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China Says Syria's Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity Must be Protected

BEIJING, (ST)- China respects the Syrian government's stance on the US-Turkish deal to establish a so-called "safe zone" in the country and it believes that Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity must be respected and protected, according to the spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Hua Chunying.

In a statement on Wednesday, Hua stressed that concerned parties in the international community should work together to create suitable circumstances for reaching political settlement in Syria and should avoid aggravating the situation.

2 Kids Martyred, 3 Others Injured in Blast of Landmine Left by Terrorists in Homs Countryside

 HOMS, (ST)- Two kids were martyred and three others were injured in a landmine explosion in Housh Hajjo area in Homs northern countryside, SANA reporter said on Wednesday.

The landmine was one of many others left by terrorist groups before being defeated and driven out of the area by the Syrian army.

The injured children were taken immediately to a hospital for necessary medical treatment.

Planned US-Turkey Operation Center Meant to Keep Syria off Balance, Says Analyst

A political analyst says the US’s plan to set up a joint command center with Turkey to coordinate a so-called safe zone in Syria is aimed at blocking the Syrian army’s advances on the battlefield against foreign-backed militants.

“The United States is trying to disrupt the consolidation of the Syrian government over its country so that it keeps it distracted by that particular task,” and prevent it from working with  its allies, namely Iran and Russia, in the battle against terrorism, Michael Lane, founder of American Institute for Foreign Policy, told Press TV.

Effort to Set up Syria Constitutional Committee Enters Home Stretch, Says Kremlin

MOSCOW - Work to set up a Syrian constitutional committee is almost over but it is too early to speak about the exact date of its completion, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said when asked if the committee’s establishment could be announced at the Russia-Iran-Turkey meeting set to take place in Ankara in September.

"The work is almost over, we are one step away from finalizing efforts to create a Syrian constitutional committee," he pointed out. "As of now, I cannot say if it will be possible to do it by the Ankara meeting," Peskov added. He confirmed that preparations for such a meeting were underway.

Syrian Army Intensifies Strikes against al-Nusra Terrorists in the Countryside of Hama, Idleb

IDLEB/HAMA, (ST)- The Syria Arab army continued on Tuesday its military operations against Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization and its affiliated groups in Hama northern countryside and Idleb southern countryside, killing a number of terrorists.

The army units deployed in Sekik village and Tal Sekik area engaged in fierce clashes with terrorist groups in Tal Tar'i area, located between al-Taman'a town in Idleb countryside and Morek in Hama countryside. The clashes resulted in heavy losses upon the terrorists, according to SANA reporter.

The clashes were accompanied by concentrated rocket and artillery shelling on the terrorist groups' movement axes and supply routes in the vicinity of al-Taman'a, the reporter said.

Photo Essay: Damascus Markets’ Preparations for Adha Eid

On August 8-9, Syria Times’ reporter team made a tour in Damascus' downtown markets of Salhieh Street, Hamra Street and Al-Sha’alan.

Hundreds of Syrian women, men and youngsters were walking and shopping in Salhieh Street, Hamra Street and Al-Sha’alan.

Abu Mohammad, a 55-year-old, Damascene garment shopkeeper from Salheieh Street said to Syria Times:

“ There are hundreds  of window shoppers in the Streets but not many buy. People like to walk around in Damascene markets before Eid days to buy their needs and also to have a good time”.

Electricity Returns to Um Batneh Village after a 6-Year Hiatus Because of Terrorism

QUNEITRA, (ST)- After six years of hiatus because of terrorist attacks, electric power has returned  to um Batneh village and its vicinity in Quneitra countryside.

Director of the Quneitra Electricity Company Bassam al-Masri told the Syrian News Agency SANA that maintenance workshops have completed the amendment and rehabilitation of the power networks in Um Batneh and Rasm al-Khawaled villages.