Syria appeals to UNSC to condemn Hatla massacre

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Foreign and Expatriates Ministry has reiterated that  the UN Security Council's inaction towards the terrorist crimes which took place in Syria encourages the terrorist groups to go ahead in targeting innocent citizens nationwide.

The most recent massacre was perpetrated yesterday ( June, 12, 2013-06-13) when al-Nusra Front-affiliated terrorist group killed dozens of innocent locals including women and children in Hatla village, just to the east of the city of Der Ezzour, because they had rejected to support terrorists in their criminal acts against the locals.     

According to the ministry's letter sent to the UNSC today, the terrorists looted and ransacked private and public properties , set fire to the locals' homes, and desecrated the Holy Shrines.

 A video posted on line, shows the graphic details of the massacre.

Salafi Sheikh instigated the massacre 

The ministry made it clear that a Takfiri Salafi Sheik in Kuwait called' Shafi al-Ajami', who is involved in funding and sending thousands of  terrorist 'Jihadies' in support for al-Nusra Front had instigated the massacre.

once again,it warned against the dangers of turning a blind eye or involvement in supporting Takfiri terrorism linked to al-Qaeda which is being practiced by al-Nusra Front and its allies and the so called 'free Syrian army'.

Such acts help the spreading of terrorism and extremism, according to the letter.  

'Military balance'

"continuing to  arm the  opposition by some states or announcing readiness to arm it under the pretext of changing military balance on the ground unmasked these states' intentions of hampering efforts being exerted to bring about political solution to the crisis in Syria between the Syrians and under the" Syrian leadership," the ministry said in the letter.

It noted that Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia directly support terrorism by all means, adding that the decisions recently issued by the EU as regards lifting the embargo on arming the opposition and allowing the European importers to buy the Syrian oil from the opposition violate the EU' adherence to combat funding terrorism and all relevant UN resolutions.

The ministry appealed to the UNSC to fulfill its role in combating terrorism and condemning the Hatla massacre.

Basma Qaddour   

Al-Halqi :Army's Victories Pave the Way to Restore Security

DAMASCUS, (ST)- "needless to say, the government is defending the homeland with every possible effort  through its political, economic and social bodies ,"underscored Al-Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi.

Al-Halqi's remark was made during a meeting held on Thursday with representatives from Daraa province at the People's Assembly  .

During the meeting, al-Halqi made it clear that the state-affiliated bodies are ready ,around the clock, to provide citizens with services only to properly tackle the emergency situations.

He highly lauded the army's recent victories over the regional and international-backed terrorist groups.

"the said victories will definitely pave the way to restore security and stability nationwide and to commence the stage of reconstruction as well, "added al-Halqi.

"the basic goal of the  government's meeting with the MPs is to be directly acquainted the local service and developmental reality with the aim of removing obstacles  and boosting fruitful deeds ,"asserted al-Halqi.

Al-Halqi affirmed that the government is adopting the partnership's principle as regards   the cohesion between the legislative and executive authorities  in a bid to revitalize the  economic and service situations across Syria.

The Prime Minister  also briefed his guests on challenges which face the economic situation as a result of  the unjust siege imposed on Syria  and the systematic devastation committed by the terrorist groups all government –related facilities especially in the fields of oil ,electricity and grind mills only to destroy the Syrians' potentials.

"at present, the government's main obsession is to secure the citizen's requirements ,cementing the bridges of amity and cooperation and rejecting violence between the Syrians through materializing the political program as it is the only way to leave the crisis behind," concluded al-Halqi.


Al-Nusra Front Terrorists Commit New Massacre Against Civilians in Deir Ezzour

DEIR EZZOUR, (ST) - The Arab, regional and Foreign backed Jabhat al-Nusra (Nusra Front), which has links to al-Qaeda, committed on Wednesday a horrible massacre against peaceful Syrian civilians in Deir Ezzour governorate.

An official source told SANA that al-Nusra Front terrorists attacked families and citizens in Deir Ezzour Hatla village and killed 30 people, among them were women and children, because they refused to support the terrorists' aggressive acts against civilians.   

The source said that the terrorists looted and robbed citizens' private and public properties and stormed into worshipping places to discrete them and steal their contents.

H .Mustafa  

Army General Command: Helicopter Targeted Terrorists Fleeing to Lebanon

DAMASCUS, (ST) – Carrying on its national duty to pursuit armed terrorist groups, fight terrorism everywhere in Syria and restore security and stability to the country, the Syrian Arab Army on Wednesday targeted terrorist groups trying to run away towards the Lebanese territories, the Syrian Army General Command said in a statement on Wednesday.

According to the statement, the gunfire of a Syrian army helicopter targeted the terrorists  injuring many of them, while the others fled  to the Lebanese Arsal area where they were also pursuit by the army gunfire.

The General Command stressed in the statement that the Syrian Army will spare no effort to protect the Syrian territories and maintain the security and safety of the Syrian citizens, but at the same time it is keen to respect the sovereignty of the Lebanese republic  and the security of its people.

H. Mustafa

UNICEF Condemns Teenager Execution by Terrorists in Aleppo

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ The  United Nations Children's Fund UNICEF  condemned   "the armed terrorist groups public execution of 15-old teenager in the city of Aleppo, a news which has been widely circulated by the media and Internet sites on a large scale".

In a statement, UNICEF  called on all parties  " to  comply with international humanitarian law and human rights and to refrain from violations of the rights of civilians and children."

It expressed "deep concern over  the escalating  inhuman level of violence in Syria and its devastating impact on the lives of civilians, especially children."

Lat week, the armed terrorist groups executed the boy by  opening fire at him  in front of his family members in al-Shaar  neighborhood of Aleppo , after he was  tortured and kidnapped , under accusations   of blasphemy without justifying the reasons  behind  the accusation . This  newly perpetrated crime is added to terrorists crimes   record against the Syrian people.


T. Fateh

Syrian Arab army foils terrorists' attempt to sneak into Meneg airbase

PROVINCES,(ST)-An official source has denied reports that terrorists have captured part of Meneg military airbase in the northern Aleppo province, confirming the death of 4 terrorist ringleaders outside Damascus.

It made it clear that  units of the armed forces repelled today al-Nusra Front-linked terrorists' attempt to infiltrate from nearby areas into the Meneg airbase.

"The fabricated reports about terrorists' capture of part of the airbase aims at lifting spirits of the terrorists who got knockout blows over the past few days, the source said.

It added: "Many terrorists, who were preparing to attack the airbase, were killed. Besides, three arms caches and a mortar were destroyed in Ein Daqn village  located just 3km east of the airbase."

4 terrorist ringleaders eliminated

It was also reported that  dozens of terrorists, most of them are non-Syrians, have been crushed when they tried to sneak into al-Shwehneh hill (in the northern Aleppo countryside) to which security was restored few days ago.

Other areas-allayramon, Bestan al-Qaser, Sheikh Maqsoud, Bani Zed, al-Ashrafeyeh, al-Amereyeh, al-Naqqarin, and surrounding of the central prison- in the same province have witnessed intense clashes between units of the armed forces and al-Nusra Front-linked terrorist groups which ended in eliminating an unknown number of terrorists.

The clashes occurred as  units of the armed forces eliminated 3 terrorist ringleaders in Doma suburb and a fourth at al-Shefoneyeh area outside the capital.

Several terrorists were also reportedly killed in Harasta and Hajjira areas in the same province (Damascus countryside) amid reports of continuing  the army's operations against terrorist groupings in many areas in Homs, Palmyra, and Der Ezzour provinces.

Explosive device detonated in Damascus

In a separate incident, terrorists detonated today at dawn an explosive device attached to a car near Dar la-Shefa'a hospital in Damascus.

 The car's driver was wounded and  admitted to the hospital.

Syria is facing a foreign-backed war that aims at weakening the Syrian Arab army and destroying its national economy to serve Israel's interests in the region.

The US, France, Britain, Qatar, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia supply the terrorist groups, who perpetrate heinous crimes against citizens and destroy Syria's infrastructure, with arms, money and media coverage.


Al-Halqi: government has cooperated with all Arab-UN missions

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Prime Minister has said that the Syrian government is going on with fighting terrorism on one hand and holding talks with all Syrians on the other in order to build the future of Syria according to the will of its people.

Dr. Wael al-Halqi noted that the government has fully cooperated with all Arab and UN missions and offered them all facilities to reveal reality to the public opinion. He added that the Arab, EU, and the US pressures have encumbered  these efforts to disclose reality.

Al-Halqi was speaking as he met with a visiting delegation representing Poland Branch of the European Center for Strategic Studies.the meeting revolved around the economic, political, media, and cultural goals of the conspiracy being hatched against Syria.

Myriad terrorists

"We are fighting tens of thousands of terrorists spilling from more than 29 states, including the EU and North Africa. In addition, Syria's abutment states have become a safe haven for terrorists…Nevertheless, our armed forces will continue to wipe off all terrorists of the Syrian territories," the PM said.

He added: "Syria repeatedly cautioned that the global war being waged against the country aims at destabilizing the whole region.. in fact, what is going on in Turkey and Lebanon is an indelible evidence . on the other hand, the premier talked about the unjust sanctions imposed on the state (Syria).

Arming opposition

Following the meeting, Head of the Syrian Expatriates' Association in Poland, Nabil al-Malazi, told reporters that the delegation will explain to the public opinion the reality of events in Syria.

For his part, the Belgian MP, Philip Dyowenter, underscored that many European governments and peoples reject arming the opposition as this will help to escalate  the crisis.

Basma Qaddour