Army regains control over new areas in Palmyra countryside, eliminates scores of terrorists in various areas

Provinces - Army units regained control over the mountains chain north of al-Mazar Mountains in the northern countryside of Palmyra after destroying the latest ISIS fortifications in it.

A military source said that the army continued advance towards ISIS gatherings and fortifications east and north of Palmyra city and established control over the mountains chain, about 30km north of the mountains of al-Mazar  and al-Haram, SANA reported.

Russia Food Aid Distributed in Aleppo, Hama, Daraa and Lattakia

LATTAKIA- A new batch of food aid provided by Russia was distributed to a number of families in Aleppo, Hama and Daraa provinces during the past 24 hours, SANA reported.

Hmeimim-based Russian Coordination Center said in a statement on Saturday that about 6,8 tons of humanitarian aid, including food packages, were distributed to a number of families in the neighborhoods of Qadi Asker, al-Ashrafiyeh, Bishara al-Khouri, al-Sheikh Saed, al-Hamadaniyeh, al-Sheikh Maqsoud, Halap al-Qadimeh and al-Ajami area in Aleppo and to families in Salamiyeh city in Hama province and Khabbab town in Daraa province.

Army establishes control over new areas in Aleppo and Deir Ezzor

Provinces - Army restores security to 11 towns and villages, establishes control over hills of Ayoub and Ahmer in Aleppo countryside, SANA reported.


 A military source declared that security and stability were restored to 11 towns and villages and control was established over new areas after eliminating the ISIS terrorists from them in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo province.

Gunmen Start Leaving Homs' al-Waer Neighborhood

 HOMS, (ST)- The first batch of gunmen and their families started today leaving al-Waer neighborhood in the western part of Homs city in implementation of a reconciliation agreement reached last week in the district and in preparation to restore the state institutions to the area.

In a statement to SANA, Homs Governor Talal Barazi said "more than 1500 people including gunmen and members of their families are to leave al-Waer to the northeastern countryside of Aleppo," pointing out that "the evacuation process is supervised by the Syrian Red Crescent as well as the Syrian and Russian military police."

Army Foils ISIS Infiltration Attempts Around Military Airport, Kills More Terrorists in Other Areas in Deir Ezzor

DEIR EZZOR– An army unit targeted fortifications and infiltration points of ISIS terrorists in the surroundings of Liwa al-Ta’min in Deir Ezzor.

SANA reporter in the province said two car bombs for the terrorists were destroyed as a result of the operations.

The reporter added that the army’s artillery destroyed fortifications and gatherings of terrorists and a vehicle equipped with a 23 mm machine gun in the neighborhoods of al-Matar al-Qadim, al-Hamidiyeh and the central park, according to SANA.

Foreign Ministry: Enemy's Aggression against Syria is Flagrant Defiance of Syrian Sovereignty and International Legitimacy

DAMASCUS- Foreign and Expatriates Ministry sent on Friday two letters to the UN Secretary General and President of Security Council on the Israeli aggression against Syrian Arab Republic in a flagrant defiance of the international legitimacy and UN resolutions and the sovereignty and the inviolability of the Syrian territory.

"The Israeli aggression this morning comes as a new Israeli attempt to boost the collapsed morale of terrorist groups after they were defeated recently by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies in many areas,” the Ministry said in the letters, according to SANA.

Syrian Air Defences Shot Down a Zionist Warplane and Hit Another

 DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Syrian Air Defences encountered 4 attacking Israeli Warplanes  and shot down a warplane inside the occupied territories and hit another warplane while the other 2 warplanes were able to run away, according to a statement by the General Command of the Syrian Army and Armed Forces.

The General Command of the Syrian Army and Armed Forces added in its statement that the enemy warplanes penetrated to  Al-Brij region from the Lebanese territories at 2:40 a.m.  and targeted a military post in the direction of Palmyra in the Eastern part of Homs Countryside.

The Israeli flagrant aggression came in a bid as to raise the morals of ISIS terrorists   and in a futile bid as to blur the Syrian Arab Army victories against the terrorist organization,  the statement pointed out.

The General Command of the Syrian Army and Armed Forces reiterated determination to encounter and respond any Zionist enemy attack on any part of he Syrian territories.

 Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim