Government Keen Efforts to Ease Citizens Suffering Despite Crisis, Unjust Economic Siege

DAMASCUS, (ST) –"Despite the unjust economic siege on our people and the economic and media war against our country, the Syrian government has been sparing no effort to withstand all challenges by trying to control some traders' monopolization of goods, non-stopped increase of prices and speculations in the US dollar," stressed Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi.

 Al-Halqi was speaking on Saturday during the economic committee's meeting dedicated to adopt new practical procedures that help citizens improve their living conditions worsened by the ongoing crisis in Syria.

The Premier said the government is keen to provide citizens' basic needs with acceptable prices through expanding its support for food supplies and providing food baskets with suitable prices as soon as possible.

He urged the Ministry of Internal Economy and Consumer Protection to control the prices, punish manipulators and ensure food materials at governmental selling centers.

During the meeting, the committee decided to task the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade as well as the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection with following up the flow of the goods imported from Iran, in accordance with the Credit Line agreement, in order to make these goods available enough to decrease prices in the markets in the service of citizens' interests. The committee also decided to add new food stuff to the ration coupon aiming at meeting families' needs with acceptable prices.

According to the decision, tea, burgul, oil and margarine, which are main components of meals in Syria, will be provided to the citizens with suitable prices.

H. Mustafa