Syrian Arab army wipes out an arms cache in Aleppo, raids squads in Der Ezzour and Lattakia

PROVINCES,(ST)_At least four ringleaders and dozens of gangsters, mostly of Arab nationalities, have been reportedly perished during operations carried out by units of the armed forces  in more than 40 locations in six provinces. 

The ringleaders were eliminated in areas of Barzeh , Der Salman and Htitet al-Terkman, and Hajjira outside the country's capital (Damascus) when the armed forces targeted their hideouts there.

 Gangsters were hammered in Erbin, Jobar, Yalda, al-Hseneyeh, al-Dyabeyeh and Ashrafeyet al-Wadi  areas during today's operations which  resulted in destroying big quantity of weapons and munitions.

Shelling 3 sites outside Lattakia

At the same time, it was reported that many al-Nusra Front-affiliates were killed in yabroud area outside Damascus in a qualitative operation which coincided with shelling terrorist groupings on the outskirts of Obin town, Prophet Isaiah Mountain and al-Hanbosheyeh town in the coastal province, precisely in the northern Lattakia province,

A military source told SANA that a Kuwaiti sniper, a terrorist from Jordan, and 9 terrorists from Morocco linked to the so-called "al-Sahel" brigade were crushed outside Lattakia.

Fighting in Der Ezzour and Aleppo

More terrorists died in Der Ezzour province -around 506km to the east of Lattakia- as the armed forces wiped out an arms dump and groupings in quarters of al-Hwiqa, al-Jbileh, and al-Orfi as well as on the surroundings of Bemo bank and in al-Mre'ayeh town.

Furthermore,  fighting flared up between an army unit and an armed terrorist group when it was trying to infiltrate from al-Sena'a quarter into al-Rosafa quarter in the same province (Der Ezzour). Most of the group's members were mowed down.

However in the northern Aleppo province, the armed forces continued targeting terrorist groupings, rocket launchers and mortars in towns of Kwiris, Rasm al-Abbod, Tal Ayyoub, and in areas of Bani Zeid, Khan al-Assal, al-Layramon,  al-Atareb.

They, in addition, warded off an armed terrorist groups' bid to sneak into al-Kindi hospital and al-Mothallateyeh garden in Salah Eddin, Sulaiman al-Halabi, and al-Sweqa quarters.

It's noteworthy to mention that the terrorists are trying to enter the said areas in Aleppo every day.

Medicines and weapons discovered

In the southern Daraa province, the armed forces destroyed a weapons-laden car coming from Jordan and found documents of Turkish terrorists in al-Harra town.

They also discovered stolen medicines, explosive devices and different types of munitions in al-Masla mosque in al-Hawamdeh alley amid reports of bombarding several hideouts in 7 towns in the same province (Daraa). 

car bomb explosion kills terrorists

In a separate development, a military source declared that a number of terrorists died in a car bomb explosion as they were booby trapping it in al-Hardaneh town outside al-Salameyeh in Hama province.

The foreign-backed terrorists are perpetrating brutal massacres against civilians and soldiers and targeting infrastructure all over the country.

Some regional and international countries support the terrorist groups operating in Syria to weaken the national army and economy in service of Israel's interests.