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Idleb: A civilian injured by the explosion of landmine left behind by terrorists

Idleb (ST): A civilian was wounded as a result of the explosion of a landmine left behind by terrorists in the agricultural lands surrounding Khan Shikhoun in Idleb's southern countryside.

News correspondent said that a landmine went off in a tractor in the agricultural areas surrounding Khan Shikhoun and resulted in a serious injury for the driver who was plowing his field. The driver was taken to Hama National Hospital to receive appropriate medical treatment.

After their humiliating defeat, terrorist organizations have deliberately planted mines and explosives in places of their deployment and hid them in the villages, towns and agricultural lands in order to cause the biggest possible damage to the locals when they return to their areas after liberating them from terrorism.


US occupation brings military and logistic reinforcements to Hasaka

Hasaka (ST): In a new violation of the international laws and norms, the US occupation forces have brought military and logistic fortifications from Iraq to the Syria through one of the illegitimate crossings.

 Local sources from al-Ya’rubia area in Hasaka countryside told news reporter that the US occupation brought 27 trucks from the Iraqi territories through the illegitimate crossing of al-Walid into the Syrian territories, adding that the trucks include military vehicles and closed refrigerators. The sources pointed out  that the trucks headed for the illegitimate base of Qasreq Tal Beider.

Throughout the past months, the US occupation forces have brought thousands of the lorries loaded with military and logistic equipment to Hasaka city to boost their illegitimate existence in the Syrian al-Jazira region and to loot the oil and mineral resources in cooperation and complicity with their tools of armed groups and terrorists whom they support.


Turkish forces attack villages in the northern countryside of Hasaka

On July 6, Turkish artillery forces attacked the town of Abu Rasin and other villages in the northern countryside of Hasaka.

Local sources said that the Turkish occupation forces launched a number of artillery shells which fell on agricultural lands in the town of Abu Rasin and other villages, without causing civilian casualties.

The sources said that three Turkish tanks and a number of armored vehicles entered Syrian territory through the border village of Sukareeeh heading towards the illegal Turkish military base in the village of Umm A’shba, northwest of Abu Rasin, in parallel with the flight of a Turkish reconnaissance plane in the airspace of the region.

The Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries keep attacking safe towns and villages near the town of Ras Al-Ain.


O. al-Mohammad

Syrian clans and tribes call on al-Jazera's people to resist U.S. and Turkish occupation forces

HASAKA, (ST)_ The Syrian clans and tribes and the Forum of One Syria Gathering in Qameshli city have reiterated their support for the Syrian army in fighting terrorism and US and Turkish occupation forces.

According to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), the dignitaries of the clans, tribes and the Forum said in a statement released today that they stand by the Syrian army and leadership and they reject all forms of siege being imposed by the U.S. on the Syrian people.

Protesters: The Syrian people will not rest until the U.S. occupation forces exit from Syria

HASAKA, (ST)_ Hundreds of residents of Tartab village in Qameshli countryside protested on Monday against the illegitimate presence of the U.S. occupation forces in the region, according to the Syrian News Agency (SANA).

The agency reported that the protesters burned the US flag and demanded the exit of the occupation forces from Syria and putting an end to their acts.

Thirst threatens about one million citizens in Hasaka as Turkish occupation stops the water pump

Al-Hasakah, (ST) - The Turkish occupation forces continue their inhuman violations against the people of the city of Hasaka and the population regions in the western countryside by controlling the water pump station in Alouk plant and using water as a weapon against the people and threatening the lives of about one million people, especially that the station is the major and only source for providing people there with drinking water.

In summer and with the high temperatures in Hasaka province and the increasing need for water, the Turkish occupation forces, in cooperation with their terrorist mercenaries, cut off the water and stopped pumping from the wells station Aluk several times, the last of which was yesterday in what can be described as a crime against humanity.

The people of the city of Hasaka expressed their anger at  these criminal measures being pursued by the Turkish occupation forces in the northern countryside of Hasaka. A young man, Ragheb, from the people of Gweran district, said that cutting off water by the Turkish occupier is a sinister crime against humanity, and international and relief organizations must intervene to stop such practices. The people of the city demand that Alouk water station stay out of these disputes, as stopping  the work of the pump threatens the lives of thousands of people in Hasaka governorate.

Project of thyme plantation and beekeeping aims at supporting the affected farmers in Aleppo countryside

In cooperation with the Syrian Society for Wildlife Protection and the United Nations Development Program, the Ministries of Social Affairs and Labor and the Agriculture and Agrarian Reform are implementing the  project  of green thyme plantation, beekeeping, restoration of clay domes, utilization of agricultural waste and converting them into organic fertilizers. The project aims at supporting  the affected farmers in the villages of Al-Safira region in Aleppo countryside. 

Dr. Ghaida Barakat, member of the Syrian Society for Wildlife Protection, indicated that the project aims at rehabilitating the agricultural sector using modern farming methods and recycling waste. She pointed out that the agricultural targeted area includes a large amount of various wastes that are disposed of in unsafe environmental ways, which requires work to convert these wastes into fertilizer by training participants to dispose of waste and convert them it into fertilizers.