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President Al-Assad Underscores The Sound Islamic Orientation

 DAMASCUS,(ST)-President Bashar Al-Assad received on Tuesday the Islamic Education preachers of the Damascus and Damascus countryside's mosques ,high schools and Islamic institutions.

Topped the agenda of the meeting was the Islamic call and its bright horizon where H .E President Al-Assad underscored the necessity of the sound Islamic orientation, revealed by Almighty God, and basically based on sublime values which embodied by the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

President Al-Assad also highlighted the correlative relationship between Arabism and Islam which considered the most important pillars of our society.

For their part, preachers hailed the Syria's healthy atmosphere   that allows them to freely hold Islamic activities.

They also voiced appreciation to President Al-Assad on the pioneering experiment as regards (women call) that left a positive impact on women in the Syrian society.


Information Minister: US- Western Statements on Chemical Weapons Reflect their Inability on the Ground

Minister of Information Omran al-Zoubi said that the victories alleged by some mass media supporting the armed groups are "groundless and fake victories."

In an interview on the Lebanese al-Manar TV on Monday, Minister al-Zoubi said that there are clashes in certain areas in Damascus Countryside and attempts by the terrorist groups to achieve any kind of progress, adding that the life is normal in Damascus.

"Those terrorist groups are extremist Takfiri gangs, and when the US put Jabhat al-Nusra on the international terrorist lists, that is because of its realization to the nature of these groups." al-Zou'bi added.

Syria, Al Zou'bi pointed out, realizes well the nature of the confrontation to the aggressive project concerning its existence and Syria works hard to protect the government institutions and infrastructure.

"Carrying out terrorist acts in residential areas and bombings near mosques and schools aim at frightening people, confusing the security and military systems and alluding the public opinion, and these acts are part of media and military policy for those parties" the minister noted.

Al-Zoubi said that the motive behind the US-ُEuropean talk concerning the chemical weapons in Syria reflects their inability to achieve any real progress on the ground. Syria doesn't have any banned weapons, neither chemical nor nuclear and biological, adding that if Syria possesses such weapons, it will not use them for moral reasons."

"Such statements are very like to those raised against Iraq and other countries in a trial to accuse them and we don't ignore any possibility, including the Iraqi scenario. The world can't bear the consequences of such risk. The western countries should realize that Syria isn't a simple or easy country. Damascus has friends and there are regional and international balances."

Minister al-Zoubi added that there are intelligence agencies operating in Syria since the beginning of the crisis, embodied in the existence of advanced equipment and technologies among the terrorist groups and in high-tech sabotage acts committed by the terrorists.

"Talks on Syrian threats against Turkey is naïve and meaningless and Syria never threaten or interfere in any neighboring countries' affairs, he said

"Deployment of the Patriot missiles doesn't target Syria only, it is a part of radars and early warning systems established by the US with cooperation with the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. These systems target Iran, Syria, Cyprus, Greece, Egypt and other countries," he added.

The Minister stressed that the US sat at the table with Russia when it realized that its project is collapsing, adding that " the dialogue between the two sides is positive if the talks are based on respecting the Syrian independency and the political legitimacy as long as the talks will lead to a political process based on supporting the national dialogue."

The goal of the  meeting between Deputy Russian Foreign Minister, Mikhail Bogdanov , and his American counterpart Wiliam Burnz in the presence of UN peace envoy,Lakhdar Ibrahimi was to exchange views and adhere what Geneva statement means truly and what the other say because the difference is very big.

Minister Al-Zoubi streesed the necessity to make the efforts of al Ibrahimi  a success on the base of Geneva statement and the initiative of the former UN envoy Kofi Annan, that are based on respecting national independence and not meddling in the countries' internal affairs.

Minister al-Zoubi said Russia's stance towards Syria is "firm, not contradicted, clear and frank" as it shows keenness on the interest of Syria state and people.

" Russia also rejects any foreign interference in Syria's internal affairs, mainly in a sovereign issue and calls for the necessity of unifying efforts to support a political process based on dialogue, the participation of all Syrian parties without exception and halting violence, " he added.

Minister al-Zoubi said that Doha coalition is a political gathering that has been already existed and reproduced and its members are the same who had formed Istanbul Council.

"The Syrian opposition abroad, including Doha coalition don't represent Syria's interest because it follows the course of violence, rejecting dialogue and adopting foreign agendas and mean that the opposition has no political project, he added.

The Minister confirmed that the formation of the so-called military councils for the armed groups will only lead to more violence, killing and destruction.

"Syria has well-documented information that confirm that Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Nusra Front) encompasses several armed groups with different names, stressing that putting the Front in its international list of terrorist gangs is not enough and doesn't reflect the US commitment to the UN Security Council's resolutions on combating terrorism," the minister said.

"Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government directly, openly and flagrantly violates its international obligations concerning cooperation in combating terrorism," Minister al-Zoubi said, calling on the international community and the UN to put pressure on all countries to commit to combating terrorism.

"It is regrettable to talk about the self-dissociation policy and at the same time dividing this policy with respect to options of all states and governments. Self-dissociation policy is not an option of the Lebanese government in terms of its ministers only, but is supposed to be the option of Lebanon as a whole because this government is the body who leads the Lebanese state," the minister added.

"Some leaders and figures in the Lebanese Future Party are responsible for smuggling weapons to the armed terrorist groups in Syria, recruiting fighters and financing these groups which violate the agreements signed between Syria and Lebanon on all levels and breach the rules of the international law and these violations are considered a crime according to the Lebanese and Syrian laws," the minister concluded


Parliament Speaker: Syria Continues Rehabilitation of Damages Made by Terrorists




 DAMASCUS,(ST)- Speaker of the Syrian Parliament, Muhammad Jihad al-Lahham  stressed Syria's continued  efforts to  restore security and stability to all areas and rehabilitation  of the infrastructure  ravaged by the  terrorist groups  which are financially and militarily backed by regional and Western  countries, especially Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the USA, adding  that  security and stability are the essential  incubator essential to achieve any development .

" Syria will never  tolerate the bloody  terrorism which affects  all Syrian social strata, regardless to their political affiliations,  and will work to root out its tools which have  intimidated and sabotaged the social safety network, which  Syria has been proud  of and  lived with  for centuries. " Dr al-Lahham added during the inauguration of  a workshop on " monitoring and evaluating  Population and development  issues , held in collaboration with the UNFPA .

He indicated the role played by the  Syrian Parliament in  drawing necessary plans and programs  to promote various aspects of  population development plans  in Syria in various facets, through enacting  appropriate legislation and the development of quality control and  evaluation  in the service of set objectives, especially  under exceptional circumstances experienced by Syria where various  developmental sectors are  obstructed  and hampered

" Population development is but an integral  part of the overall development  plan adopted by Syria in order to provide better living  opportunities for  the young  who are the common target  at the local  and international levels" the parliament speaker stressed, adding that the government will spare no effort to participate in the  reconstruction of  destroyed houses  and provide aid and material compensation for the vulnerable .


He stressed that Syrian people and leadership  will emerge from the crisis more determinant to build  future Syria that  ensures the rights of all its citizens and meets their  aspirations for a better tomorrow.

  "Damascus will remain the heart of Arabism , the entrance to history and the strength of resistance against colonialism, regardless to its  form, name and  various tools. "al-Lahham emphasized.

For his part, the UNFPA assistant representative  in Syria, Omar Ballan,  underlined the importance of the workshop in availing the  opportunity to get to know the  economic, educational and environmental conditions which have impacted   women's health, noting the role played  by the Syrian parliament in providing  special programs data  pertaining to  population , reproductive health and gender.

Worthy mentioning, the workshop in which participants from the  ministries of health and social affairs and labor, the  International planning and  cooperation commission and the  Syrian family Commission  are taking part,  falls in the course of  an action plan project to strengthen national capacities to integrate population ,  reproductive health and gender  issues in plans and programs set for 2012.


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Some 41 Repentants Surrender to Authorities




DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE ,(ST)_  The competent authorities have settled  the conditions of 41 persons from Damascus and from Damascus countryside , who surrendered themselves and weapons, pledging  not to prejudice the security of Syria in the future..

 Meantime, Armed forces units on Tuesday continued  chasing terrorists of  o al-Nusra front in Aqraba town in rural Damascus and left  4 snipers  of them killed and many others  wounded.

 In Aleppo countryside, army units fully cleaned  al-Kindi hospital from the armed terrorist groups.

 In Deir ezz zour, the armed forces killed four members of " Fouad Battalion" terrorist group, several terrorists of al-Mustafa group in al-Takaya street were killed or wounded, while all members  of the so-called  al-Qadeseyah battalion  were eliminated following clashes with the armed forces.

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Dozens of Terrorists Eliminated in Several Areas




Governorates,(ST)-Army units on Monday  continued combatting al-Qaeda linked  al-Nusra Front terrorists  in several areas and inflicted heavy losses on them.

Several terrorists were killed or wounded when army units  clashed  with a terrorist group which tried to assault Tishreen hospital in rural Damascus.

Some 45 terrorists  were killed opposite al-Khumeini hospital in al-Zeyabeh, including  terrorist known as Abu Ali Jawish, terrorist nicknamed as al-Arandas, Muhammad Safi, Abu al-Qasem al-Deirani, Hamada al-Masri, Hassan Shareida, Sameer Sudani, Anad Halloum and Nimer Elewi, according to an official source.

The source added  that 150 terrorists were wounded when attacked  by the armed forces  in their  hiding  in al-Hariri hospital in Yalda town.

A number of the most dangerous terrorists who were committing acts of looting people 's property  were exterminated in Duma . They included Ayman Kirdas, Muhammad Adenah, Hashem Seisan, Ahmad Basheer al-Trabishi , Zakaraya al-Buqa', Adnan Falah, Omar Nour eddine and  Khaled Arbash.

Terrorist Khaled al-Zeeb , leader of one terrorist group was killed, besides Mansour Mansour ,Yasser Ali Shukr, Alaa Sameer  al-Zoudeyah, Malik Adeeb Zeeb , and Muhammad Kheir Oyoun, were killed in a qualitative operation targeted al-Qaeda terrorists in Harran al-Awameed .

Ten terrorists were exterminated  in al-Sheikh  Mohey eddine quarters in Damascus , after the armed forces  broke into their shelter, SANA said, adding  that  the terrorists 's RPG launchers ,  machine guns and assault rifles were confiscated.

In Aleppo five terrorists were killed when a locally made rocket was blown while they were trying  to launch it  near al-Orouba  club in Bustan al-Bacha.

In the meantime, all members of a terrorist groups were killed while two vehicles fitted two Dushka  machine guns and two tractors loaded with a arms and ammunition were destroyed, when the  armed forces carried out a qualitative operation near al-Janoudeyah town in Jesr al-Shoghour in rural  Idleb 

A number of terrorists who were committing acts of murder, robbery and looting, were killed , in a qualitative operation carried out by the armed forces  in Salma town in Lattakia countryside.

In Deir Ezz zour , several al-Nusra group terrorists were killed or wounded in  Jubailah and Hamidiya and al-Hweiqah . Among  the killed terrorists were  Mahmoud Abdul Rahman al-Mshaweh, Muhammad Abdul Rahman al-Mutlaq of the Saudi nationality, Muhammad Ali Eyadah, Ibrahim Hassan al-Nemr, Ahmad Dawoud al-Rudeisat, Muhammad Ali Al-Abdullah an  Jalal Abdul Rahman al-Suleibi.

In Hama, the  engineering units dismantled 10 explosive devices planted by terrorists on al-Sqelbieh-Kafr Nabouda  road  in Hama countryside to target citizens and passers- by , SANA reported, adding that the  explosives weigh between 25 to 40 kg and were prepared to be  remotely detonated.


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Syrian Ambassador to Algeria Refutes Hostile Allegations




DAMASCUS, (ST)  Syria's ambassador to Algeria, Dr. Numir Al Ghanim  said that what has been stated by media, partners in the bloodshed crimes against Syria,  to that he had left his post of office , was groundless.

In a telephone call with SANA, Dr. Ghanem indicated that what has been rumored   falls in the course of the psychological war which aims at  undermining the confidence of the Syrians in themselves , noting that  fabricating  such news and rumors is but a further evidence to  the absolute stupidity  and total failure of the enemies of Syria  to undermine her stances and the unity of its people.

This attempt , he continued, will meet same failure as   all attempts aimed  to undermine the confidence of the Syrian people entrusted to  their leader , army and  government,  pointing out that he , and  all the diplomatic corps will work  inside and outside Syria to implement the directives of President Bashar Al-Assad, which all aim to meet  the interests of the Syrian people and preserve Syria ‘s unity and  sovereignty.

” Syria will not be broken as long as the heroes of the  Syrian Arab Army are facing the  terrorism of  mercenaries of the West and its hirelings in the region.” Ghanem emphasized.


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Sam Dalla, the Rector of the Higher Institute of Business Administration (HIBA) talks to Syria Times:

  Getting Business Administration Right

Private institutes of higher education have been mushrooming  all over Syria since 2001. The first to operate was the Higher Institute of Business Administration- better known as HIBA. In a remarkably short period of time, this young institute has built a very prestigious reputation for itself all throughout Syria. This was mainly due to the  dedication of the staff and the quality, caliber and seriousness of the students. This could not have been achieved, however, if it were not HIBA 's solid curriculum, designed  in association with  several European Universities.

Sam Dalla , a dignified , proud, and wise man of letters has been a  rector of HIBA since 2009. He obtained  his doctorate at degree of  honor on “ judicial audition” from France. He served as a rector for the faculty of law at Aleppo University for four years and five years as a rector for the Institute of National Administration, INA in Damascus.

Dalla appreciated the value of education, and tries to inspire motivation among his students, telling them that dreams- no matter how seemingly difficult- are always within reach; they just need a strong will, a good education, and a high moral fiber. The following is  an exclusive interview with the Syria Times  about what HIBA has achieved  since 2001, even before he was its rector, and where it  stands today after four  years of operation since  he became HIBA 's rector in 2009.

HIBA has made a name for itself, boasting of first class graduates with a solid education a high moral fiber, along with talent and character. What about HIBA 's  "success story"

 HIBA was founded in 2001, as part of the Syria- EU Cooperation Agreement.  In Parallel, the Institute of National Administration, better known as INA  was established for qualifying  cadres  for higher positions. Our Ultimate  goal is to provide a continuous supply of qualified managerial people for both the public and private sectors.  We dealt with several prominent European Universities, among which was Dauphine  University- Paris. Moreover, HIBA has been given privileges and a special status by the Syrian government. It reports directly to the  Ministry of Higher Education with a status of University, not just an institute. It offers  programs that include  Business Administration( BA), Master in Business Administration  (MBA) and Executive Master in Business Administration, ( EMBA ).

Can HIBA compete  with the increasing number of private universities? Is HIBA able to Challenge  Damascus University?

Each of HIBA and Damascus University belong to different educational sectors. HIBA is specialized in business administration for profitable sectors. It is, therefore, a market oriented rather than academic or research oriented. This fact is reflected in its program design. We have  representatives from both the  private and public sectors on our  Board of Directors, mapping out the needs  of each sector. This means that there is no completion, rather an integration with Damascus university, since our inclination is different and the market is in continuous need  of graduates.

What about Saam Dalla nested contribution  at HIBA?

 It is mainly " skills" and the " transfer of experience" at an academic and administrative levels. HIBA played a key role in settling  experience, through project formulation and implementation. Such Experience transfer came from European Universities. The experience was " transferred" then settled in HIBA. And the idea behind  partnership with certain  European universities  was to share  common responsibility, as means for greater motivation.

We opened our doors up for  prestigious universities, including  the British Oakland Bristol  university, as one of the  best in the world  in offering Doctorate in Business Administration DBA  and for MBA's in Real Estate  Development and  Islamic Banks .

How  can HIBA deal with the current crisis in Syria ?

The solid  cooperation  HIBA had with European Universities  slowed down or even was halted  in the second year of the  crisis  during the academic year 2011-2012 , as  the Syria-EU academic cooperation was closely linked to a political  decision, especially from the French partners  who were very rigid over the arrival of  European professors , despite the Syrian side assurances  to secure their safety  and timely  payment transfer  . However, there is still an MBA  cooperation project  between HIBA and Spain ‘s  Barcelona  university.

We tried to compensate  for the income increase  in HIBA’s revenues which affects our budget capital .  An MBA for  private and public sectors directors was opened . Also opened  was another  Master in providing best management  for the telecommunication sector in collaboration with the ministry of  communications  and  large number  of cadres have been qualified as a fruit of an instant response from the side of ministry especially  from Minister Imad Sabouni.

At the  University level, number of enrolled  students  increased, despite the crisis,  and HIBA which maintains self  financial reliance  could manage to keep  quality control of its educational curricula and services .

Besides HIBA administration embarked  on exerting efforts  for having heavy presence  in the labor market  through conducting efficient courses for employees at the private sector ‘s banks, insurance  companies and tourism promotion centers ,  while  several courses were  carried out for  the General Commission for Investment, Damascus University and the Industrial Zones  personnel's.

 HIBA 's enrolment fees are  relatively high, compared  to the Syrian public sector universities , especially in MBA and EMBA fees ?

HIBA is a self-generating income  Institution, and does not receive any financial support from the  State general Budget.

Nevertheless, HIBA continues to attract , and this fact proves that  education is  particularly most honored in our  society. HIBA charges  600,000 Syrian pounds  for  the MBA and the EMBA. This sum is considered  cheap when  compared to fees paid in counterpart institutes  in Arab and European countries like Jordan, Lebanon, France or Britain . For example  HIBA 's same EMBA granted by the Saint Joseph University in Beirut .


Interviewed by:

Tomader Fateh