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Terrorists Eliminated in Several Areas




GOVERNORATES,(ST)_  Army units on Friday continued  operations in chasing armed terrorists  terrifying citizens and committing acts of murder, vandalism, burglary and robbery in  Hujeira, al-Zeyabeyah and Shabaa in Damascus countryside and left them killed or wounded.

The operations resulted  in killing several terrorists in Hujeira including  Wael al-Marzouki and Jum'a al-Sahmani, while another army group confronted  terrorists while  attacking  civilians in  al-Hujeira  and  left them killed or wounded an official source reported.

The source added that 6 terrorists were killed in al- Zeyabeyah including terrorist hasan Jalila while one mortar ambush was destroyed, implanted  by terrorists inside  residential areas in the town  to target civilians.

In Shabaa  town , one army unit clashed with terrorists who committed acts of  robbery and killed huge number of them.

In the context of its  national mission to restore security and stability to the city of Aleppo and its countryside, the armed forces  destroyed  terrorists shelters and concentrations  and the weapons inside them.

One army unit destroyed 6 cars, including weapons and ammunition and one headquarter for the armed terrorist groups, in al-Jalaghiem  area and  its surrounding in al-Sfeera, while in the city of Aleppo, several terrorists were killed or wounded  when the armed forces attacked their concentrations  in al-Ansari area , around the castle of Aleppo, near al-Maesraneyah school, Bani Zeid, and near Fatemah mosque in al-Sukkari area.

In Deir ezz Zour, the armed forces clashed with one terrorist group in " workers" quarters  in the city and left many of them killed or wounded.  Among the killed terrorists was  Hussein Ajaj al-Oleiwe, leaderof one  al-Qaeda affiltaed  al-Nusra front groups , and Obeida al-Mufti.

More terrorists were killed in al-Busaraya and al-Jubaila quarters resulted in killing terrorists  Muhammad Hweij, Khaled Ahmad al-Hammad, Mahmoud al-Saleh al-Khuzam and Musaed al- Ammar.

One armed group seized a collection of archeological finds  stolen by terrorist groups in al-Jubailah quarters to the east of Badr eddine al-Afyan school.

Several terrorists were killed  and their  pickup car and weapons were confiscated  while they tried to attack   peace keeping forces unit  in Jabal Abdul Aziz area to the west of al-Hassaka city.

In  a qualitative operation  in Idleb countryside, the armed forces destroyed  concentrations  for terrorists used to stockpiling  their weapons and planning  for acts of killing and  robbery  in Maarbleed and Has town. The operation resulted  in killing terrorist Abdul Hadi Qeidounh .

In Homs the army units  carried out qualitative  operations  targeted  concentrations for  terrorists in al-Rastan city and Talbesieh countryside.

Terrorists headquarters  and hideouts were destroyed near the road linking  Jreijes and Toumin  in al-Rastan , while  army units challenged  terrorists  while attempting to attack  Housh al-Zabadi and Um Sharshouh villages  and  achieved direct hits in their ranks.

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Zerrougui in Damascus


DAMASCUS,(ST)-At the invitation from the Syrian government,the UN Undersecretary and Special Representative for for Children and Armed Conflict Leila Zarrougui arrived today in Damascus.

"during her four-day visit,Zerrougui is due  to meet a number of Syrian officials,the UN organisations' representatives  -based in Damascus- and NGO's representatives in a bid to be involved in protecting boys and girls,"Dr.Khaled al-masri,the UN media advisor told SANA.

Zerrougui will also evaluate the direct impact of the crisis in Syria on children.

Zerrougui was born in 1956 in SoukAhras,Algeria.Graduated from the Ecole Nationale d'Administration (Algiers).

She has had varios academic positions at law schools in Algeria.

Zerrougui was appointed Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict at the Under Secretary-General level in September 2012.


Funding terrorists won't help solve crisis in Syria, says al-Jaafari

NEW YORK, (ST)_ The Syrian people are the victims of unrelenting bloodshed in Syria as the armed terrorist groups' acts target citizens' livelihood and life, Syria's Permanent Representative to the UN said on Thursday.

In the UN General Assembly's open session held to discuss item No.70 /a  on enhancing  the coordination of  the UN humanitarian and relief aid and special economic assistance being offered in disasters, Bashar al-Jaafari asserted Syria's readiness to cooperate with international relief and humanitarian organizations to aid affected people across Syria.

Terrorist acts

SANA quoted al-Jaafari as saying: "Regrettably, a terrorist blast carried out today in front of a school in Qatana city in Damascus Countryside,claiming the lives of tens of children and their parents. This blast was preceded by other eight terrorist blasts hit several areas in Damascus killing scores of innocents."

He added: "I am not going to talk in details about these terrorist acts and the states or groups who are backing them; however I will point out the terrorist acts' negative impact on citizens' life caused by bombing power stations, stealing grain silos and fuel depots, and targeting schools and hospitals in order to spread chaos and fear among citizens."

Aid efforts

al-Jaafari underscored Syria' belief in the importance of coordinating humanitarian efforts to help affected people in states of emergency according to the UN General Assembly  decision No.46/182which outlines a framework for humanitarian aid and a set of guiding principles for the work of the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

Chemical warfare accusations ‘intervention pretext’,says Jamil

MOSCOW,(ST)- Emerging from talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow Friday, the leader of Syria’s opposition National Front for  Change Qadri Jamil accused the West of trying to act out ‘the Libya scenario’ in Syria.

Russia issued a denial Friday of a statement from its point man on Syria.The Foreign Ministry insisted it is not changing its stance on the  Syrian government,according to AP.

"In that context, Bogdanov again confirmed Russia's principled stance that a political settlement in Syria has no alternative," the ministry's spokesman, Alexander Lukashevich, said in the statement.

This was reinforced by Syrian Deputy Prime Minister Qadri Jamil, who was in Moscow on Friday to meet with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. "There have been no changes in Russia's position," Jamil told journalists after the meeting. "Russia stands for dialogue and against foreign interference."

"Our only goal is to end the violence in Syria as quickly as possible, start a dialogue between the Syrians, between the government and the opposition, and work out a formula for advancing a political process," Lukashevich said. "There hasn't been and there won't be any retraction from our principled line on the Syrian affairs."

Syrians believe the Western accusations that the Syrian government is about to deploy chemical weapons are aimed at creating a pretext for Iraq-style military intervention in Syria,according to Moscow Time.


Al-sweida honors its children




A special celebration for honoring 125 prominent students from the governorate`s elementary schools (the basic education stage) was organized in Sweida by the branch of al-Ba`ath Vanguards organization in the governorate.

The celebration which aimed at enhancing children's potential in all fields; namely in the fields of information technology, English language, media , sport and physics was held after many competitions between the governorate's schools.

"The event plays key role in encouraging students, and it also upgrades children's awareness ,in addition to the role it plays in motivating other students." Assistant of the education department`s director in the governorate Tareq Araj said during the event.

The 125 students including  17 students are honored by the educational informatic bureau and 36 by the theater and music office ,19 by the cultural bureau and 36 by the arts one ,and 17 by the sport office.

The celebration was held under the patronage of the Al-sweida governor Attif Al-naddaf in the presence of the party branch secretary Shibli  janoud and member of Al-ba`ath Vanguards organization Waddah Al-sawas .

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Foreign Ministry completely denies the Syrian Arab Army's use of Scud missiles

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Foreign and Expatriates Ministry completely denies rumors about the Syrian Arab Army's use of Scud missiles in confronting armed terrorist groups.

On Thursday,SANA reported : " In response to what has been circulated by some instigative sides, particularly Turkey and its partners in conspiring against Syria, about the Syrian Arab Army's use of Scud missile to confront armed terrorist groups, the ministry denies these rumors that aim to sully Syria's image and its position at international level".

The source clarified that Scud missiles are strategic and long-range ones and are not used in facing armed terrorist gangs.

"The Ministry wants to assure that these missiles have not been used in confronting the armed terrorist groups who are using advanced weapons received from conspiring countries in their attacks against innocent citizens, military forces and the public and private infrastructure," said the source.

Syria voices concern over US delay of nuclear-free Middle East conference

Syria voiced on Thursday concern over the US stance as regards delaying an international conference on banning nuclear weapons in the Middle East scheduled to be held this month in Finland.

A source at Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said: "The Syrian Arab Republic expresses worry about the US stance related to postpone a conference, which was due to take place in December 2012 in Finland,on nuclear-free Middle East and creating a zone free of mass destruction weapons."

SANA quoted the source as saying that the Syrian government sees the US delay of the conference as a breach of the conference's sponsors' obligations mentioned in the final document of the 2010 NPT Review Conference.

"The US is not entitled to unilaterally decide postponing the conference," said the source, noting that this stance reveals the falsity of the US side's claims and its adherence to obligations.

The ministry considers this step as a test of the international community's credibility and its bona fides as regards disarming the Middle East of nuclear and mass destruction weapons.

It described that the US decision as a flagrant and unjustified defense of Israel and threats security and peace in the region as it provides a cover for Israel's possession of WMDs.

On the other hand, the source said: "The Syrian government rejects all pretexts for not convening the conference on time and the US disregard for the NPT parties' will", asserting that this would have negative consequences on the treaty, and would seriously endanger the nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament system.

It clarified that the Syrian Arab Republic has accepted to take part in the conference and backed efforts for its organization as all regional countries did, except Israel, which worked with its allies to not hold the conference under false pretexts that have nothing to do with the topic of the conference.

The source added:" The Syrian government appeals to the international community to unveil Israel's policies that hinder all international efforts being exerted to disarm the Middle East of WMDs."

It called on the international community to put pressures on Israel to join the NPT to subjecting all its nuclear activities to the IAEA Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement."



Citizens' needs top PM talks with Idleb MPs

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Once again, Syria underscores that it would realize victory over its enemy thanks to unity and determination of its people and army.

Prime Minister, Dr.Wael al-Halqi, said on Thursday that Syria would soon come out of the crisis victorious notwithstanding all challenges that are facing it, according to SANA.

In a meeting with MPS representing Idleb province, the premier talked about the pivotal role of the MPS in enhancing national unity, reconciliation and dialogue, and explaining the conspiracy hatched against the homeland.

This conspiracy, as elaborated, aims at shredding Syria's unity and destroying its national economy. He noted the importance of integration between executive and legislative authorities to draw up strategic policies and issue laws related to notch up comprehensive and sustainable development.

The premier also briefed the MPs on the great efforts being exerted by the government to meet citizens' needs as regards food, oil derivatives and electricity.

As for bread case, stressed that the government has adopted urgent procedures through installing four additional production lines in Damascus and its countryside plus importing flour.

Regarding power outage, the PM clarified that armed terrorist groups' repeated attacks on electricity stations are behind this outage, adding that every possible effort is being exerted by circles concerned to repair damages in this sector.

On the other hand, the MPs discussed with the PM development and services situation in Idleb including sectors of education, health and agriculture.

The PM cited necessity of cooperation between local community and civil society as well as governmental circles in protecting private and public properties.

The MPs, thanked armed forces for pursuing terrorist groups to restore stability and security to Syria, stressing that principle of dialogue and tolerance is the only way to halt the crisis.

Basma Qaddour