Syrian Arab army pulverizes dozens of al-Nusra Front affiliates, batters weapons-laden vehicles

PROVINCES,(ST)_Units of the armed forces have destroyed five weapons-laden vehicles coming from Turkey to the northern Aleppo province and  launched qualitative operations against al-Nusra Front affiliates in Hama province.

The vehicles were targeted west of Ezaz city outside Aleppo and all terrorists inside  perished, according to SANA.  

This blow was synchronized with shelling several hideouts of al-Nusra Front affiliates in the western Aleppo countryside, precisely near the industrial area in Hritan, in farms surrounding Khan al-Assal, Kafr Naha, al-Eis, Kafr Hamra, north of al-Kastelo and  west of al-Sfera area as well as in Sheikh Maqsoud quarter in the city.

 Well over 3 ringleaders and many gangsters were eliminated in the shelling.

Explosion inside terrorists' hideout

Other terrorists died in an explosion  inside a hideout containing weapons and ammunitions in Bani Zeid quarter in Aleppo city.

In further development, the armed forces thwarted terrorists' attempt to infiltrate from al-Qarabis quarter into Basatin al-Waer in the central Homs province amid reports of bombarding many hideouts of terrorists in different areas in the same province and outside Hama, Daraa, Der Ezzour provinces. 

A military source confirmed that terrorists from Saudi Arabia and Libya were among the dead in Daraa countryside.

On the other hand, the armed forces foiled terrorists' bid to detonate 6 booby-traps weighing 100-150 kg/each planted on brick factory-alMastomeh road outside Idlib province.

Clashes in Darayya

Concerning the army's today-operations in Damascus countryside, an official source stated that a hideout of ringleaders and weapons were destroyed in Jobar suburb.

It added that a big quantity of machine guns was also destroyed in the Eastern Ghouta and Doma suburb outside the capital, pointing out that clashes flared up between the armed forces and the armed terrorist groups in Darayya suburb.

Unknown number of terrorists was crushed in the said areas.

A shell landed on al-Qabon Service Center

At noon, some 24 citizens were reportedly wounded as  mortar shell landed on services center in al-Qabon suburb, just 3km to the north-east of Damascus.

"The shell which was fired by terrorists caused extensive damage at the scene," a source at police command said, noting that another shell landed on Abbod square in Barzeh suburb with no casualties.

Last night, a cab bomb exploded in Deir Atiyeh area, north of the capital, killing many citizens including a child and leaving several others wounded.