Syria Condemns Illegal Excavations for Syrian Artifacts Conducted by Occupying American, French and Turkish Forces

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Syria has condemned the illegal excavations for artifacts being carried out by the American, French and Turkish forces and their agents in Syrian areas under their occupation.

In a statement to SANA, an official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said on Monday "the ministry condemns illegal digging works and excavations for antiquities being conducted by the American, French and Turkish troops and their agents in the Syrian towns and cities of Manbej, Afrin, Idleb, Hassaka, Raqqa and other areas under these forces' occupation.

Syrian, Jordanian Engineers Syndicates to Enhance Cooperation

DAMASCUS- Speaker of the People’s Assembly Hammoudeh Sabbagh on Sunday stressed the importance of enhancing relations and exchanging expertise between Syrian and Jordanian syndicates and vocational unions as to serve the common interests of the two countries in a way that lead to the broadening of bilateral cooperation, according to SANA.

Sabbagh was speaking during his meeting with a delegation from the Jordanian Engineers Syndicate.

Al-Mikdad Urges International Organizations to Speak Up against US- Led Coalition's Crimes against Children in Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST)-  Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Faisal al-Mikdad has underscored that Syria, with the help of concerned UN organizations mainly UNICEF, is sparing no effort to meet the needs of Syrian children all over the country, particularly in the areas which were liberated from terrorism by the Syrian Arab army, and to rehabilitate the educational institutions destroyed by terrorist organizations as soon as possible and provide education, health and medical services to children.  

Al-Mikdad, who made the remarks during his meeting on Sunday with UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore and the accompanying delegation, hailed the role and the noble message of UNICEF as an humanitarian organization that cares about children all over the world.

Army wipes out terrorist group tried to attack a military point in Hama Countryside

Hama - A unit of the Syrian Arab Army working in the northern countryside of Hama wiped out a terrorist group while trying to infiltrate towards a military point in the vicinity of Soran town.

SANA said that an army unit on Sunday tracked movement of a terrorist group trying to infiltrate form Morek town in the far north of Hama on the outskirts of the demilitarized zone in Idleb towards military points in the vicinity of Soran town and clashed with it using light and medium machineguns; The clash resulted in the killing of all members of the group.

Another army unit responded with bursts of explosive bullets to an attack by a terrorist group holed up in Skaik village in Khan Shaykhoun area, south of  Idleb, on a military point in the area and destroyed machineguns and mortars for terrorists.

Later in the day, army units conducted operations against the terrorist fortifications in al-Lataminah town and Maarkaba village in Hama northern countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon them in personnel and ordnance.

In the far northwestern countryside, the reporter said that that an army unit thwarted a terrorist group’s infiltration attempt from Tel al-Sakher across the agricultural lands and olive groves to attack military points in Mhardeh northern countryside.

Wadi Al-Nadara Celebrated "Eid il-Burbara

St. Barbara's Day kicks off Christmas Celebrations

The Christmas tree was lit in the town of Al Hawash in Wadi Al-Nadara in the countryside of Homs as a message of love and peace from the land of peace, to assure the whole world that a people who has been experienced tough grief   through the long years of war can create joy and deserve to live

All the valley villages have lived the happy rituals of the celebration in all its churches, squares, Lanes and streets.

UN Renews Demand that “Israel” Should Abide by Resolutions Related to Occupied Golan

NEW YORK- The United Nations (UN) renewed its demand that the Israeli occupation authorities should abide by the resolutions related to the occupied Syrian Golan, particularly resolution No. 497 for the year 1981 which considers its decision to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration on the occupied Syrian Golan as null and void and without international legal effect, SANA reported.

This came on Firday during the UN’s adoption of a resolution under the title “Occupied Syrian Golan” after it was approved by the Special Political and Decolonization Committee (Fourth Committee).

149 delegations out of 173 voted in favor of the resolution while “Israel” and the US only voted against the resolution, and  22 delegations abstained from voting.

Cuban Parliament’s President Reiterates His Country’s Standing by Syria

HAVANA- President of the National Assembly of People’s Power  (Cuban Parliament), Esteban Lazo Hernandez reaffirmed his country’s standing by Syria in its war against terrorism and in defending its sovereignty and its territorial integrity and in its adherence to its independent national decision, and its rejection of the foreign interference in its internal affairs, according to SANA.

Meeting Syria’s Ambassador to Cuba Dr. Idris Mayya at the headquarters of Cuba’s Parliament on Friday, Lazo underlined necessity of enhancing parliamentary relations between the two countries including the exchange of official visits and whatever would contribute to further developing the bilateral relations in all domains.