PA issues statement on President Al-Assad’s political plan

DAMASCUS,(ST)_The People’s Assembly (PA) has issued a statement on the political plan recently outlined by President Bashar Al-Assad to resolve the crisis in Syria.

According to the Sunday-statement, the MPs uphold the plan which is based on dialogue among all Syrian components and preserves Syria’s sovereignty.

“the Plan is the best way to sort the crisis out,” the statement reads, stressing that it meets the Syrian people’s aspirations in terms of building a political pluralism and democratic Syria that guarantees Syrian peoples’ rights.

The PA vows to work tirelessly with the newly-formed national reconciliation committee to make the plan successful and to reactive dialogue among all Syrian citizens and political blocs.

“This work seeks to foil the aggression against Syria and to draw its political future,” the statement said.

The PA sees as ‘a national responsibility’ that all Syrian national and political forces besides all activists and civil society must ‘positively’ be involved in the national dialogue to formulate Syria’s future far away from personal differences.

The statement noted Syria’s great history which dates back to thousands of years during which the Syrian people confronted the French and Ottoman colonialists to surpass crises and achieve victory over the homeland’s enemies.

It appealed to regional states, especially that claim keenness on Syrian people’s interest, to abide by moral values and international law’s principles to stop arming, funding, and  harboring terrorists with a view to making the Syrian solution plan successful. 

The PA highly appreciated the friendly states’ attitudes that support political solutions and reject all forms on foreign meddling in Syria’s internal affairs. 


“Drawing Syria’s political future that is based on political pluralism, equality among Syrian citizens, combating terrorism and developing state’s management is a national responsibility that requires all Syrian citizens’ cooperation to reinforce their homeland to remain strong,” the statement said.

It underscored that Syria has a leading national role in defending Arab causes .

“ Those who reject participation in national dialogue under pretexts that have nothing to do with national and political work shoulder responsibility for the continuity of blood shedding  in Syria through their- direct or indirect- involvement in lasting the crisis and destroying the State’s infrastructures,” the PA statement concluded.

On January, 6th, 2013, President Al-Assad delivered a speech in which he outlined a political plan to solve the crisis.

The plan has been widely supported by Syrian national parties, unions and friendly states.

Press conference

Meantime, Omar Oussi, an Independent MP, declared in a press conference held on Sunday in Damascus, the importance of the political plan launched by the President to solve the ongoing crisis and to achieve democracy.

According to Ousi, the draft program of the National reconciliation committee, recently established by PA, includes the following:

-              Lectures and Symposiums

-              Asking all members either in the committee or in the PA to communicate with all spectrums of people and executive authorities

-              Discussing the kidnapped issue

-              Following up the arrested issue.

-              Coordination with all reconciliation committees in all other provinces.

-              Strong participation in the political process.

-              Setting up several field visits to all provinces.

-              Preparing strong participation to create the suitable climate to achieve all steps successfully.

-              Improving  Citizens’ living conditions.

-              Concentration on social solution which is the most important in the framework of brotherhood.

He concluded: "we, the Parliament National Reconciliation committee, have done our best to make this political program a success; it is time for all people with different religions and factions to participate and share by ending the ongoing crisis and encouraging dialogue."


Several Terrorist Groups Eliminated in Aleppo City. Stolen Flour Restored

GOVERNORATES,(ST)_ Armed forces units on Saturday continued qualitative operations in Aleppo city and countryside against terrorists gatherings  and killed  or wounded scores of them.

In collaboration with  inhabitants, army and  security forces units  eliminated all members of armed terrorist groups in the northern area  of the Umayyad mosque, Khan al-Wazeer, and the area around  the Aleppo castle , down to the justice palace, according to an official source.

The source added  that security and stability has been restored to the area  after the elimination of terrorists who have committed acts of murder and sabotage against people and property.

The army units also  carried out several operations  in several areas of the city including al-Naqqaein, Bustan al-Qasr, Allirmoun, al-Nana mosque and Bani Zeid area and confiscated thirty tons of flour at the Sheikh Saeed  are, while terrorist group was trying to smuggle out of the city of Aleppo, and the amount was handed over to al-Hamadania Bakery in Aleppo.

All terrorists who tried to attack Kechiche  airport in rural Aleppo  were killed or wounded, whereas  an anti-aircraft 23 mm caliber cannon  used by terrorists in targeting  civilians  and army and security forces checkpoints was destroyed.

A deport of weapons and ammunition  for the terrorists of the so called  " al-Tawheed battalion" was  destroyed in Manbij  and terrorists Mahmoud Waheed  nicknamed as Abi al-Khattab, member of the so called " Shoura council  in  "al-Fatah Brigade" terrorist group was killed.

In Damascus countryside, the armed forces  chased terrorists and attacked  their shelters in Mleiha, Daraya, al-Hajar al-Aswad , al-Zeyabeia, and al-Tadamun areas where  large number o terrorists were killed or injured including  Mustafa Kheir Allah and Mahmoud Allam, Ammar al-Masri and Ramy Jum'a nd snipers  Ghassan Shamma, Abdullah al-Burma and Khaled Habbib.

Most dangerous terrorists  were killed in  Zamalka  in the Eastern Ghouta.

In rural Homs , most members of one terrorist group were killed and injured and their car they used in their attacks was destroyed  in al-Tiebeh village north east of Palmyra.In Burj Qai village  in al-Haula area terrorists Ahmad Abdul Al Hamdoush, Yahya Abdul Latif al-Darwish, Hassan Fawzi al-Omar and Muhammad Ahmad al-Tae were killed  and their explosive devices factory, two Dushka artillery fitted on two cars and one mortar were destroyed.
In Hama, the armed forces confiscated  machine guns and  a variety of ammunition  during clashes with the armed terrorist groups on Hama- al-Salamyia way and three cars fitted  with machine guns and one mortar for leaders of terrorist groups were destroyed  in Tiebet al-Imam town.


Meantime, the army engineering units dismantled 9 explosive devices  implanted by terrorists  on the road between Tiebet al-Imam and Qamhana town  in rural Hama.

In rural Daraa, several shelters for  terrorists  were destroyed  in Tafas  and al-Yadouda town including weapons, ammunition and terrorists.



PA forms committees to hold national dialogue

Damascus- (ST)-The People’s Assembly has formed committees from its members to communicate with the civil and popular activities and the party and political forces in all Syrian governorates in preparation for the comprehensive dialogue conference which is considered a step to implement the political programme for solving the crisis in Syria.

PA Speaker Mohammad Jihad al-Lahham called on Members of Parliament, in a meeting held today, to present their visions and plans to what the PA can do regarding the dialogue in all governorates and the discussions with the government to lay down mutual ideas that will enable all national and political forces and civil society commissions taking part in the dialogue and formulating Syria’s future national charter.  

The attendants of the meeting discussed the political program that the government has debated and means of enhancing cooperation between the executive and legislative authorities for achieving success to the national dialogue.   

PA Members asserted the urgency to communicate with all society political, party, intellectual and party groups to implement the political programme for solving the crisis which is considered the best outlet and the safest way for Syria and its people to rebuild the damaged areas and the return of the displaced to their homes.

Inas Abdul kareem


Scores of Terrorists Eliminated in Several Areas. Electricity Worker Martyred

Governorates,(ST)- The armed forces on Friday continued pursuit  operations of terrorist groups in rural Damascus  and caused them heavy losses.

In Mleiha town, terrorists Wael Wadha, Osama Abdul Latif, Rifaat Kabbari, Muhammad Khayata, Badr Jammoul, Bassan Noule and Sultan Joureye were killed and their  weapons, including snipers, assault rifles mortars  were confiscated, whereas, scores of terrorists were killed or wounded and their car fitted with a heavy machine gun was destroyed.
In the Darya town, terrorists Yasin Abu Omar, known as  Abu Walid , Mohamed Khalifa, Abdo Suleiman, Walid Burmh and Maaz Khatib were killed, besides most members of one terrorist group in al-Zeyabeya town,  including  Ayman Jaradat, Mahmoud Oweis, Murhaf al-Lahham, amd Rami Majdalawi.
In Husseiniya four cars loaded with weapons and ammunition were destroyed and many terrorists inside them were left killed or wounded, while the competent authorities, after notified by citizens, dismantled a booby trapped car parked by terrorists in al-Nabk  city.

Worker Jamal Halabi was martyred and other three wounded, when terrorists on Friday targeted the emergency office and the electricity transfer station in  Jaramana . Material damage in the station 's wall was reported .

Two vehicles loaded with weapons and ammunition were destroyed and the terrorists manning them, including snipers, were killed in Maaret al-Numan in Idleb countryside.
One army unit confiscated 3 cars fitted with machine guns  in Teibet al-Imam town in Rural Hama, including ammunition and  Turkish-made sophisticated communication devices used by  terrorists use to communicate with each other and TV channels , partners in the Syrian bloodshed crime, according to an officials source.
The source outlined that the confiscated weapons included several RPG  launchers , two  locally manufactured  missiles  and a base to launch them, anti tank thermal missile, 13 automatic military rifles and "6" Turkish-made communication devices.
In Aleppo city and countryside, scores of terrorists were killed or wounded in a qualitative operations, carried out by the armed forces in Mayer, Naaret al-Arteiq, al-Atareb,, while terrorists shelters were destroyed in Maraata, Mangh, Rasm al-Abboud  and Deir Jamal.

All centers for terrorists who were committing acts of looting and theft in al-Haydareya, al-Masraneyah, al-Firdous area, the old city and al-Kallasa quarters in Aleppo city were destroyed.


Bogdanov: Geneva Tripartite Meeting 'fruitful'




MOSCOW, (ST)_ The Geneva tripartite meeting convened Friday reiterated  support to the UN Envoy's Mission to Syria, Akhdar Ibrahimi, declared the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov.

Bogdanov, the special envoy of the Russian President to Middle East, stated to Russian RT following the tripartite meeting that the participants agreed on continued contacts and recognized the difficulty of the situation in Syria.

Bogdanov described the tripartite meeting along with the Ibrahimi and the  US Deputy Secretary of State William Burns as 'fruitful'.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry stated in a statement that "The Russian side expects that the search for forms of international support for the settlement process of the acute domestic crisis in Syria…will take into account the ideas expressed in a speech by the President of the Syrian Arab Republic," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Ibrahimi pointed out that the tripartite meeting underlined necessity to stop blood letting and violence in Syria, asserting the need for peaceful settlement to the crisis on the basis of Geneva Statement of last June.

Ibrahimi added that there is no military solution to the crisis in Syria.






Syria youths launch voluntary cure project

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ The non-governmental 'Syria Youths Imprint' Association and Physicians Union launched on Thursday the permanent voluntary cure project called "Shifa" that targets martyrs' families .

Health Minister, Saed al-Nayef said: "the project reflects pivotal role of youths and civil society in offering health services," stressing that it backs the state's efforts being exerted to cover health services across Syria.

He cited integrated cooperation between public and private sectors and civil society to provide affected people with medical aid even in the volatile areas that witness terrorist acts being perpetrated by foreign-backed armed groups.

Bahjat Akroush, Director of 'Shifa' project, said: " The project aims to offer free-of-charge, life-long medical services to martyrs' families," noting that the project was preceded by a survey of the martyrs' families in the provinces to know their numbers, standard of living and health conditions.

So thus, as many as 5,343 families have benefitted from the project that includes 1.000 of physicians from all Syrian provinces.

Previously, the 'Syria Youths Imprint' Association' has launched two projects targeted displace people in governmental shelters.

Basma Qaddour


Syrian students uphold endorsed political plan to end crisis

PRAGUE,(ST)_ Syrian students in Slovakia support President Bashar Al-Assad's political plan based on national dialogue to end the crisis in Syria.

They issued a statement on Friday in which they voiced full support to the plan that guarantee national sovereignty and paves the way for building Syria in a better way to restore stability and security across Syria and reinforce it against any foreign intervention.

The students hailed the Syrian Arab Army's sacrifices given up in confronting terrorism and extremism, highly appreciating the army's leading role in restoring stability and security to Syria, according to SANA.

In Czech, the Syrian students said the plan is 'a main and safe base' for a national solution to the ongoing crisis.

They appealed to all Syrian national commissions, parties and forces inside Syria and abroad, and friendly countries to support the plan.

The students expressed complete support for the homeland in confronting conspiracy and fierce terrorist war being launched against it.

Basma Qaddour