Hands off Syria,say Syrians ,Russians

MOSCOW, (ST)- Marking the global campaign in support for Syria, the Syrian community and the branch of the National Union of Syrian Students in Russia on Saturday organized a rally  outside the U.S. Embassy in Moscow .

The event, held in coordination with the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the Russian Anti-Globalization Organization.

The participants  condemned  some Western and regional countries' policies as regards supporting  international terrorism, particularly in Syria.

The participants branded the US as the "top terrorist across the globe".

They(the participants) Raised  the Syrian and Russian flags and  chants during the event asking rang out  asking the US to take its hands off Syria .

Chants also rang out lauding  the victories achieved by the Syrian armed forces in the face of the international terrorism targeting Syria.

"We, the Syrian students and citizens in Moscow, voice  our support for our people, brave army and our leadership," Ramadan Mousa, a Syrian student told a Syrian local media.

The participants also criticized  the US, European states, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar in the strongest terms as they relentlessly arming and bankrolling  the  terrorists and urging them to perpetrate  crimes in Syria.



Syrians and Europeans in Prague show solidarity with Syria

Branch of the National Union of Syrian Students in the Czech Republic and the European Solidarity Front for Syria organized on Saturday a mass rally in solidarity with Syria at St. Wenceslas Square in the Czech capital Prague.

During the rally ,the participants raised the Syrian, Russian and Chinese flags and held President Bashar al-Assad's posters.

In a statement released after the rally, the students voiced confidence in Syria's ability to overcome the ongoing crisis and conspiracy, lashing out at the countries providing the armed terrorist groups with weapons and funds.

"we support the Syrian people in their struggle against terrorism, "asserted Patrick Fondak, the representative of the European Solidarity Front for Syria.