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Protests against US-backed SDF groups' acts in Syria

DER EZZOUR, (ST)_The town of Ghranij witnessed today a popular protest against the acts of the US-backed" Syrian Democratic Forces" groups  [Its Arabic Acronym is QASAD].

The protesters called for the release of the people arrested by the SDF and to improve their living conditions in the eastern countryside of Der Ezzour, according to the Damascus-based al-Watan newspaper.

Basma Qaddour

Israeli enemy prevents firefighters from putting out fire near the barbed wire in Quneitra

QUNEITRA, (ST)_The Israeli occupation forces set fire to lands in Shita area near the barbed wire in Quneitra and open fire on firefighters to prevent them from putting out the fire, according to the Syrian News Agency (SANA). 

The agency affirmed that the fire reached the liberated part of Quneitra. 

Basma Qaddour

Syrian army personnel block US occupation convoy in Hasaka

HASAKA, (ST)_Syrian army personnel have blocked a military convoy affiliated to the US occupation forces at Derdara bridge on the road that links Tal Tamer and Abo Raseen areas in the northern Hasaka countryside.

The army personnel forced the US occupation convoy of armored military vehicles to return from where it came, according to local sources.

“QASD” groups continue to prevent employees from entering their workplace in the Electric Company and the Grain Corporation

Al- Hasaka, (ST) - For the fifth consecutive day, US occupation-backed QASD (SDF) groups continued to prevent employees of the General Electricity Company and the Grain Corporation from entering and fulfilling their jobs in the district of al-Nashwa and Ghweran in the city of al-Hasaka .

In a stamen to SANA Eng. Anwar Okleh asked that workers be allowed to return to their workplaces in the company and continue to provide all services as usual. He added that the company's workshops, despite all the circumstances, continue their work, especially with regard to repairing faults on Power transmission lines and switching centers.

Protest demonstrations for the third day in Tel Hamis in Qamishli countryside against the practices of Qasd groups

Al-Hasakah, (ST) - Today, popular demonstrations of the people of Tel Hamis in Qamishli countryside were renewed against the practices of SDF groups supported by the American occupation forces.

Civil sources told a SANA correspondent that the people of Tel Hamis district in the Qamishli area in the eastern Hasaka countryside went out for the third consecutive day in a demonstration to protest against the practices of repressive (SDF) groups against them, demanding their exit from the area.

The sources indicated that the demonstrators closed the main roads with tires and stones.

The American occupation sends 30 vehicles loaded with military and logistical reinforcements into Syrian territories

Al-Hasakah, (ST)  - The American occupation forces have sent military and logistical reinforcements coming from Iraq through one of the illegal crossings into the Syrian territories in a new violation of international laws and norms.

Civil sources from Al-Yarubiya area of Hasaka countryside told SANA reporter that the American occupation forces had sent through the illegal al-Walid crossing last night  30 vehicles to the Syrian lands coming from the Iraqi lands that include trucks, military vehicles and closed refrigerators.

US occupation forces smuggle 30 oil tanks stolen from Syria towards Iraq

Hasaka, (ST) :  Local sources said that a convoy  comprising of scores of tanks belonging to the US occupation forces, loaded with stolen oil, has left the Syrian territories towards the Iraqi territories.

The sources told a news reporter that a convoy of 30 tanks belonging to the US occupation, accompanied by military Hammer vehicles, left Syrian territories towards Iraq through the illegal Simaleka crossing in Al-Malikiyeh city to the northeast of Hasaka.