Syrian Arab army ambushes terrorists outside Damascus, confronts attacks on Aleppo prison

PROVINCES,(ST)_Dozens of foreign-backed terrorists have been pulverized in today's operations across the country .   At least three terrorists are reported to have been killed in an ambush south of al-Dmir city outside the capital amid report of eliminating 9 others north of Aleppo central prison.

A military source made it clear that the terrorists killed in the ambush were members of an armed terrorist group that had infiltrated from the Jordanian border, noting that 10 RPG launchers, 10 rifles, sniper, and big quantity of weapons and ammunitions were found inside the car which was picking up the terrorists.

Army advances in Barzeh

On the other hand, the armed forces imposed control over several buildings near the Educational TV headquarters in Barzeh suburb having smashed all terrorists inside.

They also defused 4 explosive devices (weighing 15-25 kg / each) planted by terrorists in the same suburb amid reports of crushing an unknown number of terrorists in al-Qabon suburb.

More terrorists were eliminated in sweeping operations which targeted terrorist groupings in  eastern Ghouta , Doma, Jobar, Harasta, Darayya and Khan al-Sheih areas in Damascus countryside.

In the northern Aleppo province, fighting raged near the central prison when terrorists from al-Nusra Front tried to attack it from the northern side.

 At least 9 terrorists were killed there.

Weapons from Turkey destroyed

A military source told SANA that another fighting flared up between the armed forces and the armed terrorist groups in the southwestern Aleppo countryside ended in killing 10 terrorists.


It added that a unit of the armed forces destroyed, in Daret Eza city (northwestern Aleppo countryside), weapons coming from Turkey and targeted a terrorist grouping in Tal Ref'at city.

The source confirmed the continuity of clashes in the quarters of the Rashidin and Salah Eddin.

19 terrorists eliminated in Daraa, Homs, Idlib

Meanwhile, several hideouts of terrorists have been reportedly pounded in Homs, Daraa and Idlib provinces.

Well over 19 thugs were pulverized in the several areas in the three provinces.

In addition, a unit of armed forces dismantled 25 booby-traps planted by terrorists on Nemr road towards Jasem hospital in Daraa countryside.