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India :forming international will to combat terrorism imperative

New Delhi, (ST) –"there is a dire need to form an international will to combat terrorism. India is worried over terrorism in Syria and the possibility to be spread across the globe," underscored Indian  National Security Advisor, Shivshankar Menon .

Menon's remark was made  during his meeting with Presidential Political and Media Advisor Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban in New Delhi on Friday.

Menon hoped that Syria will be victorious in eliminating terrorism, restoring security and stability to the country and heading to Geneva II as to find a solution to the crisis by the Syrians themselves.

"actually, Syria is facing international terrorism bankrolled  by western and gulf countries, with Turkey facilitating the entry of terrorists and weapons to the country with the aim of spreading a wahabi and takfiri mentality that is rejected by all Syrians, "stressed Shaaban.

"India is a very important country for us .not only political, we have cultural and historical ties with India .India is the country of Mahatma Ghandi,"underlined Shaaban, voicing gratitude to India for its stance regarding the crisis in Syria.