The army destroys heavy vehicles for ISIS, kills a number of its members in Homs


Homs – An army unit carried out intensive operations against sites and gatherings of ISIS terrorist organization in the T4 area in the eastern countryside of Homs, according to SANA.

The reporter said an army unit used various types of medium and heavy weapons in targeting fortified sites and gatherings of terrorist groups affiliated to ISIS to the east of al-Tias hills and to the north and the east of the Fourth Station, 90 km to the east of Homs city.

The reporter said that a tank and two vehicles equipped with machineguns were destroyed, a number of terrorists were killed and others were injured as a result of the operations.

Tanzania Supports Syria against any Threat to Its Territorial Integrity

DAR ES SALAM, (ST)-Tanzanian Foreign Minister Augustine Mahiga has expressed Tanzania’s support for the Syrian Arab Republic against any threat to its territorial integrity.

“It is our duty to stand by Syria whether the threat comes from the neighboring countries or others,” Mahiga said during his recent meeting with the Syrian Charge de Affairs at Syria’s Embassy in Dar es Salam.

Five martyred, 15 injured in terrorist car bomb in Damascus Countryside


Damascus Countryside – Terrorists on Sunday detonated a car bomb near the crossroad of Beit Jin village close to Sa’sa’ town in the western countryside of Damascus Countryside Province, claiming the lives of five people and injuring fifteen others, some were seriously wounded, SANA reported.

A medical source at Mamdouh Abaza Hospital in Quneitra said that ten injured persons, including two children and seven women, were admitted to the Hospital.


11 civilians, including 5 children, martyred in a new US-led coalition attack in Raqaa

Raqqa – The US-led coalition committed a new massacre in the countryside of the northern Raqqa province, leaving over 10 civilians martyred.

Identical local and media sources said warplanes of the coalition launched in the past 24 hours airstrikes on areas in the northern and western countryside of Raqqa.

The sources confirmed that two people were martyred in Aghdban village and 9 others, including 5 children, were also martyred in al-Sweidiyeh al-Kabira village, SANA reported.

According to the sources, the death toll from the attacks is likely to rise as a large number of people were also reported injured due to the strikes, some of them being seriously wounded.

Army kills scores of ISIS terrorists, destroys their vehicles

Homs - An army unit killed scores of the ISIS terrorists during military operations against their positions and gatherings in the western countryside of Palmyra in Homs province.

An army unit clashed on Saturday dawn with ISIS terrorist groups in al-Tiyas Hills, north of the 4th station in the T4 area, about 90km east of Homs City, SANA reported.

The source added that the army destroyed ISIS terrorists’ tank and a number of SUVs, killing and injuring scores of their members.

Parliament Speaker meets Russian delegation

Damascus – Speaker of the People’s Assembly Hadiyeh Abbas met on Saturday the visiting Russian parliamentary delegation, headed by Russian State Duma member Nikolai Antoshkin.

Abbas expressed Syria’s deep appreciation of the great humanitarian efforts put by the Russian State Duma and all other Russian sides to help the Syrian people get through the crisis.

Antoshkin, for his part, stressed that his country is determined to continue providing political, economic and humanitarian support to Syria and stand by its side in the face of the war waged against it, noting that the Russian-Syrian parliamentary relations are constantly developing, SANA reported.

Chief of Staff: Relationship between Syrian and Russian armies is a firmly established one

Damascus – Commissioned by President Bashar al-Assad, Chief of the General Staff of the Army and Armed Forces Gen. Ali Abdullah Ayoub visited on Friday the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov upon the end of its mission off the Syrian coast.

Delivering a speech on this occasion, Gen. Ayoup  noted that Admiral Kuznetsov has become an integral part of the war on terrorism, noting that victory is in sight thanks to the steadfastness of Syria’s people and the sacrifices of its army under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad and the honorable and firm stance of Russia’s president, armed forces and people, SANA reported.