Al-Wafa'a Organization :Visiting Wounded Army A National Duty

DAMASCUS,(ST) -  Volunteer members of al-Wafa'a organization " Syria my dignity" honored  the wounded Syrian Arab army in Yousouf  al-Azma hospital Damascus,  in recognition to  their heroism and sacrifices in the face of terrorism.

Head of the Organization, Mr. Khaldoun Abu Lappadeh,  stated yesterday that this initiative is considered as a greeting of love and reverence for our brave Army, it reflects wrapping  all spectrums of Syrians about their army, stressing determination and insistence on victory  to keep Syria proud,free and independent.

  A number of the  team members asserted that  visiting each soldier is a human , national, and moral responsibility towards our valiant army in a bid to appreciate the sacrifices they did. 

It is noteworthy that  al-Wafa'a organization " Syria my dignity" includes the participation of various spectrums of the Syrian society. Multi Syrian communities also contributed some  initiatives to ease the effect of the ongoing  crisis and its impact on the Syrians inside and outside the homeland.