UN Security and Economic Council Deplores Enemy practices in Palestine, Occupied Golan

GENEVA,(ST)_ Yesterday 's  meeting of the UN  Economic and Social Council  adopted a new resolution on the economic and social percussions  of the Israeli occupation  on the living conditions of the Palestinians and Arab citizens  in the occupied Golan Heights with a majority of 43/ 2.

The resolution accused Israel of committing gross and systematic violations to scale that cannot be compared with the situation in the Middle East—are consistently ignored, or worse, given full immunity (Syria, Iran, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, China, North Korea are just a few examples).

Only the US and Canada opposed the resolution (43 yes, 2 no, 12 abstentions), which followed accusations from the Palestinian delegation of “racism and colonization,” and phrases such as “occupation is the ugliest form of racism and terrorism,” and “the State of Israel is a state of terror, settlers are terror, military are terror.” This was only matched by Syria which accused Israel of “stealing historical artifacts to lie about history” of the Golan and “imposing Hebrew on students.” 

Syria 's Permanent  representative  to the United Nations in Geneva Dr. Faisal al-Hamwi , stressed that "Israel"  expelled  since its  occupation of the Syrian Golan in 1967, about half a million of its indigenous  population and violated systematically the rights of the rest of them , confiscated their lands for  Jewish settlers and imposed Israeli identity on the population Syrian Golan and punish those who reject by  life imprisonment and psychological and physical torture. 

He indicated  that the Israeli occupation authorities continue to violate the rights of the Syrians in the occupied Golan , prevent them from exporting their crops and take over the waters of the Golan Heights into Jewish settlements and uproot fruit trees to build military  Centers or new settlements and continues to prevent the people  of the occupied Syrian Golan to visit their families in the Syrian motherland and deprive them of  temporary or permanent  work permissions , a matter which makes their living conditions very difficult and   exacerbates unemployment crisis

He stressed  that the occupation authority violates human rights to food, health and medical treatments and the establishment of medical centers and deliberately steals  historic monuments to falsify history and realities in the region , impose the Hebrew language on students of the occupied Golan  and prevent them from learning the Arabic language, explaining that these gross violations of the rights of peoples to dispose their wealth and natural resources and their basic  right to development constitutes a flagrant violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the principle of permanent sovereignty of peoples under foreign occupation over their natural resources and inalienable rights.

He called on the  Economic and Social Council to compel Israel to respect its international obligations and not to remain silent on Israel 's violations and disregard because  this will encourage it  to continue violations  of  the  international humanitarian law and the  UN Charter.

 "The Economic and Social Council serious move  beyond  the formal conviction to end the violations of the Israeli occupation authority will confirm its credibility in the implementation of its mandate and central role to improve economic and social conditions of the Arab population living under Israeli occupation since "1967." Al-Hamwi concluded. 

T. Fateh