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Syrian army eliminates terrorist groups in Idleb countryside

IDLEB, (ST)_Syrian army units eliminated terrorist groups that tried to infiltrate into army positions on Em Ettin-Establat axis in Senjar area in the southeastern countryside of Idleb.

According to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), the army units clashed this morning with terrorist groups while they were trying to attack the positions of army and the houses of residents in Istablat town, which was liberated by Syrian army a few days ago.

Two explosions hit the border Ras Al-Yan city in north Syria

HASAKA, (ST)_Two car bombs exploded in the Turkish-occupied city of Ras Al-Ayn in Hasaka province, leaving casualties.

According to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), At least two civilians were martyred and 6 others wounded as two car bombs exploded near al-Aalaf square in Ras Al-Ayn city.

On October 20, 2019, the Turkish regime army occupied the border Ras Al-Ayn city after the full withdrawal of the "Syrian Democratic Forces" militia from it. 

Real estate development areas in Aleppo ... A pioneering experience in securing suitable housing for slum residents

The real estate development areas are among the pioneering projects through which  City Council of Aleppo seeks to find a solution for the slum areas spread on the outskirts of the city and insure suitable housing for the residents in it.

Head of City Council of Aleppo (Municipality), Dr. Ma'ad Al-Medelji said that the Council is working to implement two real estate development areas in al-Haidariya, northeast of Aleppo and Tal al-Zarazir, southwest of the city, which are owned by Aleppo City Council.

Ministry of Education launches a three-D channel

Damascus (ST): The Ministry of Education launched today the first three-dimension channel for virtual learning that transmits live through the National Centre for the Development of Educational Curricula channel on the you tube.

The channel includes various programs in the fields of space, social sciences, arts, geometric design and languages.

The statement released by the Ministry of Education said that opening the new channel aims at simplifying knowledge, offering students the required expertise and supporting the educational process in a way that copes with the great technological development.


US occupation forces continue to transfer families of Daesh terrorists to Iraq

Hassaka (ST):

The American occupation forces continued to transfer hundreds of Daesh terrorists' families from al-Houl camp in Hasaka governorate to Iraq.

News reporter said that the American occupation troops transferred more than 600 children and women from the families of Daesh terrorists to Iraq.

The reporter added that six military vehicles and thirty American soldiers entered the city of Hasaka and stationed themselves near the illegitimate Kharab al-Jeer airport.

Meanwhile, several armored vehicles, tanks and jeep cars affiliated to the Turkish occupation forces entered Mraikees village in the northern countryside of Hasaka coming from Ras al-Ein.

The Turkish occupation forces have changed school, cultural centers and other public utilities into military positions in parallel with the continuity of their savage practices that aim to create a demographic change  in the region.



Miqdad: OPCW team was going to Turkey to coordinate with terrorists and White Helmets

Deputy Minister of Expatriates and Foreign Affairs Dr. Faisal Miqdad has underscored that OPCW team was going to Turkey to coordinate with terrorists and White Helmets.

In an interview with to the Beirut-based al-Mayadeen TV channel, Dr. Miqdad said Turkey and some Arab states, including Saudi Arabia, have provided terrorist groups in Syria with chemical materials and we have evidence about this.

A car blast targets Turkish occupation forces in Aleppo

ALEPPO, (ST)_ A car bomb blast targeted a convoy affiliated to the Turkish occupation forces in Jarablus city in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

According to local sources, a car bomb exploded when a convoy for the Turkish occupation forces was moving towards al-Baldaq base to the west the city of Jarablus, killing at least 5 Turkish soldiers and wounding 12 others.