Eid al-Adha prayers in Damascus and its countryside in homes

In response to the precautionary measures to tackle the Coronavirus, this Eid Al-Adha prayers will be practiced in homes in the Governorates of Damascus and Damascus Countryside after the Ministry of Islamic Trusts suspended prayers  in the mosques of the two governorates.

The Director of the Islamic Trusts of Damascus Countryside Dr. Khader Shahrour stated that the Ministry ordered the officials of the mosques committees in the other Governorates to strictly implement the precautionary measures in all mosques where the blessed Eid Al-Adha prayers will be held, while the mosques in the governorates of Damascus and Damascus Countryside will not be held.

Al-Jaafari: Coercive economic measures being imposed on Syria prove the falseness of western humanitarian allegations

Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, said that the continuity of imposing coercive economic measures by western countries on Syria and hindering efforts to include the recent UNSC resolution about bringing in aid through borders, prove once again the falseness of these countries' allegations that their measures don’t target the Syrian civilians.

Huge number of human organs found in one of terrorists' hideouts in Syria

Syrian army units in cooperation with residents found a huge number of human organs  saved inside transparent bottles including chloroform in one the hideouts of terrorists in Ghadfeh village in Maarret al-Noaman region in south Idlib. 
According to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), one of the doctors turned a home, located 10 km to the east of Maarret al-Noaman into a laboratory where human organs, including heads, eyes, hearts and other organs were saved in bottles. 

Special authorities arrested 2 terrorists who had infiltrated from the illegitimate US base in Syria

The Special authorities  arrested two terrorists riding a motorcycle south of al-Qaryateen village when they infiltrated from al-Tanf area in the Syrian Badiya(desert) far east of Homs countryside.
A source at the special authorities in Palmyra said that according to information and continuous monitoring of axes of infiltration of terrorist groups, two terrorists were arrested south of al-Qaryateen village in Homs eastern countryside when they infiltrated from the illegitimate US base in al-Tanf area. 

Syrian students conclude their conference; reiterate determination to continue confronting the schemes targeting their country

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The 15th General Conference of the General Union of Syrian Students concluded its 4-day activities on Tuesday.

In the final statement of their conference, the Syrian students, inside the country and abroad, affirmed that they will continue to confront all the schemes targeting their country and vowed to work hard to complete their education so as to serve their homeland.

They expressed their appreciation of  the sacrifices of the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army and their role in eliminating terrorism and liberating the Syrian territories from foreign-backed takfiri terrorists and mercenaries.

 Participants in the conference stressed that resistance and defending the homeland will continue to be the best option to liberate the occupied Syrian Arab Golan and the rest of the occupied Arab territories.

A blast rocks Turkish- occupied Syrian city

Several civilians were wounded in a blast that hit Ras al-Ayn city where Turkish-backed terrorist groups are spread. 
According to local sources, a booby-trapped motorcycle detonated near the national hospital in the city of Ras al-Ayn, leaving casualtiea and material damages to residents' properties.

Syrian students abroad are homeland's ambassadors

Several heads and members of the branches of the National Union of Syrian Students ( NUSS) abroad, who took part in the 15th conference of the union, said that conference was an opportunity to show what they had done over the past period and their active role in Arab and foreign universities.