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“To Salamiya City.. From Russia with all Love ”

HAMA, (ST)_ Russian-Syrian Business Council on Tuesday distributed 55 tons of foodstuffs among the families affected by the terrorist war and the families of the martyrs in Salameyeh area in the eastern countryside of Hama.

The Chairman of the Council, Dr.Louay Youssef declared that the two-day event, which is being held under the slogan “To Salamiya city.. From Russia with all Love ” comes within a series of regular humanitarian charitable activities and it will last till the end of the current year.

Unknown people shot dead a gunman affiliated to US-backed militia in Syria

DER EZZOUR, (ST)_A gunman affiliated to the US-backed "Syrian Democratic Forces" militia was shot dead by unknown people near M'ezeleh village in the eastern countryside of Der Ezzour, according to local sources.
The incident came one day after the death of two SDF gunmen in a blast near Keshkeyeh village in the same province [Der Ezzour].
Attacks on US and Turkish mercenaries in the Syrian al-Jazeera area have recently escalated where many mercenaries were killed and injured.
Basma Qaddour

A US occupation’s helicopter crashes into Tal Haddad village in Hasaka countryside

HASAKA, (ST)-  A helicopter that belongs to the US occupation forces in Syria crashed on Tuesday into the village of Tal Haddad in al-Ya'rubiyah countryside of Hasaka province.

The US occupation’s armored vehicles cordoned off the crash site, SANA reporter said citing local sources.

The cause of the crash hasn't been identified yet.

Hasaka: QASD militia deprives 100000 children from their right to education

Hasaka (ST): The US occupation-backed militia QASD has changed scores of schools in Hasaka Countryside into prisons , military positions and illegitimate  bases for the US occupation forces thus depriving thousands of students from their right to education amid complete silence of the international organizations that guarantee the right to education.

The students of Hasaka city staged sit-ins near  their school in protest against the aggressive practices committed by QSD militia which wants to impose its hegemony on educational institutions by force.

 According to the statistics made by the Directorate of Education in Hasaka, the US-backed militia seized 2285 schools for all educational stages.

Director of education in Hasaka city Ilham Sourkhan said that QASD militia deliberately seized schools after the rejection of locals for the curricula it wanted to impose by force, noting that the irresponsible practices of the  militia  deprived about 100000 students from their right to education.

A number of civilians were killed and injured in a car bomb explosion in Afrin

A number of civilians were killed and injured in a car bomb explosion in Afrin city in the northern countryside of Aleppo, which is occupied by the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries from the terrorist organizations.

Local sources reported to SANA correspondent that a booby-trapped car exploded in the vicinity of the garages in Afrin city, causing the death and wounding of a number of civilians and material damage to the place.

Since their occupation in March of 2018 by the Turkish regime forces in cooperation with terrorist groups being trained and armed in Turkey, the city and the areas controlled by the terrorist groups that take their orders from the Turkish regime are witnessing a situation of chaos, lawlessness, and conflict  between these terrorist groups and their leaders to share power and control over the areas and to control the fate of civilians.


Inas Abdulkareem

Syrian Airlines to operate 3 flights to and from Jordan, Russia, UAE

DAMASCUS, (ST)_Syrian Ministry of Transport has announced that Syrian Airlines will operate three flights to and from Jordan, Russia and UAE .

It clarified in a statement released today the flights arrival times, pointing out that Syrian and Russian citizens can travel from Damascus to Moscow and vice versa  after the approval of the Russian embassy in Damascus and getting negative PCR test,  which will be valid for 72 hours.

Basma Qaddour

Several Qasad militia gunmen killed and others wounded in Raqqa and Hasakah countryside

Hasaka and Raqqa , (ST) - There were deaths and injuries among the militants of the "Qasad militia" supported by the American occupation forces in two attacks in the countryside of Hasaka and Raqqa.

Local sources told SANA reporter that "an attack was carried out by unknown persons with various weapons on the headquarters of the Qasad militia in the village of Al-Faj in the countryside of Al-Hol sub-district, east of al-Hasaka, killing at least two and wounding others.