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Syrian army units find armored cars, arms in areas recently liberated from terrorists in Hama

HAMA, (ST)_ Syrian army units found armored cars plus weapons during combing operations in areas recently liberated from terrorists groups in the north-western countryside of Hama. 
Tank T55, four- wheel drive cars, several cars equipped with machine guns, B10 shells, mortars  and 25 boxes of ammunition are what the army units found at the axis of al-jabeen and Tal Melh towns and surrounding areas, according to the Syrian News Agency (SANA). 

Iranian Media Officials: Iran's Participation Will be Wide at Damascus International Fair

Tehran- Iranian officials and media today confirmed that the Damascus International Fair at its 61st session is of great importance and that Iranian participation in it will be broad.

"The establishment of the Damascus International Fair in its 61st session reflects the ability of Syria and its rapid recovery from the crisis it has experienced," said Dr. Bahman Hussein Zadeh, head of the board of directors of the International Exhibitions Company of the Iranian Ministry of Industry, Minerals and Trade, indicating the Iranian desire to increase investments in various economic, commercial and construction sectors.

He said that the establishment of such exhibitions is a good opportunity to promote trade exchange between the two countries and to identify the potential investment opportunities, pointing to the desire and willingness of Iranian companies to participate in the Damascus International Fair, which is an excellent opportunity to reflect the memorandum of understanding between us and the Syrian opposition organization.

Hussein Zadeh pointed out that a license was granted to a private company to arrange the Iranian participation in Damascus International Fair where the Iranian companies will be sent to Syria and supply their products at the best prices.

"The Damascus International Fair is a very important opportunity for Iranian companies to participate and present their products and works in the field of infrastructure and technical and engineering services needed by the Syrian market, indicating that there will be meetings on the sidelines of the Fair," said Mehdi Saeed Al-Zakrin, General Manager of Iran's Pars Rastak Company organizing for International Exhibitions and Conferences.

"Syrian and Iranian sides to discuss the reality of the Syrian market, which is one of the most important markets for Iran and some 100 Iranian companies will participate in various sectors within the exhibition, which will result in partnerships between the two sides in various fields," he added.

For his part, Mohammad Reza Moudoudi, head of the Trade and Export Development Organization of the Ministry of Industry, Minerals and Trade of Iran, said that the Iranian participation in the exhibition this year will be greater than the previous participations indicating that the private and public sector and companies from various sectors will participate effectively in it in front of the public.

For his turn, Sajad Ahmadinejad, Director of the table of the Arab countries, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan in the Organization of Trade and Export Development of Iran said that Syria has a lot of investment components, including infrastructure and various wealth.

"The Damascus International Fair is a great opportunity to learn about the needs of the Syrian market and to introduce companies to their products," said Hamid Reza Sherian, General Manager of Palermo, a company specialized in building materials, ceramics and tiles.

"In Iran we have 175 laboratories for the production of various types of ceramics and tiles and we are ready to participate actively in the exhibition.

He said that the establishment of an Fair the size of the Damascus International Fair and its organization in Syria is another victory, pointing out that activating the exhibitions and unifying the efforts and opening the border crossings with the neighboring countries will activate the trade, productivity and economic cycle in Syria and will contribute to accelerating the return of displaced people and further economic prosperity.

The media and political analyst Majid Rafi stressed that investing in the atmosphere of the fair and events within its framework and taking advantage of the experiences, capabilities and experiences of the participating countries and companies, especially Iran in the private and public sectors, will have an important and influential effect in strengthening bilateral relations between Iran and Syria.

For his part, Bor Sahet explained that the fair will open the way for many companies to cooperate and interact with Syrian companies in various fields. He pointed out that Syria's success in achieving self-sufficiency made it vulnerable to greed whereas some countries and through their terrorist tools sabotaged the Syrian infrastructure and production.

Sh. Kh.

Two terror blasts in Hasaka

HASAKA,(ST)_ At least 4 civilians including a child were wounded in 2 terror blasts that hit Hasaka city. 
According to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), today terrorists detonated a booby trapped  motorbike in the western alNashwa district in the city of Hasaka, wounding 4 civilians including a 7-year old boy.

Forum on Investment Opportunities in Syria Opens in Tehran

TEHRAN, (ST)- A forum on identifying investment and trade opportunities in Syria kicked off on Sunday in the Iranian capital Tehran with the participation of tens of Iranian companies and economic parties.

Syria's Assistant Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Rania Ahmad, who leads the Syrian delegation to the forum,  said at the opening of the event that the Syrian government has focused its efforts on supporting economic recovery through ensuring all elements necessary for restoring the production process and through mobilizing all resources that help achieve development.

 "The government continues the work to prepare the development program for post-war Syria, to issue a new investment law and set up a program to activate the private sector," the Syrian official said.

Forests eaten by fire

(St) - In Hama known for its beautiful forests and meadows, fires raged last week causing great damage.

Two areas caught fire simultaneously resulting  in loss of pine trees and oak trees. It is to be  noted that there is a great possibility that the fires were  started intentionally.

“It is almost a miracle that the fire was put out in twenty four hours”.

Said Madian Al-Ali Head of the Fire Department in that area.      


Martyrs in Alshuayrat airport blast

HOMS, (ST)_Several martyred dut to an explosion (technical failure) that took place in al-Shuayrat airport in Homs countryside. 

The blast happened when faulty ammunition was moved, according to the Syrian News Agency (SANA).

Basma Qaddour

The So-called "White Helmets" are criminals, they should face trial: Laverentiev

NUR-SULTAN-  Members of the so-called White Helmets non-governmental organization should face trial over their criminal activities, Russian Special Presidential Representative for Syria Alexander Laverentiev said in an interview with TASS on Friday.

"Those people are criminals. They provoke, confrontation and stoke tensions," Laverentiev said. "Eventually, they should be brought accountable. I think that each of them will face trial sooner or later."

"I believe that that work should get started. They should be disclosed and evidence of their criminal activities should be collected. There is already lots of evidence," he added, according to Tass.