Resuming water pumping from Alouk station after 27 days of no water

After 27 days of cutting off the water supply to Hasaka city and its countryside by the Turkish regime's mercenaries, Alouk water station in the northern countryside of Hasaka has started to pump water to the  main water tanks.
According to Director of the General Electricity Company in Hasaka Anwar Akleh, the pumping of water was resumed after  removing part of the lines that were connected by the Turkish regime's mercenaries with the power line that feeds the station.
Alouk station is the only main water supply for 1.000.000 residents in Hasaka.
Yesterday, Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister and Syria’s permanent representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari referred to the suffering of a million Syrian people in Hasaka for the seventeenth time from Erdogan's use of water as a weapon of war and cutting the water off Allouk station for more than twenty days, causing grave humanitarian suffering there .Erdogan and his mercenaries also looted electricity equipment from Hasaka towns and transported them to stores belonging to the Turkish regime to be sold later to Turkish merchants. 
Basma Qaddour