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Russian DM: Terrorist groups & white helmets prepare for new chemical attacks

The Russian Defence Ministry said that the terrorist organizations were recruiting large groups of their members and their arms in Abu al-Dohour area in Idleb southern countryside and the southern parts of Aleppo city.

The statement released by the Russian Coordination Centre in Hmeimem also warned against new provocative chemical attacks prepared by the terrorist White Helmets organization. 

Damascene Rose listed on the UNESCO's list of human heritage

Bogota (ST): The UNESCO announced that it has decided to put the Damascene Rose and all heritage crafts related to it on the list of the intangible human heritage of the Organization.

The UNESCO website said that the decision came during the 14th meeting of the International Committee for the protection of intangible cultural heritage currently being held in the Colombian capital Bogota.

Foreign Ministry: US Administrations Have Committed Systematic Human Rights violations, including killing thousands of people in Raqqa

DAMASCUS, (ST)-The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has affirmed that the  US  administrations have committed systematic violations of human rights against the peoples of the world, including killing thousands of people in the Syrian city of Raqqa and destroying it completely, calling for an international investigation into the crimes against humanity committed by these administrations in different parts of the world.

 Marking the 70th  anniversary  of International Day for Human Rights , the Ministry said  in a statement on Thursday, which SANA received a copy, “the government of the Syrian Arab Republic reminds of the crimes committed by the illegitimate US- led “international coalition", including killing thousands of citizens in Raqqa city, destroying the city completely in a blatant violation of human rights conventions and the rules of the international law and using internationally-banned  phosphorous bombs against Syrian women and children.

PA Speaker, Indian Ambassador Discuss Parliamentary Relations

 Speaker of the People’s Assembly  Hammoudeh  Sabbagh stressed the importance of  bolstering  parliamentary relations between Syria and India ,  forming a parliamentary friendship committee and   exchanging expertise  and visits  for the  joint benefit  of  the two peoples in the two friendly countries.

Sabbagh, during his meeting today with the Indian ambassador in Damascus, Hafizur Rahman, hailed  India's  stand in support of Syria in its war against terrorism, pointing out that Syria gives top priority in its relations to the countries that never gave-up supporting and cooperating with Syria   in combating  terrorism.

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister told Shaaban: We continue to support and cooperate with Syria in combating terrorism

Beijing, (ST) - Dr. Buthaina Shaaban, political and media advisor in the presidency, discussed with Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Shen Xiaodong during their meeting in Beijing today, the bilateral relations between the two countries, which are based on friendship and partnership.

Shaaban stressed that Syria and China are in the same boat in breaking the concept of unipolar and Western domination, noting that the forum held by the Government of China on human rights in the countries of the South is a historic step from which to start to formulate an international human rights pact that will be a referenced in the whole world and not in South countries only.

Shaaban clarified that the false allegations of the United States regarding human rights have been exposed, as they use human rights as a pretext for their blatant interference in the internal affairs of other countries, this requires taking a unified stance from all countries of the world and developing strategies and solutions to confront Western domination and defend usurped rights.

Christmas Decorations in Damascus

Weapons, mines, car bomb, explosive materials, left by terrorists, found in Daraa countryside

DARAA, (ST)- Concerned authorities in Daraa found on Wednesday a car bomb as well as some weapons, mines and explosive materials left by terrorists in Daraa eastern countryside.  

SANA reporter in Daraa said that in order to protect the life of citizens and ensure a safe return for the displaced families, concerned authorities continued their combing operations in some areas liberated from terrorism in Daraa countryside. The operations resulted in the discovery of weapons, mines, a car bomb, explosive materials and motorcycles tanks filled with explosives. All were left by terrorists who were controlling Daraa eastern countryside before they were driven out by the Syrian army.