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President Al-Assad issues decree No.55

DAMASCUS, (ST) – President Bashar Al-Assad on Monday issued legislative decree No. 55 for 2013.

The decree provides for  licensing private companies for protection and guarding services.

"it is the Interior Ministry which will be responsible for granting  licenses  to the said companies, allow them to use firearms, and approving candidates for work.

It is to be noted that these companies will be in charge of  training their employees and equipping them as well.

These companies are prohibited to carry out any detective or information gathering work.

Guards ,operating  in such companies ,will have to wear a uniform bearing labels identifying them as guards and the name of the company they work for, and they are not allowed to bear arms outside their duty  or use it in tasks other than the ones appointed to them by the company.

Guards are authorized to arrest any individual that attempts to trespass or attack locations, individuals, items or funds under their protection, and they must promptly inform the police. Furthermore, guards must adhere to the rules of justifiable defense established by law in their use of force.