Syria Arab army defeats terrorists belonging to 15 brigades from Idlib's Jabal al-Arba'een, thwarts infiltration bids into safe areas

PROVINCES,(ST)_Units of the armed forces have imposed control over Jabal al-Arba'een area, to the south-east of Ariha city in Idlib province, and scored fresh progress in al-Zabadani eastern mountains outside Damascus, media reports say.

Today's  achievements  of the armed forces in the  northwestern province, Idlib, came after pounding several hideouts of the armed terrorist groups belonging to 15 brigades and battalions, who were wreaking havoc on the area (Jabal al-Arba'een).

According to a military source,  names of the brigades and battalions are: "Der'a al-Jabal, Soqor al-Sham, Ahrar al-Thawra, Soyof al-Haq, Easar al-Sham, Shohada'a Sorya, al-Abbas, Fersan al-Quds, Thowar Ariha, Ahbaba Allah, Mer'auan, Ablen, Ansar al-Haq, Omar al-Farouq, and Maghawere Ariha".

The source noted that the armed forces seized three mortars, rocket launchers, big quantity of shells and rockets and eliminated dozens of al-Nusra Front-affiliates who were sheltering inside al-Ba'aaj Palace and al-Qemeh Restaurant.

More terrorists from al-Nusra front, mostly foreign nationals, were crushed in 13 towns- Saraqib, alJanodeyeh, alJasr alAbyad, alZaeneyeh, Kafr Lata, Majdalya, Rodko, Bzabour, Eblin, Kafr Rouma, Ma'arret alNoaman, Em Jrin, and alBauaeyeh- in the same province (Idlib).

On September 7th, the armed forces restored stability and security to Ariha city and Kafr Zipa town after flushing out terrorists there.

Army controls sites near Jannet Bludan

As for the fresh progress in al-Zabadani eastern mountains outside Damascus, an official source told the official news agency (SANA) that the armed forces took control of several hills and sites near Jannet Bludan area.

Two days ago, the armed forces imposed control over al-Raqem hill in the same area.

20 terrorists killed in Mleha

The unrelenting operations in Damascus countryside  resulted today in killing 20 terrorists in Zebdin farms in al-Mleha area and wiping out an unknown number of terrorist groupings in Darayya, Erbin, al-Rhebe, Hajjira, al-qasemeyeh and Ma'aloula areas.

Terrorists of Jordanian and Saudi nationalities  were among the dead in the said areas, according to an official source.

Shells hit al-Sayedeh Zainab garage

In a separate incident, it was reported that terrorists fired mortar shells on al-Sayedeh Zainab garage in Ibn Asaker area in Damascus.

At least two citizens were martyred and five others wounded when three shells landed in the garage, a police command source said. 

In a further development, the armed forces reportedly raided many hideouts of terrorists in 19 areas in Homs, Daraa, Quneitra, and Der Ezzour amid reports of clashes in Aleppo city .

The death toll of terrorists in the provinces was not reported but  names of 14 terrorits  killed there were announced.

Clashes in Aleppo

Other 15 terrorists were mowed down when they tried to infiltrate from al-Sheikh Kheder quarter into Suleiman al-Halabi quarter in Aleppo city, the Syrian TV channel reported.

It added that further infiltration bids into the quarters of Salaheddin and al-Amereyeh were foiled amid reports of clashes  between an army unit and an armed terrorists group in the surroundings of  al-Sweqa and Souq al-Zahrawi in the old city of Aleppo.

On the other hand, a quarrel raged between two terrorist groups from al-Nusra Front in Hayyan town outside Aleppo ending in the death of three terrorists.