The Syrian national flag flies over Nawa city, Jubata al-Khashab is clear of terrorism

Daraa - The Syrian national flag has been hoisted over Nawa city amid huge popular crowds in a step to announce the elimination of terrorist presence in the city, SANA said.

Jubata al-Khashab in Quneitra is clear of terrorism

Quneitra - The town of Jubbata al-Khashab has joined reconciliation in Quneitra and became clear of terrorism after the exiting of terrorists who refused settlement to northern Syria along with their families after they handed over their heavy and medium weapons.

SANA said that the last batch of terrorists left the town of Jubbata al-Khashab and the villages affiliated to it via six buses via Ofania corridor to northern Syria.

'Syrian Army will Restore Idleb via Military Operation if Reconciliation Efforts Fail': Al- Jaafari

US and Its Allies Should Withdraw from Syria

SOCHI, (ST)- The United States and its allies should immediately withdraw from Syria because their presence in the country is illegal, underscored Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, head of the Syrian Arab Republic's delegation to the 10th round of talks on Syria held within Astana format on July 30 and 31 in the Russian city of Sochi

In a press conference after the end of the talks, al-Jaafari expressed optimism over the great military progress achieved by the Syrian Arab army in its operation against terrorists in Syria's southern area, particularly after the terrorists fled the area across Israel to Jordan from where they are going to be moved to the West.

The senior Syrian diplomat stressed that the Syrian government strongly encourages local reconciliations, so it will be good if Idleb returns through these reconciliation bids otherwise the Syrian Arab army will restore the city via military operation.

Communiqué of Sochi Meeting on Syria within Astana Format Affirms Syria's Sovereignty, Independence and Territorial Integrity

SOCHI, (ST)- The final statement of the International Meeting on Syria, held within the framework of Astana format in the Russian city of Sochi, has affirmed Syria's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and stressed the need to press ahead the fight against terrorism until all terrorist organizations, including Daesh, Jabhat al-Nusra and their affiliated groups, are completely eliminated.

The statement, issued by the three guarantor states of Astana process (Russia, Iran and Turkey), reiterated the need to help displaced Syrians return home, noting the importance of western countries' assistance in this regard.

It also asserted the need to continue the process of political settlement of the crisis in Syria based on international resolutions.

30th Book Fair Sign of Recovery of Cultural Movement in Syria

DAMASCUS– We are just one day away from the inauguration of the 30th edition of the Book Fair which will run from July 31 until August 11 at al-Assad National Library with the participation of 200 local, Arab and foreign publishing houses, SANA reported.

The event also includes various activities such as up to 70 book signature ceremonies, cultural lectures, intellectual symposiums, poetry readings and a Syrian film festival.

Lavrentyev: Astana Talks on Syria in Sochi Focus on Return of Syrian Refugees Home

SOCHI, (ST)-Russian President’s Special Envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentyev has stressed that the first day of talks on Syria in Astana format that are currently underway in Russia’s Sochi city focused on the return of the Syrian refugees home and on the humanitarian aspect, noting that the talks are held in a constructive atmosphere.

In a statement to reporters on Monday, Lavrentyev said it is the European countries' interest to offer help in the issue of the Syrian refugees' return to their home and efforts in this regard should not be impeded.

New Round of Astana Talks on Syria Starts in Russia’s Sochi

SOCHI, Russia, (ST)-The 10th round of Astana talks on Syria started today in the Russian city of Sochi with the participation of the Syrian Arab Republic delegation, led by Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari, in addition to other delegations, including the UN and the “opposition”.

 The delegation of the Syrian republic held a meeting with the Russian delegation led by Alexander Lavrentiev, the Russian President’s Special Envoy for Syria.

Delegated by President Al-Assad, Minister Azzam Takes Part in Celebration Marking Russia's Navy Day

TARTOUS, (ST)- Delegated by President Bashar Al-Assad Minister of Presidential Affairs Mansour Azzam took part in celebrations held by the Russian military units working in Syria's Tartous basin of the Mediterranean marking Russia's Navy Day.

Azzam conveyed President Bashar Al-Assad's congratulations to the Russian fighters and navy forces on their Day.

A number of Syrian army officers as well as Commander of the Russian forces in Syria and several Russian army officers also participated in the event.

The Russian military units and  warships working in the Mediterranean performed a show of naval force accompanied by flights carried out by the Russian fighter jets and bombers.