Syrians in Jordan Celebrate Syrian Army Day

AMMAN,(ST)-The Syrian community in Jordan celebrated the 68th anniversary of the Syrian Arab Army Day in a stand of "pride and dignity with the army of the homeland" in the Jordanian capital city of Amman.

During the4 stand ,the Syrian community saluted the steadfastness of the Syrian Arab Army in face of the armed terrorist groups .

Some  Jordanian journalists, citizens and political figures participated in the said event.

The participants waved the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic, considering this stand as an expression of amity and appreciation of the Syrian Arab Army which offered enormous sacrifices for the sake of the homeland.


BPRL in Syria, Lebanon: Arabs' Present, Future Targeted

DAMASCUS, (ST) - The Baath Arab Socialist Party Regional Leaderships in Syria and Lebanon on Sunday discussed the developments of events in the two countries and the region in general.

During a meeting in Damascus, members of the two leaderships focused on the role of the Baath Party in enhancing the wide popular movement against the Zio-American scheme and its tools in the region.

Coordination between the two sides to develop interaction and partnership among all national and liberation forces in both countries and in the Arab arena was also discussed, particularly because the conspiracy hatched by world political terrorism forces is blocked by a great popular confrontation in some Arab countries.

The Baath Party Regional Leadership Assistant Secretary in Syria Hilal Hilal stressed that Syria is facing most dangerous wars on behalf of the whole nation, pointing out that the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab people and army aim to foil the conspiracy targeting the present and the future of the Arabs.

"This is Syria's fate and independent decision which is based on the country's long heritage of struggle and resistance and on its insistence to be independent in its decisions," Hilal said, stressing the unity of destiny of the peoples of Syria and Lebanon.

For his part the Party's Regional Leadership Secretary in Lebanon Fayez Shukr, affirmed the support of the Lebanese national forces for the Syrian people's battle against the terrorist war.

"This is the stance of the majority of the people in Lebanon who will never forget Syria's sacrifices to keep Lebanon's unity in the face of the civil war and the Zionist occupation which hit Lebanon in the past," Shukr said.

H. Mustafa  

Golan People Voice Solidarity With Homeland

OCCUPIED GOLAN,(ST)_ People in the occupied Syrian Golan renewed their  stand with homeland Syria, the army and leadership in addressing the armed terrorist gangs, and vowed  to eradicate  all their shelters everywhere on the Syrian territory.

In a statement  released yesterday on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr  the people of the Golan appealed to the God Almighty to bless "all the martyrs of our people , including  civilian and military , wishing a speedy recovery for the  wounded ," announcing  the cancellation of all Eid manifestations of joy in all the villages of the occupied Syrian Golan and to be confined to religious rituals and social visits. "

Our  people in the Golan condemned,  in the strongest terms ,the terrorist crimes committed by "Gangs of treason and crime against our people and army in all regions  of Syria , the latest of which were the terrorist bombing in the city of Jaramana, the cowardly attack on Maghr  village and the repeated attacks against villages adjacent to the Golan Heights occupied by those terrorist gangs. "

The  people in the Golan Heights  also, on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr,  extended congratulations to President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian Arab people and army, who are fighting  heroic  battles against criminal  and treason gangs, appealing God Almighty to make bring  peace, security and stability to all  parts of Syria .


T. Fateh

Information Minister: News Broadcasted by Arabiya TV categorically Groundless

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Information Minister Omran Zoubi stressed that the news broadcast by Al-Arabiya TV on targeting President Bashar al-Assad procession in his way to perform the Eid prayer today are categorically groundless..

" with respect to what was stated by Arabiya TV, I assure that this news is not true categorically and is just a reflection of the illusive dreams of the media and the governments that stand behind them," Minister Zoubi said in a telephone statement with the Syrian TV today, adding that the President came to the mosque driving his own car , attended Eid prayers and sermon and shook hands with all the people in the mosque as usual when he meets them every day ,listened to their views and demands and reciprocated Eid greetings with them.

He regretted why Arabiya channel in particular insists to fall the same way her sister channel Al-Jazeera had fallen, pointing out that if there was a media that respects itself professionally and morally al- Arabiya should have immediately after this false and misleading news dismissed its administrations that fabricated such news , but their choice is to continue lying.

He added that these channels have been, since the beginning of the crisis in Syria fabricating news and deception in following up processes targeting Syria's national security, and sometimes they broadcast the news before it happens, a fact which has become known to all Syrians.

" They tried this morning to spoil people 's joy of the Eid , but the Syrians are now in the stage of national , political and media consciousness so that they are not deceived by such news", the Minister underlined.

The Minister continued that the Syrian national media is honest and genuine, and always acts and reacts professionally.

He pointed out that it is the duty of governments that finance these weak and false channels to quickly dismiss departments responsible for disseminating such news , that do not respect themselves , nor the professional media.

Minister Zouibi extended tribute to all Syrians, particularly the families of the hero martyrs and the Syrian Arab Army, Appealing the God Almighty to have mercy for all martyrs.


T. Fateh

H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad performs Eid Al-Fitr Prayer at Anas Bin Malik Mosque in Damascus

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad performs Thursday morning  Eid Al-Fitr Prayer at Anas Bin Malik Mosque in Damascus

Top State, Party officials, MPs. , Grand Mufti, and men of Islamic religion, as well as crowds of citizens performed the Prayers along with H.E. President Al-Assad.

Sheikh Ahmad al-Jazari, delivered the Prayer Ceremony, in which the Sheikh spoke about the sublime meanings of Eid Al-Fitr, asserting the importance of fraternity and amity values among the Syrians.

Islam unifies the Nation and doesn't dismember it, strengthens and enriches the Nation and doesn't weaken it, highly lauding the role of Bilad al-Sham's religious schools and institutions  in enriching the world with pure religious teachings, science and morals.

The Sheikh al-Jazari prayed for God that He would help as to restore the Nation unity, cohesiveness, stability and security, that amity and fraternity would spread, and that He would help President Al-Assad in the interest of Syria and Syrians.

 Al-Arabiya  Satellite Channel circulated earlier a prefabricated big lie regarding the targeting of President Al-Assad's convoy before the Prayer.

Minister of Information, Omran al-Zoubi, blasted the news as "untrue" and as "reflecting the day-dreaming and illusions" of media means and governments owning them.

Minister al-Zoubi lashed out at media channels of fabrications, disinformation and lies, calling on those supporting them to urgently fire  those responsible administrations which do not respect themselves, and do not respect media ethics and professionalism.

Syria has been witnessing a multinational terrorist war against its citizens , backed by unbalanced and biased media campaigns of fabrications, and lies, where at times  some media outlets, including al-Arabiya and al-Jazeera, give orders and instructions  to al-Qaeda affiliates on the ground to carry out terrorism attacks against Syrian targets.

 Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Syrian Arab army ambushes al-Nusra Front-linked group outside Damascus, destroys rockets dump in Homs

PROVINCES,(ST)_As a unit of the armed forces mows down an armed terrorist group from al-Nusra Front in an ambush in Damascus countryside, another one pounds a rockets depot outside Homs province.

A military source told SANA that the terrorist group killed in the ambush was trying to infiltrate into the Eastern Ghouta  to attack a garrison, adding that terrorists of foreign nationals were among the dead.

Israeli-made guns seized

It noted that the weapons confiscated in the operation included Israeli-made guns, PKC guns, and RPG rockets.  

Regarding developments in the other areas outside the capital (Damascus), it was reported that a tunnel was discovered in Barzeh suburb-just 3km north-east of Damascus- and clashes raged between the armed forces and thugs in Jobar, Zamalka and Harasta suburbs.

As many as 6 identified thugs were among the dead in the said suburbs, while others  were eliminated in Adra al-Balad, al-Rihan area (in Doma suburb), Daryya and Yabroud areas when the armed forces raided their hideouts.

Terrorist attack kills 6 citizens in Qatana

The same province (Damascus countryside) witnessed a terrorist attack which claimed the lives of 6 citizens leaving 4 others wounded when an explosive device detonated near "al-Baath" School  in Qatana, around 20km to the west of Damascus.

Meanwhile, the armed forces bombarded  rockets depot in al-Ghento town outside Homs province and hammered all terrorists inside .

Infiltration attempts

They also foiled an armed terrorist group's bid to sneak from Lebanese territories into al-Qusayr countryside and obliterated several hideouts of terrorists in quarters of al-Qosor, al-Qarabis, al-Hamedeyeh and Bab Hod as well as in towns of Talbeseh, Kisin, al-Amereyeh, Berj Qa'ee and Taldo in Homs countryside.

Another attempt to infiltrate from Lebanon into Tal Kalkh countryside in the same province (Homs) through al-Mathomeh site was also thwarted by an army unit and border guards, according to an official source.

The source also cited that terrorists fired three missiles at citizens' homes in Ekrema quarter in Homs city, causing massive damages to citizens' properties. No casualties were reported.

In  northern Aleppo province, the armed forces continued warding off terrorists' bids to enter safe areas of Salaheddin, al-Amereyeh, al-Midan, Karm al-Jabal and al-Sakhour  and wiped out terrorist groupings in the eastern and southwestern countryside.

Terrorists of Jordanian and Libyan nationals

More terrorist groupings were targeted by the armed forces in more than 14 areas outside the northwestern province of Idlib and in 12 towns outside the southern Daraa province.

Terrorists from Jordan and Libya were among those killed in Daraa province, while another one of Saudi nationality was eliminated in Der Ezzour province during clashes erupted in Sinama Fouad Street.

Al-Nusra Front ringleader in Der Ezzour killed

On the other hand, the ringleader of al-Nusra Front in Der Ezzour city (called Abi Dajana al-Emarati) and all his gangsters died in al-Mayadeen city when their car blasted.   

According to media reports, Syria is facing a global war  supported and sponsored by more than 80 countries.


President Al-Assad Receives Congratulatory Cables on Eid al-Fitr Holiday

DAMASCUS, (ST) – President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday received a cable from First Sharia Judge of Damascus Mahmoud al-Ma'arawi.

In his cable,Ma'arawi confirmed that Thursday August 8th is the first day of Eid al-Fitr holiday.

Marking this occasion,PresidentAl-Assad also received congratulatory cables from Minister of Religious Endowments (Awqaf) Mohammad Abdulsattar al-Sayyed,Minister of Justice and Grand Mufti of the Republic Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun.

Senders of cables voiced hope that Syria will enjoy stability and security in next year's Eid .

They also hailed the Syrian army's sacrifices and the steadfastness of the Syrian people in

the face of the unprecedented war being waged on Syria