The army kills more terrorists, including leaders in Daraa and Deir Ezzor

Provinces - Army and Armed Forces units continued on Thursday  their operations against terrorist organizations in different areas, killing a number of terrorists and injuring others, in addition to destroying their vehicles, SANA reported.


Army units launched intensive operations on the gatherings and fortifications of the terrorist groups affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra in Daraa al-Balad area in the southern province of Daraa, a military source said.

Turkish Regime Commits New Massacre against Civilians in Syria's al-Bab City

ALEPPO, (ST)- The Turkish regime's forces have committed a new massacre against civilians in the Syrian city of al-Bab by their continuous aggression on the Syrian lands under the pretext of fighting Daesh terrorist organizations.

Local and media sources said on Thursday that the artillery and warplanes of the Turkish regime shelled residential neighborhoods in the Syrian city of al-Bab. At least 24 people, including 11 children and 8 women, were martyred in the attack.

Kanem Says She Will Convey Real Image about the Syrians' Suffering to UN

 DAMASCUS, (ST)- Deputy Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Natalia Kanem has stressed that her visit to Syria aimed at supporting the fund's activities and various programs and to confirm commitment to responding to the needs of Syrian citizens particularly women and female teenagers through partnership with the rest of UN organizations as well as local and international institutions.

In a press conference concluding her 4-day visit, Kanem said she knew and felt the suffering of the Syrians in many areas, affirming that she will "convey the real image of this suffering to the United Nations in order not to leave Syria and its people, particularly women, alone." 

Al-Jaafari: Syria Committed to Arrangements of Cessation of Hostilities to End Bloodshed

ASTANA- The delegations participating in the Astana meeting on settlement in Syria, held Thursday afternoon a plenary session.

Head of the Syrian Arab Republic's delegation Bashar al-Jaafari said during the session "we hope Astana process  to continue and be a success as to help achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people in attaining security and stability all over their country".

In a press conference following the Plenary session,  al-Jaafari stressed that Astana track is positive as it serves the main goal of the meeting which is to maintain and fix the cessation of hostilities and separate the armed groups that signed the agreement  and believe in political solution from the terrorists who refused to sign it.

Aid Shipments Arrive in Lattakia Provided by Armenia and Syrian community in Italy

Lattakia– A new shipment of relief and medical aid provided by the Syrian community in Italy arrived on Wednesday at Lattakia Port.

In a statement to SANA reporter, Head of the Syrian community in Italy Dr. Jamal Abu Abbas said the supplies include 520 packages containing food stuff, children’s toys and various kinds of aid, in addition to 36 medical beds for the injured personnel of the Syrian Arab Army, according to SANA.

Abbas added that the aid also includes 279 medical mattresses, 5 wheelchairs, a number of crutches, a neonatal incubator, a multifunctional medical testing device and a blood bank refrigerator.

The supplies will be distributed to four ministries and later delivered to the beneficiaries, according to Abbas.

Al-Jaafari: It’s too Early to Talk about Optimism or Pessimism Regarding Astana Meeting

ASTANA- It is too early to talk about optimism or pessimism with regard to the outcomes of the Astana meeting, but what attracts attention is that the Turkish delegation and the armed groups delegation have not arrived yet,” head of the Syrian Arab Republic delegation  Bashar Al-Jaafari stressed on Wednesday, according to SANA.

Al-Jaafari said that the delegation held bilateral meetings with the Russian and Iranian friendly delegations, during which “we jointly evaluated the course of preparations for the meeting of Astana.”

Syria Dismisses HRW Chemical Weapons Report as Unprofessional and Non-Credible

DAMASCUS – The Syrian government denies categorically the false allegations brought up in the report of the Human Rights Watch (HRW) that the Syrian forces and their allies used toxic substances in the operation to liberate Aleppo, an official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Wednesday, according to SANA.

"The fact that the Human Rights Watch organization relied on the terrorists’ media sources and on absolutely non-credible false witnesses proves the lack of credibility of the report,” the source said in a statement to SANA.

“This report comes to justify the terrorists’ defeat and the victories of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies,” the source added.