One person Blackmailing Detainees' Families Arrested

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Public prosecutor at Damascus Court of terror ordered the  arrest of one person caught with  letters requesting  money from families of certain  detainees and names of some former judges in the court.

In a statement, the  Ministry of Justice said yesterday that  a man, nicknamed as "F.S" was arrested while disposing  papers and  found out he was  "reviewing cases  in court," noting that a set of "visiting cards for a number of detainees  were found with the man. "

The ministry pointed out that "the man was arrested under crimes  of fraud and extortion," according to articles 635 and 641 of the Penal Code and Articles 4 and 7 of Act 19 for 2012  ,  under the charge  of interfering in and financing  terrorist acts . 

T. Fateh