Al-Waleed Hospital in Homs Al-Waer Neighborhood Resumes Work, Starts Providing Medical Services

HOMS, (ST)- Al-Waleed Hospital in Al-Wae'r neighborhood, the last bastion of gunmen in the city of  Homs until recently, has resumed its work and started to provide medical services to citizens after the gunmen, who rejected the reconciliation agreement left the district and Homs was declared free of gunmen.

Dr. Hassan al-Jundi, Director of Homs Health Directorate, told SANA yesterday that after the evacuation of the last batch of gunmen from al-Waer, Al-Waleed Hospital "restarted providing medical services including emergency services for free to patients through qualified medical and nursing staff."

Premier Affirms Government’s Unremitting Efforts to Combat Corruption

DAMASCUS– Activities of “War on Syria, its repercussions and prospects” Conference, organized by the British Syrian Society, kicked off in Damascus University Auditorium on Wednesday.

The two-day conference discusses the living conditions of the Syrians as well as the repercussions and challenges which face Syria during the current terrorist war waged against its people and future prospects after the end of this war, according to the Syrian News Agency SANA.

The first day discussions focused on issues related to the fuel crisis, electricity, transportation and the role of administrative, juridical and legislative reforms in combating corruption as well as the situation of health sector in light of the unilateral unjust procedures.

Army re-establishes control over al-Jarah Airport and new areas in Aleppo countryside

Aleppo/Hama – A military source said that the Army and Armed Forces re-established control over al-Jarah Airport and restored security and stability to a number of villages and towns in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, after killing and injuring around 3,000 ISIS terrorists.

The source said that army units expanded their operations in hunting down ISIS terrorists in the eastern countryside of Aleppo during which the army established control over al-Jarah airport and restored security and stability to the villages and areas of al –Mahdoum , al-Bailouneh, Jirah Sagheir, Tel Hassan, Um Nesourah, Wajab Ali, Bani Zeid, Kherbet Hassan, al-Khaldieh, Ateireh, Jirah Kabeir, the cattle ranches, Droubieh, Sekarieh, Maziunet al-Jabiri , al-Hamra, Qawwass, al-Reihanieh, al-Samerieh, the third station, al-Naserieh, al-Naserieh train station, al-Ajouzieh, Tel Feddah, al-Mazran, al-Kenawieh, Mohsent al-Khafseih, Rasm al-Hamam Gharbi, Rasm al-Kiwan, and al-Masoudieh, SANA reported.

Legal status of 155 persons in Homs settled

Homs – 155 persons from the city of Homs and its northern countryside had their legal status settled on Wednesday in the framework of the Amnesty Decree No. 15 for 2016.

155 persons from the towns of al-Rastan, Talbiseh, al- Houla, and a number of neighborhoods in the city of Homs have had their legal status settled after they turned themselves in, handed over their weapons to the authorities, and pledged to not carry out any act that might harm the homeland or affect its security, SANA reported.

Army engineering units dismantle a truck rigged with explosives in al-Waer neighborhood

Homs – The army engineering units on Wednesday found a truck rigged with explosives in al-Waer neighborhood at the western outskirts of Homs City while combing the neighborhood after it was cleared of arms and militants.

The truck was rigged with explosives by terrorists and parked near one of the buildings at Block 8 in al-Waer neighborhood, and that the engineering units dismantled it completely without any damage, SANA reported.

Two children martyred, three injured in a terrorist rocket attack

Deir Ezzor - Two children were martyred and three others were injured in a terrorist attack with rocket shells fired by the ISIS terrorists on al-Joura neighborhood in Deir Ezzor, according SANA.

Terrorist Confesses to Taking Part in Several Bombings in Homs

Homs– Terrorist Shuaileh Ahmad al-Raso confessed to participating in the execution and planning of a number of terrorist acts in the city of Homs, including the placement of explosive devices in transport buses which resulted in the killing and the injuring of a number of civilians, SANA reported.

Al-Raso, who is from al-Ghanto village in northern Homs, was arrested while she was trying to plant an explosive device near Ekrimah al-Makhzoumi school in Ekrimah neighborhood in Homs.