Authorities find weapons, including Israeli made ones, and a drone left behind by terrorists in Syria’s southern region

Authorities on Sunday found a quantity of weapons and ammunition, including Israeli-made weapons as well as a drone left behind by terrorists in Syria’s southern region, SANA reporter said on Sunday, citing a source from authorities.

The source told SANA that the authorities’ cooperation with the Syrian Arab Army units in the country’s southern region resulted in finding a huge quantity of light, medium and heavy weapons and ammunition, including Israeli made ones, in addition to a drone, left behind by terrorists before their defeat in that area.

The seized weapons included automatic rifles, snipers, 23 mm and 12.7 mm machine guns, bombs, shoulder-fired missiles, RPGs in addition to Israeli-made weapons and some 300 boxes of bullets.

 Cooperation between the Syrian army and the concerned authorities continues with the aim of clearing the liberated areas from explosive devices and mines left by terrorists before their defeat, the source pointed out.

The quantity and quality of the seized weapons indicates the huge support that terrorist organizations have received from operations rooms run by Western and regional intelligence services with the aim of prolonging the crisis in Syria.

During the mopping up operations carried out by the Syrian Arab Army in the areas liberated from terrorism, dozens of tunnels as well as depots of weapons and ammunition, including American and Israeli-made weapons, and large quantities of logistical equipment, were found.

 These operations also resulted in finding command and control rooms that were used by terrorists to attack safe areas and positions of the Syrian Arab Army.

Hamda Mustafa