Al-Jaafari: Syria calls for ending Israeli occupation of Golan, affirms its sovereign right over it

New York (ST):  Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, has reiterated that Syria calls on the UN to take immediate  measures to implement its resolutions  and put an end to the Israeli occupation of the Arab territories, stressing that Syria’s sovereign right on the Golan is non-negotiable and immutable , affirming that Syria is ready to restore it by all possible means.

During a session for the UN General Assembly on the situation in the Middle East, Al-Jaafari said  that the General Assembly always calls on the Israeli occupation entity to end its occupation of  the Syrian Golan, but the international community’s incapability to implement its resolutions  has doubled the impediments standing in the way of achieving peace in the region, noting that one of those impediments is the US Administration announcements regarding the Golan and Jerusalem and its continued support of the Israeli occupation in expanding settlements and advocating it as a status quo as is the case of the crime of the century in the occupied Palestinian territories.


Al-Jaafari renewed Syria’s denunciation of the US administration’s proclamations as flagrant violations of the international law and UN charter, stressing that it is shameful for the US administration to imitate the crime of Balfour Declaration regarding occupied Golan and occupied Jerusalem.

The Syrian diplomat added that one of the principles of the International legitimacy is that the UN General Assembly has to call, in each meeting, on Israel to end its occupation of the occupied Syrian Golan and affirm that any measures taken by Israel to impose its jurisdiction  and administration on the Golan are illegal, null and void, and they have no impact according to  resolution No. 497 of 1981.

He affirmed that the Israeli occupation would not have continued and become more aggravated had  some influential states in the UN not offered political, economic and military support to it.

Al-Jaafari stressed that the unlimited support offered by these states, especially the US to the occupation entity has encouraged it to press ahead with is flagrant violations of international law, referring to the recent provocative visit paid by US Secretary of State to the Israeli settlements in occupied Golan shows the blind bias of the US administration to this entity. 

He reiterated Syria’s permanent and unwavering stance in support of the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination and the establishment of  their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital and the right of refugees to return to their indigenous homeland  in implementation of resolution No.194 for 1948 demanding for granting Palestine full membership of the UN.