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Minister Haidar: Dialogue is the Only Outlet to Solve the Crisis in Syria




DAMASCUS,(ST)_ "Dialogue is the only outlet to resolve the crisis in Syria," said the Minister of  State for National Reconciliation Dr.  Ali Haidar.

" All proposed foreign plans and initiatives for  solving the crisis in Syria to stop the violence through  political means were but a pure Syrian vision  since the early days of the crisis," Haidar added in an interview with the Syrian TV on Tuesday evening.

He indicated that the Syrian national dialogue conference held in Tehran over the past two days was a firm step in the right direction that enjoys a solid ground because the ideas and visions have become clear to everyone . A matter which will enable many to build on these visions and ideas in the coming days."

He pointed out that the crisis in Syria has left its adverse impact on all aspects of the daily life of the Syrian citizen, particularly in the areas of education, culture, media and health.

Minister Haider said that the Syrian society is not going to a civil war in spite of all what is happening in Syria, which is a scarecrow, set before the Syrian people and not a reality on the ground, noting that there are some  practices of sectarian nature occuring either by the   stupidity factor or the conspiracy factor, seeking to drag Syria to a sectarian  conflict scene .

He explained that Tehran conference rejected all forms of war and intervention in Syria, pointing to the existence of external indirect military and security    interference and political and media incubator provided for the war waged against Syria by certain Arab countries, including Qatar and Saudi Arabia, as spearheads of the American project in the region .

Minister Haider stressed the need to provide all  support for resistance forces  in Gaza, who represent all the Palestinian people.


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Al-Halqi receives Hasaka delegation ,underlines national unity

DAMASCUS, (ST) –" the  Syrian economy is solid and has the requirements of steadfastness and continuation" said Premier Dr.Wael al-Halqi, adding  that the government is sparing no effort  to meet  the people's requirements concerning  consumer products ,fuel and to rebuild what was destroyed by terrorists despite the unjust siege and sanctions imposed on Syria.

Al-Halqi's remarks came upon receiving  a delegation represented al- Hasaka province on Tuesday.

During this meeting, al-Halqi underlined the role of the people of Hasaka province in preserving national unity and their role of protecting public and private properties, noting that the government gives considerable attention to Hasaka province as regards  development plans that include establishing a university, oil refineries, mills and creating new job opportunities.

" thanks to the unity and awareness of our  people, Syria will remain resilient and will foil all conspiracies", asserted al-Halqi.

In turn, the delegation underlined  the importance of national unity and supporting  the Syrian Arab Army and law-enforcement forces, lauding their role in preserving security and condemning the terrorists attacks on oil pipeline and public and private properties.


A Message from President al-Assad to President of Cuba

HAVANA, (ST)-A message from President Bashar al-Assad to President Raul Castro of Cuba, conveyed by Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal al-Mikdad to the Cuban First Vice President José Ramon Machado Ventura .

During the meeting held in Havana on Tuesday, Ventura renewed his country's support to Syria affirming  that Syria steadfastness is a living example  for the states which defend their independence and sovereignty across the globe.

Ventura expressed President Castro's thanks for President al-Assad's message vowing  Cuba's  readiness to support Syria  as regards the ongoing events.

He highly appreciated Syrian people's steadfastness which foiled the western conspiracies.

For his part, al-Mikdad briefed Ventura on the developments Syria has passed through during the latest months and the US-Western conspiracy to which it is exposed aiming at affecting its national stances in the face of the US and western polices to control the region.

Al-Mikdad  gave an explanation on the dimensions and developments of the terrorist attack, backed by some western and gulf states which basically targeted the innocent citizens, destructed infrastructure and private and public properties.

He reviewed the destructive role of the Turkish government in particular through supporting the terrorist al-Qaeda groups, training and offering safe haven for gunmen and opening its borders with Syria, paving the way for them to perpetrate criminal acts.

Al-Mikdad expressed Syria thanks for Cuba's friendly stances and their support to Syria as people and leadership in the face of this conspiracy in defending Syria sovereignty and independence.

Ventura and Mikdad also expressed the common willingness to strengthen and deepen ties between both countries.

Cuba's Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla and Ghassan Haidar, the Syrian Charge d' Affairs in Havana, attended that meeting.


Terrorists Mortar shells at al-Baath Paper Premises




DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Terrorists on Tuesday morning targeted the headquarters of al-Baath House for Press and Publication in Mezze highway in Damascus with two mortar shells. The attack caused material losses but no human casualties  were reported.

 One shell hit the façade of al-Baath House and the second in its garage. Both shells caused material damage on the site, according to SANA.

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National Symphony Orchestra shines on Wednesday

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ The Syrian National Symphony Orchestra is set to perform a musical evening   on Wednesday, November 21.

 Orchestrated by Mesak   Bagboderyan, The event will be held under the title "For a Cool Winter" at 4:30 (local time) at Hamra Theater in Damascus .

   The party's raising fund will go to displaced children badly affected by terrorist groups' crimes.

 The program includes: Symphony' Ri Major   for "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart" and the fourth movement of the Fifth Symphony's "Gustav Mahler" and Serenad Strings' Do Major  to "Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky."

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Syrian National Symphony Orchestra shines on Wednesday








The Syrian National Symphony Orchestra is set to perform a musical evening   on Wednesday, November 21.

 Orchestrated by Mesak   Bagboderyan, The event will be held under the title "For a Cool Winter" at 4:30 (local time) at Hamra Theater in Damascus .

   The party's raising fund will go to displaced children badly affected by terrorist groups' crimes.

 The program includes: Symphony' Ri Major   for "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart" and the fourth movement of the Fifth Symphony's "Gustav Mahler" and Serenad Strings' Do Major  to "Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky."

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Saudi, Tunisian, Lebanese Terrorists Purged




GOVERNORATES,(ST)_ Scores of terrorists were killed  in qualitative operations carried out by the armed forces near Miami restaurant, al-Kindy hospital and al-Baqqara mosque in Handarat in Aleppo.

 Several leaders of the terrorist groups were exterminated and  their 10 cars fitted  with medium and heavy range machine guns were destroyed.

One army unit targeted the so called "the military council" of the terrorist groups in al-Rashedeyah in Deir Ezour , resulted in killing scores  of them. Among the killed terrorists were Hassan Mere al-Alwan, known as Hassan al-Qasmata, Mahmoud Tlass, Ismael Mousa al-Tayeh and Salah al-Akoul.

 In Homs, the armed forces clashed on Sunday evening  with terrorists terrifying citizens and committing acts of murder and looting in Bab al-Turkamn area  and inflected heavy losses on them.

The clash resulted in the elimination of all terrorists, including 7 of Saudi nationality. They are:   Jasem al-Awad, Khaled al-Farhan, Ahmad al-Saour, Khalaf al-Jadaan, Muhammad al-Faeydeh, Adnan al-Faehdah and  Bakkar Abd al-Faeydeh, in addition to two Tunisian terrorists: Hardan Sami and Muhammad Weld Younis, according to an official source.

 The source continued that among  the terrorists are Jordanians including  Muhammad al-Khalaf, Khaled al- Wafi, Kamal Badran, Wardan Muhammad Arafeh and Saleh al-Hardani, Lebanese  terrorists, namely Khaled Allouch, Samir al-Jeni, Mahmoud al-Jeni, Qasem Abdul Jalil, Farhan Ateyah and two Egyptian terrorists Jawdat al-Saeedi and Qasem Abdul Haq.

Other killed terrorists were Muhammad al-Qasimi, Ghanem al-Qasimi  and Qasem Saad eddine.


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