Hundreds of Locals Return to Villages Cleansed of Terrorism in Aleppo and Idleb Countryside

ALEPPO/IDLEB- Scores of families returned on Friday to their towns and villages in Aleppo and Idleb countryside via Abu al-Duhour corridor that a ٍSyrian army unit set up for this purpose in Idleb southeastern countryside, SANA reported.

SANA’s reporter put the number of returnees at 500 who used Abu al-Duhour corridor that the Syrian army secured for their return to towns and villages in Abu al-Duhour and Sinjar areas in Idleb and Aleppo’s southern and southwestern countryside which had been cleansed of terrorism.

Scores of gunmen have their status settled in Homs northern countryside

Homs – The authorities concerned continue the process of settling the status of gunmen who refused to leave as part of the agreement that allowed terrorists to exit from Homs northern countryside and Hama southern countryside.

SANA reported that the authorities concerned settled on Thursday the status of a number of gunmen who handed over their light weapons and pledged not to get engaged in any action that might disturb the public security and the safety of the homeland and citizens.

In cooperation with the dignitaries in the northern countryside of Homs, the authorities received a number of weapons and ammunition from the gunmen positioned Talbiseh town, with the aim of completing the implementation of the agreement in order for the villages of Homs northern countryside to restore their normal life.

SANA added that the weapons that were handed over included automatic rifles, sniper rifles, artillery with different calibers, homemade rockets, a large amount of ammunition and a number of cameras.

Homs northern countryside was declared free of terrorism on May 16 after evacuating the terrorists who refused to settle their status to northern Syria, after handing over their weapons and their ammunition to the government.

Students in Terrorist-Besieged Towns of Kafraya and al-Foua Challenge Terrorism by Taking their Exams

IDLEB, ((ST)-The people of the towns of Kafraya and al-Foua in Idleb northern countryside continue to challenge and resist the siege which has been imposed them by terrorist group's for more than three years.

The students of the two towns continue to take their high school exams despite the danger and the difficult circumstances resulted from the terrorist organizations practices.

"The exam process continues despite difficult circumstances caused by the terrorist groups' siege of the two towns,"  Director of Exams Department at the Ministry of Education Younis Fati said in a statement to SANA, pointing out  that 123 students out of 135 are taking their exams.

Syria, ILO to Reactivate Technical Cooperation

DAMASCUS- Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Rima al-Qadiri discussed with Regional Director of the International Labour Organization (ILO) Ruba al-Jaradat means of reactivating the technical cooperation program between the Syrian government and the ILO.

Heading the Syrian delegation participating in the 107th Session of the International Labour Conference in Geneva, al-Qadiri also met the Algerian Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security Mourad Zemali, according to SANA.

Authorities Dismantle IEDs, Uncover Tunnels in Beit Sahem, Babila, Yalda

DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE – While canvassing the towns of Beit Sahem, Babila and Yalda in southern Damascus, the authorities discovered Wednesday amounts of weapons, ammunition and scores of explosive devices (IEDs) and a complicated tunnel network left behind by terrorists after they were transported to northern Syria, according to SANA.

SANA’s reporter said that an engineering unit continued combing operations in the three towns which were liberated from terrorism, uncovering various kinds of ammunition, mortar shells, weapons, and scores of explosive devices left behind by terrorist organizations.

Ala: Syrian Presidency of Conference on Disarmament Will Seek Transparency and Professionalism in Its Work

GENEVA – Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva and President of the 2018 sessions of Conference on Disarmament, Ambassador Hussam Eddin Ala stressed that Syria firmly believes in the importance of this Conference as the sole multilateral negotiating forum for disarmament to achieve a nuclear weapon-free world as well as guaranteeing the use of outer space for peaceful purposes.

Ala, chairing the first public session on Tuesday, said that negotiations at the Conference remained deadlocked for over 20 years if taking into consideration the current impact of regional and international security environment and the complicated nature of issues within the conference’s specialization, not to mention the absence of a political administration that may lead it to achieve its objectives, SANA reported.

Syrian National Committee on Implementing CWC: US preparing new chemical weapons play in Syria

Damascus - An official source at the Syrian National Committee on Implementing the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) has revealed new US plans to use chemical weapons against innocent civilians in Syria in an attempt to accuse the Syrian state.

“The US, its intelligence and military apparatuses continue to arrange for new chapters of a play in some parts of Syria by pushing its agents and pawns to use chemical weapons against innocent Syrian citizens and framing the Syrian state for it,” the source said in a statement to SANA.