Sara:Syrian media is ready to confront all attempts made to target or silence it

Damascus (ST): Minister of Information Imad Sara has affirmed that  Syrian media is ready to confront all attempts made to target or silence it, noting that the decision of the European administration of the Eutel  satellite to remove the official Syrian media channels is part of the war on Syria in which all weapons are used including religious, economic and media ones.

Interviewed by Sham FM Radio, Sara said that in light of these wars, we expect the worst - not only silencing national media, but besieging everything in Syria, referring to the failure of previous attempts to target national media including the bombing of the office of Syrian News Channel and targeting the headquarters of Syrian Radio and TV Corporation with mortar bombs.

He added that  Syrian media, with  its 40 martyrs and 60 wounded in defence of Syria, is ready to confront all attempts of targeting or silencing it, noting that we are currently witnessing a war on the social media outlets through targeting all Syrian institutions, including media establishments and attempts to demonize them. 

Sara went on to say that the Syrian channels would remain on the same orbit degrees 7 and 8 and there is no need to change the dish or add another needle to receive the transmission.

 The minister clarified that removing the Syrian channels came to complement the political decision of the axis that supports terrorism led by the US, the main force behind the so-called Caesar Act which is taken by the US as a pretext not only to target the Syrian media but the Syrian people as a whole, indicating that the high awareness of Syrian people and the measures taken by the Syrian government foiled the conspiracy.