Two civilians fell martyrs because of the clashes between mercenaries of Turkish occupation and SDF militia in Raqqa

Raqqa (ST): Two civilians were martyred and scores were forced to flee their houses because of the clashes that flared up between the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation and the US-backed SDF militia in Ein Essa in northern al-Raqqa Countryside.

Local sources said that fierce clashes flared up between terrorist groups under the cover of the Turkish occupation warplanes and SDF militia in the villages of Al-Jahbal and Al-Msheirfa in Ein Essa area causing the death of two civilians and losses in the two sides.

The sources added that scores of civilians were forced to flee their houses because of the clashes, noting that huge material damage was also caused to houses and public utilities.

Over the past few weeks, Ein Essa area has been targeted with artillery mortars of the Turkish occupation causing the death of several martyrs and the displacement of scores of families.