Syrian Arab army seizes weapons and Saudi Riyals in Daraa, kills terrorist ringleaders in Der Ezzour province

PROVINCES,(ST)_Units of the armed forces have clashed with terrorists smuggling weapons by a boat in al-Rastan lake in Homs province amid reports of eliminating an unknown number of foreign –backed terrorists and ringleaders outside Damascus, Idlib, and Aleppo Provinces.

A military source told SANA today that the clash ended in killing and injuring many terrorists, adding that the armed forces imposed control over several buildings in Bab Hod quarter after mowing down all terrorists who were harbouring themselves inside. 

It confirmed that many terrorists were crushed as the armed forces pounded their hideouts and groupings in quarters of Wadi al-Sayeh, al-Warsheh, al-Khaledeyeh,and Karm Shams in Homs city as well as in towns of al-Ghanto, Kisin, Taldo and Talbisih outside  (Homs city).

Shells hit Homs city

The same province (Homs) witnessed the death of three citizens in two terrorist attacks when mortar shells landed on the TV and Radio Center in Karm al-Shami quarter and on a school sheltering dozens of displaced families in al-Dablan quarter.

damage at the scene.

Terrorists rupture fuel pipes

Another terrorist attack took place today morning when terrorist groups targeted pipelines supplying gas and fuel to power stations in the southern area.

The attack caused the grid disruption which led to power outage  to the provinces of Daraa, Sweda, Quneitra, Damascus and  countryside as the power station became completely out of whack.

Meanwhile, it was reported that many terrorists were liquidated in a series of qualitative operations carried out in the eastern Ghouta and in the northern, southern and western areas of Damascus countryside.

Intense fighting in al-Qabon, Jobar suburbs

An official source stated that an armed terrorist group was eliminated and a heavy machine gun  destroyed in Barzeh suburb to south of al-Qabon suburb where fierce fighting went on between the armed forces and the armed terrorist groups.

Other combats flared up between the armed forces and the armed terrorist groups near al-Mansher square in Jobar suburb, located to the south of al-Qabon.

On the other hand, the armed forces repelled terrorists' attempt to detonate two booby-traps weighing 25 kg/each in the entry of al-Rihan town, east of Doma suburb.

They also killed many bandits in Doma and Harasta suburbs as well as in farms surrounding al-Kesweh area (in the southern Damascus countryside) where a car bomb was destroyed by the armed forces.

In a further development, a terrorist group was eliminated in a qualitative operation launched by the armed forces in the west-north Damascus countryside-in al-zabdani city while an unknown number of terrorists was crushed in several towns outside Idlib province and in areas surrounding  Aleppo central prison as well as on Der Adas-Kanaker road in Daraa province. 

A military source said:"weapons, ammunitions, bogus IDs, big quantity of Syrian pounds and Saudi Riyals, telecommunication devices, and medical tools were confiscated in Ein Afa area outside Daraa province."

In Der Ezzour Province, several terrorist ringleaders were eliminated in a qualitative operation which targeted their hideout near al-Fardous Mosque in al-Jabeleh quarter.

Other operations were carried out in several areas in the same province and in Aleppo province resulted in crushing an unknown number of terrorists.