Daesh prisoners renew their rebellion in the SDF-run prison in Hasaka city

On March 30, the Daesh terrorist prisoners renewed their rebellion at the headquarters of the Industrial School in the city of Hasaka, which the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)groups have turned into a prison for about 4000 terrorists belonging to 50 Arab and foreign nationalities.

Local sources said that the Daesh prisoners renewed their rebellion and chaotic acts inside the prison after they took control of a whole floor within the prison headquarters for the second day.

The prisoners broke windows, walls and surveillance cameras amid attempts by "SDF" groups to control the situation and end the rebellion with the support of the American occupation forces warplanes.

The sources pointed out that a number of terrorists fled towards the southern countryside of al-Hasakah, specifically to the village of Al-Arisha and the town of Shaddadi.

Coronavirus death toll in Syria raised to 2

DAMASCUS, (ST)_Syrian Health Ministry announced the death of  another coronavirus case that was among the 9 confirmed infected cases. 

2 cases out of 10 confirmed ones died.

Leave extended until April 16th for Syrian courts

DAMASCUS, (ST)_Ministry of Justice has issued a decision on extending the suspension of work in courts and the Judiciary untill April, 16, 2020.

Al-Jaafari calls for lifting economic coercive measures imposed on Syria in the light of coronavirus outbreak globally

New York, (ST)_Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, called for lifting the illegitimate economic, coercive measures imposed on Syria and other states, particularly after the spread of Coronavirus in the world.
Al-Jaafari, speaking at a UN Security council session on the situation in Syria via video, said that the continuation of the economic sanctions stresses the hypocrisy adopted by some sides in dealing with the humanitarian situation in Syria and those states.

Insurgency in Ghweran prison in Hasaka and terrorists from (ISIS) on the loose

Al-Hasakah, (ST) - Local sources revealed that there was insurgency which led to chaos in a prison that includes thousands of "ISIS" terrorists controlled by Qasd "SDF" groups which are  supported by the American occupation forces. Local sources revealed also that a number of the Takfiri organization "ISIS" terrorists escaped from the prison.

SANA correspondent in Al-Hasakah quoted the sources as saying that disobedience and chaos occurred in Ghweran prison in Al-Hasakah, which is controlled by "Qasd" groups, which includes nearly 3,000 ISIS terrorists.

Syria's s first fatality from Corona virus was confirmed today by Health Ministry

DAMASCUS, (ST)_Syria's s first fatality from Corona virus was confirmed today by Health Ministry. 
Syrian Ministry of Health: A woman died upon her admission to a hospital.
After testing, it became clear that she had Coronavirus.
Badma Qaddour

Turkish occupation, its mercenaries deprive 1 million people in Hasaka province of water

Hasaka, (ST)_ The Turkish occupation army and its terrorist mercenaries again cut off water supply to Hasaka city and its surroundings after stopping water pumping from Alouk station in Ras al-Ayn countryside, endangering the lives of about one million people.