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Syrian Red Crescent Volunteer Awarded the Florence Nightingale Medal

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Masoun al-Rifa'i , a Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) volunteer, has got the Florence Nightingale Medal, the highest international distinction a nurse is awarded for their exceptional devotion and exemplary services.

In a statement of which the Syrian News Agency SANA got a copy, SARC said that al-Rifa'i, was nominated for the award because he is an emergency medical service personnel, who worked actively and bravely during the crisis and in appreciation for his humanitarian efforts.

Syria Will Continue to Be the Beating Heart of Arabism: Egyptian Politicians

CAIRO, (ST)-Syria, through its steadfastness, has managed to confront the heinous terrorist aggression that targeted its existence and sought to dominate Egypt and the entire region, "Secretary of the Egyptian Arab Democratic Nasserist Party Mohammad Abu al-Ola said during his meeting on Monday with Head of the Syrian mission in Egypt Bassam Darweesh.

He voiced his solidarity with Syria in its war on terrorism and in confronting the conspiracy hatched against the country, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency SANA.

Terrorist groups launch rockets on civilians in Hama, Idleb

IDLEB, HAMA, (ST)_Terrorist groups have continued to breach the de-escalation zone agreement by firing rockets on civilians in Hama and Idleb.

According to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), terrorist groups, holed up on the outskirts of Maa’rret al-No’aman and Khan Sheikhon areas in Idleb countryside, launched rockets on al-Khafeyeh town in the west of Abo Dhohor town, causing material damage.

Terrorist groups fire rockets on Hmimim airbase

LATTAKIA, (ST)_ A military source has declared that terrorist groups fired rockets on Hmimim airbase in Lattakia countryside at 3:30 PM.


Basma Qaddour

Syrian army General Command: Terrorist groups reject to abide by Idleb ceasfire agreement

DAMASCUS, (ST)_Syrian army units will resume military operations against terrorist groups and will respond to any terror attack as the Turkish regime continues to permit its terrorist agents positioned in Idleb, to go ahead with their attacks ignoring its commitments in Sochi meetings, according to the statement released today by the General Command of Army and Armed Forces. 
The Syrian government has done its utmost to stick to the conditional ceasefire agreement reached in Idleb. However, the Turkey-backed terrorist groups rejected the implementation of  the agreement reached in the begining of this month in the de-escalation zone and they carried out several attacks against civilians in safe areas. 

Grospic: Israeli Attacks against Syria Hinder Its Efforts to Combat Terrorism

PRAGUE, (ST) _ Stanislav Grospic, the Head of the Czech Parliamentary Group for Friendship with Syria, affirmed that Israeli Attacks against the Syrian territories represent a blatant violation of the international law, aiming at hindering the war launched by Syria against terrorism.

In a statement to SANA correspondent in Brague, Grospic condemned the recent Israeli rocket attack on Tal Braiqa in the western countryside of Quneitra, pointing out that such acts of aggression represent a disregard of the international law on one hand and an attempt to hinder Syria’s efforts against terrorism on the other hand.

Grospic reiterated that the continued occupation of the Syrian Golan by “Israel” is a blatant violation of the international law, adding that the Israeli ideology is based on the racism and hostility and the attempts to impose hegemony, in addition to breaching the international laws.

Raghda Sawas

Cabinet approves executive mechanism of e-payment project

During a weekly session chaired by Prime Minister Imad Khamis the Cabinet approved the recommendations of the First National Conference for Housing which covers preparing plots for construction, funding methods, institutional framework, housing legislation, the role of the private sector, and regional planning.

The Cabinet also discussed a draft decree to create the "Syrian Bakery Establishment" to control all food rationing as the most important pillars of food security one that complements the process of restructuring the institutions and companies affiliated to the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection.