforts to control borders with Syria  in the benefit of the two countries ,to protect innocents and non-escalation which these terrorist groups aim at.

"Syria expect Lebanon won't allow those groups to utilize from borders as they target the security of the Syrian people ,breaching Syria's sovereignty  and exploiting the good –neighborly between the two brotherly countries, "underlined the ministry.

The ministry  pointed out that the flow of gunmen and arms remarkably commenced in (12-3-2013)from Lebanon to Syria  at al-Quseir and Jousya districts until now rather than the apparent logistic support from the Lebanese lands and conveying dead and wounded of the armed gangs through ambulances into Lebanon.

"Syrian Arab armed Forces still in a self-discipline state concerning non-targeting armed groupings inside Lebanon but this will not last forever, 'stressed  the ministry.