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Al-Mikdad: Unilateral coercive economic measures affecting the Syrians’ life, they should be lifted

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Faysal al-Mikdad has stressed that Syria will continue to fight terrorism with all its forms until it is completely eliminated and that the Syrian state is determined to establish full control on the entire Syrian territory after expelling all the illegal foreign troops from the country in order to preserve Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

 Al-Mikdad made the remarks during his meeting on Tuesday with Indonesia’s Deputy Coordinating Minister for Foreign Policy Affairs, Lutfi Rauf, and the accompanying delegation. Talks during the meeting dealt with the situation in Syria and focused on enhancing bilateral ties between Syria and Indonesia.

Al-Mikdad affirmed that the unilateral coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people are badly affecting all walks of life in Syria, so they should be lifted.

Al-Moallem receives a copy of the credentials of the new Algerian ambassador to Syria

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Walid Muallem welcomed this morning the new Algerian ambassador Hassan Tuhami and received a copy of his credentials as an authorized and extraordinary ambassador of Algeria to the Syrian Arab Republic.

During the meeting, the discussion took place about bilateral relations between the two countries and ways to enhance and develop cooperation in all fields between their peoples and countries.


The 14th round of Astana talks on Syria kicks off

Nur Sultan (ST): The Syrian Arab Republic's delegation, headed by Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, held a meeting with the Russian delegation, headed by the Russian President's special envoy to Syria Alexander Laverntiv in Nur Sultan. The two sides reviewed the agenda of the 14th round of Astana Process. Both sides agreed on the necessity of contuing intensive consultations, especially during the current critical circumstances.

Earlier, the 14th round of Astana talks on Syria started today in the Kazakh capital Nur Sultan with the participation of the Syrian Arab Republic's delegation headed by Dr. al-Ja'afari and other delegations.

The Russian and Iranian delegations also started their bilateral talks within the framework of this round.

The Russian President's special envoy to Syria Alexander Laverntiv, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for political affairs Ali Asghar Khaji, the delegation of the Turkish regime headed by Deputy Foreign Minister are taking part in the meetings.

UN Secretary General's special envoy to Syria Geir Pedersen is also participating in the meeting as an observer.

The  Foreign Affairs Ministry of Kazakhstan affirmed earlier that all sides to the Astana process on Syria will be participating in the 14th round of talks which will be held on December 10-11 in Nur-Sultan.

Thirteen meetings of Astana process have been held since the beginning of 2017, one of them was held in the Russian city of Sochi.

All of the meetings stressed complete adherence to preserving Syria’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and continuing the war against terrorist organizations in the country till completely uprooting them.


Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries fire rockets and artillery shells on locals' houses in Hasaka northern countryside

HASAKA, (ST)-Turkish occupation forces and their terrorist mercenaries continued their aggression on a number of villages in the northern countryside of Hasaka.

SANA reporter said that the Turkish occupation forces and the terrorist groups affiliated to them on Monday fired rockets and artillery shells on locals' houses in Tal al-Ward and al-Rubei'at villages in Abu Rasin area of Hasaka northern countryside.

The attacks caused material damage in the houses and properties of the locals, the reporter added.

In a relevant context, the reporter said that a convey of military vehicles, including 8 armored vehicles and 22 pickups equipped with Doshka machine guns that belong to the Turkish occupation, have entered through al-Sukareya border village heading south towards al-Daoudeya, Tal Mohammad, Bab al-Faraj villages which are close to Abu Rasin area of Hasaka northern countryside.

Two civilians were martyred and two others were wounded as a result of terrorist attack by rockets on Minyan village of west Aleppo

Aleppo, ST- Two civilians were martyred and two others were wounded as a result of terrorist attacks by rockets on the village of Minyan in the western countryside of Aleppo.

A source in the Aleppo Police Command said in a statement to a SANA reporter that the terrorist groups deployed in the western countryside targeted this afternoon with rocket-propelled grenades the village of Mianyan, which resulted in the martyrdom of two civilians and the injury of two others and material damages to public and private properties.

Restoring Al-Aziziyah Water Plant to service after its maintenance and repair

The Water Establishment in Al-Hasaka Governorate has returned al- Aziziyah water plant to service after its maintenance and repair of technical malfunctions it suffered from.

The Director of the Water Establishment, Eng. Mahmoud Al-Ikleh, told SANA reporter that the maintenance of the pumping water plant included electrical installations of lines and transformers that were subject to technical malfunctions which resulted in the plant being out of service for a day. Then, the technical workshops were able to fully complete maintenance and to restore the water plant to service again on Saturday night.

The army reinforces its deployment in the northern countryside of Hasaka and establishes new points in the surrounding of al-Mabrouka power station

The Syrian Arab Army units expanded their deployment operations in the Syrian Jazeera areas and deployed in new points in the northern countryside of Hasaka, as part of their national missions to protect the people.

The army units expanded their deployment within the northern countryside of Hasaka and deployed in new points in the surrounding of al-Mabrouka power station, according to SANA reporter.

During the past days, the army units expanded their deployment on the international road Hasaka-Aleppo,establishing new points at the Leylan crossing, west of Tal Tamr, and entered the village of al-Susa al-Gharbiya and al-A’alia Grain Silos in the northwestern countryside of Hasaka.

During the last month, the army units have established their points on an axis extending about 90 km, in the framework of its national missions to confront the Turkish aggression and its mercenaries and to protect the people.


Inas Abdulkareem