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Syrian Arab army takes control of strategic site in Lattakia, carries out operations in Eastern Ghouta

PROVINCES,(ST)_Khamis Mountain in Lattakia province has been declared to be under the control of the armed forces that have continued launching a series of qualitative operations outside Damascus, Daraa, Homs, Aleppo, and Der Ezzour provinces.

According to SANA, the armed forces clamped down today control over Khamis Mountain in  northern Lattakia countryside after wiping out all groupings and hideouts of terrorists who earlier infiltrated into it. 

They also pounded a rockets dump and hammered an unknown number of terrorists 13 of which were identified  in al-Helweh town in the same province.

Weapons destroyed  

While in  northern Aleppo province, the armed forces destroyed several rocket launchers and three mortars in al-Jadedeh town and shelled many terrorist groupings in Khan al-Assal area.

The rocket launchers and mortars, according to an official source, were used by terrorists to target public and private properties in Aleppo city and countryside.

The source noted that several weapons-loaded cars were bombarded on alKastillo-Aleppo and Ezaz-Aleppo roads. All terrorists inside the cars died.

 More terrorists were reportedly eliminated in Kwiris and Meneg towns in the same province (Aleppo).

Terrorists' hideouts in 45 areas shelled

Towards the south of the country, precisely in Daraa province, many hideouts and groupings of terrorists were raided in more than 12 towns and 8 identified terrorists were among the dead.

Other terrorist groupings from al-Nusra Front were targeted in about 12 areas in  central Homs province and in 21 areas in Der Ezzour province.

A military source clarified that terrorists of Egyptian, Jordanian, and Palestinian nationalities were among the dead in Homs, pointing out that an army unit repelled terrorists' bid to detonate four booby-traps (weighing 35-50 kg/each) on Homs-Palmyra road.

In a further development, the armed forces killed and injured an unknown number of al-Nusra Front-affiliates, some of whom were Tunisian and Palestinian nationals, in a series of operations targeted their hideouts and groupings in the Eastern Ghouta and areas of Barzeh, al-Qabon, Jobar, Harasta, Doma, and Erbin outside the country's capital (Damascus).

Terrorists shot citizen dead

The same province witnessed a terrorist attack when a terrorist group opened fire on a private car near Harasta Water Center causing the martyrdom of a citizen and leaving  two others wounded.