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Syria to Triumph in Battle against Terrorism: Archbishop Hanna

 SOFIA- Syria is the home of peace, amity and religious coexistence, Archbishop of Sebestia for the Greek Orthodox Attalla Hanna has stressed, noting that the terrorist acts perpetrated by armed terrorist groups in the country have targeted the churches, mosques and men of Christian and Islamic religions.

Leading a religious mass and prayers at the Alexander Nivesky Church in Bulgaria, Archbishop Hanna prayed for peace in Syria and for the safety of the Syrian people, army and leadership.

Hanna also urged collective action to release the two Syrian archbishops who were kidnapped in Aleppo few months ago.

"Innocent people are being slaughtered in the name of religion in Syria and humanitarian civilization is being violated," Archbishop Hanna affirmed.

He pointed out that Syria has been distinguished of coexistence and amity among its people regardless their religions or sects.

"The more than two years old war against Syria aims at undermining the fraternity and amity linking the people of the country," Archbishop Hanna said, expressing confidence that Syria will win its battle against terrorism thanks to the Syrian people's steadfastness and support for their leadership and army which continues to attain daily victories against the mercenary terrorists.

H. Mustafa