Mufti Hassoun: Syria Enemies Plot Failed

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ The Republic 's Mufri  Dr Ahmad Badr Eddine  Hassoun stressed that Syria 's enemies  failed in their war against it  and  also in their quest to control its resources and wealth, thanks to the  Syrian people awareness , sacrifices and dedication to  defend their country.

In  a lecture entitled "Energy and its role in the making  of Peace" he delivered  at the Syrian Oil Company yesterday, Dr. Hassoun noted  that  Syria 's resources and  the ideals of its people are targeted ,especially as it owns  a treasure of  values and  ethics that have enabled its citizens  to live in love ,harmony, and national unity  .

The  Republic 's Mufti pointed out that the Universe  energy is  polymorphic and oil energy is  the lowest energy layers  and the nation who does not have a bright spirit and can not take advantage of the potential of its people is loosing  its strength, pointing out that the Arab region  is the cradle of monotheistic religions and  that from Syria heavenly messages were disseminated  to prevail in the world.

Dr. Hassoun called on the Syrian people  to stand in the face of enemy conspiracies and plots through investment of human and natural resources to serve the interests of the country and the Arab  nation, alike .

The event was attended by  Sulaiman Al-Abbas Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources, Ministry central directors and a  crowd of workers.


T. Fateh 

Syrian Arab army restores stability to flour mills outside Damascus

PROVINCES,(ST)_Units of the armed forces have restored stability and security to two areas outside Damascus and Idlib provinces, as crackdown operations against foreign-backed terrorists continue in Aleppo, Homs and Daraa provinces.

In details, the armed forces restored today stability and security to flour mills (al-Matahen area) in al-Ghezlaneyeh district outside the country's capital (Damascus) and to M'artam town outside Idlib after killing all terrorist groupings.

Weapons seized in Idlib

A military source told SANA that a big quantity of weapons and munitions was found inside the terrorists' hideouts in the cleansed town (M'artam) and around 47 booby-traps weighing 300 kg/each –planted on the main road- were defused.

It added that an arms depot was pounded and a huge number of thugs including ringleaders –mostly  of foreign nationalities- was eliminated in town of Saraqeb in Idlib province, noting that several terrorist groupings were wiped out in Jabal al-Arba'en area in the same province.

Other thugs perished in qualitative operations in Der Salman town in the Eastern Ghouta and in Doma, al-Dyabeyeh, al-Qabon, Barzeh, and Jobar suburbs in Damascus countryside. 

Infiltration attempts foiled

Meanwhile, it was reported that the army units foiled terrorists' bids to sneak into safe areas in al-Layramon, al-Nayrab, al-Sheikh Saed, and quarters of Karm al-Habl, Salah Eddin, al-Amereyeh and al-Aazameyeh in  northern Aleppo province and clashed with an armed terrorist group as it was trying to infiltrate into Kweris area.

An unknown number of terrorists was mowed down in the said areas.

In Daraa and Homs

The latter developments synchronized with repelling terrorists' attacks on two garrisons in the areas of al-Hamrat and Ezeddin outside Hama province amid reports of crushing an unknown number of al-Nusra Front-linked terrorists outside  southern Daraa province.

More terrorists were eliminated in quarters of Bab Hod, al-Qarabis and Joret al-Shayyah in the central Homs city and in Talbeseh town  as the armed forces targeted their hideouts.

5 citizens martyred, 10 wounded in terrorist attacks

In a separate development, four terrorist attacks left five citizens martyred and 10 others wounded in three provinces.

The first occurred in Jaramana suburb outside Damascus when four mortar shells hit citizens' houses in quarters of al-Rawda and al-Homsi and on al-Bassel Street.

At least a citizen was martyred and 9 others wounded in the attack which, according to an official source, caused extensive damages to houses and cars in the scene.

Another citizen was wounded in a separate terrorist attack when a shell landed on Aleppo Street in al-Abbaseyen area in Damascus.

As many as 10 cars were damaged at the scene.  

The third attack  happened on alMakhram-Maksar alHsan road in Homs countryside which claimed  two citizens when terrorists detonated an explosive device as a motorcycle was passing by.

Other two citizens were martyred in the northern Aleppo countryside- al-Sfera area- due to the detonation of an explosive device. This terrorist attack also left several citizens wounded.


President Al-Assad: Syrian Army Knows neither Fear nor Defeat

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad visited Daraya Thursday  to inspect a unit of the armed forces on the occasion of the Syrian Arab Army's  Day.


"the enemy  has failed to kill the pride and courage of the Syrians as our army knows neither  defeat nor fear,"said President Al-Assad.

President al-Assad added that the Syrian army has spread fear in the terrorists' hearts and has safeguarded the homeland and is still doing so.

Al-Assad addressing the soldiers: "what  you are doing today will be recorded in history and you have become under the world's limelight thanks to your courage, "adding you are always defending honestly your motto" 'Homeland…Honor…Honesty'.


Defense Minister: Enemy's Dreams Gone with the Wind

DAMASCUS, (ST)-"undoubtedly, the Syrian army is fighting terrorism on behalf of the whole world, "underscored Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Armed Forces and Minister of Defense, Gen. Fahd Jassem al-Freij.

Al-Freij's remark was made on Thursday during  a phone call with the state-run Television on the 68th anniversary of the foundation of the Syrian Arab Army.

Al-Freij extended a salute to the daring  members of the Syrian Arab Army, stressing: "right from the beginning, we have been confident of achieving  victory,"

"because of its strength and pan-Arab firm stances ,Syria's enemies are always eying the Syrian army. Hence, the Syrian army has always been and continues to be the top preoccupation of those  enemies ,"underlined al-Freij.

The Defense Minister made it clear that Our army will continue to be the master  of patriotism, and no one will dare to fragment it.

"actually,Syria is not only engaged in a war against terrorism and terrorists, but it is in confrontation with Arab and regional ruling regimes  and is fighting terrorism on behalf of the entire world," affirmed the Minister.

"Israeli enemy, behind the scenes, has tried to weaken Syria through its agents on the ground who soon defeated .Consequently, Israel promoted a direct aggression in a bid to make its terrorists hold their minds but to no avail, "clarified the minister.

"Despite all the support and funds, the enemy has failed and its mercenaries have failed too and their dreams gone with the wind thanks to our army's steadfastness," said Gen. al-Freij .


Mortar attack kills six in Barzeh

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Six people killed and 19 injured  Wednesday  after foreign-backed terrorists fired a mortar shell on Barzeh  suburb in Damascus.

"a source at the Damascus Police Command said that the shell landed on  vehicle transporting employees at the Scientific Research Center in Barzeh,"a local media reported.

The terrorist attack also caused material damage in the site.




PM: So-called "Free Army" a Lie to Cover Terrorists' Crimes in Syria

 DAMASCUS, (ST) - Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi has asserted that Syria believes in political solution as the only way to end the crisis in the country, but this doesn't mean to give up the mission of the Syrian Arab Army to protect the homeland.

In a statement to the local "al-Watan" daily, al-Halqi said the so-called "Free Army" is "a lie to cover the crimes perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups" and that most of its members are now within the ranks of the "al-Nusra Front and al-Qaeda organization."

The Premier pointed out that the Syrian government welcomed the first batch of displaced Syrian families staying in Lebanon, in addition to another batch of the displaced staying at al-Zaatari Camp in Jordan and provided them with necessary care and support, pointing out that the government has ensured more than 830 temporary shelters to house displaced families in different parts of the country.

The Prime Minister affirmed that the government spares no effort to enhance the economic performance and to improve the living standards of citizens.

He asserted that the government follows up the situation in Aleppo and focuses on the details of everyday life of its citizens, noting that the government is sparing no effort to alleviate the suffering of Aleppo people due to the ongoing crisis.

On the Iranian-Syrian relations, he stressed that friendship and cooperation relations between Syria and Iran will be stronger under the leadership of the Iranian President Hassan Rohani.

H. Mustafa

Syrian-Russian Party Talks Addressed Pivotal Issues


MOSCOW, (ST)_ Assistant Secretary-General of  the Arab Baath Socialist Party Abdullah al-Ahmar stressed strong  deeply rooted friendly relations between Syria and Russia, pointing out the stability of these relations despite changes taking place on the international arena.

Al-Ahmar added during a meeting with the Special Representative of the Russian President for Middle East Affairs, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov in Moscow yesterday, " Syria was a country of security and stability in the region and what it suffers now is the result of an old-new  international conspiracy  and the so called Arab Spring" .

He pointed out that Saudi Arabia and Qatar have played the worst role in the Syrian crisis  following Turkey's role as the ruling party in Turkey is a Party for Religious Affairs, adding that the Americans  came to the region relying  on what they call  moderate Islam , as an  interface to the organizations of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose  base is in Egypt with  extensions in Syria, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya and other countries.

Al-Ahmar stressed Syrian government's readiness for national dialogue, but not  with terrorists because negotiations with the terrorist lead to nothing, noting that the  Americans want the Syrian opposition  to be only represented by external  coalition, which includes the Muslim Brotherhood and some of the parties

"The Syrian government has agreed all the initiatives calling for resolving the crisis by political means, but the other party is refusing to embark on a political solution and  is not politically  ready ," al-AShmar said, adding the Americans postpone the international conference and they do not want a Syrian  opposition that  have a real impact on the internal situation in Syria."

He stressed that Syria's success in its efforts to resolve the crisis is but  a success for Russia and its policy of supporting  international legitimacy ,the United Nations and the  international law. 

Bogdanov stressed that  Russia is  on direct contact with the evolution of events in Syria and pointing out:  "We have  permanent contacts with the Syrian ambassador in Moscow and with our embassy in Damascus,  in order to coordinate joint steps in the fields of diplomacy ,international politics, work at the UN and its Security Council, to  discuss the issue of chemical weapons and counter-terrorism issues, as well as a focus on a political solution ." 

Bogdanov noted  the importance of the Russian -America  initiative on the International Conference on Syria and the need to accelerate its implementation, pointing to the role of the Baath Party, which is very popular as evidenced by the results of the recent elections, stressing the need to continue the fight against terrorism , with broad popular support and not to avail the opportunity for "radical Islamists" to fill the ideological and intellectual  vacuum in contemporary circumstances. 

Bogdanov also stressed that religious, social , discreet and cultural  figures  must be involved in the search for a  peaceful  outlet and political solution to the crisis in the country and to play an active role in the context  of the International Conference on Syria, stressing the need to strengthen cooperation in the area of political diplomacy , and not   to provide any pretext for those who are afraid of the conference and the international players who stand behind them. 

For his part, Andrei Klimov member of the Supreme Council of the United Russia Party member of the Council of the Russian Federation  stressed that all the political parties represented in the Russian parliament supported the Russian leadership and the Foreign Ministry in the principled  positions towards Syria. 

Klimov added during a session of talks in the Russian Duma between the representatives of the leaders of the  ruling United Russia party and the  delegation Baath Arab Socialist Party headed by Mr. al-Ahmar  that his party holds a constructive dialogue with all the parties represented in the Russian parliament to debate  the Syrian issue with the Chinese Communist Party  leadership , noting that Russia and China have the same position  concerning  the Syrian issue.

Klimov  affirmed that that the state , government, the ruling party and the parliament of the Russian Federation stand against interference by any outside forces in Syria , adding that  what is happening in Syria is an internal Syrian issue, and that Russia opposes any decision of the UN Security Council authorizing foreign intervention in Syria.

In turn, the Syrian ambassador in Moscow Dr. Riad Haddad highly appreciated the Russian deep understanding of the situation in Syria and Moscow  attempts  to find a viable solution based on the correct understanding, pointing out the large role of the Russian Federation in world politics.

Ambassador Haddad  added that "the issue of Syria is not a regional but is a universal issue, and that solving this issue  depends on determines the fate of international law and international relations in the contemporary world," pointing out that the hypocrisy of the West and the use of double standards hinder the convening of an international conference on Syria.

Representatives of the United Russia Party and the Arab Socialist Baath Party  agreed to activate the cooperation agreement between the two parties ,and increase number of exchanged delegations and visits .


T. Fateh