Syrian Arab army batters two bomb-making factories, wards off attack on gas field

PROVINCES,(ST)_Two bomb-making factories and a hideout for booby-trapping cars have been obliterated as units of the armed forces continue cracking down on foreign-backed terrorists to restore stability and security to the country.

According to official sources, the two factories were located near the industrial area in Doma suburb, just 14 km to north-east of Damascus, while a hideout was in a farm in Tal Ref'at town in the northern Aleppo countryside.

This blow coincided with pulverizing an unknown number of thugs in operations that targeted their groupings in areas of Barzeh, the Eastern Ghouta, Erbin, Jobar, Hajjira, and Yabroud outside the capital.

A lot of weapons and ammunitions were also destroyed in the operations.

The weapons, which the thugs receive from countries supporting terrorism, include Israeli-made rockets, heavy machine guns and hi-tech devices. Weapons are being used to attack residential areas, infrastructure, garrisons and holy shrines everywhere as a part of the sinister conspiracy hatched against the country.

Sayeda Zainab shrine

Today, the thugs fired a mortar shell at the surrounding of al-Sayeda Zainab shrine in the southern suburb of Damascus where the Director of the shrine, Anas Romani, was martyred.

Intense fighting in Aleppo

 Terrorist attacks occurred as the armed forces were moving on with fighting al-Nusra Front affiliates in the outskirts of al-Rashidin quarter, al-Ashrafeyeh, al-Sheikh Maqsoud, and al-Khaledeyeh areas in Aleppo city.

Dozens of terrorists perished in the said areas and in  the quarter of al-Sheikh Kheder amid reports of destroying their weapons north-west the industrial city in al-Sheikh Najar area.

Regarding developments in  central Homs province, an official source told SANA: "the armed forces defused tens of explosive devices, which were planted by terrorists inside citizens' houses and shops in Bab Hod quarter," noting that the armed forces are advancing there.

It added that many thugs were killed and injured in the quarters of al-Terkmani and al-Midan in al-Hesn town outside Tal Kalkh when the armed forces battered their hideouts.

Attack on Gas field foiled

In another development, a military source declared that a unit of the armed forces warded off an armed terrorist group's attack on 'al-Mohr' Gas Field, east of al-Forqlos. Many terrorists were killed and injured.

Over the past few months, units of the armed forces have reportedly discovered dozens of tunnels and bomb-making factories outside Homs, Damascus, and Aleppo.

Tunnels in Idlib

 Yesterday, several tunnels of about 500meters (550yards) long and almost 6meters height were found in Idlib province.

All the tunnels had been used by terrorists as conduits for storing weapons and ammunitions.