7 civilians martyred, 30 injured in terrorist shelling attacks

Hama/Deir Ezzor - Seven persons were martyred on Thursday due to terrorist attack with shells on Harabish neighborhood in Deir Ezzor city.

SANA said that ISIS terrorists shelled with rockets and mortar rounds Harabish residential neighborhood in the south of the city, leaving 7 persons dead and 29 others injured.

SANA added that the attack also caused material damage to the citizens’ properties.

A person was injured on Thursday in rocket shells fired by ISIS terrorists on Salamiyeh city in Hama eastern countryside.

SANA said that ISIS terrorists targeted the residential neighborhoods in Salamiyeh city with rocket shells, injuring a person and causing material damage to the citizens’ houses and infrastructures.

Army expands control around Regiment 137, establishes control over strategic Raqqa Bridge in Deir Ezzor

ProvincesArmy units, backed by the Air Force, achieved on Thursday a new progress in their continued operations in eliminating ISIS terrorists in Deir Ezzor and its countryside, establishing control over the strategic Raqqa Bridge on the western axis.

SANA said the army units continued the military operations against the remaining ISIS terrorists on the western axis of the city, establishing control over the strategic bridge of Raqqa, in parallel with expanding control in the surroundings of Regiment 137, killing and injuring many of the terrorists and destroying their weapons and ammunition that were in their possessions.

SANA added that an army unit conducted a raid against one of ISIS points through infiltrating from al-Majbil point from the western direction of Ta’amin Regiment towards ISIS terrorists’ barricade, 200 m deep, killing five terrorists and seizing machine guns and an RPG launcher.

The Air Force launched intensive strikes on gatherings and supply routes of ISIS terrorists in the direction of al-Shoula town in the southwestern countryside, in parallel with the wide operation carried out by the army units to restore the strategic town.

Relief Convoy Carrying Food and Medical Supplies Arrives in Deir Ezzor

DEIR EZZOR, (ST)- A relief convoy of 30 trucks carrying food and medical materials as well as education process supplies arrived in Deir Ezzor on Thursday after the Syrian Arab army had broken the ISIS siege on the city.

SANA reporter in Deir Ezzor said the convoy arrived at the regiment 137 in the southwestern part of the city with thousands of medical and food packages and school supplies on board to be distributed on the Deir Ezzor citizens who suffered a lot from the barbaric terrorist siege.

Army General Command: occupation warplanes target one of the Syrian military positions near Massyaf

Damascus - General Command of the Army and Armed Forces affirmed that the Israeli warplanes fired several rockets from the Lebanese airspace at 02:42 a.m. on Thursday targeting one of the Syrian military positions near Massyaf in Hama countryside, killing two army personnel and causing material damage to the site, SANA reported.

“This aggression comes in a desperate attempt to raise the collapsed morale of the ISIS terrorists after the sweeping victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army against terrorism at more than one front, and it affirms the direct support provided by the Israeli entity to the ISIS and other terrorist organizations,” the Army Command said in a statement.

The Command warned against the dangerous repercussions of such hostile acts on the security and stability of the region, reiterating determination to eliminate terrorism and uproot it from all the Syrian territories whatever the type of support provided to these terrorist groups is.

Army Expands Control around Regiment 137 to Secure Entry of Relief Convoys to Deir Ezzor

PROVINCES- SANA reporter in Deir Ezzor said that units of the army, in cooperation with the backup forces, established control over Kabajib town, nearly 50 km to the south western side of Deir Ezzor.

Earlier, the Syrian Arab Army units expanded their control around Regiment 137 in the southwestern side of Deir Ezzor and inflicted heavy losses on ISIS terrorists, at a time when fierce infighting erupted between the terror organization’s mercenaries due to the state of collapse it is suffering under the continuous victories of the Syrian army, SANA reported.

Zarif Phones Al-Moallem to Congratulate Him on Strategic Victory in Deir Ezzor

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Deputy Premier, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriated Walid al-Moallem on Wednesday received a phone call from his Iranian counterpart Javad Zarif in which the Iranian top diplomat congratulated al-Moallem on the strategic victory achieved by the Syrian Arab army in cooperation with allies and supporting forces and which was represented in breaking the siege imposed by ISIS on Deir Ezzor.

Zarif stressed the strong Syrian-Iranian relations, urging enhancing bilateral ties in all domains.

Deir Ezzor Residents: Our Dream Came True Thanks to Syrian Army's Heroism

No words can describe how Deir Ezzor city's residents feel after Syrian Arab army and its allies have managed to liberate them from ISIS terrorists, who perpetrated brutal crimes against them over the past three years.

One of the residents, who lost his son in a terror mortar attack on the city six months ago, told the correspondent of the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA): " Our brave army has liberated us from the filth of ISIS  terrorism and we are sure that it will cleanse all areas of terrorists."