6 civilians injured in terrorist rocket attack in Daraa

Daraa – 6 civilians including 3 women and girl child were injured on Wednesday due to rocket shells fired by terrorists on al-Manshiye neighborhood in Daraa city, SANA reported.

Army targets terrorists from ISIS and groups affiliated to it in several areas

Provinces – The Army and Armed Forces continued on Wednesday targeting positions, fortifications, and movements of ISIS and other terror groups affiliated to it in several areas across the country, inflicting losses upon them, SANA reported.

Deir Ezzor

Army units targeted with intensive strikes gatherings and movements of ISIS terrorists in the vicinity of Deir Ezzor city and its western countryside during the past 24 hours.

Preserving Syria's Unity, Territorial Integrity Very Important Issue: Gatilov

MOSCOW- The issue of preserving Syria's unity and territorial integrity is undoubtedly  very important, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov has stressed, pointing out that this issue was provided in the UN Security Council Resolution 2254.

Gatilov told SANA correspondent in Moscow that the Intra-Syrian dialogue in Geneva is due to be held on February 20th. "We haven't got any other information so far, but  some other opinions suggest that the dialogue will not be held on February 20, but on Feb. 23rd," Gatilov said, confirming that "the new round of talks in Geneva will certainly be held."

Justice Ministry Prepared Document of 10.000 Pages about Terrorist Groups' Crimes in Syria

Minister of Justice Najm Hamad al-Ahmad has announced the formation of a judicial committee to document crimes perpetrated by armed gangs in Aleppo province, pointing out that a document of 10.000 pages about armed gangs' practices in the country has been made and translated into English and French.

He told  Damascus-based al-Watan  newspaper- on the sideline of symposium held Monday by the ministry- that international judicature is still politicized and the goal of filing lawsuit is to prove the involvement of some countries and organizations in the crimes perpetrated by armed gangs.

Three people injured in terrorist shelling attacks in Daraa and Quneitra


Provinces – Three persons were injured in a terrorist attack with rocket and mortar shells on al-Sahari neighborhood in Daraa city on Tuesday.

SANA said that terrorists targeted citizens’ houses in al-Sahari neighborhood with a number of rocket and mortar shells, injuring 3 persons and causing material damage to their properties.


Earlier on the day, Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists targeted with mortar shells Khan Arnabeh town and the villages of Jaba and Aiyouba in the eastern countryside of Quneitra.

Army establishes full control over Hayyan gas factory and Jahar station in Homs

Homs - Army units established full control over Hayyan gas factory in the eastern countryside of Homs province after targeting ISIS terrorist organization.

A military source said that the army units in cooperation with the supporting forces carried out, during the past few hours, a wide-scale military operation and established full control over Hayyan gas field after eliminating the latest gatherings of ISIS terrorists, SANA reported.

The source added that the army engineering personnel are working to dismantle the mines and IED planted inside the factory by ISIS terrorists.

Syria, UNFPA Debate Ways of Setting out Joint Action Plan for 2017

Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Rema Qadri and Deputy Executive Director of United  Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Dr. Natalia Kanem discussed Monday ways of developing cooperation in the field of taking care of children and women affected by ongoing crisis in Syria.

The two sides, in addition, reviewed mechanism of setting out joint action plan to carry out several programs in 2017 as regards abilities building and youths' productivity enhancement, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

The agency quoted Qadri as saying: "The crisis created big challenges in social sector and this necessitates further action to make practical achievements. It is necessary to focus on women who became breadwinners."