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A civilian killed by landmine left behind by terrorists in Hama Countryside

Hama (ST) : A civilian was martyred as a result of the explosion of a landmine left behind by the terrorists in the village of Abu Hbeilat to the east of Salamiyeh in Hama Countryside

News reporter said that a landmine left behind by terrorists went off  last night in the fields of Abu Hbeilat to the east of Salamiyeh in Hama Countryside causing the martyrdom of a civilian.

Health Ministry: 14 new Coronavirus cases registered, 5 patients recovered

Damascus, (ST) - Health Ministry announced on Wednesday that 14 new coronavirus cases were registered in Syria for persons who were in close contact with other infected persons to raise the total number to 293.

The Ministry said that the number of infections in Syria has risen to 293 so far, 110 of them have recovered, and nine have passed away.

The American occupation continues to violate international laws and establish an illegal military airport in al-Yarubiya area of al-Hasaka countryside

Al-Hasakah, (ST) - The American occupation forces have established a new illegal base for them,  by building a military airport in Al-Yarubiya area of Hasaka countryside, to enhance its illegal presence on the Syrian Al-Jazeera region, in line with its plans to steal oil, Syrian underground resources and major crops.

Civil sources from al-Hasakah countryside told SANA that the American occupation forces had established a new military airport to reinforce its illegal presence in the Syrian Al-Jazeera region in the area between Umm Kahif village and Tel Alograin silos, 8 km south of the countryside of Al-Yarubiya city.

“QASD” groups continue to prevent employees from entering the Electric Company and the Grain Corporation

Hasaka, (ST) - For the fourth consecutive day, US occupation-backed QASD (SDF) groups continued to prevent employees of the General Electricity Company and the Grain Corporation from entering and fulfilling their jobs and providing services to citizens.

The Director General of the Electricity Company, Eng. Anwar Okleh, confirmed in a statement to SANA reporter that the employees still protest in front of the company building and are committed returning to their jobs to provide service to citizens in light of QASD groups’ acts that prevent them from entering and starting  work.

Protests against aggressive practices of US-backed SDF militia renewed in Tal Hamis town in Hasaka

HASAKA, (ST)- Popular protests against the aggressive and inhuman practices of the US-backed Kurdish militia called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) against civilians were renewed on Wednesday in Tal Hamis town in Hasaka.

The locals gathered at Tal Hamis town’s square to express their rejection of SDF’s brutal practices and attempts to control sources of citizens’ livelihood, SANA reporter said citing local sources.

The protesters demanded that the SDF groups  release the youths that they arrested during yesterday’s protests.

The town yesterday witnessed protests against SDF’s brutal practices and control over several government institutions and service facilities there.

Foreign Ministry: Syria condemns Brussels Conference, says it is a flagrant interference in its internal affairs

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Syria has stressed that the Brussels Conference is a flagrant interference in its internal affairs and that the positions of the participating countries prove that the United States as well as the European Union and their affiliated regimes continue their aggressive policies towards Syria, policies that have been proved to be wrong, according to an official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates.

The source told SANA on Wednesday that “the regimes which have provided all forms of support for terrorism, shed the blood of the Syrians, destroyed their achievements, stolen their oil, wheat, factories and antiquities, impeded reconstructing what terrorism has destroyed, imposed unfair sanctions on the Syrian people and hindered the return of Syrian refugees to their home, can’t by any means claim that they care about the interests of the Syrians.”

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries attack by artillery shells the village of Al-Nweihat in Abu Rasin district of Hasaka countryside

Al-Hasakah, (ST) - The Turkish occupation forces and its terrorist mercenaries renewed their attacks on the safe villages in the north of Hasaka province, firing several artillery shells towards the village of Al-Nweihat in the Abu Rasin area.

Civil sources in the area told SANA correspondent that the Turkish occupation forces and its mercenaries stationed at an illegal base in the village of Bab Al-Faraj , fired artillery shells at the dawn  this morning, at the village of Al-Nweihat in the countryside of Abu Rasin, which fell on its agricultural lands without causing civilian casualties.