Premier: Media Outlets of Friendly Countries Play Key Role in Exposing Falsehood of Western Media

DAMASCUS- Prime Minister Imad khamis met on Saturday a media delegation consisting of a number of co-participants in the issuing of a special edition of the international Maraya Lebanon magazine.

The delegation included media figures from Russia, Iran, and Lebanon, in addition to French diplomat Michel Rimbaud, SANA reported.

During the meeting, Khamis said that the media outlets of friendly countries have played a large role in exposing the falsehood of western media which targeted the region, affirming the Syrian government’s openness to all initiatives that prevent the shedding of Syrian blood and that alleviate Syrians’ suffering, pointing out to the steadfastness of the Syrian people and their rallying around their army and leadership.

ISIS Pumps Large Amounts of Euphrates Water to Flood Villages in Aleppo Eastern Countryside

ALEPPO- As part of their crimes against the Syrian people, ISIS terrorists pumped large amounts of the water from the Euphrates River through al-Babiri pumping station towards areas in eastern Aleppo in order to flood villages, causing damage to locals, farmlands and utilities, SANA reported.

The Governorate of Aleppo immediately sent a technical team, workers, and heavy vehicles to the eastern countryside of Aleppo to work on diverting the course of the water and alleviating the damage that affected locals.

At Least 11 Civilians Martyred in US-Led Coalition's Airstrikes in Syria's Raqqa

RAQQA, (ST)- During its alleged war on terrorism, the US-led coalition has committed new crime against civilians in the Syrian province of Raqqa.

Local and media sources said on Friday that over the past 24 hours, warplanes affiliated to Washington-led Coalition launched several airstrikes on al-Tabqa city and Tishreen Farm to the north of Raqqa province. 11 peoples including a woman and two children were martyred, the sources added.

The army advances on al-Bayarat area west of Palmyra in eastern countryside of Homs

Homs – Army units, in cooperation with the allied forces, restored security and stability to al-Kallabiyeh village in al-Bayarat area in the eastern countryside of Homs, a military source announced on Friday.

SANA said the army units established control over al-Kallabiyeh farms and continued advancing on al-Bayarat area, inflicting heavy losses upon ISIS terrorists.

SANA explained that the army units, in cooperation with the allied and supporting forces, established control over al-Kallabiyeh farms and advanced 2 kilometers south of al-Bayarat are, some 20 kilometers to the west of Palmyra city.

Three people martyred, 5 injured in terrorist rocket attack in Daraa city

Daraa – Three people were martyred in a rocket attack by Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists on al-Kashef al-Sharqi in Daraa city, SANA reported.

Five other people were reported injured in the attack, which was launched by terrorists positioned in al-Nueimeh town, 5 km east of Daraa city.

The attack caused material damage to the residential building it hit, according to the reporter.

Syria Condemns Turkey’s Repeated Attacks against Syrian People and Lands

DAMASCUS- Foreign and Expatriates Ministry condemned on Friday Turkey’s repeated crimes and attacks against the Syrian people and its violations of the sanctity and unity of Syria’s territory.

The condemnation was expressed in two letters addressed to the UN Secretary General and President of the Security Council.

3 people martyred, 6 injured by terrorist rocket shells on Aleppo


Aleppo - Three people were martyred and six others were Injured on Thursday due to terrorist rocket attack on Tishreen Association and 3000 Apartments Project in al-Hamadanieh.

The terrorist groups fired rocket shells on Tishreen Association and 3000 Apartments Project in al-Hamadanieh, claiming the lives of 3 people and injuring 6 others, SANA reported.

Deir Ezzor

Meanwhile, a number of civilians were injured as the ISIS terrorists targeted with a rocket shell residential neighborhoods in Deir Ezzor city.

ISIS terrorists fired a rocket shell on the safe residential houses at al-Wadi Street in Deir Ezzor city, causing the injury of 6 civilians.

A huge material damage was inflicted upon the houses, infrastructure and the public and private properties in the targeted area.